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Pippi was taken home from the hospital by Mrs. Liu.

Mrs. Liu found Pippi floating motionless in the water by the river. She rescued him. When Pippi called her mother, her maternal instinct overflowed and she insisted on taking Pippi back to her home despite the doctor's dissuasion. .

As for her husband, he didn’t express any opinions. Whatever Mrs. Liu decides, her husband does not dare to have any other opinions.

However, Pippi is indeed a special child.

Very very special.

Pippi was originally a vigorous frog. After eating the inner elixir that the big black snake had practiced for thousands of years, he transformed into a human form and came to the human world. He suddenly came to the human world without knowing anything. He didn't understand anything about human beings, but he learned pretty quickly.

He is very smart.

He can basically learn a word that is said once, and after using the toilet once, he knows what is going on. In about a week, he was almost able to express his thoughts.

He is full of curiosity about the human world.

He begged his mother to take him around and see everywhere.

He took the subway and the bus and began to make friends in the community.

However, his true nature is slowly revealed.

He is naughty.

Not just naughty.

There was a huge windmill standing in the center of the community. It was just a feature of the community, just for show, and never really turned. Pippi climbed to the top of the windmill in a few seconds while her mother was not paying attention.

The windmill was six meters high, and a boy who was a head taller than Pippi didn't dare to climb that high. But that wasn't the end of it, Pippi actually stood up on the top of the windmill.

The windmill was only twenty centimeters wide and still in the shape of an arc. Although it could not rotate, it was still swaying. But Pippi stood up in such a small position, stood up straight, laughed and waved to the people passing by in the community. .

At first, Mrs. Liu reprimanded and threatened her loudly, but the other mother nearby quietly told Mrs. Liu that she would teach her child a lesson after the child came down, and that she should not distract the child now. Then Mrs. Liu stopped talking.

But Pippi liked the way others were dumbfounded, so he stayed up there for a full twenty minutes. Only after he had enough limelight did he come down.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, Mrs. Liu slapped him.

This is the first time Pippi has been beaten.

His smile disappeared and his expression turned gloomy.

Mrs. Liu didn't notice the change in Pippi's expression, so she slapped him again.

"It was so dangerous just now. If you are not careful, you will fall and your life will be lost. You can't do such dangerous things again in the future, understand?" Mrs. Liu shouted, even a little angry.

Only then did Pippi understand that her mother was not beating him to hurt him, but because she was afraid that he would be hurt.

Pippi smiled again.

That naughty smile.

Such a smile can melt mother's heart, and Mrs. Liu is reluctant to slap Pippi again.

"Don't do this again, okay?" Mrs. Liu asked Pippi, her tone becoming gentler.

"Okay." Pippi said cheerfully.

Pippi promised quite well, but within two seconds, he forgot his promise.

He is just a playful little boy.

Soon, he became the king of children in the community. Even the boys who were a head taller than him obeyed his orders. The children also knew who was the strong one, and it was their nature to obey the strong ones.

Chasing dogs, catching cats, playing football and breaking glass, etc.

Anyway, it was so frustrating.

Several mothers complained to Mrs. Liu and even stopped their children from playing with Pippi, but it didn't work very well. Pippi's charm was still great. As long as the children played in the yard, they would automatically gather around Pippi. .

Mrs. Liu even wanted to send Pippi to kindergarten and discipline her properly. Anyway, she admitted that she couldn't control Pippi.

In order to prevent Pippi, the king of children, from getting into trouble in the community, Mrs. Liu often took Pippi outside.

Mrs. Liu only has this option.

One day, I walked to the bridge over the river and saw a large group of people gathered there.

Pippi liked the excitement and pushed her way into the crowd, and Mrs. Liu had no choice but to push in too.

A girl about twenty years old had already rolled to the outside of the railing, hugging the railing and crying bitterly. A policeman tried to persuade her, but it was of no use. The girl kept shaking her head.

Pippi didn't know what was going on, so she asked Mrs. Liu.

"This girl wants to commit suicide." Mrs. Liu whispered.

"What is suicide?" Pippi asked.

"I just don't want to live anymore, so I kill myself." Mrs. Liu said.

Pippi's eyes widened.

Kill yourself? Is there such a thing?

In the animal world, it is not easy to survive, so why would you want to kill yourself?

"She is lovelorn." Mrs. Liu explained.

Pippi still doesn't understand.

"What is lovelorn?" he asked.

Mrs. Liu smiled bitterly.

"Anyway, she's just unhappy." Mrs. Liu said.

You can't kill yourself even if you're not happy.

Later, another woman came, who seemed to be the girl's mother. The mother began to persuade her daughter earnestly, but instead of getting better, her daughter's mood became more and more agitated.

She and her mother got into a heated argument.

