Chapter 40 Lives By Eyes And Dies By Eyes

Although we know that we are trapped on the top of a giant elephant, although we can sustain it for a while, we are planning countermeasures, but we did not expect that those poisonous snakes came so happily, especially the big snake with red saliva dripping from its mouth from time to time. With ten steps of poisonous mist, let alone let it bite, even if we get a little closer to it, we will inevitably be poisoned and die. We had to avoid its edge and quickly fled to the exposed half of the head of the giant statue.

I grabbed Shirley Yang's arm and ran away, but she still couldn't forget the mark on the wall, saying that it was a vicious curse cast on "Evil Luohai City" by many martyrs. I said to Shirley Yang, how can there be any Kung fu cares about these things, if you run half a step too slowly, you will be bitten to death by a snake, if you have anything to say, wait until you escape to the top.

Taking advantage of the short time when the black snakes were scrambling to come in, I followed behind Fatty and the others, and fled to the top floor. I felt the cold wind blowing against my face from the heights, and there was no way to escape. Since half of the colossus fell, this place is equivalent to being naked. On the outer half-story section, the remnant wall of the grotto is uneven, and there is no suitable stone slab nearby to block the snakes. Pick up the hole that came up.

At the moment when the stone was about to seal the hole, the two black snakes were like two fast arrows flying off the string, the hard black scales tore through the air, and made two low and swift sounds of "swish". Jumping up from below, this kind of black snake is short and thick, very strong and powerful. Using the strength of its body, it can fly several meters in the air. to the front.

Due to the narrow terrain above the head of the giant statue, the five people are located in four directions. I am worried that I will hurt my own people if I shoot, and if I can't completely kill the two poisonous snakes at the same time with one blow, once I give these two snakes that come and go like the wind If there is a strange snake chance, there will inevitably be casualties among those of us. In desperation, I had no choice but to raise a rucksack on the ground as a shield and hold it in front of my face. The mouths of the two black snakes bit on the rucksack at the same time. The backpack was thrown down from a high altitude, and two black snakes were attached to the backpack and fell down from the darkness. After a long time, the sound of landing was heard coming up the mountain wall.

At this time, the fat man had already pushed the stones to completely block the entrance. I threw the backpack down and stomped my feet anxiously: "Old Hu, there is nothing in your broken bag. Why don't you throw it? Throw mine instead." , It’s all over now, the remaining psychic shells, first-aid medicine, oxygen cylinders, gas masks, and half of the unfinished fish are all over now… But if we can still go on, maybe there will be more Opportunities can be retrieved." After finishing speaking, I asked me to help him pile up all the nearby movable stones at the entrance, even if they could block them for a few more minutes, it would be good. Thinking of those ferocious poisonous snakes, I feel weak in my calves. Among the threats we have encountered in our lives, this kind of black snake that can kill people in an instant is the most.

Although the snake swarm has been temporarily stopped, our situation has not improved at all. We are in a very high and dangerous place, even if we are born with a fierce heart and courage, it is impossible not to feel fear. The fat man simply only dared to look at his feet, not daring to look down. Shirley Yang looked at the remnant wall beside him in a daze. Ah Xiang had already woken up from a drowsy sleep, and her eyes were tightly closed. I don't know if she is afraid of heights, or if she is afraid of seeing this giant statue full of resentment from martyrs. Uncle Ming's face was ashen, and he knelt on the ground with his eyes closed, and he couldn't stop muttering: "The merciful and compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva who saves the suffering…"

Shirley Yang was out of his mind for a while, and came to me and said that the magic eye of death is in Hokage . She found two broken eyeball symbols on many stone walls in the lower floor. The people of Moguo worship eyes. There are blood-dropping eyes, which is also a form of bloodshed to free the soul from martyrdom, but it is absolutely impossible to have cracked eyeballs, which represent destruction and the collapse of power. From this point of view, it may be the same as the world. Like other theocratic religious system regimes, at the end of the regime, people under theocratic rule will gradually begin to have doubts about their beliefs. They will feel that this death ceremony is worthless, but religion still occupies absolute rule. Status, in this case, personal will is pathetic. They were pushed to a dead end by fate, but secretly engraved the imprint of the curse before they died. Since the stone carvings are all black, they were not noticed by others, and the later The more people who engraved the curse before death, the "Evil Luohai City" under the "Wind Erosion Lake" was obviously destroyed by a large-scale land subsidence disaster, and this broken eye mark was secretly engraved in a large number of places under the control. The inside of the "Dahetian Thunder Mountain" statue with the power of ore? Is this just a coincidence? Or was the curse really fulfilled? This ancient theocratic kingdom originated from the worship of the eyes, and I am afraid that it will eventually be destroyed by the eyes.

