The Ghostly Tombs Part 3: The Remnant Eyes

When Chong Yixian looked at it, his expression suddenly changed, and he was almost frightened out of his wits.

Youliang took a closer look and saw that one of the corpses was covered in genitals and the crotch area was extremely huge. It was the only one he had ever seen in his life. Xue Daochan's was simply incomparable. It was strange that there could be people with such deformed genitals in the world.

"This is the old woman's cousin Guixin , and next to him is his wife Bai Can." Chong Yixian said tremblingly.

"Hahaha, old friends have come from afar, don't you want to come into the house and reminisce about old times?" Jie Jie's sneer suddenly came from the adobe house, which made people shudder.

Chunyixian trembled all over, his face was ashen, and he sighed softly: "It seems that the old woman will not be able to escape this disaster today. Little brother, you should run for your life quickly."

You Liangfang had already heard that it was Huang Laoyan's voice, and thought to himself, I have sent you a wife, so I won't attack you, right? Moreover, since the yin and yang qi of the "biting needle" merged, it is not necessarily possible that he will lose to this thousand-year-old nightmare.

"Grandma, who is speaking in the room? Why are you so afraid?" He pretended not to understand.

"My cousin and his wife are top-notch masters in the world, and they both died here. The old woman's life is not pity, but you are an outsider and have nothing to do with the grievances in the world. There is no need to be buried with them." Chong Yixian urged him to hurry up and take care of himself. Run for your life.

Youliang originally had no good impression of this weird old woman, and even wanted not to return her little peach wood sword. But now that his life and death were at stake, and seeing her true feelings revealed, it aroused his own chivalrous heart.

"Grandma, you are so old, and I am still a young and strong young man. How can you abandon the elderly and ignore them in danger?" he said seriously.

"Alas," Chong Yixian shook his head, "The old woman knew that my little brother was a man of love and loyalty, but she never expected to have such a chivalrous heart. But why bother?"

"What are you two mumbling over there? If you don't come over quickly, why don't I ask you to go out and invite you in person?" Huang Laoyan became impatient.

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Chunyixian glanced at Youliang, then walked out of the bushes and ran towards the adobe house. He thought to himself that this young man had no expression on his face, but he was quite courageous. It is true that "a calf is not afraid of tigers when it is born", but it is a pity that he gave it away in vain. Ming eas;.

The two of them stepped into the main room. Chunyixian saw a burly old man sitting cross-legged on the kang, wearing black clothes and a miter. She recognized those clothes as her cousin's. It seemed that Guixin and his wife were together. He was the one who killed it.

Huang Laoyan caught a glimpse of Youliang behind him, his expression froze slightly, and he was surprised. Wasn't this boy trapped in the painting? He was able to free himself on his own, and even called Lintong for a thorough interrogation later.

He moved his gaze to Chunyixian, looked around him, and asked coldly: "Who are you?"

"I'm an old woman pounding clothes. May I ask who you are?" The clothes-beating fairy looked nervous and quickly replied.

"Thundering clothes?" Huang Laoyan was stunned, and then snorted disdainfully, "Why are you named after the Qin Dynasty's punishment? So you and Guixin Baican are on the same side."

" Gui Xin is the old woman's cousin."

"Oh Guixin , it turns out that he is also a descendant of Lao Ai," Huang Laoyan thought for a moment, looked directly at Chong Yixian and said fiercely, " Guixin and his wife didn't know anything about it. They were killed by me. I think you must have been there just now." I’ve seen it too, now it’s your turn to answer. I only asked Ghost Salary once, but do you know how to open the seal of Qin Terracotta Warriors’ leader Lao Ai?”