"I don't want to live anymore, I don't want to live anymore." The daughter shouted loudly.

True to her word, she let go and fell into the river.

As soon as she fell into the water she disappeared without a trace.

Mom burst into tears.

"Save my daughter. My daughter can't swim. Please save my daughter." The mother begged the crowd.

Everyone looks at the police, and the police looks at everyone.

Who dares to jump from such a high place? If you jump down, you might fall to your death.

"What should I do? I can't live anymore." My mother wanted to climb over the railing, but was caught by everyone in time.

At this time, a small figure quickly climbed over the railing and plunged headfirst.

That's Pippi.

He didn't fall to death. Soon, his little head surfaced, and he seemed to observe it for a moment before diving back into the water.

There was no response for a long time.

Mrs. Liu was about to cry when finally, there was some movement on the water.

First, the girl's long hair was exposed, and then Pippi's little head was exposed. He asked the girl to turn over, so that the girl's nose and mouth were exposed on the water.

The girl remained motionless.

I don't know if he fainted or drowned, but anyway, he was motionless.

Pippi held the girl's head and swam toward the shore.

After swimming for a while, the girl responded.

She spat out a few big mouthfuls of saliva, and then she became dishonest and began to writhe. She pressed Pippi's shoulders, trying to take a few more breaths of air. She didn't want to die right now, and she would do anything to take a few more breaths of air.

Pippi's small body was completely suppressed by the girl.

Everyone was worried about Pippi, but Pippi didn't panic at all. He just kept pressing down, and his little body still carried the girl closer to the shore.


Pippi became a hero.

A child of about five years old actually jumped from the bridge into the river and saved an adult. This is an out-and-out legend.

All media came to interview Pippi.

Pippi's unknown origin was also exposed. Everyone speculated where Pippi came from. A more authoritative statement is that Pippi must have come from a boatman in the upper reaches of the river, otherwise, his water quality would not be so good. He accidentally fell into the water from the boat, lost all his memories, and drifted to this city.

A large photo of Pippi was posted, hoping that Pippi's biological parents would see it and come find it.

The media enthusiasm lasted for a week before waning. Mrs. Liu finally did not have to worry about the doorbell ringing and could cook a meal in the kitchen in peace.

She makes salt-baked chicken.

She likes to make this dish. Although the procedure is complicated, she feels very accomplished after making it. Pippi also loves to eat. One time he almost ate half a chicken by himself. You know, he was still a child, and he could actually eat half a chicken.

When she was reaching the critical link, Mrs. Liu heard some noises in the living room.

The noise is getting louder and louder.

Mrs. Liu shouted several times to ask Pippi to be more honest, but it didn't work at all. She had no choice but to turn off the fire and go to the living room to see what Pippi was doing.

The living room was a mess.

Pippi ignored Mrs. Liu's shouting, his attention was entirely elsewhere.

A golden dragonfly stayed on the coffee table. She didn't know how it got in. Mrs. Liu remembered that all the windows were closed properly.

Pippi's two little palms were also placed on the floor, quietly approaching the dragonfly.

Pippi's posture is quite weird. It can be said that it is not at all like a posture that a human should have.

When Pippi got close to a certain distance, he suddenly stretched out his little tongue and licked the dragonfly, as if his tongue could lick the dragonfly.

He licked and licked. Although his tongue was so short that he couldn't lick at all, he still licked and licked persistently.

He didn't even take a step forward, he just stayed where he was and repeated the task.

It was as if he couldn't control himself.

Later, the golden dragonfly seemed to be a little bored and flew away. It flew to the junction of the ceiling and the wall and stopped.

Pippi's eyes did not leave the dragonfly.

With his hands and feet in parallel, he climbed right under the dragonfly, and then, something strange happened.

Pippi's hands and feet can actually be attached to vertical walls, crawling on them as if they were on the floor.

He got close to the dragonfly. When he got close to a certain distance, he stopped moving forward. Instead, he stretched out his little tongue and licked the dragonfly, although he couldn't lick the dragonfly at all.

Mrs. Liu opened her mouth wide in surprise. She wanted to shout, but no sound came out.

The dragonfly flew into the air in the living room and suddenly disappeared. A very beautiful girl appeared in the living room out of thin air.

The girl burst into laughter as sweet as silver bells.

Pippi kept staring at the dragonfly. It wasn't until the girl appeared that he seemed to suddenly wake up. Then, his palms and soles could no longer cling to the wall, and his body fell down. Fortunately, the girl was quick-sighted and quickly The hand held him up so that his little head wouldn't hit the floor.

Pippi grabbed one of the girl's hands and looked up at her with admiration.

The girl was indifferent, probably, she had encountered too many similar situations.

