folk Ghost Stories

The green grass on the sunny hillside is my favorite place. I can roll all the way from the top of the mountain to the river, take a happy bath, and then lie lazily on the soft grass of the hillside to bask in the sun. I feel comfortable. I'm just a fox, and I'm proud of my fiery red fur that's as smooth as silk.

The years in the mountains were peaceful and peaceful, with only the river flowing day and night. I stared at the reflection in the river for a moment, then stretched out my paw to smash the shadow into pieces. This simple game kept me entertained. This also became the reason why the sisters laughed at me.

When the moon climbs over the treetops, they transform into beauties and hold flowers in front of the mirror. When the fragrance blows around their bodies and the clouds hold their hair high, they wade together to the other side, where is the human world. Looking at their backs with their skirts fluttering, I was puzzled.

What's good about being a human being? It is only a short life, but it has to go through thousands of twists and turns. Could it be that our thousands of years of practice are just to gain happiness in the world?

In my eyes, it is enough to be able to play during the day and sleep without dreams at night. The flowers in the mountains and forests are blooming and falling, and the spring rain and snow have been with me for thousands of years. Qingxiu has made me have no desires and desires, and I have long been able to change as I please. But I disdain it!

There are many brothers and sisters in the family. When the sun smiles, they will return from the other side. The group sat talking and laughing, talking about nothing more than the prosperity and wealth in the world, the beautiful buildings, the lingering love between men and women, and the infinite charm. The sisters would compete to show off their beauty and charm, and compare clothing and treasures. When they were talking together, I would lie on the ground far away, close my eyes and sleep, secretly paying attention. Their topics can never be separated from men.

"Mr. Li's affection and thoughtfulness…" "Ms. Zhang's youth and handsomeness…" I don't understand how these intelligent and unparalleled sisters can be so tempted when they meet ordinary men in the world. Butterfly would catch my ear at this moment and scold me lovingly, "Little fox, you are eavesdropping again."

Die'er grew up with me, and we are among the best in terms of cultivation. She lost her smile forever after a few months of transforming into a woman to play in the world. Sometimes, she would pick me up and caress my fur, and from then on she would Tears fell from his eyes. I was curious to taste the tears. I heard about Die'er from the sisters. The passionate Die'er was admired by two talented people at the same time. Die'er forgot that people and foxes have different paths and wanted to live with one of them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the man was ruthless and married another for fame and wealth. Die'er, who has been practicing for thousands of years, still cannot understand love. She reveals her true colors and expresses her hatred to the man, but is stabbed by the unwilling man with a sword.

I know that after thousands of years of cultivation, I have reached the fairyland. The mortal sword cannot hurt Die'er, it only hurts her heart. As for the other man, there is no need to ask. After learning that Die'er was a demon, he burned incense and taught Buddhism everywhere in his house and taught Die'er not to come near him. He showed no kindness at all.

Man… I muttered, Butterfly will still turn into a human form and go to the other side in the dark. Die'er said that she envied the fate of human women, who could cut off their long hair and live with the ancient Buddha with a green lantern. When she said this, Die'er's face was extremely pious. "Mei'er, don't expect that all men in the world will fall in love with you. Behind the sweet words there are deep thoughts that you can't understand." Every time I hear Die'er advising me like this, I just smile and lick my paws again. In this world, a man What good is this? I don’t want to go.

My curiosity finally transformed me into a beautiful woman. I wanted to know what Dieer was doing on the other side. When my eyes were as bright as water and my eyebrows were darkened, I smiled. However, the gorgeous clothes on my body were far inferior to my fire-colored fur, and the embroidered shoes on my feet made me stagger. Try to use the method you learned from eavesdropping and put on a smile in front of the running water. I waded out of the water with Yan Shimeixing, and I wanted to track Die'er.

The place where Die'er went was very conspicuous. It was a luxurious mansion. I suddenly understood that Die'er went to the home of the man who stabbed her with a sword. The flowers and trees in the courtyard are prosperous, but they can't hide the deep and decadent atmosphere. When Die'er walked through the courtyard, she did not avoid the charms posted on the door lintel, but lingered outside the door of a room where the man lived.

I walked behind Die'er, blew a gentle breath, and opened the door without any wind. I pointed at the sleeping man on the bed, wanting to play a trick on him. But Die'er caught her hands and flew away. "That man is so heartless, why do you still visit him every night?" "You don't understand, I just want to see him. The vows he made to me back then are still in my ears." There was endless sadness in Die'er's eyes and eyebrows.

The remaining flowers are falling, and the autumn mood is thick in the mountains and forests. The words Die'er said to me always ring in my ears: don't believe in a man's vows, and don't reveal your identity as an alien. I decided to go out and see if the soft fragrance and warmth of the world of mortals could capture me…

Wading out of the water, I pretended to be alluring, with my slender waist tightly tied, and walked leisurely. I heard the sound of flute somewhere, sobbing, touching my soul. I looked up into the distance, and saw the deep courtyard, flowers and trees. Fushu, the sound of the flute that is like complaining and crying comes from there. With my ice-snow cleverness, I have endless clever ideas. With a flick of his fingers, he found a guzheng in his hand. He sat on the ground and played the music of "High Mountains and Flowing Waters", which made him intoxicated.

