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In a Miao village, there lived an old couple. The old man's name was Peng Que, and the old woman's name was Wei Niao. They had a daughter when they were in their forties. As if they liked her, they named her Bangpeng. This Bangpole is so ingenious when she grows up. No one can match her in spinning flowers and embroidery. None of the young men disliked being close to her, but in Bang Peng's opinion, none of them suited her liking.

It turns out that Bang Peng secretly fell in love with a young hunter named Mao Sha.

Mao Sha is a handsome young man who has killed a tiger by himself. Once, he went hunting with his father in the forest. Suddenly, a tiger jumped out of the grass and knocked down his father with a fierce blow. Maosha drew his sword and fought with the tiger, and finally rescued his father from the tiger's mouth. However, my father was seriously injured and died soon after. From then on, Mao Sha went hunting alone with his hounds. From one mountain to another, there was no place to settle.

One day, Mao Sha came to a village with twenty or thirty households. What surprised him was that he only saw cattle and sheep, but not a duck or a chicken. When he inquired about it, the people on the village told him that there were two big eagles here, and no chicken or duck could escape their claws: these two eagles had become sperms, and no one could cure them. Mao Sha said: "Is there really no way? I'll go and have a look." He picked up the bow, prepared arrows, and was led by the people in the village to the foot of the cliff where the eagle was hiding. They flew out, spreading their wings like a sun mat and flying as fast as arrows. But no matter how big they are or how fast they rise and fall, they can't escape Maosha's ever-increasing arrows. Mao Sha stood firm, shooting down one with one arrow, and another with another. Everyone in the village was overjoyed, thanking this brave and skilled hunter.

This is the village where Bang Peng's family lives. Bang Peng saw this young and handsome hunter and fell deeply in love with him. But Maosha was a hunter who made his home everywhere. He could not stay here for more than two days and left again. How could he know that there was such a beautiful girl who secretly loved him. Before Bangpeng could express his love, Maosha left, and her heart followed him.

The young girl was changing every day, and the list became longer and more beautiful. Many young people walked around her house, but all of them were rejected.

As the saying goes: "The devil is jealous of people's good deeds." The young and beautiful Bang Peng did not escape the eyes of the devil. I don't know where there is a white pheasant spirit, but also took a fancy to Bang Peng. It knew that it was impossible to win Bang Peng's heart, so it thought of a vicious plan to kill her. One day, Bang Peng was sitting and picking flowers when she suddenly fell to the ground in a daze, and then a strong wind swept her away. Peng Que and Wei Niao were petrified by this sudden disaster and cried to death. Everyone in the village was heartbroken. They searched and searched, but there was no trace of Bang Peng anywhere!

Speaking of Maosha, he followed the traces of wild animals and climbed over many unknown mountains and passed through many uninhabited valleys and forests. One day, I came to an endless forest and met a group of Han people logging trees here. How happy it was to meet people in such a barren mountain and old forest! They chatted with Masha and asked him where he was from and what his name was. Mao Sha looked at these kind people and said: "I don't have a certain home. I climb from one mountain to another. The ferocious beasts cannot escape my hands. I am a wandering hunter." They love this brave man very much. Young hunter, let him stay with you. In the evening, beside the campfire, Maosha said to them: "Friends, tell me about this forest!" They told him about the living conditions here and what kind of beasts there were. Finally, they sighed and said: "Oh, this is a nice place, but we don't want to live there anymore." 'Why? They said: "You don't know, a white pheasant spirit came here recently." It comes out at three o'clock every night, stops on the highest branch of the big tree, and makes a weird cry, which is really terrifying; every other watch, it stops on the second branch and makes a weird sound; after a while, it screams again. Stopping on the third branch, I heard a strange cry, and then it started to dawn; what was even more strange was that before that, I heard a whimpering woman crying. These strange things were so frightening that we decided to leave this ominous place. "

After Maosha heard this, he thought to himself: This must be a harmful spirit, and we must get rid of it! He said to the Han people: "Don't be afraid of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Sword Demon , I'll go take a look tonight." After midnight, Maosha hid with everyone next to the big tree. It was so dark that almost nothing could be seen. Waiting and waiting, at the third watch, I could vaguely see a big white bird sitting on a branch and chirping strangely, and I heard the cry of a poor young girl from far or near. By the time it called for the third time, it was almost dawn and the big monster could be seen clearly. At this moment, Maosha's arrow shot out with a whizzing sound, hitting the monster in the chest. It fell from the tree into the valley like a big stone. At this time the girl's cry could no longer be heard. At dawn, Maosha went to the valley and found the body of the white monster. It turned out to be the big white pheasant. Mao Sha was very happy to see that the evil was eliminated, although he still didn't understand what the woman's crying was about. He plucked a feather from the white pheasant and stuck it in his head as a souvenir. In the morning, he said goodbye to the group of people in Daimu and set off again.