The girl was wearing an apricot yellow dress, which was indescribably beautiful. It was as if her whole body was enveloped in a halo, shining, magical and incomparable.

Mrs. Liu was stunned, her mouth opened and did not close.

The girl smiled at Mrs. Liu.

"Hello, my name is Lulu, and I am a fox fairy." The girl said to Mrs. Liu.

"Fox fairy?" Mrs. Liu mechanically repeated the girl's words.

"Yes. A fox fairy."

Mrs. Liu still doesn’t understand.

Lulu continued to explain to her.

"A fairy who was cultivated by a fox, a fairy who knows magic." Lulu said.

Mrs. Liu is still stupid and doesn't quite understand.

Lulu smiled.

She pointed to a cup on the coffee table. Then, she snapped her fingers, and the cup turned into a white rabbit. The rabbit actually moved, jumped off the coffee table, and walked around the living room.

Lulu snapped her fingers again.

The rabbit was reluctant, but it sauntered back, jumped on the coffee table, sighed, and turned back into a cup.

Mrs. Liu seemed to understand something.

She began to tremble all over and looked at Lulu in fear.

"What do you want to do?" she asked Lulu tremblingly.

Lulu smiled.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." Lulu said.

But Mrs. Liu didn’t quite believe it.

She is just an ordinary person. If nothing happens, why would a fox fairy who knows magic come to her home?

Lulu touched Pippi's head, and then looked at Mrs. Liu.

"I'm here for him," Lulu said.

Mrs. Liu was even more surprised.

"For him?" Mrs. Liu said.

"Yes. Don't you find this child is special?" Lulu asked.

Mrs. Liu had already discovered this.

If Pippi wasn't special, how could he rescue an adult from the river who couldn't swim at all? Also, Pippi only eats meat. He doesn't even look at vegetables or rice. And just now, he was actually able to crawl on vertical walls.

But no matter how special he was, Mrs. Liu would never have thought that he would be related to the fox fairy who knew magic. Of course, ten minutes ago, Mrs. Liu would not have believed that fox fairies really existed.

"He was a special kid," Lulu said. "He had a lot of enemies, and in the eyes of those enemies, he was very valuable."

Just a child, what kind of enemies could he have? Still a lot?

With Mrs. Liu, Lulu couldn't explain it clearly.

She couldn't tell Mrs. Liu that Pippi used to be a frog. He ate the inner elixir of a big black snake, a ghost fox fairy that had been cultivated for thousands of years, and then turned into a human form. Because of this, Pippi became the target of other snake spirits. If you eat Peeves, the fox fairy monster , you can save many years of cultivation.

Pippi is the living inner elixir.

Lulu didn't tell Mrs. Liu this, and even if she did, Mrs. Liu wouldn't understand. Lulu just picked the most important situation at the moment.

"Originally, those enemies didn't know the whereabouts of this child, but this child saved people and was reported, and the situation changed. I guessed this child from the report, so those enemies must also be able to guess it . This child must leave here quickly, otherwise, this child will face the disaster of death, and you will also face the disaster of annihilation." Lulu said.

So serious.

Mrs. Liu is a little nervous

"Where are you going after leaving here?" Mrs. Liu asked.

"I'm going to take this child to Jinshan Academy. If the child leaves here, you will be safe." Lulu said.

Jinshan Academy? Mrs. Liu has never heard of it at all.

"It's the school where our fox fairy cultivates immortality. There, this child can be absolutely safe, and those enemies don't dare to go there to make trouble." Lulu said.

Where does Fox Cultivation have a school?

Lulu touched Pippi's head again.

"At Jinshan Academy, you can learn a few more spells, and you will be able to protect yourself in the future." Lulu said to Pippi.

The kid Pippi understood.

But his language skills were still a little lacking. He pointed at the tea cup on the coffee table and gestured.

Lulu understood what he meant, and Lulu smiled.

"After you learn the magic, of course you can turn the cup into a bunny." Lulu said.

Pippi's eyes widened and he was extremely excited. He nodded vigorously. He wished he could go to Jinshan Academy immediately and learn that spell.

"When are you leaving?" Mrs. Liu asked.

"Now, right away," Lulu said.

"Leave now? Are you in such a hurry?"

"If you stay here for one more minute, you will be in more danger." Lulu said.

Mrs. Liu was still a little hesitant.

Finally, she bravely asked Lulu.

"How can I be sure that you are not this child's enemy?" she asked Lulu.

Lulu smiled.

"You can't be sure," Lulu said.

This answer made Mrs. Liu a little disappointed.

"However, if the real enemy comes, I'm afraid he won't be as polite as me." Lulu said.

This is true, Lulu is polite.

She is a fox fairy and knows magic, so she doesn't need to be so polite.

But Mrs. Liu still has a question to ask Lulu.