I said you were thinking about this just now? Sometimes I don’t know whether you are smart or stupid. Our lives are probably only ten minutes left. What’s the use of thinking about it? Damn, they have been rampant in northern Tibet for many years, and its damage has even continued to the present, so it is not surprising that this ancient city was destroyed by some natural or man-made disaster, but I only wish that there will be an earthquake now, and we can take those poisonous snakes on our backs when we die, Both jade and stone are burned.

Shirley Yang said to me: "You can think about it, so let me ask you, since we won't live long, do you have anything to say to me?"

I looked at the other three people, and began to feel that these people were a little in the way, so I had to say to Shirley Yang: "What can I say on this occasion? The thing I am most unwilling to do is that I am not strong enough to resist the dollar. And the temptation of the beautiful woman, let you recruit Ann. Originally, this is nothing. After I come back from Shaanxi, I don’t plan to do the business of making money. In the future, I can participate in cooperation with the American people and study financial stocks. What, trying to become a Wall Street financial giant, dealing with those oil tycoon mafia godfather Mickey Mouse and the like…"

Shirley Yang said: "It's outrageous to talk and talk. You may have formed a habit. Let me tell you about the Eluohai City." Suddenly lowered his voice and said to me, "The eyeball totem in the Eluohai City , mostly singular, and the cracked eyes on the wall are two. I have an intuition that the cracked refers to the Dahetian strikes Leishan, and the two eyeballs just represent the curse that two major disasters occurred in Luohai City. Here It is true that there have been major disasters, but it is impossible to know whether the space was once or twice.”

Shirley Yang is not worried that we will die here, her keen intuition seems to have noticed some strange changes in the air here, maybe things will turn around. Ah Xiang's eyes are a key element. Since her eyes discovered the resentment hidden in the statue… In fact, it is not so much her discovery as her eyes that awakened the tragic memory of the giant statue. Since then, the atmosphere here has become more and more strange. Maybe the second disaster will happen soon. Whether everyone can escape depends on whether they can seize this opportunity.

I know that Shirley Yang's blood is very special. She seems to have a subtle innate sense of what is going to happen. Since she thinks that we still have hope of living, I have some hope in my heart, and I am not too desperate, so I stood up and looked at the terrain repeatedly, but after reading it, my heart was completely cold. No matter how good I am, if I don’t have wings, there is absolutely no way to escape. I just got rid of the nightmarish curse in the ghost cave But just escaped from the tiger's lair, and met the drums and waves of Longtan, why is our fate so bad? Why can't there be a "fish off the hook but the golden hook, shaking its head and tail and never coming again"? The colossus at the foot is slightly tilted in the direction of "Thunder Mountain", the remaining half of the head is leaning on the steep mountain wall, with two arms stretched forward from the bend of the arms. Inserted into the mountain, the angle between the statue and the cliff is very small. Now that we have reached the top floor, the ground is also inclined. I don’t know if the statue was made like this on purpose, or it was caused by a design error.

I didn't have the time to think about it anymore. I looked at the rest of the people and they were all listless. I thought I was going to die this time. , It's a pity that we can't see the day of victory, but it's up to people to plan things, and it's up to heaven to make things happen. We should die in water, not in fire. We all tried our best, but in the end we still lacked a little bit of luck. I think This time, if I die, I will die, and I will accept my fate. Now I will express my position first here. After a while, the poisonous snake will climb up, and I will jump directly from here. It is absolutely unambiguous. The snake will kill me, so don't stop me when the time comes."