Chunyixian was shocked when he heard this. It turned out that this devil wanted to open the seal of the Qin Terracotta Warriors that had been imprisoned for two thousand years. Although his cousin's family had been the guardians for generations, he did not know how to open the seal. At that time, Li Si retained a hand. The eldest son's descendants lived in Lintong and were responsible for guarding the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin. The second son's descendants hid in Wuzhangyuan, Guanzhong and made a living by Feng Shui. They secretly granted the method to open the seal, but the restriction could not be found anywhere. Know. In order to ensure that the secret would not be leaked, Li Si also strictly ordered the two direct descendants not to have contact with each other. Therefore, the cousin didn't know how to open it at all, and he didn't know where the seal was. Although there had been some movement between the two lines in recent years, they always followed the instructions of their ancestors and kept their respective secrets.

Seeing Chunyixian's hesitant look, Huang Laoyan was secretly happy. This old woman must know how to lift the restriction, and he had to try to force her to tell her.

"Old woman in clothes, do you also want to follow the ghost Bai Can?" He said coldly with a gloomy face.

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"You misunderstood," said Chunyixian, a veteran of the Jianghu world, who had developed adaptability over the years. "The old woman, a descendant of Lao Ai, does know how to open the seal, but it has been the same for generations. If you want to pass it on from male to female, you have to find the old woman’s brother eas;.”

Chunyixian's words are not unfounded. In ancient times in the Central Plains, there were many ancestral secret arts and even the Xinglin family followed this custom, because "the water thrown out by a married daughter" became someone else's.

"Nonsense!" Huang Laoyan scolded, "How many times in the Central Plains have there been wars and chaos in the past two thousand years, how can we ensure that every man survives? Once generations are cut off, won't the method of opening it be lost?"

"That's why Li Si also taught Feng Shui at the same time, which can eliminate disasters and avoid wars and plagues, and ensure that his heirs continue to have a lasting incense." Chong Yixian explained.

Huang Laoyan had nothing to say at this time. Chong Yixian's defense was impeccable and no unreasonableness could be found. I killed Guixin Baican in anger, and regretted it afterwards. I have racked my brains these days and can't think of a way to lift the seal. Now if I kill this old woman, I will completely cut off all avenues.

"Where is your brother now?" Huang Laoyan asked slowly after pondering for a moment.

"Hanzhong Wuzhangyuan." Chong Yixian replied.

"Qishan County, Fengxiang Prefecture, is that Wuzhangyuan where Zhuge Kongming died of illness?"


At this moment, there was a rush of footsteps outside the door, and someone came to the door and said respectfully: "Master, Lao Bai has something urgent to report."

"Say it." Huang Laoyan snorted.

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"Du Shiniang and his party have arrived in Lintong."

"Why don't you bring her to see me?"

"Because Zen Master Gu Kong and Xue Daochan of Yuelu Mountain Sutra Pavilion were also traveling with me, my subordinates did not dare to make decisions privately, so they rushed back to ask for instructions." Lao Bai explained.

"Oh, this old monk and Xue Huaiyi must be here with bad intentions. You can continue to keep an eye on me secretly and report them at any time." Huang Laoyan ordered.

"Yes, Master." Lao Bai's limping footsteps gradually faded away.

Huang Laoyan turned around and stared at Chong Yixian and said, "Old woman, how do you want your brother to come here as soon as possible?"

"Brother was in the prime minister's house in Hanzhong to check the feng shui and his whereabouts were uncertain. Only the old woman went to find him personally." Chong Yixian tried his best to keep a calm tone, but he was uneasy in his heart, for fear of accidentally irritating the other party.

Huang Laoyan sneered and said, "Then will you come back?"

Chong Yixian knew that he could not be deceived, so he suggested calmly: "This little brother met during the journey. You can take the old woman as a hostage and let him go to Hanzhong to find his brother here. How about it?"

Youliang understood that Chunyixian was trying to let her go, and he suddenly felt grateful in his heart, so he decided to help her.

