The Driver's Supernatural Story In "Fail To Rescue"

When I was a child, I thought Zhuji belonged to Jinhua because it was very close to Pujiang and Yiwu. When Liang heard what I said, she smiled and said: When I was a child, I thought Wenling was from Wenzhou, and then Wenzhou was from Ningbo. How funny! Liang was from Zhuji. Her father was a long-distance truck driver. Later, after he was released from prison, he changed his profession and became a contractor. Liang rarely talks about things at home, maybe because her father was in prison~ She and I are not classmates, nor are we the truck drivers whose relatives died the worst . It seems that we know each other quite well.

The driver of a large truck died suddenly_The most tragic death of a large truck driver_The death of a truck driver

My uncle is a warm-hearted and honest person. In the 1990s, my uncle was on a business trip in Shandong. He drove past a certain place and saw a truck overturned on the highway. People nearby were busy grabbing fruits in the car, and no one cared about the life or death of the driver. My uncle saw that the license plate of the car was Zhejiang xxxx, so he got out of the car and dragged the driver out of the car and sent him to the hospital. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time, otherwise the driver might have bled to death on the roadside. Fortunately, we didn't encounter anything like what happened in Nanjing recently. The driver was very grateful to my uncle. When he found my uncle's work unit, he made sure to thank him in person. After meeting my uncle, I insisted on calling him my brother, but my uncle refused, so the two of us became friends. This driver is Liang’s father. In this way, the two families became familiar with each other from strangers, and they walked around each other during the holidays. Liang , the most tragic truck driver who died one year younger than me, we met at my uncle's house.

The most tragic death of a large truck driver_The death of a truck driver_The sudden death of a large truck driver

The car accident cost Liang's father a lot of money. Fortunately, he was fine, otherwise Liang and her mother would have had to drink the northwest wind. Liang's father has no skills and can only make a living by driving. Being a driver is risky and there is no other way. Life is like this. Liang's father continued to work for several more years until she entered junior high school. Liang's father had an accident again. He and two friends went to Fujian to transport goods. I heard that Fujian has many mountains. A foreign car overturned at the foot of the mountain. I don't know what the driver did. A lot of money was scattered on the ground. It was probably his wallet. Flying out. Many passing drivers drove away when they saw the car accident, but when they saw the money all over the ground and saw that the driver was dying, they stopped to pick up the money. The handsome father's companion also began to feel itchy in his heart. When I see my companions, I also get out of the car to pick it up. In addition, there is a public mentality that everyone is picking it up and I don’t pick it up. Isn’t it a loss? Liang’s father also got out of the car, picked up a few and put them in his pocket. I looked up and saw that the driver was still breathing. Liang’s father later said that he would never forget the driver’s eyes, which were desperate, angry and empty.

The most tragic death of a large truck driver_The death of a large truck driver Sudden death_The death of a truck driver

After they picked it up, they hit the road, and no one paid any attention to the driver. One month after returning, Liang's father killed a man. Strangely enough, the fog in Zhejiang is very heavy in the morning in the winter, but it usually dissipates quickly after the sun comes out. Liang’s father was considered an experienced driver. He kept the two lights in front of the car on and drove the car slowly. In such a situation, there would be no accident. The sun showed half of its face, but the fog in front of the car was getting thicker and thicker, so thick that it was almost hard to see clearly, and I felt inexplicably nervous. When I was hesitating whether to go down and take a look, I suddenly felt an ominous feeling in my heart. Premonition, with a "boom", a person was knocked away. The handsome father went down and saw that he was an old man. It was really unlucky. How could a man appear out of nowhere? Seeing no one around, the handsome father immediately drove away. He was always worried. After all, it was the first time he hit someone, and he even killed someone. How could he have so much money to pay for it? After driving for so many years, it was only enough for food and clothing. With random thoughts and the slightest hope of not being caught, Liang's father lived in panic all day long. Skynet was restored, and the police found the owner of the car based on a witness's statement. After being arrested, Liang's father said that he felt very relaxed, as if a stone had fallen to the ground. I have no money to compensate anyway, so I have no choice but to go to jail.

The most tragic death of a large truck driver_The death of a truck driver_The sudden death of a large truck driver

Although the beautiful father's companion did not have any accidents, he was very unlucky. He was either sick or had a fight with someone and ended up in the hospital. Later, they scattered some ghost money at the intersection of the road and paid their respects. It seemed to be much better. It seems that ill-gotten gains are really unattainable. What's more, when people's lives are at stake, it is really unjust to take other people's property and add insult to injury. After my handsome father was imprisoned, my uncle saw how pitiful the mother and daughter were and often gave them clothing and living expenses. My aunt laughed and said: It seems that I owed them money in my previous life. Liang's father has now been released. He is suffering from heart disease and will never drive again.

The death of a truck driver_The sudden death of a large truck driver_The most tragic death of a large truck driver

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