Fatty is most afraid of falling from a high place, but this kind of words must not come out of his mouth directly. Hearing that I plan to jump from a height of tens of meters, it is natural, so he quickly dismissed it and said: "I Speaking of Commander Hu, you are still a little bit worse than me when it comes to staying safe in danger. Before the poisonous snake crawled in front of you, you were frightened and confused. Do you think it was heroic to jump? That is the courage of a man, why can’t you understand What about this principle? Do you think the poisonous snake will let you go when you fall down and become a meatloaf? Why don’t you just gnaw on your corpse, closing the inside and outside, and you have to be bitten by the snake? What about jumping down? I think we're just sitting here, throwing our stinky skins here, let any snake want to bite us, and let it bite us, so that we can show that we are dignified, principled, and stylish Captain Jin…"

I had a few discussions with the fat man, and the other three thought that we didn't care about the death that had come, but in fact, only we knew that it was a sign of our inner weakness, and I already felt that everyone's despair had become It became more and more obvious. At this moment, Uncle Ming suddenly said in surprise: "Oops, these stones are gone…Master Hu, please think of a way."

Although everyone knew that it was going to happen sooner or later, they couldn't help but feel a sinking heart. On the fragment of the stone wall covering the passage, a large dark red shadow appeared, like dirty blood oozing out from the stone. , among the large group of black snakes at the bottom, one of them has the largest body shape. The poisonous saliva spewed out of its snake mouth will immediately turn into something like a poisonous fungus once it comes into contact with the air. Its shape is very similar to a red straw mushroom. Withered into black and red ashes, almost catching up with sulfuric acid, it was able to corrode a large hole in the stone wall.

The fat man said to me: "Commander Hu, you have to jump off the building now!" I cursed a few words, why the hell can't the poisonous sweat of that snake be exhausted? Said to the fat man: "When you die, you have to kill a few poisonous snakes as backs." As we spoke, the fat man, Shirley Yang, and I aimed our guns at the place where the snakes had entered, and the last few bullets hit them Even if it is dead, we must kill the leading big snake first. Because there are too many black snakes, we don't have many bullets left, and we have never had a chance to shoot it, but this time we must kill that guy .

The restless sound from the snake group suddenly subsided. They should disperse first, leaving a space for impact. After the stone slab collapses, they will swarm up like a tide, and our breathing will become thicker accordingly. Hongsi's eyes stared at the entrance. Both the human and the snake are like bows and arrows that have been stretched to the full, each ready to go. It was surprisingly quiet at this moment, the cool, sulfur-smelling airflow in the underground canyon seemed to freeze.

The tense atmosphere not only spread into the air, but even time seemed to be slowed down. In this space that seemed to be still, there was a strange "click-click" sound suddenly. The sound was very small at the beginning, but it suddenly became concentrated after a few seconds. We were standing on top of the giant statue, and felt that the whole world was enveloped by this sound, and everyone's attention was diverted from the entrance to the sound. I don't know what is going to happen, but it seems that these voices are so familiar.

Our situation is already terrible, even if something happens again, how bad can it be at best? Ah Xiang, who was already terrified, suddenly said, "It's that mountain…it's the mountain that's moving."

I saw that under the beam of the flashlight, the tiny gravels on the head of the giant statue were trembling. Because our bodies were tense and stiff, we didn't feel any changes under our feet. Hearing what Ah Xiang said, I quickly raised the "wolf" Eye” flashlight. Aim the light at the cliff where the giant statue leaned over. With the sound from the mountain, countless cracks cracked in the crystal veins of the cliff, and the distribution became longer and longer. Qiulong.

Uncle Ming said: "It's over, it's over… originally in the dark place in the north, it is possible to encounter water and get the middle way. If this mountain collapses, we will… meet the soil and enter the underworld."

I thought to myself: "Forget it, it seems that we were killed by landslides in the end, not by the mouth of poisonous snakes. Although we were carrying on our backs and hugged while sinking, God is enough to take care of us. This kind of death is far better than being bitten to death by snakes." It's much better if the corpses are all black."

The sound of cracks expanding in the mountain, and then turned into bursts of muffled thunder, shaking people's minds, it seems that the energy in the crystal veins of Daheitian Thunder Mountain has been stagnant for too long, and it is about to be released.