The door to the courtyard was pushed open, and I stared. A man in a white shirt was standing in the wind, holding a flute. He stood up and saluted, "I heard the elegant sound of the young master's flute, and I couldn't help but feel itchy. I felt offended." The man stared intently. With my peerless beauty. "Girl, if you don't mind, please come into the humble abode, we are enjoying the chrysanthemums and reciting poems." Just as I wanted, I followed the man into the courtyard with light steps. Longhua was his name.

When I came to a group of men, I realized that most of the men in the world are lustful and frivolous. The lights in the hall were bright, but how could they match my bright eyes? Origin of hometown. Longhua asked me to stay here that night, and I gladly accepted it, wading into the world just to see the man's hypocrisy.

The tent was covered with red candles and the brocade quilt was light and soft. Long Hua and I sat hand in hand. "Mei'er, Mei'er" Long Hua called my name softly. Suddenly, I felt tenderness in my heart, and I understood why sisters are greedy for the love of men in the world. Female love. Long Hua untied my skirt… and raised his hand, I extinguished the red candle. I have lived here since then, and my days are more colorful and interesting than those in the mountains. Looking on with cold eyes, Long Hua's companionship and warmth are revealed in every aspect. If he knew that I was a fox, would he still be so enamored with me?

The good times didn't last long. Long Hua's family urged him to get married, but Long Hua refused. I understood that he couldn't bear to leave me.

Long Hua's worries are getting worse day by day. Only when I play the zither and sing in a low voice and hold the pot and the cup will he smile heartily. I think this worry has nothing to do with me. Women, even if they are peerless beauty, can't compete with fame and fortune in the eyes of men.

On a moonlit night, with the moonlight shining like water, I put on my clothes and walked into the courtyard to see ghosts , foxes, fairies, and monsters. The subtle fragrance floated around. In a trance, I returned to the days in the mountains, where I lived in a cave without worries, and my heart was flying with the wind. Sighing, the unpredictability of the human heart makes me tired and tired. I want to leave. Love in the world of mortals and glory in life are nothing more than this.

I walked gently to the bedside, and Long Hua was muttering softly in his sleep, listening carefully to "Mei'er, Mei'er…" he was calling me. Should I go or stay? Long Hua suddenly grabbed my hand, still in his dream, his open eyes showed sadness, "Meier, I dreamed that you were leaving me." I have never seen this normally calm man be so panicked. . So I laughed, "I'm just a woman whose identity you don't even know. It doesn't matter whether I stay or go."

Long Hua's answer surprised me. It turned out that he didn't want to ask me about my origins because he didn't want to embarrass me. How could he talk to others about his life experience? In the human world, there will always be competition for status and power, and he was also involved. Entering it, as long as he is willing to marry the daughter of his father-in-law, who has a prominent family and a noble birth , the prince's position will be at his fingertips, and the great kings will be just around the corner. "Mom wants me to make a choice tomorrow," Long Hua said worriedly. I sneered.

I want to see what kind of choices Long Hua makes, so that I can fully understand the man's face, which will be a pleasure. Long Hua came back unexpectedly early and staggered a little. I thought he was drunk. "Mei'er, please play another song for me." I played the kite silently and looked up at this man. Long Hua's face turned from red to green. I dropped the kite and supported Long Hua. Based on my thousands of years of cultivation, I knew that Long Hua was poisoned.

Long Hua tried his best to put on a smile to reassure me, "Meier, I have chosen, I only want you. My mother was furious and forced me to drink poisoned wine. It's a pity that I can't take care of you for the rest of my life." After saying this, he closed his eyes and passed away. Holding Long Hua in my arms, tears flowed down my face. The taste of these tears was the same as those shed in Die'er's eyes. The true love in the world has been around me for a long time, but I wasted a thousand years of cultivation but didn't know it.

The royal poisonous wine is certainly different, how can ordinary medicines save Long Hua's reincarnation? In order to repay your kindness, I can only try my inner elixir. After practicing for five hundred years, the Fox Immortal absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon and condenses it into an elixir in his belly. If he accidentally loses it, his cultivation will be completely ruined. I smiled and spit out the fiery red pill, put it into Long Hua's mouth, and blew into his belly. Looking at Long Hua's face, with sword-shaped eyebrows and tiger-like eyes, handsome and handsome, and slowly turning rosy, I have to go. The fox fairy is just an ordinary fox after losing his inner elixir, and the other side of the river is my home.

It doesn't matter how much my sisters will ridicule me. I have spent thousands of years of hard work day and night in exchange for the true love of the world. I understand what love is and it is worth it. I have no regrets…

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