"Why did you save this child?" she asked.

This question is smart. Lulu looked at Mrs. Liu appreciatively.

"The enemy of this child is also the enemy of our Fox Fairy. The enemy of our enemy is our friend. Since this child is our friend, of course we cannot ignore him until he dies." Lulu said.

Mrs. Liu understood a little bit.

"Okay, take him away." Mrs. Liu said.

Mrs. Liu looked at Pippi reluctantly, but Pippi showed no nostalgia.

He was still a playful little boy, and he just wanted to learn Lulu's skills as soon as possible.

"Can he come back in the future?" Mrs. Liu said.

"In the future, if he can protect himself, if he is willing to come back, he can come back to see you." Lulu said.

Mrs. Liu wiped her tears.

She knelt down and held Pippi in her arms.

"Don't forget me. You must come back to see me in the future." She said.

Pippi laughed.

"Okay." He promised Mrs. Liu.

The way Lulu and the others left also opened Mrs. Liu's eyes.

Lulu took out a small boat from her arms, which was about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Lulu muttered something, and the window immediately opened wide. Lulu threw the boat out of the window, and the boat floated outside the window. , grew bigger and bigger, and finally, it was enough to hold Lulu and Pippi.

You know, Mrs. Liu's home is a twenty-story unit.

How could the boat float there? It was as if it was floating in the water.

"Get on the boat." Lulu said to Pippi.

Pippi said nothing, and jumped through the window into the boat with a swish.

Lulu didn't move. I don't know what happened, but in a blink of an eye, she was in the boat.

"Goodbye." Lulu waved to Mrs. Liu.

Mrs. Liu was stunned. Before she could say goodbye, the ship flew straight towards the moon and disappeared without a trace.

Only the wide open window reminded Mrs. Liu that she was not dreaming.


The ship flies fast and steady.

Pippi only sat honestly for a short while, and then she started to become dishonest.

It's hard to change your nature.

He touched here and there, looked here and there, anyway, he wanted to study everything.

Lulu allowed him to mess around, but when he was about to reach out of the boat, Lulu stopped him.

"Don't extend your hands, it will burn you." Lulu said.

Pippi didn't quite believe it.

The outside is just air, how could it be burned?

However, he did not confront Lulu head-on. Instead, he quietly stretched out his hand while Lulu was not paying attention.

Lulu actually saw his little move, and this time, she didn't stop him.

You have to make him suffer a little, and then he will know that there are some things that he cannot do.

Sure enough, Pippi just touched it with her finger and quickly retracted it.

The air outside is indeed hot.

Since nothing could be touched outside, Lulu focused all her attention on the inside of the boat. Later, he even lay down on the bottom of the boat to see what was going on there.

Lulu doesn't stop him.

She even said something to make the boat bigger, making it easier for Pippi to see what was going on.

It seemed that in just a blink of an eye, the sky was covered with dark clouds and even the moon could not be seen.

Lulu became nervous, she felt something was wrong.

There was lightning everywhere and the ship was a little unstable.

Lulu recited the spell and the ship returned to its original state.

Suddenly, the boat tilted heavily to the left, almost tilting 90 degrees. Only then did Lulu realize that there was a strange man in green robe standing on the lower right side of the boat.

The green-robed weirdo stood on top of a dragon whirlwind, moving at almost the same speed as the boat. The weirdo gathered strength and slapped Lulu's boat from a distance.

The boat nearly capsized.

Lulu quickly recited a spell before she stabilized herself.

When the green-robed weirdo slapped him with his next palm, the boat didn't swing as much as before. This was because Lulu also recited a spell and used magic power.

Suddenly, the boat tilted heavily to the right, and Lulu noticed that there was also a weirdo on the lower left.

He's a weirdo in white robes.

The white-robed weirdo also stood on top of a whirlwind, and because of this, he could fly in the sky.

When the white-robed weirdo joins in, Lulu becomes a little powerless.

Her magic power is not enough to deal with two such weirdos.

The boat swayed from side to side like a pendulum, and finally turned over, bottom up.

Lulu and Pippi both fell out.

The skin fell straight down, and Lulu suddenly grew a fluffy thing from behind.

That's her tail.

Every pore of the tail is filled with gas, making it more fluffy and blooming. In this way, Lulu can stop the downward trend and float, as if there is a propeller on her back.

She was about to start quickly so that she could save Pippi, but the weird man in white robe blocked her way.

The weirdo in white robe stopped her right below her.

Lulu wanted to fly to the side, but the palm of the white-robed weirdo hit her.

Normally, Lulu felt that her magic power could be as good as that of the white-robed weirdo. However, time waits for no one. If the skin keeps falling, it will be smashed to pieces.

We have to save Pippi quickly.

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