The Origin Of Huxiantang Village

After leaving the east part of Wuchang City and walking eastward for more than 20 miles, you will arrive at the Minxin Township of Wuchang City. From Minxin Township, go south for about 20 miles and you will arrive in the hinterland of the mountains. There are towering ancient trees and dense forests. In this forest, there is a strange place with mountains in the same shape and surrounded by mountains. People call it the "Ecstasy Array". Anyone who is not familiar with the terrain here will not be able to distinguish the direction from east to west, north and south once they enter by mistake. They will either freeze to death or starve to death in this mysterious place. Even locals who go into the mountains to cut firewood generally don't dare to step into this forbidden area easily. Because there are few people here, mountain products and prey are extremely abundant. Every year when the harvesting season comes, ghosts, foxes, fairies, and monsters come to harvest the mountains. They go together in small groups and prepare enough dry food, fire, and markers. Once they enter the forest, they do a lot of things on the way in. It’s a good sign to go back, and then you can safely pick mountain products here. The following is a folk legend that happened here.

To the north of this mountain, there is a small village surrounded by mountains.

Legend: There is a hunter here who has been passed down from ancestors to his generation. He has perfected his hunting skills through experience. Coupled with his superb marksmanship and the advanced musket, he will always be a hunter every time he goes into the mountains. He could hunt a lot of prey, including ghosts, foxes, fairies, and monsters , so countless deer, roe deer, wild deer, hares, and pheasants were killed by his gun.

People say: No matter how cunning a fox is, he cannot defeat a good hunter. Just because he is an excellent hunter, he can hunt cunning foxes that others cannot.

This winter, it snowed heavily in the mountains. A fellow villager who went into the mountains to collect firewood told him about a strange thing he saw at the "Ecstasy Array" after returning to the village. He said: He saw a white fox that was all white. This fox is strange. Generally, other foxes will run away without a trace as soon as they see a human figure. But this fox is different from other foxes. It is not afraid of people. It is right next to you. Behind the front or somewhere not far from you, stroll leisurely and unhurriedly.

After the hunter heard about this, he returned home and secretly figured out how to hunt this easy-to-find fox. White foxes are very rare, so their fur is extremely valuable, so he decided to go into the mountains to hunt this bold fox.

Packing up his shotgun and luggage, the hunter headed into the mountains.

At this point, everyone can't help but ask: Isn't this hunter afraid of getting lost? Yes; he is not afraid, because he has been in this mountain for many years and has become one with the mountain. Therefore, he is very familiar with every plant and tree here. Therefore, he dares to break in and be regarded as a human being in the eyes of others. The "fascination array" in the forbidden area.

However, what happened next made him feel vaguely that the matter was not as simple as he imagined. He thought it was a simple matter, but he had been wandering around for almost a month and still hadn't seen the white stripe. Not a shadow of the fox, not even a hair of the fox was found.

That night, the hunter who came back from the mountains lay in the warm quilt and couldn't sleep. Recalling the unfavorable start of hunting during this period, he couldn't help but feel very upset. When had he ever hunted such a useless hunter? The rooster crows three times, but the hunter has not figured out a good way to deal with the fox.

It's just dawn, and there are sheep outside. I wonder why? Suddenly he cried out "咩咩", he stood up quickly, put on his fur coat, and came to the still "blackened" yard, but he found no trace of the sheep. After a while, the lamb bleated again not far away. Following the sound, he saw clearly that it was a lamb he had raised. It ran into the snow, in the hazy before dawn. , the white wool and the white snow complement each other and blend into one color, making the hunter's sharp eyes useless.

The hunter was immediately inspired. After folding the lamb, the hunter entered the house and began to "arm" himself. He wore the wool of his old sheepskin jacket with the wool facing outwards, and also brought a wooden shovel for raising the field. Everything was ready, and the hunter set off. He came to the small ditch and pond where the woodcutter had said there was thick snow, a slope facing the sun, and where white foxes often frequented. He built a snow nest with a wooden shovel and climbed in. Then, holding the shotgun, he nervously and happily waited for the white fox to appear.

