Starfish Touched To Death By A Tourist Chapter 34 Black Vortex

The topography of the dark green water cave where King Xian's tomb is located is truly called a funnel in geography. There are no more than two reasons for its formation. One is that the strong water flow destroyed the lava cave, causing a large area of ​​collapse; the other may be caused by the impact of falling meteorites hundreds of millions of years ago.

Carrying two headless half-worms on my back, I tumbled and fell from the steep cliff, but my heart calmed down. Although my body fell rapidly in the air, my hands were not idle for a moment, and I covered the diving goggles on the mountaineering helmet to my eyes. Going up, shook off the two headless corpses behind him, took a deep breath, and opened his mouth to avoid the huge impact of entering the water from a high place from crushing the eardrums.

He just wanted to fully stretch his body and dive into the water with a flying fish, but before he could do it, his body had already fallen to the surface of the water. Being slapped by the huge impact, all internal organs were turned over several times, the blood in the chest cavity was churning, and the throat was sweet. People who practice martial arts often say that "the chest is like a well, and the back is like a cake."

Fortunately, the water in the pool was deep enough. Although the force of falling into the water was great, it didn't hit the bottom of the pool, and it sank several meters away with countless white water splashes. I opened my eyes and saw that although the pool of water looked dark and green from above, it was crystal clear when I was in the water. The sun shone on the water surface, sparkling and rippling, as if I had come to a crystal palace. There are countless big fish in the pool, many of them are Schizothorax carp, the meat of this fish is delicious and unparalleled in the world, and it is rare to see such a fat fish.

But I don't have time to savor the delicacy of this big-headed split-bellied carp at the moment. I am eager to float up to the water and swim to the plank road beside the pool to join Fatty and Shirley Yang.

But with hands and feet stepped on, and without moving the place for a long time, I felt that I was in a whirlpool-shaped undercurrent. It was a huge vortex, which drove the undercurrent in the pool and sucked the water into it endlessly.

It is precisely because there is such a large whirlpool at the bottom of the pool that even if the waterfalls pour down day and night, it is difficult to fill the pool. There is also such a large whirlpool under the Unfreezing Spring in Khamba Kunlun, which is said to lead directly to the East China Sea thousands of miles away. So the vortex in this pool may also be a big water eye, leading to rivers, lakes and other big rivers and big waters.

If I get sucked into the vortex, I’m afraid no one will collect the body for me. Thinking of this, my heart suddenly shudders, and I hurriedly used all my strength to swim out of the vortex, but haste makes waste, the more anxious my hands and feet become, the stiffer I am , not only did not swim to the periphery, but was driven by the undercurrent, and it was a few meters closer to the great whirlpool at the bottom of the pool.

From the time I held my breath and entered the water, it has only been ten seconds, and the air in my lungs can still last for a while, but if it is sucked by the undercurrent of the vortex, it will take a while, and the breath will be exhausted, and it will definitely be sucked into the depths by the vortex.

But at this time, I couldn't help myself, and I couldn't resist the strong suction of the vortex. In an instant, I was swept to the bottom of the pool by the surging undercurrent. In a panic, I saw a dense clump of aquatic plants beside me. Driven by the undercurrent at the edge of the vortex, they all turned their heads in one direction. The aquatic plants grow in the crevices of a large rock at the bottom of the pool. The gaps between the rocks are so narrow that it is difficult for fingers to get in.

As if I saw a life-saving straw, I quickly reached out to grab those aquatic plants, trying to stabilize temporarily, but it was exactly what the fat man often said, when Captain Mojin burned incense, even the Buddha fell off his knees. After finally grabbing a handful of aquatic plants, who knows that there are many mayfly eggs on the aquatic plants, which are not slippery, and it is empty when I grab it hard.

I aimed at the big clump of aquatic plants, and stretched out my hand to grab it several times, but failed to catch it. Every time I caught nothing, my heart sank a bit, and I pulled out the Russian paratrooper knife, and turned the stone inserted into the growing aquatic plants upside down. In the seam, the barb on the blade of the paratrooper knife fixes the blade at the junction of the root of the aquatic plant and the seam of the stone.

