The Secret Of The Bloody Dress: Journalist Yan Zi’s Escape From A Haunted House Online Reading

Yanzi came to this city to look for a job and was very lucky. On the first day he applied for a job at a newspaper, he successfully became a trial reporter for the newspaper. Yanzi was very happy, and that afternoon he was looking for a rental house near the newspaper office.

Unexpectedly, the rental houses in the streets near the newspaper office are booming, and they are full. Most of the remaining houses are suites, which are too big for Yanzi to rent. It's almost dark, and the swallows haven't found a suitable house yet. When he reached the end of the street, Yanzi felt that his legs and feet were extremely sore.

Just when Yanzi was feeling disheartened, she suddenly found a "House Sharing Notice" posted on the door of the last house at the end of the street. The notice stated that this house is looking for roommates and offers special discounts to reporters.

Yanzi was happy. It seemed that she was really lucky. She knocked on the door happily.

The girl who opened the door was wearing a white skirt. Although she looked thin and delicate, her skin was white and she was very beautiful and pure. After Yanzi explained his purpose, the girl in the white dress smiled and said: "Oh, the ghost story in the rental house has black fingerprints , and my sister is a reporter, that's great. This is the house I rented from an old woman yesterday, and I have only lived in it for one day. I am alone People are scared to live here. My sister moves in and I have a companion. As for the rent, you can pay it yourself."

Yanzi didn't expect this little sister to be so easy to talk to, so she thanked her profusely. Yanzi guessed and asked: "Little sister, you are so nice to reporters, could it be that you are a reporter yourself?"

Yanzi smiled and said, "I'm not a reporter, but my boyfriend is."

Yanzi suddenly realized: "Oh, so that's it." Yanzi felt warm in his heart.

After talking for a while, the girl in the white dress showed Yanzi around the room. This is a rental house with two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom and one kitchen. The layout is simple and nothing special. But there was an extra-large bathtub in the bathroom, which was very uncoordinated. Yanzi frowned. The girl in the white dress smiled and said: "I took a bath in it, it's very comfortable."

Just when Yanzi was about to take a bath and rest, she suddenly received a call from the newspaper office. The ghost story in the rental house had a black fingerprint , telling her to rush to the newspaper office for a meeting. Yanzi grabbed the phone and ran away.

When I arrived at the newspaper office, I learned that leaders would come to make a surprise inspection of the newspaper office tomorrow, and the newspaper president had to arrange the reception at night. At the end of the meeting, everyone was busy with their own business. The president asked Yanzi with concern: "Have you found a place to live, the new guy?"

"Thank you for your concern, leader!" Yanzi bowed to the president, and then recounted the process of finding a place to live. Unexpectedly, the president's face became paler the more he listened, and he said tremblingly: "Oh, I forgot to tell you, the rental house at the end of the street is a haunted house, and several people have died there. You must not go back to live there. …”

Yan Zi was so frightened that he nodded repeatedly, turned around and ran away, saying: "A little sister moved in yesterday. I don't have her mobile phone number. I have to go back immediately to ask her to move out and take out my luggage."

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Horrible and supernatural incidents in the rental house_Ghost stories in the rental house have black fingerprints_Weird things in the rental house


Yanzi returned to the rental house and took out the key, but his hands kept shaking. A thought flashed through my mind: What if the girl in the white dress is a ghost?

Yan Zi became even more frightened and wanted to turn around and leave. But then I thought again: If the girl in the white dress is not a ghost, how can I live with my conscience if I don't save her if she is so kind to me?

After hesitating for a long time, Yanzi composed himself, gritted his teeth, and opened the door. There was no light on in the room, but through the moonlight outside, the general outline of the furniture in the room could be seen. Yanzi tiptoed to the room where the girl in the white skirt lived, but was grabbed by the girl in the white skirt. Yanzi was about to scream, but his mouth was covered by the girl in the white dress. The girl in the white skirt used her other hand to say "shush" to her mouth, and then pointed to the bathroom——

Through the moonlight outside the house, Yanzi saw an old woman dressed strangely in the bathroom. She was muttering something and hitting the big bathtub with a hammer! The sounds from the old woman's mouth and the sound from the bathtub being broken were so frightening!

Yanzi almost fainted!

Without further ado, Yanzi pulled the girl in the white dress, bowed her waist, and walked towards the door step by step! Yanzi knows that as long as they escape from here, they will be safe!

Thank God the old woman didn't notice them. Yanzi pulled the girl in the white skirt and ran all the way, and finally escaped from the street! The two of them sat down under the street lights in the square, gasping for air!

At this time, Yanzi's cell phone rang. It was a strange call. Yanzi thought it was a call from the newspaper president or a colleague, but when he answered the call, it was an old woman's urgent voice: "Go! Don't go back to the rental house! This place is haunted, and many people have died!"

Yanzi asked suspiciously: "Who are you? How do you know my phone number?"

"I am the owner of the rental house. I just returned to the old house and saw your phone number on your luggage bag, so I called you. Since my granddaughter committed suicide here, no one has lived in this house. It has never been rented out, but the old and dead people in this house are all the fault of my granddaughter…" The old woman's voice sounded very old and painful.

"Then why did your granddaughter commit suicide?"

"My granddaughter fell in love with a very handsome reporter. After that reporter spent all my granddaughter's money and played with her, he ruthlessly abandoned her and fell in love with another female reporter. My granddaughter cannot accept this reality. , she put on her favorite white dress and committed suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathtub. What a pity, her white dress was dyed red with blood…"

With a "pop" sound, Yanzi's cell phone fell to the ground. Yanzi saw in shock: the little sister he had just pulled, her sharp nails had touched his neck, and the white skirt on her body had turned into a blood-red skirt…

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