Since Bangpeng was snatched away by the White Pheasant, she was placed in a cave and the White Pheasant forced her to marry him. How could Bangpeng give in? No matter how threatening it was, she only answered "no". I cried all day long to go back. The white pheasant spirit was afraid that she would go out, so she used magic to make Bangpeng fall asleep unconsciously. Every time before dawn, she would wake up and start crying. At this time, the white pheasant spirit would make its strange calls one after another, and Bangpeng would gradually fall into unconsciousness again. Now that the white pheasant spirit was shot to death by Mao Sha, Bang Peng woke up and ran out of the cave quickly. She didn't know where this place was. When she walked to the woods at the foot of the mountain, she met a group of Han people who were cutting wood. The Han people who were cutting wood saw the young girl's surprised look and immediately asked her why. Only then did she know that she was crying every night. It was this poor girl who was rescued by the young hunter. They also told her what happened last night. But they said that it was a pity that the brave hunter Maosha was gone now, but he had a white pheasant feather in his head, which was his symbol.

Bang Peng knew that the person who saved her was Mao Sha, whom she had longed for, and her face turned red with excitement. But where to find him? Bangpeng had no choice but to return to his village accompanied by this group of kind-hearted Han people. When Peng Que and Wei Niao saw their beloved daughter back, they were almost crazy with joy. They hugged Bangpeng and said with tears: "Daughter! What happened? Where have you gone? You want us to die!" Bangpeng told the story of her murder and Maosha's rescue in detail. Parents. Then she softly poured out her feelings about getting to know Maosha and falling in love with him: "I only love him, and now he has saved my life; although I don't know where he is, I must wait." Hold him." Old man Peng Que was very happy after hearing this. He had met Maosha and liked this brave young man. But Maosha, the wanderer, who knows where he is now and when he will come back to this small village? This is really worrying.

Several months and half a year passed, but not even Maosha's shadow was seen. The girl waited and waited, and everyone became haggard. One day, the old man Peng Que suddenly said to his wife happily: "We have a solution, won't we find him?" "Where are you going to find him?" The old man said: "We danced, sang songs, and brought him to all directions. Everyone in the village has been invited and attracted. Are you afraid that you can't attract Maosha too?" Peng was indeed a clever man. He collected bamboos and made a musical instrument later called "Lusheng", and played beautiful music. He also taught the young people in the village how to make Lusheng and let everyone play it. Later, the reed instrument got better and better, and the sound it produced became more and more beautiful. During the Chinese New Year, they held a Lusheng party, where everyone danced, sang, and played the Lusheng together. Not only did people from the village come, but they also attracted people from other villages outside. The happier everyone sang and danced, and more and more people came from far away.

We danced for nine days and nine nights in total. On the ninth day, Bang Peng discovered a young man with white pheasant feathers in his head among the crowd. If you look closely, you will see that it is Maosha. The girl was so happy that she hurried to tell her father. Peng Que invited Mao Sha to his home and set out wine and meat for him to eat. Mao Sha couldn't figure out what was going on. When he was about to ask, the old man said: "Brave young man, you have been here before and helped us shoot down the evil eagle. Now I want to ask you something. Where did the white pheasant feathers come from?" Maosha told the old man exactly how to get the white pheasant essence in the forest. Finally, he said: "I still can't figure out why there were women crying at that time, but after shooting the white pheasant essence, the crying stopped." At this time, Bang Peng also came out, watching with watery eyes Mosa. The old man pointed to the pole and told Maosha what happened, and explained the reason for holding a Lusheng meeting.

Maosha deeply sympathized with the girl's plight. Besides, who doesn’t love beautiful pennies? In this way, Bang Peng and Mao Sha became a happy couple.