Shirley Yang hurriedly told everyone: "No…it's not a landslide, it's water. The water from the underground lake is about to pour in. Everyone, find a place where you can fix your body and hide. Hold on tight and don't let go." The muffled thunder resounded all around, almost covering her voice. Shirley Yang Lian said it twice before I heard it clearly, and then I understood where the water she was referring to came from. Judging from the terrain here , the underground lake hanging directly above the altar is not far from the giant statue. It may be that we have procrastinated in the altar for too long. A violent and long-lasting crystal tremor caused many crystal layers to break off. The fat man's nose is A piece was cut off by the falling crystal cone, and the remaining rock layer could no longer withstand the pressure of the lake water. Although it was still supported for a period of time, since the mountain shell had cracked, the terrain of the underground Grand Canyon was too low, and the high place underground The groundwater in the lake that does not flow to the east will flow in here, and then there will be a terrible phenomenon of lake water flowing backward to the northwest. The accumulated water in the underground lake will be shot out from the cracked rock gap like a high-pressure water gun.

Everyone immediately leaned against the broken wall beside me, and Uncle Ming hid beside me, and he didn't forget to ask me: "If the lake water gushes out, we won't have to die, right? When we meet the water, we will be in the middle."

I scolded: "Water, you big-headed ghost, no matter how much water there is in the underground lake, it still can't fill this grand canyon. If we are washed down by the water, it is no different from jumping off a giant statue."

Amidst the thunder, the snakes on the lower floor also broke through the stone slabs blocking the entrance. Those stones had become rotten like red mud. A black snake jumped out of the rotten stone hole, and the fat man hugged it with one arm. Holding the broken wall, he raised the gun with the other hand, pressed it against his shoulder, and fired with one hand. When the gun rang, the naked eye on the top of the snake's head had already been shot through.

The dead snake fell from the sky again, and the rest of the black snakes below were a little bit confused, and the approach slowed down. I also fired two shots at the gap in the ground with the M911, but there were only a dozen or so bullets left for each person. It can only last for a minute or two at most, and the smell of sulfur in the nearby air did not know when it started, and it began to become stronger. It must be the vibration of Thunder Mountain, which caused a chain reaction at the bottom of the canyon, and it was not completely dead. The lava belt was also about to move, and the poisonous snakes were most afraid of this smell, so they rushed to crawl everywhere desperately. Although we shot and killed a few black snakes, the remaining ones rushed forward and rushed to the top of the remaining half of the giant statue's head.

Just when we have been unable to suppress the poisonous snake rushing to the top. Suddenly, the thunder in the thunder mountain disappeared without a trace, but the entire mountain and the ground were still trembling silently. I don't know if it was an illusion. The body and the ground were shaking, but there was no sound for a long time, and there was a dead silence in the dark and huge underground canyon , even those poisonous snakes seemed to sense what was about to happen, and forgot to continue crawling for a moment. All creatures, including the five of us, fell into a boundless panic.

A short but seemingly long silence. It lasted for about a few seconds, followed by three earth-shattering bangs, and three streams of water were shot out from the "Thunder Mountain", two of which were sprayed near the chest of the colossus, and the other Spraying directly into the underground canyon, the water is like three silver-white giant dragons, each of which is as thick as the waist of the giant statue, carrying gravel from the mountain shell, and rushing towards it with the water vapor sweeping across the sky.

The black statue was already top-heavy, and although it was tall, the interior was hollowed out, and it began to shake when it was rushed by the torrent. Its arm inserted into the mountain is also gradually detached from the mountain shell. Facing the great changes between the heaven and the earth, the power of human beings seems too small. We cling to the broken wall tightly, and we can't even stand up in the violent shaking. I never thought that when I came to Tibet this time, I would die by the water in the end. Once the colossus was hit by the water and poured into the underground canyon, then we would definitely not be able to survive. , nothing can be done.

Those poisonous snakes were also frightened by the vibration brought by the giant statue, or like us, it was difficult to do anything in the earthquake-like shaking. At this time, everyone was in danger and had no time to pay attention to the poisonous snakes. Even after being bitten by a snake, he didn't dare to let go. Someone yelled, "It's about to fall."

Sure enough, the colossus was not shaking, but fell towards the opposite side of Thunder Mountain at a very slow speed. I felt that my heart was about to fall out of my mouth following the direction in which the colossus was slowly falling. And she only has one arm to use, and she rolled down from the short wall, and I couldn't let go, otherwise I would have to roll down from the incomplete top of the head, but I couldn't reach her with only one hand, so I had to stretch out my legs Block her.