The strip-shaped boulder at the bottom of the pool seems to have been hewn by hand, perhaps it fell down during the construction of the King Xian's Tomb. Because the strip was heavy, it was not sucked in by the whirlpool. I finally found a place where I could fix my body, and I didn't dare to be negligent. I grabbed a rock and crawled far away at the bottom of the pool, gradually breaking away from the suction of the whirlpool.

Suddenly, I felt that my hand was cold and hard to the touch, as if it was a steel shell with a lot of mottled rust. With the light of the water shining in the blue waves, I saw a huge column connected to the end of this stone, lying on the bottom of the pool, covered with aquatic plants, groups of small fish swimming among the aquatic plants.

One end of the huge column was slightly tilted and crashed into the rock wall by the pool, and even broke a big hole. The hole was extremely dark, as if there was another hole in the sky. I thought to myself: "Yes, the bomber pilot who was buried by us, It turned out that his bomber crashed in this pool. He parachuted and landed on the edge of Zhelong Mountain. Unfortunately, he was entangled in the jade coffin of the high priest , starfish was touched by tourists , and he died in vain on the edge of the dense forest."

Looking at the stone wall pierced by the aircraft nose, there are many stone statues of strange beasts looming in the damaged grottoes. This direction is just above the deep pool, and the king's tomb and Baoding palace built on the precipice are consistent. Has the underground palace of the king's tomb been destroyed by a crashed plane?

I couldn't stay underwater any longer, so I had to float up quickly to take a breath. As soon as my head came out of the water, my eyes were dazzled by the thousands of rainbow lights in the sky. Although the mountaineering helmet has drainage holes to protect the head during diving, it still feels very heavy, so I had to take off the mountaineering helmet temporarily.

The funnel-shaped large pool is like a huge natural loudspeaker, which transmits the sound of the rushing water of the waterfalls back and forth, and only reverberates within the cliff, and nothing can be heard below. I saw two figures running down the plank road at a high place. When they encountered the broken road washed away by the waterfall, they used vines to climb down the cliff. It was Fatty and Shirley Yang.

I took my mountaineering helmet in my hand and waved at them from the water. Sure enough, Fatty and Shirley Yang spotted me immediately and waved to me on the plank road.

I looked up, and the surrounding cliffs were like axes and knives, and the blue sky was high above, out of reach, and I was suddenly afraid of being trapped in a desperate situation. The large number of half-worms are retreating to the entrance of the waterfall, probably because this is the main tomb area of ​​the king's tomb, and there are a lot of broken insect passages, so they can't adapt and retreat like a tide. These freaks have a strong ability to adapt to the environment. I don't know if they will make a comeback, but they can finally calm down temporarily and take a breath.

I gestured to Shirley Yang and the fat man on the plank road, indicating that they don't need to come down to pick me up, I can climb up by myself, and let them wait for me on the top of Mingloubao, the tomb of Xianwang.

However, those two people seemed to be unable to understand, jumping and shouting at me, pointing desperately, seeming very impatient. Although I couldn't hear the content of their shouting, I could tell from their actions that in the There is a lurking danger approaching me in this pool. I immediately swam to the plank road by the pool at the speed of a swimming competition.

Seeing my understanding, the fat man and Shirley Yang immediately rushed down the plank road. The fat man was afraid of heights, so he could only walk down the wide stone steps, sticking his buttocks when he encountered a break, and Shirley Yang was almost level by level. Jumping down, the more hurried they were, the more I realized how dangerous I was.

Fortunately, it was very close to the plank road beside the pool, and I was there in no time. I was exhausted at this time, and I used my last bit of strength to climb up the stone slab of the plank road. Looking at the emerald green pool water, it is as flat as a mirror, only the ripples caused by the big waterfall on the opposite side. I really can't see anything dangerous, at most, it's just some people who have been beaten to pieces. When they entered the bottom of the water, they were probably sucked into the maelstrom.

At this time, Shirley Yang had already rushed down, and she was relieved to see that I was fine. I wanted to ask her what was going on, but the sound of the water was too loud to communicate, so I pointed to the top of Xianwang's tomb on the cliff, which seemed relatively safe.

Looking up at the palace on the precipitous cliff, it was emitting a strange brilliance in the iridescent water vapor, like a dream and an illusion. I couldn't think about it for a while, so I stepped on the thousand-year-old plank road and headed towards the heavenly palace. .