About two hours later, a gentle "swishing" sound came from the forest in front of the snow nest, and the fox finally appeared.

I saw this fox, all white like snow. It walked and walked, looking around vigilantly. From time to time, it raised its head and sniffed the smell wafting in the air.

Hunter; stunned. Where is this fox? It was clearly a snow elf, its shining eyes matched the hunter's eyes, which made the hunter shiver with excitement, and the hunter became a little timid.

However, how could a cooked duck be allowed to fly? The hunter still had the courage to see the fox within the effective range of the gun, and pulled the trigger with a "boom". The iron sand shrieked, tearing the air, and hit the fox in an instant. The fox seemed to be startled, but quickly calmed down. It shook its fur and did not fall down. The iron sand seemed like it was not there at all. It's like hitting it. The hunter jumped up, loaded a second gun of gunpowder and iron sand in an instant, raised his gun and chased after him.

Oddly enough, if the hunter is chasing after him, the fox will run quickly; if the hunter is chasing after him slowly, the fox will not move in a hurry, which makes the hunter very angry. Seeing that the fox was within the effective range of the gun again, the gun in the hunter's hand rang again. The sound of the gunshot made a dull echo in the empty ravine.

Seeing that the gun and sand all hit the fox, the fox still shook its fur and ran forward leisurely.

The hunter was enraged and fired several shots with "Boom!" and "Boom!" The fox was still shaking its fur. Those bullets were like mud cows falling into the sea, and they had no lethality at all. The hunter couldn't help but draw a ghost in his heart.

I chased and chased until I reached a small valley.

The fox turned around the foot of the mountain ahead. The hunter was too tired to run anymore, so his pace slowed down. When he turned around the foot of the mountain, something strange happened. The fox seemed to have evaporated and disappeared without a trace. The hunter was dumbfounded. .

Here is a dead ditch with a slope facing the sun, but this place is windy. Although it is winter, the sunshine in the ditch is warm. At the entrance to the foot of the mountain, there is a large bluestone slab. On top of this bluestone slab, an old man with a white beard sits, what is he busy with?

Out of breath, the hunter came to the old man and asked: "Old man, can I ask, did you see a white fox running past?".

The old man shook his head and replied: "I didn't see it!".

The hunter was puzzled and said to himself: "It stands to reason that this is a dead ditch and pond surrounded by cliffs, and the fox cannot escape. Moreover, the area is not large, so the fox should not be invisible!"

He looked at the old man holding a leather jacket and was busy with something on it, and asked: "Uncle! What are you busy with?".

The old man replied: "I am catching lice!".

"Catch lice?" the hunter asked in confusion.

The old man replied: "Yes! If you don't believe it, just take a look!".

Saying that, he stuffed a handful of lice into his hand. The hunter felt strange. It stands to reason that it is freezing cold in this winter. What kind of lice are you catching?

Just when the hunter lowered his head to look at the "lice" in his hand, a white light flashed, and the old man on the big bluestone suddenly disappeared. When he looked at the "lice" in the hunter's hand, it turned into a shiny black gun sand. .

The hunter stared blankly at the gun in his hand, and was surprised for a while. Then he shouldered the gun with regret and frustration and walked toward the village.

Along the way, he thought about it and secretly made a promise that he would never engage in hunting again. That white fox turned out to be a fox fairy! They must have seen how serious his sins were, and came to enlighten him, telling him to stop at the brink and brake quickly. Otherwise, I wonder what kind of mischief will happen to his family in the future?

When he returned to the village, he smashed the hunting rifle, burned the hunting equipment, and built a fox fairy hall on the edge of the village, offering incense day and night. Later, there were no disasters in his family, and his descendants lived peacefully to this day.

This is the origin of Huxian Tangtun.

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