Love Mutation Author: Ye Congling Read Online

Meng Lan, Linger might be missing! His father, Meng Zong, invited him to the Forensic Medicine Museum to exchange this technique, also because Zhihe's mentor and his father are good friends. Ziqi has always been interested in psychology and psychiatry, and she often discusses some strange topics with Professor Qu. Standing at the door of Professor Qu's office, Ziqia asked me: "Do you think this girl is a little weird?" Every time I saw Xu Linger, I thought she was a little weird. Ziqia said I was suspicious, but I wasn't sure. Of course I knew that Professor Qu would not show me the information, I was just curious as to what happened to Xu Linger. … Continue readingLove Mutation Author: Ye Congling Read Online

"The Same She" Life Ghost Story Online Reading

Today’s story is told by an old friend. It is not too bizarre and unreal. It only teaches people to feel that there must be an echo when they listen to it. They are sincerely attached to a wish. Compensate in another way. Mu Shan was also so excited that he was at a loss, completely speechless, the girl who came on a blind date was almost exactly the same as the Ganoderma lucidum he had been thinking about day and night for many years! Mu Shan and the girl got married and had a child smoothly, and they lived a peaceful and contented life. Mu Shan always knew that she was not Ganoderma lucidum, but thanked God for his mercy and mercy, and arranged for her to be exactly the same in his life. … Continue reading"The Same She" Life Ghost Story Online Reading