Vampire Profile

Returning from the gloomy tomb to the underworld to suck the blood of the living.

Possessed monsters who descended into hell but escaped the Doomsday.

A ruthless hunter who steals the fountain of life from innocent men and women.

A noble, graceful, pale and lonely poet of the dark night.

A vengeful spirit full of anger and unwilling to rest.

Legends of vampires have been told since the dawn of time—an undead demon possessing human flesh and blood, a bloodthirsty creature born from graveyards. Whether it is the hometown of the Vampire Earl, Hungary in Eastern Europe; the complex Asian dragon Hong Kong, the mysterious New Delhi in India, or even the new continent full of unknowns and hopes after crossing the ocean, people all over the world have experienced this creepy experience. An irresistible fear. Vampires appear everywhere in literature, film and television programs, clothing and entertainment, and even nutritional cereals for breakfast.

But those rumors are nothing more than the product of predecessors' thorough knowledge, superstition and ignorance.

Vampires are creatures of myth, right?


Vampires have been around us since prehistoric times. They are still ubiquitous and with us today. From the first dark night in memory, they have experienced a brutal secret struggle. The final outcome of this eternal struggle will determine the bright future of the entire human society – or endless eternal night.

From the Bible to Ann Lace – the background of "Millennium Hidden"

Bram Stoker's "Vampire Earl Dracula" (dracula, or translated as Zhuo Jiule) is generally recognized as a classic work of vampire literature. Its content describes a young lawyer hired by Dracula to enter the earl's gloomy castle, and all kinds of strange things happened later. Finally, the protagonist and his friends worked together to open the earl's coffin in the sunny day, and used a picket And garlic and other vampire killers killed him and escaped. Completed in the late nineteenth century (1897), this horror novel dominated almost all vampire stories for the next eighty years.

(caine) will be the first vampire in history.

According to the Bible, after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, they came to the wilderness and gave birth to many children. Among them, Cain is the boss and the third human being in the world. He is a farmer and lives with his brother a shepherd. Once, the two offered sacrifices to God as usual. Because the younger brother was able to raise livestock, they offered a rich meat meal. Cain's vegetables and radishes aroused God's dissatisfaction. Cain was angry and murdered his brother. The next day God asked Cain where his brother was, and he pleaded that he didn't know. God said angrily, "Sly! Your brother's ghost cried out to me about your atrocities, so you have to accept my punishment!" Cain then begged God for mercy, but God said, "No, I will not kill you, and I know You will definitely be cast aside in the future, so I will give you a distinctive mark, so that you will let others know that you should not be killed—just torture you as much as possible." So Cain fled to Africa, Ancestors who became black…

In the legend of the vampire hidden for thousands of years, Cain's condemnation is that he has to rely on living human flesh for his whole life.

Blood, and immortality, tormented by this curse from generation to generation. Moreover, God made his mark visible to everyone and condemned, which is different from the Bible. Later in the book, he was paired with Satan's lover Lilith (Lilith), saying that Lilith is a powerful witch dnf bloodthirsty demon god , and taught Cain how to use blood to generate power for his own use. Because of this, some people think that Lilith is the real first vampire.

Vampires do not call themselves vampires, but usually call themselves kindred (blood race). For a mortal to become a member of the blood family, he must first go through the process of embrace. In other words, he must first be sucked out of his blood by a blood race member, and then immediately accept the blood from the blood race (even if there are only a few drops), and then he can become a new blood race.

Embrace brings about very strong feelings, mixed with emotions of horror and ecstasy, this experience will never be forgotten by the kindred.

Once you become a member of the blood family, you will get "immortality", or a "living dead". Bloodlines are organisms different from humans, and their body tissues undergo complete changes. The teeth of the vampires can be drawn at will, although most of the time they will be hidden to conceal their identities. After the vampire sucked blood, they only needed to lick the victim's wound to heal the wound to cover up the traces. The heart of the blood race stopped beating, and the blood in the body flowed in a diffuse manner. Because the capillaries were no longer filled with blood, the skin of the blood race was particularly pale. Sometimes, there are even tears of blood when crying. Blood race can use the blood in the body to heal themselves. When injured, the blood in the body will concentrate on the wound, and the wound will be purple-red, and the wound will be cured soon.

The vampires don't need to eat dnf bloodthirsty demon gods , but they need to constantly suck blood. When the blood race felt? #124; When you are hungry, you will have a strong desire for blood. The intensity of this desire is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Although mortals have all kinds of desires,

But compared to the hunger and thirst of the blood race, that is nothing at all. The blood race's desire for blood is above diet, reproduction, ambition and other desires, it is the sum of all desires. Blood sucking can bring wonderful feelings to vampires, just like taking drugs, vampires are often painful but addicted to it.

