"The Female Ghost In The Back Seat" Taxi Ghost Story Online Reading

A few years ago, I had dinner with some junior high school classmates, and we all discussed whether there were ghosts in the world. In the end, we all agreed that there are, absolutely. One of the female classmates, Xiaorou, told about a personal experience she had when she was a child.

When Xiaorou was in elementary school, the popular taxis on the streets of Beijing were Noodles and Xiali, and her neighbor's uncle across the street drove a yellow Xiali for taxi.

This uncle has been divorced for many years and lives alone with his daughter. That girl and Xiaorou are classmates. In the middle of winter when Xiaorou was in third grade, she and her driver's uncle's daughter came home from school and played hopscotch in the yard downstairs. The uncle's daughter had sharp eyes. When she saw her dad's yellow Xiali parked in the yard, she pointed at Xiaorou and said, "Look, my dad picked up the car early today and has already gone home!"

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Driving driver, he has wings and still has Yin-Yang eyes, novel_Yin-Yang Driver novel_Novel about discovering that the teacher is intersex’/>

Xiaorou followed the direction of the uncle's daughter's finger and saw that the yellow Xiali was indeed parked against the wall on the side of the road. What was inexplicably terrifying was that under the dim street lights, Xiaorou saw through the rear window a long-haired woman wearing a red down jacket sitting in the back seat of the Xiali car!

Xiaorou was shocked and rubbed her eyes. When she looked again, she saw that the body of the woman in the back seat was facing forward. The collar and zipper of the down jacket were clearly visible to the driver. She had wings and yin-yang eyes. The novel , but However, only black hair can be seen on the head and face, as if the back of the head is thrust forward. She was so surprised that she gingerly pulled her uncle's daughter and said tremblingly, "Look, look, look! There's a female ghost in the back seat!"

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Driving driver, he has wings and still has Yin-Yang eyes, novel_Yin-Yang Driver novel_Novel about discovering that the teacher is intersex’/>

The driver's uncle's daughter came forward and looked at it for a long time, then asked Xiaorou with a suspicious look on her face: "What nonsense are you talking about! The car is obviously empty. The driver has wings and Yin and Yang eyes. Where did this girl come from?" Ghost?" Xiaorou looked out the back window in shock, only to see it was empty, and the strange and eerie female ghost in red was no longer there.

The two broke up unhappy that night and went home without mentioning anything. But Xiaorou was absolutely sure that she was definitely not mistaken. The female ghost was clearly sitting in the back seat of Xiali's car at that time.

The Driver, has wings and Yin-Yang eyes, the novel_The Yin-Yang Driver novel_The novel about discovering that the teacher is intersex

About a month had passed since this incident. Near the end of the year, the driver had a serious car accident. The yellow Xiali was almost scrapped. The driver had been in a coma in the hospital for more than half a month. The doctor had already Let family members be mentally prepared that the patient may become a vegetative state in the rest of his life.

The driver's uncle's daughter accompanied her father in the hospital every day. She was the only relative she depended on for her life. She insisted on chatting with her father, reading newspapers and even texts to him, and finally woke up her father who had been in a coma for many days.

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Driving driver, he has wings and still has Yin-Yang eyes, novel_Yin-Yang Driver novel_Novel about discovering that the teacher is intersex’/>

Xiaorou later heard from the driver's uncle's daughter that on the day of the accident, he had brought a guest from afar, and it was already close to midnight when he returned to the city. He was driving home when he suddenly saw a woman wearing a red down jacket standing in the middle of the road. When the car drove in front of him, the driver was horrified to find that the woman had no face and only had long red hair hanging down to her chest.

In shock, he swung the car away from the woman, causing the car to hit a wall on the side of the road, and he almost died.

The uncle driver said that the days when he was in a coma were like a dream. There was always a woman whose face he couldn't see clearly, waving her hands and calling him in the void. Several times, he felt like following the woman in a trance. Because I heard my daughter's voice calling for her father, I suddenly woke up and found my way back.

The taxi driver traveled long distances at night and wild roads, and it was inevitable that he would be contaminated by unclean evil spirits along the way. If the uncle could believe and pay attention to Xiaorou's unscrupulous childish words, he might have escaped disaster.

Fortunately, the deep and firm father-daughter love between the uncle and his daughter has turned into a sincere and unbreakable bond. One end is connected to the father, and the other end is tied to the daughter. They are dependent on each other in life and death and will never be separated. The female ghost who caused the trouble was frightened and fled away.

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