Ah Xiang was quite smart, and she hugged my leg so that she didn't fall from the gap first. At this time, the statue was tilted at an incredible angle, but suddenly stopped, and stopped falling, as if it was hanging Somewhere on the mountain wall, I took this opportunity to grab Axiang, looked under the giant statue, and suddenly felt my head buzzing.

Since the colossus itself is not parallel to the trend of the canyon, its position is slightly off. After falling down, its head is just supported on the cliff in the east. There are many exposed paleontological fossils on the cliff. The blocks fell down with a crash, and the colossus not only continued to bear the violent impact of the groundwater, but also with its own weight after it fell, it was on the verge of falling, and it might fall down against the cliff at any time.

The situation is dangerous, I feel hot and sweaty all over my body, and the air has become cloudy, and the surrounding area is foggy and wet, and then I feel that something is wrong, it is not fog, it is water vapor, and the lava from the ground is coming out. The interaction with the lake water boiled the water below, and if a person fell into it, it would be like fucking dumplings, as soon as they were turned over, they would be cooked.

Shinley Yang raised her hand and pointed: "Look, what's that over there?" I followed her hand and looked there. The shadow lies between the cliffs on both sides of the canyon. The canyon was originally very dark, but some magma flowed out from the gaps in the cliffs below, reflecting a dark red on the high places, otherwise it would not be visible at all.

I tried my best to open my eyes to see clearly, but the more I looked, the more blurred it became. It seemed to be a white bridge hanging on the cliff. Although this is a bit unlikely, I can't care too much. The snakes are driven crazy by the heat. Now, they will soon cover the top of the giant statue, no matter what is there, just climb over it first, otherwise, after a while, even if it is not bitten to death by the snake, it will have to be boiled in the water.

We held on to the broken wall on the top floor and took a closer look. It turns out that where the head and shoulders of the giant statue meet the cliff, there is a pair of huge long-spine biological fossils. Among the rocks, a long skeleton in the middle hangs in the air.

The giant statue was so heavy that the rocks kept collapsing, and it was about to fall. I hurriedly called everyone to climb up to the skeleton fossil, and pushed Shirley Yang and Uncle Ming up. Ah Xiang was seriously injured, it was impossible for her to climb over the hanging skeleton by herself, she had to find someone to carry her on her back, and the fat man was dizzy, if he was to carry Ah Xiang on his back, both of them might have to fall, so they had to go I carried Ah Xiang on my back and buckled the quick padlock, and when I was ready, I urged the fat man to leave quickly. The fat man looked back at the poisonous snake gushing out. Below was the boiling groundwater. No matter how hard he died, he had no choice but to grit his teeth, close his eyes and climb up next to the skeleton fossil.

I walked at the end with Ah Xiang on my back. The giant statue might collapse at any time. I looked back and saw that the salivating big snake had pushed the rest of the black snakes down and swam up to the top floor. It turned out that the group of snakes did not come up for a long time because they all wanted to climb up quickly to avoid the rising heat. In the end, this big snake was the first to squeeze up. All the bullets were fired, and in the chaotic and critical situation, he didn't have time to care about whether he hit or not, so he threw the empty gun casually, and climbed onto the thick white fossil skeleton.

As soon as I went up, I felt that the fossil was so weak. In the roiling heat wave, the lower body was swaying and trembling, as if it might fall apart with a little force on the top. Five people climbed up at the same time, and the number of people was indeed a bit too much. But there was no time to delay, and it was impossible to pass one by one, so I had no choice but to ask Axiang to close her eyes and not look down, but I felt dizzy from the top, so I gritted my teeth, didn't think about anything, and crawled forward desperately.

The huge paleontological fossils seem to be embedded in a horizontal mountain crevice. I think that location is somewhat familiar. It seems to be the location where I saw those white ground Guanyin. This idea just flashed in my mind and passed away. The fat man in front moved slowly, and I didn't dare to push him hard from behind, but the scorching air and the loose and shaking bones and fossils almost surpassed the limit that everyone could bear psychologically.

The water vapor at this height is beginning to weaken, and the lake may have almost run out. My mouth is dry and my mind is a little confused. It is completely in the inertia of consciousness. A burst of gunfire to the front made my trance-conscious mind immediately clear up a little. I looked up and saw that Shirley Yang was shooting at piles of white shadows. It turned out that when we were about to move to the horizontal mountain crevice, those Guanyin Emerged from the cave. They went to chew on the fossils one after another. They might be worried that the snakes would also come from here. Amidst the gunshots, Guanyin was in chaos, and many fell from the cliff, and the rest of them disappeared without a trace.

