Warring States Demon God Chapter One

Blind Chen seemed to have disappeared suddenly in the city of Beijing. I searched all over to no avail, so I had to give up. I thought he had hidden somewhere to avoid the limelight, so on the one hand, I asked someone to leave a message for him, and on the other hand, I was preparing to leave. We have gone to the United States, and we are about to go abroad. We want to take a good look at Beijing in winter, so I took Shirley Yang for a walk all the way to Beihai Lake to see the lively scene of skating. By the way, we will discuss the arrangements after going abroad. The cold wind in Beijing is strong, and the gray sky indicates that a snowfall is coming, but none of these can stop people's interest. The fun of skating in the classical royal garden makes people linger.

I told Shirley Yang that I was going to wash my hands in the golden basin, and I didn’t want to put my head on the waistband of my trousers to fight upside down again. I took out the golden touch amulet given by the big gold tooth and flashed it in front of her eyes, which showed my determination. The golden talisman, the patriarch will not bless you.

In fact, I really thought about taking off the real gold touch talisman, but my experience over the years has told me that there are no absolutes in the world, no matter what can happen, so try to leave room for yourself. Once said: "It is better to prepare than not to use, than not to be prepared when available."

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On the way home from Beihai, Shirley Yang Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, but she seemed a little worried about my behavior, and wanted to take the Golden Talisman away and keep it for me. I thought I couldn't give this to her, so I hurriedly said to her solemnly: "I am a good general who thinks about the chaos in the country, and a good wife who is poor and looking forward to it. I thought that after I met you, my messy life situation would be completely destroyed. Change, but why do you always distrust me? This… this does not conform to the objective laws of Engels' dialectics of nature."

Shirley Yang said: "Don't come here, I just know you too well to be worried. I find that when you speak seriously, almost none of the words you say are reliable, but those who are casual and seem cynical There is still a little bit of sincerity in the words, and you show me the gold-touching talisman, I didn't see whether it was true or not just now."

There are several scenes_Warring States Demon God US version

I was taken aback by what she said, and I asked myself in my heart: "Am I really like that? Is it so unreliable when I speak normally? Any serious statement is regarded as bullshit? Can a joke be taken seriously? It must not be like this. Otherwise, it is said that there are differences between Chinese and American cultures, and we need to seek common ground while reserving differences. From this point of view, there are indeed differences." As soon as I thought about it, I thought of an excuse to distract Shirley Yang: "In the legend about Captain Mojin , Sealing Talisman Armor is handed down from the patriarch. Those who do this business are all dependent on the patriarch to reward their jobs. Who is the patriarch of Lieutenant Mojin? It’s not clear what’s going on here.”

Shirley Yang said: "What's not clear about this is that there are seventy-two lines, antiques take the lead, and inverted fighting belongs to the eight outer lines. It is a self-contained industry in traditional Chinese culture and has a complete inheritance of craftsmanship. There are a total of seven industries. There are two out of ten, for example, the ancestor of an actor is Tang Minghuang, the pig butcher worships Zhang Yide, the Warring States Demon God , the tailor worships Xuanyuan, the carpenter worships Luban, and the thief worships Dongfang Shuo. These seventy-two lines are divided into nine streams. The thirteenth class, Mojin is the king in the outer eight lines, so Mojin Xiaowei is also the king of the kings in the seventy-two traditional lines, but when it comes to the patriarchs of this fight, there are three."

I was just asking a random question just now, but I unexpectedly came up with a lot of tricks, and they were all unheard of, so I asked Shirley Yang to tell her the origin in detail. Mao Lai, so as not to be laughed at by others for so long touching Captain Jin, but not knowing who the Patriarch is.

Shirley Yang’s understanding of the traditions of these inverted rules is also learned from the diary left by her grandfather Partridge Whistle. Among the seventy-two lines, those who can be respected as the ancestors are not necessarily those who are in this line of work. The first person, but the ancestors of all walks of life are famous figures in history, at least occupy a place among the influential figures in history.

Long before the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there had been inversions in the world, but the most influential one was probably Wu Zixu's sending to the tomb of the king of Chu. Avenging the sworn vengeance was not for the artifact buried in the tomb of the king of Chu. Respect Wu Zixu as the patriarch.

At the end of the Qin Dynasty, Chu and Han fought for hegemony. Xiang Yu sent the Qin Mausoleum to burn Afang, and plundered countless treasures. Xiang Yu and Liu Bang were all rebels at the end of Qin Dynasty. The overlord of Western Chu is the patriarch, and the overlord is powerful enough to pull up the mountains, and it is also a prize drawn by the warriors who dig the tomb with external force.

Tomb robbery activities were very frequent in the Han Dynasty. The name Mojin Xiaowei officially appeared in the Three Kingdoms of the Later Han Dynasty. In fact, it was formed as early as the Western Han Dynasty, but it has not yet become a trend. Later, during the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao needed military pay to clear up the troubled times and return the common people. Qingping Shidao was used as an excuse to absorb many inverted fighters and set up a formal military organization of inverted troops. Only then did the theory of Mojin Xiaowei come into being, which has been used for thousands of years. "Shun", each trade can only be passed on to future generations if it has the name of the ancestor. However, the rules and various craftsmanship of Mojin Xiaowei, as well as the framework of Yili Five Elements, were not fully developed until the Tang Dynasty, and later absorbed the situation in Jiangxi. The essence of Zong's feng shui theory has the unique feng shui secrets of "Xunlong Jue" and "Fenjin Dingxue", which are unique to Mojin Xiaowei.

During the Three Kingdoms period, the warlords separated each other, and Cao Wei did not create the Inverted Forces. Sun Wu once dug the tomb of Nanyue King Yingqi in the south of Lingnan to supplement military expenditures. In a very serious accident, the entire army was wiped out, and no one survived after the incident. This matter was passed on by word of mouth among the craftsmen who were fighting against each other, but there is no half word record in the history books, but the unofficial history is completely contrary to the legend. It is not known whether it is true or false to say that he will retire after success.

These unofficial stories also mentioned that Cao Cao’s tomb was also designed by Captain Mojin, so it is difficult for later generations to be discovered. Knowing the truth, and not looking for it in a very special way, there is almost no possibility of being discovered.

I suddenly realized: "It turns out that the inheritance of the ancestors of the tomb robbers is like this. However, although these three ancestors lived in different times, they all have one very similar thing in common. Cao Cao was both a poet and a soldier. Wu Zixu was a general when he conquered Chu. Xiang Yu He is also the overlord of Chu who commands the three armies. It can be said that they are all from military families who are accustomed to fighting, and have a deep military background. I am afraid that this cannot be simply a coincidence. People who have fought in the battle are full of energy, and they don't believe in evil. If they weren't born in the army, how could they have such courage and insight."

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