The body of the blood race is like a wild beast, right? #124; When thirsty desire breaks out, you may not be able to control yourself into a rage. The blood race that has not yet fully fallen into animal nature often struggles because of this. Many new Kindred members try to find a balance between humanity and bestiality, and some even believe that there is a way to return to human beings. However, the status of the blood clan has become a reality, and most of the blood clan members can only watch themselves gradually degenerate, and finally become mad beasts. "Being a monster, but desperately trying to stop myself from becoming more like a monster" is the conflict in the heart of most new blood races. The possibility of redemption is extremely slim, but it does not seem to be completely hopeless.

"Final death" may be another way out. The blood race will still die, the original source of life – the sun – can completely destroy the blood race, and the dead blood race will be turned into fly ash in an instant. The fear of facing the sun often makes the blood race uncontrollably violently flee.

vampire (race)

Malkavian family: This race is not very lucky. It seems that God has cursed thousands of years in one body, but perhaps it is precisely because they have been hated and killed by the world that they have developed strong observation skills. It is no exaggeration to say that almost nothing in this world can escape their eyes. If you feel an unknown threat in the dark, chances are a vampire of this race is watching you from around the corner.

Brnjah race: To put it bluntly, this race is very similar to humans. Loose, undisciplined and belligerent. I think it's all right – don't mess with this family of vampires even if there is anything to do. They are not vegetarian.

toreador family: This family is very elegant and has a fascinating face. They are dissociated in the upper class, appearing noble and graceful. Their source of food is also the heirs of princes and nobles. And they only pick out handsome young masters or beautiful young ladies. In a word, they like tender ones. hehe. The two handsome and outrageous protagonists in "Interview with the Vampire" belong to this race.

Tremere family: Strictly speaking, this race is not an orthodox vampire, because many of its members were once human wizards, so other races are unwilling to recognize their legal vampire status-if vampires have laws. Of course, if you don't like it, you don't like it. With its powerful magic, this race occupies an important position among vampires. And they don't like to cause trouble, they are a group of vampires who don't like blood-sucking very much.

Gangrel family: Two words sum up their characteristics: beasts. Lonely, calm, silent and ferocious like a beast. In short, I keep a respectful distance from this race, because their beastly logic seems not so easy to understand.

Ventrue family: They are the leaders of the secret party alliance (introduce this alliance in a moment). Like and good at politics, I think they should have a soft spot for the rotten and suffocating air in the political arena. However, due to the cruelty stipulated by their identities, their participation in politics poses a great threat to mankind. I believe that everyone should understand what I mean.

Nosferatu family: They have a ferocious face, and their ugliness makes them concealed, and they are united, motivated, modest and cautious, and have a very powerful ability to eavesdrop. Like human thieves, of course, high-quality thieves.

The above seven races form the secret party alliance, and there are several precepts that must be obeyed. That's what the information in the Demon Realm said. Let me just mention it again.

1. Masquerade: Generally, vampires in secret party alliances cannot let humans know their vampire identities. Unless necessary, do not conflict with humans, and disguise themselves as humans when they meet people. Of course, coming out to suck blood is another matter.

2. Domain: Each race has its own territory, and has the right to self-control in its own territory. To gain the respect of outsiders, the elders have the right to execute vampires and trespassers within the clan.

3. Progeny: Progeny cannot be arbitrarily embraced, and the development of progeny should be approved by the elders, but this is not implemented so well.

4. Accounting: To be responsible for the education of the vampires they develop, and to bear all the mistakes they make.

5. Respect (hospitality): It is consistent with the second article. Vampires are required to respect the lord and obey the orders of the elders of the clan when they enter the territory of other clans.

6. Destruction: To kill someone of the same kind without authorization. Same as human rules.

These six precepts can only be observed by the secret party alliance, which means that there are six other races that can ignore it. So those six races are very dangerous. There is no explanation for this situation in the materials of the Demon Realm.

The opposite of the Secret Party Alliance is the Demon Party Alliance. They have only one precept, that is, there is no precept. These include:

Tzimisce family: very knowledgeable, intelligent, and also has very strong magic, but not as good as the tremere family in the secret party. They are very similar to the Seven Lords of the Demon Realm (not here).

Lasombra family: Elegant and cruel, belonging to the kind of guy who kills people. Narcissistic and very disgusting. The most frightening thing is that their first embrace of abstinence, for the pleasure of reproduction. Fortunately, they did not educate their descendants to be like them, otherwise the joke would be too big.

The remaining four races remain neutral, namely

ravnos family, assamite family, giovanni family, follower of set family

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