I suddenly thought of the panicked and anxious expressions of the two of them just now, and couldn't help asking. When Shirley Yang heard my question, he said to me: "We saw a huge monster claw in the depths of the pool, which was the size of a house, and you were on the edge of the palm of that hand, as if you would be caught by that giant claw at any time." That’s why I was in a hurry to go down to meet him.”

Why didn't I notice it at all in the water? Looking down from the plank road, except for the edge of the waterfalls, the green and deep pool is quiet and quiet, and the secluded atmosphere in its depth is enough to isolate people's minds. From our height, we can even see the fish in the water The group shuttled back and forth.

Looking carefully, the ups and downs of the ravines at the bottom of the pool can also be distinguished, including the wreckage of the American bomber that crashed at the bottom of the water, all kinds of outlines can be vaguely seen. There is a black dot in the middle of the pool, which should be the vortex that almost swallowed me. Outside the vortex-shaped water hole, there are several protruding arc-shaped cones, ranging in thickness and length, surrounding the vortex at the bottom of the pool. Make a circle.

Looking from a height, it really looks like the claws of a huge alien beast, holding the vortex at the bottom of the pool.

I was fascinated by it, and I just kept thinking in my heart: "The giant claws of this strange beast are so vivid, just on the edge of the water eye. Could it be that it was intentional when the king's tomb was built?"

Seeing that I was standing still, the fat man kept urging me, so I had no choice but to stop thinking about it and continue walking up the ladder-like plank road.

After a few steps, I suddenly thought, yes, Shirley Yang once said that this dark green funnel terrain is a bit like a bottomless ghost cave under the sacred mountain of Zagrama.

So as I walked up, I told Shirley Yang about what I saw underwater, and finally said: "The vortex at the bottom of the pool is related to the much dust bead we are looking for. To a certain extent, several features coincide with each other. The animal claws around the water eye also seem to be artificial, which shows that the bottom of the pool is also part of the king's tomb."

Shirley Yang nodded and said: "There must be a lot of weirdness in this big dark green pool, but there are lush aquatic plants under the water. With the three of us, it is difficult to figure out the situation below. We can only see the uneven outline from a height. , just guesswork."

We talked about the underwater crash again, I roughly described the shape, and Shirley Yang said it might be a B24 long-range bomber.

The crashed plane must be related to the two meteorites at the entrance of the Worm Valley. The meteorites are a whole, and there are at least a few more pieces, centered on the gourd hole, distributed in a ring around the periphery. In the dense jungle, it is difficult to find all their tracks. The strong electromagnetic interference waves in the meteorite are restrained by the god of Zhenshan in the gourd cave, that is, the blue three-legged toad placed in the toad palace.

The material of the blue monster toad is very special, it may be a piece of dense ore with rare elements such as quark particles and colloid particles. This kind of thing can increase the radiation of meteorites containing electromagnetic radiation, make electronic equipment malfunction, and even some migratory birds with biological navigation systems will be affected, so that they fall from the sky and die when they pass over the insect valley.

Shirley Yang believes that this rare dense ore itself has strong radiation. It may have first existed in an ancient forest in the Triassic period. In the catastrophe that caused the ancient forest to become fossilized, because it was heated by high temperature, more radioactive substances were produced, and a dark red translucence was formed around it. superimposed rock, and made it into the shape of a gourd.

Even the Huo's Undead Worm escaped the devastating disaster because of its existence. Otherwise, no matter how tenacious the vitality of the bug was, it would not be able to adapt to the changes in the oxygen content in the atmosphere. The special environment around the dense dense ore made this huge old insect survive until now. As for the large number of huge insects and plants in the cave, they must have been formed by its long-term influence.

We discussed these things while walking, and compared and analyzed all the signs we saw, plus some subjective speculations, so that the messy information was gradually pulled into a straight line.

Shirley Yang has already made up his mind to add a branch task to this operation: to destroy the artifact of Zhelong Mountain.

This kind of radioactive material is very unstable, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. It may be a period when radioactive elements were relatively active during World War II, so the wreckage of the crash we have seen is from that period. But according to the level of interference with our electronic devices, it has recently become active again. Today is different from ancient times, air traffic is more and more developed, in order to avoid future tragedies, I can only find a way to venture back into the cave and try to destroy this artifact.

