Boneless Fetus Formerly Named Turtle

This village has always been filled with the word supernatural, but not many people in the village have actually encountered it. They just listened to some fragmentary stories told by the elders…

Gou Sheng is 32 years old today. He is ordinary-looking and his family has no money. Last year, he finally negotiated a marriage with matchmaker Li in the village. His wife's name is Erya, and she is the only daughter of a Song widow from a neighboring village. Erya is handsome and hard-working. After getting married, she was nothing short of filial to Gou Sheng's parents. People in the village all commented: "It is a blessing that Gou Sheng got such a wife in his previous life." Soon Erya had a baby in her belly. Gou Sheng was also very diligent and obedient to Erya. The first thing that came to his mind when there was something delicious was Erya.

The days were going on so peacefully, and many others were envious of the young couple's happiness. Until this day, the days of happy life come to an end. Just like in the past, Erya prepared a simple dinner and placed it in the courtyard, sitting on a small bamboo stool, waiting for the dog to come back. The sunset gradually receded, but Gou Sheng still hadn't come back. Erya was a little anxious, fearing that something had happened to Gou Sheng, so she ran to the fields to look for him.

The moonlight shines on the path in the field, a little hazy.

"Erya" Xiaoqing from the village called from behind. The two began to chat about the trivial matters of giving birth, completely forgetting about the matter of finding a dog. They talked for a long time, and Xiaoqing was about to go home for dinner. Before leaving, she told Erya that Gou Sheng had gone to Tie Zhu's house in a neighboring village. Erya's hanging heart finally found its solution. After going home and having dinner, I started making clothes for the baby who was about to be born…

Gou Sheng and Tie Zhu were drinking wine and enjoying the cool breeze. In a blink of an eye, it was 11 o'clock at night. They said goodbye to Tie Zhu and walked home. When walking through a wheat field, Gou Sheng heard someone chatting quietly in the field. Because the voice was too low, I couldn't hear the specific content clearly. I only heard the sentence "Did he see me?" Because of the effect of alcohol, Gou Sheng didn't pay attention at all. Who would be chatting in the fields in the middle of the night?

The moonlight shone on the pond, and the road became somewhat brighter. Because I drank too much, I found the solution in the bushes by the pond…

Suddenly there was a noise in the weeds, like something crawling. It’s no surprise that there are many frogs, lobsters, water snakes, etc. in the fields in this rural area! Gou Sheng thought about getting a few frogs and lobsters to give to Erya tomorrow. By the moonlight, Gou Sheng began to search.

"Wow, what a big turtle! This thing is used to make soup for Erya. It should be very good for the fetus and very nutritious!". Gou Sheng hugged Wu Turtle and walked home happily. He never thought that this was just the beginning of a nightmare!

The turtle spent the night in the water tank at Gou Sheng's house, waiting to be cooked into delicious turtle soup tomorrow. After Gou Sheng's mother found out, she told Gou Sheng, "Turtles are spiritual, please release them immediately." Although Gou Sheng agreed, he secretly cooked the turtle into soup at night and ate it secretly with Erya.

Erya started having nightmares that night. I dreamed of an old woman covered in blood and holding a baby in her arms, struggling to crawl toward Erya by the pond. Erya suddenly sat up from the bed. It turned out to be just a dream, and he sighed.

"Dong dong dong dong" ~ Someone knocked on the window again. It was midnight, and she had just had a nightmare. Erya called Gou Sheng with lingering fear: "Did you hear that? Someone knocked on our window again." Gou Sheng said impatiently, "Why are you so crazy in the middle of the night? There is someone there!"

Gou Sheng fell asleep again, but the sounds outside had not stopped yet. An old woman said in a squeaky voice, "Is the soup good? Is it good? Hahahaha…"

From that day on, the old lady's voice would surround her ears every night~. Although she was pregnant, Erya lost weight. She felt distressed when she saw Gou Sheng, so she decided to find out about it. At night, the young couple waits for this nightmare to come…

"Does the soup taste good? Do you think it tastes good? I brought you your favorite soup, do you want to try it? Haha~haha~…"

Gou Sheng took Erya and carefully went out to take a look. There was a bowl of hot soup on the stone mill at the door. Gou Sheng was even more convinced that this was just a prank. But without any grudges, who in the village would do such a thing to Gou Sheng? "Forget it, someone gave her soup and her baby died , so let's just drink it. Maybe it's to compensate for disturbing us during this period of time." I took the soup into the house and looked at it carefully with a spoon. It turned out to be bone soup and it smelled very fragrant. Thinking it was to add more nutrition to the unborn baby, I drank it…

From that day on, there was no more strange noise from the old woman. Her belly was bulging day by day and the baby was about to be delivered.

The midwife was busy in the house. "Ah~~ah~~" the midwife's scream came from the house.

Gou Sheng rushed in quickly. A puddle of soft, pink and tender meat with blood on the kang. The child was born without bones, and there was no skull in his head. He was just a limp and dead baby. Terror filled this originally happy family…

In the evening, an old woman came to Gou Sheng's house and said that she knew why the fetus died. Gou Sheng enthusiastically invited the old woman to his home. The old woman asked Gou Sheng if he had given Erya turtles before the fetus was born… Gou Sheng looked at the old woman in surprise. Erya walked out of the bedroom and looked at the old woman, as if he had seen her there. "Ah~~ Is this the old woman in the dream?"

The old woman looked at Erya and said with a smile, "Is the soup delicious?"

After saying that, his face suddenly changed and became gloomy, and dark red blood began to ooze from his head, soaking his whole body.I don’t know when I was holding a skeleton of a fetus in my hand, and I was still pregnant and died . I said with a sinister smile, "Hahaha"… I will use you to make soup and repay my son's life! Hahahahaha

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