"The Same She" Life Ghost Story Online Reading

Today’s story is told by an old friend. It is not too bizarre and unreal. It only teaches people to feel that there must be an echo when they listen to it. They are sincerely attached to a wish. Compensate in another way.

A netizen has a high school classmate named Mu Shan, who is talented and talented. If there is such a thing as a "genius in the sky" in the world, who can get married with magical powers and ghosts , then Mu Shan is definitely one of the best. His grades are among the best in the class, and he can beat the second place by dozens of points. In addition, Mushan is excellent in character and learning, honest and enthusiastic, honest and kind-hearted, so he is deeply loved by teachers and classmates.

Most of the teachers prefer students with good grades. When they adjusted their seats, they arranged for Mu Shan to be at the same table with a "three good" girl with good grades, good looks, and good family background. The girl's name was Lingzhi.

A gentle lady is a gentleman, not to mention that she is at the age when she is young and just ignorant of emotions. Mu Shan has a good impression of Ganoderma lucidum, but his self-esteem and inferiority combined to cause trouble, so he has no courage to confess.

Ganoderma lucidum is the kind of girl who makes people fall in love at first sight. As the name suggests, she is beautiful and elegant with fairy spirit, so she naturally has many suitors. But those suitors Ganoderma lucidum didn't like any of them. In this way, Mu Shan sees it in his eyes and is happy in his heart, and unknowingly becomes more affectionate.

Luo Hua intends to marry Flowing Water, Ruthless, Divine Power and Guiming , but there is often no reason to talk about their relationship, and it doesn't always pay off in return. In the second half of her sophomore year of high school, Ganoderma lucidum fell in love with a well-known social gangster.

Ganoderma lucidum's parents are well-known figures in the local area. After their daughter did such a disgraceful and embarrassing thing, they felt ashamed and shameless, so they moved to other places to live.

Later, Mu Shan heard that Ling Zhi gave birth to a child within less than a year after hanging out with the gangster. With a stubborn personality, she has always refused to let go of her posture and bow her head to her parents to admit her mistakes. As a result, life was miserable and miserable.

After Ganoderma lucidum dropped out of school, Mu Shan was discouraged by a major stimulus, and his academic performance plummeted. Finally, he barely got admitted to a third-rate university and studied a niche major that no one cares about. escape from the world.

Time flies, and many years have passed in a blink of an eye. Ganoderma lucidum is like a sharp wooden thorn that has been stuck in Mu Shan's heart, causing a dull pain. He was unwilling and did not dare to inquire about her news, he was obsessed with love for the rest of his life, and after seeing the 30th year of life, Mu Shan was still alone, alone.

Mushan has a cousin who dropped out of school very early to start a business with the family. He has never been short of beauties around him, but his cousin's parents insist on using the traditional blind date method to select his daughter-in-law.

Once there was an appointment to go on a blind date, but his cousin refused to go anyway. He had already asked another girl he was dating to go out to hang out. The cousin's parents, who are also Mu Shan's younger uncle, begged Mu Shan to go to the tank for fear of missing the appointment and offending the introducer.

Originally, Mu Shan was very disgusted and conflicted in her heart, and wanted to deal with some errands and finish the job. But in the end he ended the blind date crying. The girl was eight years younger than him, graduated from graduate school, gentle and quiet, smiling and didn't say much the whole time.

Mu Shan was also so excited that he was at a loss, completely speechless, the girl who came on a blind date was almost exactly the same as the Ganoderma lucidum he had been thinking about day and night for many years!

Mu Shan couldn't believe that there was such a coincidence in the world. It is not uncommon for people to have similarities, but the old classmates who met Mu Shan's wife later said that they completely mistook her for Ganoderma lucidum at first.

Mu Shan and the girl got married and had a child smoothly, and they lived a peaceful and contented life. Mu Shan always knew that she was not Ganoderma lucidum, but thanked God for his mercy and mercy, and arranged for her to be exactly the same in his life.

I heard that people's marriages are predestined in previous lives, maybe because he is not good enough, maybe because she is not good enough, Mushan and Ganoderma lucidum are destined to be orchids in this life, but they have no chance.

But the firm and powerful belief in Mu Shan's heart summoned the gods in the end, and kept the most romantic arrangement of fate. From then on, there was another exactly like her in his life.

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