The Threat Of Death: Terror In Dreams And The Bloody Ending In The Subway!read Online

In the dark night, there is not a star.

Rose sat dejectedly on the roadside, with several empty beer cans piled at her feet. After drinking the last sip of beer, her tears finally fell. Why could alcohol still not numb her? She thought that being drunk would allow her to forget the pain for a moment, but she failed.

With her eyes blurred by tears, she seemed to see a black figure slowly approaching her. When she looked carefully, she found that it was a black wild cat, with two green eyes shining strangely in the darkness. Suddenly something came into her mind. A hoarse and low voice said to her: "Die. If you die, there will be no more pain. If you die…"

An idea appeared in her mind, she wanted to die miserably and make him regret it for the rest of his life! Thinking of this, a sad and proud smile appeared on her face.

Occasionally, there would be a speeding car on the road, and the little wild cat would stomp back and forth at her feet, staring at the rose with its glowing eyes, as if urging her.

The death of a truck driver_The most tragic death of a large truck driver_The murder of a truck driver

She looked at the speeding car and suddenly hesitated. Her instinct gave her a sense of fear of death, and she took a few steps back unconsciously.

At this moment, she suddenly saw the little black wild cat floating slowly. The pupils in the green eyes had turned into a black line, and the wild cat's face seemed to have an expression, it was a sinister smile! "No! No…" Rose screamed. She wanted to run away, but she couldn't move at all. Despair and fear made Rose's beautiful face distorted.

A dazzling light came from far and near. A truck was coming from the highway, getting closer and closer. Rose suddenly felt a strong force pushing her forward. She fell in the middle of the highway and saw that the car was about to hit her. , the truck driver probably saw her, but it was too late to brake. In panic, the driver turned the steering wheel desperately to avoid her, so the truck suddenly turned to the side of the road, but there was a very steep hillside below the road, and there was a loud noise. The car fell to the bottom of the slope and the truck driver ejected from the car.

The death of a truck driver_The murder of a truck driver_The most tragic death of a large truck driver

Throwing it out, his head hit a big rock, and his skull suddenly shattered and his brains splattered everywhere.

Rose also passed out in great panic. She found herself in a dark room, deathly silence, and a disgusting smell filled the air. Her eyes gradually adapted to the darkness, and Rose could see clearly that there were people in the room. There are many beds, and people are lying on each one, motionless. Where is this place? Why is it so cold?

She suddenly saw a person on a bed without a sheet. When she took a closer look, she was so frightened that she lost her mind. She had never seen such a horrifying scene in her life. Half of the person's skull was gone. Everything inside was exposed, the blood on his face solidified into dark red, and one eye protruded from the socket, as if it was about to fall out at any time.

The most tragic death of a large truck driver_Truck Murder of a truck driver_Death of a truck driver

Rose suddenly realized that this was a morgue, a place specifically for storing corpses. She trembled violently and wanted to run away, but then the terrifying corpse sat up, smiled at her, and stretched out a full It's a bloody hand, and in the palm is a bloody wooden frog.

"Ah…ah…" Rose opened her eyes amidst her frightened scream. It turned out to be just a terrible dream. Rose looked around as if she was in a hospital. What was going on? Rose felt a splitting headache. , a nurse walked in quickly and cursed at Rose: "What's your name! You still have the nerve to scream! You were drunk on the road and killed someone. The driver who died was the only son of the family…" Before the nurse could wait, After saying that, Rose jumped out of bed with a look of horror on her face and rushed out of the door. It turned out that everything was true!

After running all the way home, Rose sat on the bed, unable to suppress her violent trembling. She found that the surroundings were dead quiet again. She was afraid of thinking of that terrible dream. She turned on the TV, but unexpectedly, a reporter's interview last night was being played on the TV. Among the family members of the deceased in the car accident, the old lady cried: "I only have this son! The person who killed my son must die a good death! My poor son… he is not married yet…" I saw the old lady cry. She faced the camera with a venomous face and said: "Last night my son told me in a dream that he was the truck driver who died the worst . He said he had found the murderer, and he was going to get married down there…" Rose turned off the TV fiercely. .

Murder of a truck driver_Death of a truck driver_The most tragic death of a large truck driver

She felt that the room was bone-chillingly cold, and there was a strange smell in the air. Rose remembered that it was the smell of the morgue that she had smelled in her dream!

Suddenly, the closet door opened automatically, and a bright red wedding dress slowly flew out. A man's voice suddenly sounded in her ears: "Marry me…" She saw that terrifying face in extreme horror. The face appears in the shadows, holding a bloody wooden frog in his hand…

Rose jumped up with all her strength, opened the door and escaped.

The most tragic death of a large truck driver_Truck Murder of a truck driver_Death of a truck driver

Where to go? Go to a friend's house. She got on the subway, probably because it was too late, and there were unusually few people in the car. She leaned against the door, her heart still beating rapidly. She was the worst truck driver to die . She felt extremely tired. Close your eyes.

"Young mistress, please change your clothes!" It was a little girl's voice, young mistress? What a strange title.

Rose opened her eyes and saw a little girl standing in front of her holding a bright red dress. The little girl had a strange smile on her pale face, which looked very much like a paper-tied virgin. Rose was shocked and raised her head When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was surrounded by people. No, they couldn't be called people. Some of them were missing limbs, and some of their faces had begun to rot. They all smiled strangely at her.

"No!…" Rose closed her eyes and covered her ears and screamed. At this moment, the door of the subway suddenly opened. She quickly stepped out, but she was not on the platform. Suddenly, a ray of light came over, accompanied by a rumbling sound, Only then did Rose realize that she was in a subway tunnel, and a subway was speeding toward her. There was a loud noise. Rose opened her eyes, and the subway had stopped. Suddenly someone held her hand and said, "Come with me." When she turned around, she still had that horribly mutilated face. Just as she was about to struggle, she suddenly discovered a woman covered in blood under the wheels of the subway. When she looked carefully,

It's me.

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