I suddenly remembered the words on the back of the human-skin map, and quickly asked the fat man to take it out to look at it, only to see that there was a large paragraph in the note on the back of the tomb of Xianwang that read: "Where does the soul return, and the clear water produces the mysterious and reveals the true form. Longshan enters the clouds, Chonggu Valley is deep, covering hundreds of miles, and the world is broken the next day, Sanshui 膴膴①, Jin Tu gathers, and each guards the situation. There is a dragon halo in the heart of Zhongzhen, and the place where the dragon halo grows is implicated, faintly entangled Immortal acupoint, the profound mystery is in it. Yinyin means nothing in existence, and slightly means existence in nothing. Its shape is like a crisp in a lamp, a geese in a cloud, a road in ash, and a snake in a grass. Immortal energy seems to flow In the meantime, it is subtle and concealed, but good form and auspiciousness cannot be added. The king is sacrificed, buried in the water dragon halo, the corpse is dissected, and the dragon halo is invisible. If it is not the collapse of the sky, it will be difficult for outsiders to break."

The words on the back of the human skin map, which are similar to Qingwu Fengshui, are about the benefits of the fairy cave where the tomb of the King Xian is located, but the last sentence is unexpected, mentioning the word "heaven collapse". At that time, none of us could understand what it meant, and we even guessed that it might mean that there was a special moment when the star crash happened, so that we had the opportunity to enter the mysterious palace of the king's tomb, but since entering Zhelong Mountain, we have seen many wreckages of crashed planes, maybe " "Heaven collapse" means that the falling plane crashed into the wall of the tomb?

I didn't think that such fairy acupoints really existed in the world before. I thought it was just an exaggeration and alarmist talk, because even in "Sixteen Characters of Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art", it only said that fairy acupoints cannot be encountered and cannot be sought. exist in theory.

In reality, of course, there will not be hundreds of colorful rainbows that last for thousands of years gathered in one place, but when you are on the scene, you know that there is nothing the ruling class can't do except immortality. It is hard to change such a "dragon halo". From the perspective of feng shui, the so-called "dragon halo" refers to a clear boundary where the clear and turbid yin and yang intersect. This boundary is not an area of ​​mutual fusion, but more like a chaotic state where heaven and earth are not separated. It is just what ordinary people say, "one point lower is water, and one point higher is air". "Dragon halo" is neither high nor low, neither water nor air, but light, solidified, tangible and intangible, a rainbow that lasts for thousands of years.

I heard Shirley Yang said that there are poisonous dense objects nearby, so I realized that it was this stone starfish that was touched to death by tourists , which increased the negative ions in the insect valley, and there was almost no cloud or rain, making it difficult for the water vapor rising from the waterfalls to evaporate. Above the big green funnel, a layer of "dragon halo" that only existed in legends was formed, which turned out to be a "man-made" optical phenomenon.

While we were talking, we happened to pass through the dragon halo under the Tiangong. Before, we only thought that the rainbow was far away in the sky, but now we passed through it. We just felt like we had entered a illusory realm, and we became immortals. The three of them couldn't help reaching out to touch the rainbow light all around them. Of course, they all missed it. They all grinned silly, and suddenly had a strange thought: If this is a dream, it's better never wake up.

However, the colorful light was very thin, and the wonderful feeling disappeared soon. It was only after climbing the plank road that my legs and feet were sore. After walking for more than an hour, I finally reached the gate of the Heavenly Palace.

I pointed to the temple door in front of me and said to Shirley Yang and Fatty: "If the collapse of the sky described in the book of the heavenly ghost is the plane that crashed, then I think this should be consistent. The rock wall at the bottom of the pool has been hit by the nose of the plane." There is a big hole, but it is not sure whether the hole is the Xuan Palace. Even if Captain Mojin can divide the Jinding Cave, he can’t determine the scale of the Immortal Cave. But let’s make a carpet in the top of the king’s tomb. Search, don’t worry if you don’t understand, there must be many secrets hidden in it.”

① 膴, sound wǔ; 膴膴, beautiful.

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