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Wang Dafu did a lot of harmful things in order to make money during his lifetime. After he arrived in the underworld with fear, he found that this was also a society of money. Money is needed to eat, money is needed to buy a ghost house, and a pass to visit relatives in the human world costs a lot of money. Relying on the money burned by his descendants, Wang Dafu still lived a pleasant life in the underworld.

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The king of heaven, Dafu, had just returned from visiting relatives in the underworld. Suddenly, several ghosts appeared to tell him how much money the Nether Poison Emperor had. They said it was time to sentence him, so they took him to the King of Hell without any explanation. The King of Hell's eyes widened with anger, and he said on the spot that the crime he had committed reached the tenth level, and he would be sent to the tenth level of hell. A ghost officer was ordered to escort him to execution, but Wang Dafu did not panic. He had inquired before. Due to the fairness and integrity of the King of Hell, the welfare of ghosts was very poor.

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So halfway through, he started to say nice things and promised all kinds of benefits. Sure enough, Gui Cha opened his mouth under various temptations and said that as long as he didn't let him go, everything could be discussed. When Wang Dafu heard this, he felt pity, but he still expressed his request: he hoped that he could be given a lighter sentence and his crime could be lowered.

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The ghost guard was stunned for a moment and then said: Are you sure? Wang Dafu thought it would be difficult, so he quickly promised greater benefits and said that this was all he wanted. Hearing what Wang Dafu said, the ghost boss no longer asked how much the Nether Poison King cost , but asked: How much are you prepared to pay? Wang Dafu knew it was done as soon as he heard it, and quickly said: "As much as you can reduce it." Gui Cha looked at him strangely, but nodded.

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When they arrived at the entrance of hell, the ghost kicked Wang Dafu directly to the eighteenth level of hell. After finishing, he muttered: It's really strange. When others go to hell, they just sharpen their heads and go up, but he just wants to go down.

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