It is said that the Lusheng Club of the Miao people began at that time, and from then on, young men and women of the Miao people like to put a white pheasant feather in their heads when dancing the Lusheng dance, firstly to show that they are not afraid of the devil, and secondly. It is said that if you plug it in, you can find a satisfactory husband or wife. But later, because there were not so many white pheasant feathers, the girls used silver pieces beaten into a chicken tail shape instead. One thing, where did the white pheasant feathers on your head come from? Maosha told the old man exactly how to shoot the white pheasant in the forest. Finally, he said: "I still can't figure out why there was a woman crying at that time, so he shot the white pheasant to death." After that, the crying stopped. "At this time, Bangpeng also came out, looking at Maosha with watery eyes. The old man pointed to Bangpeng, told Maosha what happened, and explained the reason for holding a Lusheng meeting.

Maosha deeply sympathized with the girl's plight. Let’s talk about Pokemon Sun, Moon, and Sword Demon . How can we not love the beautiful Pokemon? In this way, Bang Peng and Mao Sha became a happy couple.

It is said that the Lusheng Club of the Miao people began at that time, and from then on, young men and women of the Miao people like to put a white pheasant feather in their heads when dancing the Lusheng dance, firstly to show that they are not afraid of the devil, and secondly. It is said that if you plug it in, you can find a satisfactory husband or wife. But later, because there were not so many white pheasant feathers, the girls used silver pieces beaten into a chicken tail shape instead.

The monster pretended to be smiling, and asked: "Hello, children! Why did you come to the mountains?" As he asked, he thought: "That's great! I have a lot of luck today, I want to deceive them." Go home and eat them all." So he said to the children: "It's too dangerous to walk at night. The hungry wolves will eat you. Come to my house and stay overnight. At dawn Go home later!”

"Okay, we'll go with you." Doudou agreed before anyone else could say anything.

The monster took the children into their home, made their beds, and put them to sleep.

After an hour, the monster asked: "Who is asleep? Who is not asleep yet?"

Doudou said: "I can't sleep."


"At home, my mother always gives me a night meal before going to bed. I have to wait until I have eaten eggs and snacks before I can fall asleep."

In order to let the children go to bed early, the monster was busy making omelets and baking snacks. At this time, Doudou called all the children up. They had a good meal before lying down again. Soon the children were asleep.

After a while, the monster asked: "Who has slept? Who has not slept yet?"

Doudou said: "Everyone is asleep, but Xiaodoudou can't sleep."


"At home, my mother always gives me water before going to bed. The water is brought back through a sieve from the Crescent Sea behind the Crystal Mountain. I can't sleep until I drink it."

The monster picked up the sieve and ran to the Crescent Sea behind the Crystal Mountain to find water. It was already dawn and the children had woken up one by one. They put on their clothes and ran home. After walking for a long time, Doudou suddenly remembered that he had left the bag for collecting food at the monster's house in his hurry. So she said to her companions: "Sisters, you run away first, I will be there soon."

The brave Doudou returned to the monster's residence. The monster was going crazy with anger. When he saw Xiaodoudou coming back to die, he immediately caught her thousands of miles away, stuffed her into his pocket, and tied the pocket tightly. The monster ran into the forest, looking for a tree branch to beat Doudou to death.

The clever Doudou took advantage of the monster's absence, made a small hole in his pocket, got out, untied the pocket, stuffed the monster's kitten in, and then hid aside to see what was going on.

The monster took back the tree stick and beat the bag hard, making the cat howl incessantly. The monster swung the tree stick and beat it, and said: "Okay, now you are pretending to meow again! This can't help you, I have to beat you to death!" It wasn't until he opened the pocket that the monster discovered that it was indeed a cat. its cat.

The monster was so angry that it looked for Doudou everywhere, and finally found her out of a corner.

"You can't run away now. I'm going to eat you! Tell yourself: How should I eat you?"

Doudou said: "If you are willing to listen to my opinion, then I say you'd better light up the stove, bake a big pancake, roll me up and eat it."

The monster said: "Okay, let's do it! I'm going to eat your burrito!"

The monster lit the stove and burned the fire vigorously. Then he mixed the noodles and rolled out a big cake. When it just bent down to stick the cake deep in the oven, Doudou accidentally pushed it into the stove and burned it alive.

The brave Doudou picked up his food bag and ran back home.

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