Shirley Yang and Uncle Ming climbed to the safer cliff fault one after another, and the fat man was still some distance away. I was blocked behind him, and I thought it would be too soon. There was a bang behind him, and the giant statue finally fell down, and immediately excited There were a lot of hot water splashes, and the skeleton fossils almost fell apart. I saw Shinley Yang on the opposite side gesticulating desperately at us. I looked back and was so shocked that I almost let go and fell. The big snake was bleeding, and it collapsed on the ground It climbed up the vertebral fossils, and there were several black snakes that came up together. The big snake seemed to be crazy, biting the few snakes in front of it and throwing them down, winding like a black whirlwind. swim up.

Shirley Yang wanted to shoot at it, but the angle was not good, and I couldn't hit it at all. I had to shout and urge the fat man, but the fat man was trembling at this time, and he was crawling slower than a turtle. When I came over, I saw the fat man's pistol stuck in the armed belt behind me, so I told him to grab the bone and don't let go, while carrying Ah Xiang on my back, I jumped forward and took out his pistol, weapon They were all on fire. I wanted to turn around and shoot, but since I was carrying a person on my back, I couldn’t control my center of gravity when I moved. Fortunately, one hand grabbed the fat man’s armed belt, and he hung Axiang on his back in the air. He fired with one hand, and fired several shots in a row. The approaching big snake was shot in the belly, and the tail wrapped around the skeleton was sent, and it slid down into the deep valley.

The hand I was holding on to the fat man was sore and numb, I quickly threw the gun away, and grabbed the belt with both hands. With a strong force, the two fell down like this, and climbed to the edge of the cliff step by step. Shirley Yang was on the opposite side to respond in time. , couldn't move at all until the magic eye was in Hokage , and Ah Xiang had already collapsed from the heat.

After a while, the fat man turned over and spit out a sentence: "What kind of animal fossil is this…it's so fucking strong."

My whole body seemed to be falling apart, every bone hurt, and it took me a long time to recover. This time was too dangerous, and I really didn't expect to be able to leave the black statue alive. Uncle Ming said: "Although we escaped the disaster of water and fire. , but now it has been buried in the ground again, the faults of this cliff cannot be reached up and down, and we are not monkeys, so it is the same as death if we are trapped here."

I said: "No, since I saw the Guanyin, I thought of a way to escape, but we don't have wings, so we can't fly here, so I gave up this idea, but in the end we survived the water, It landed here by accident, and there is definitely a way to go back here. The Earth Guanyin loves heat and fears cold, and is the best at making holes. Neither rock nor soil can stop them, and they are not only active underground. The range of surface activities is mostly in the active hot spring area, and these holes are extremely spacious for carrying food, so it is no problem for a fat person to climb in, we can drill the hole to get out."

Uncle Ming was overjoyed when he heard the words. Although he saw some caves here just now, there are thousands of households inside, and they are all like a maze. Find a way out inside?

Before I had time to answer, I heard the fat man snatch it up and said, "I don't know how many holes made by Guanyin of this kind are in the deep mountains and poor valleys where we went to the countryside. Because their holes are wide, the hunting dogs like them the most." Dig out this kind of hole to catch Guanyin to solve the slander. It may have been eaten up in the past few years, so this hole is made from the outside to the inside. This animal has this habit. Look at the triangular paw prints on the wall of the cave. You can judge the trend of the cave, don’t care about the direction, pay attention to the direction, but it’s easy to get yourself confused.”

Now that there was a way to get out, everyone didn't delay any longer. They got into the labyrinth-like "Guanyin Cave" below. After half a day, we finally got out of the underground labyrinth. The stars were shining outside. It was the middle of the night. We found that the altitude here was not very high, and it was in a valley. The steep mountain wall, with only a line of sky in the middle, seems to have moved out of the underground canyon, but the narrower and more depressing terrain here makes people feel familiar. There are scattered bones of wild animals on the ground. Everyone looks around and is judging. I suddenly realized that this is one of the two sacrificial burial ditch, and the other one is the bone storage ditch. As long as we go west along the way, we can join the yak team run by Bu.

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