Huang Laoyan smiled slightly and said: "Old lady, this is something you can consider, but it's better for you to have a good night's sleep after a hard journey." After saying that, he crossed his fingers and five colorful rays of light shot out from his fingertips, hitting Chun respectively. The left and right sun points on Yi Xian's head are the key points of Renzhong, Baihui and Naohu.

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Youliang was shocked when he saw this, but Huang Laoyan took action without any warning, which caught him off guard. Even rescue was too late.

"Hmph, do you even want to be my enemy?" Huang Laoyan's eyes were as bright as fire, and he saw through Youliang's thoughts.

"I didn't." At this moment, Youliang could see clearly in his Yin eyes that Huang Laoyan only tapped acupuncture points to make Chunyi Immortal fall asleep, and he did not take his life.

Huang Laoyan snorted: "How did you and Xue Daochan escape from "Dunhuang Nightmare"?"

"There is a dry ancient well in the ancient city of Dunhuang. Jump down and you will reach the gate of the Western Regions. That's how you come out." Youliang shrugged and said lightly.

Zhang Daoling's void is a one-way passage, how can it go backwards? Huang Laoyan felt a little confused.

"You're quite capable, kid." He looked at Youliang with doubts.

"How can I have such ability? I came out following Mr. Xue's Wu Chan." Youliang lied.

Huang Laoxiang remained silent, thinking that Xue Huaiyi had now reached the level of Green Demon, and Wu Chan might be even more powerful, and he was smart and cunning, so there was no guarantee that he would find a shortcut to painting.

"The "Dunhuang Nightmare" was in the Muli Temple in the Kangba Tibetan area. Why did it fall into your hands now?" Huang Laoyan stared at the backpack behind Youliang with a sinister gaze.

You Conscience was secretly surprised. The Millennium Nightmare was really sharp and could sense the scroll in his backpack.

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"Xue Daochan asked me to keep it." He simply pushed it all to Mr.

"Your Majesty, Concubine Dong Guifei is still waiting for you in the painting." Youliang thought for a moment and began to try to ease the atmosphere. He couldn't risk his life when he was not sure of victory. That was the behavior of a reckless man. The top priority now is Find Erya as soon as possible and use blood Ganoderma lucidum to save her life and the child in her belly.

"Concubine Dong Gui? Huh, let her fend for herself in there." Huang Laoyan said disdainfully. Nowadays, Concubine Dong Gui's appearance is no different from that of a man. There are many beauties in the world, especially those erected on the streets in the city. In the huge portrait, the blond woman with white skin and blue eyes is simply extremely charming. After completing the great task, I must capture more to fill the harem.

Youliang shook his head, this old nightmare could be so heartless, but it was a pity that he failed to live up to Dong Guifei's infatuation. But these have nothing to do with him, he just brought her to find her husband by the way. Now that the goal has been achieved, he should let her go and continue his journey to find Erya.

But he couldn't enter the painting in front of Huang Laoyan. He should find a deserted place outside and secretly let Concubine Dong out.

"It's time for the scroll to be returned to its original owner." Huang Laoyan suddenly said.

Youliang hesitated and slowly opened his backpack. Huang Laoyan wanted to take the scroll away. Concubine Dong Guifei and the living master didn't care, but Wu Fengjiao was still inside. He glanced at Huang Laoyan, secretly preparing to take advantage of his unpreparedness and wait for an opportunity to attack with the "bardo corpse-sucking gun". I am afraid there is only one chance to deal with this thousand-year-old nightmare.

Huang Laoyan ordered: "Expand the scroll."

Youliang slowly unfolded "Dunhuang Nightmare" slowly.

Suddenly, colorful lights flashed in front of his eyes, and a strong force picked up Youliang and threw him into the painting.

"Hahaha," Huang Laoyan said with a smile, "If you want to play tricks on me, you are still a little immature." After saying that, he quickly rolled up the painting and tied it up with one move of his hand.

He knew that when the scroll was rolled up, no one could get in or out. This was the ban imposed by Zhang Daoling back then.

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