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1. Rookie

Van Pessing walked into a secret office on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Old Joey warmly greeted him from behind his chair and hugged him vigorously.

"Long time no see, brother, do you remember I said I would prepare a special gift for you?" Old Joey said as he opened a hidden door in the office, "Hey, come out."

A young man in his early twenties walked out of it. He was a little shy, but his eyes were bright. Old Joey shrugged, spread his hands and said, "Brother, for the sake of helping you earn enough commission, you don't mind helping me take care of a student, right?"

"I'm not interested in teaching a rookie." Fan Peixing showed a disdainful look.

"Believe me, he is a good prospect that I carefully selected for you." Old Joey lowered his voice mysteriously, "He has the power of blood inheritance. If he can be trained, I bet that he will He will become as good a player as you."

According to legend, some families with ancient bloodline inheritance will give birth to a genius who unlocks talents and possesses incredible skills every few generations. With a thought in his heart, Van Pesing lit a cigar, walked slowly towards the young man, and arrogantly blew a puff of white smoke into his face: "Tell me your name, little rookie."

"My name is Compaq, sir." Compaq couldn't help coughing, but still answered respectfully.

"Compaq?" Fan Peixin raised his eyebrows and asked, "Where are you from?"

"Kentucky, sir."

"Are there any relatives at home?"

"No more, both my parents are dead."

"Ha! Finally there is good news!" The old bird finally exclaimed in rare admiration, "What are relatives? That is concern. Once a person is concerned, he will never be willing to fight for it."

Van Pesing completely ignored Compaq's anger, turned his head and shouted to Old Joey: "Is there any easier work recently?"

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"I heard that there is a vampire in Kuan Street, but so far, I haven't heard of anyone being killed. The city government paid five hundred yuan to evict him."

"Okay, that's it. Come with me, little rookie."

2. Black deal

As night fell, the veteran and the rookie were walking among the crowds on Broad Street.

"We must find the vampire as soon as possible. Even if it is delayed for a second, one more person may be harmed." Compaq said seriously from the side.

"What does the life and death of other people have to do with us? People die every second in this world." Van Pesing said without looking back, while looking around. Suddenly, he walked quickly towards a stall selling barbecue cakes and smiled kindly at the muscular stall owner: "Hey, brother, can you take a step to talk?"

"Sorry, I don't seem to know you." The stall owner frowned in confusion.

"It doesn't matter. I believe we can find a common topic soon." Fan Peixin hugged the stall owner's neck with a playful smile and walked into the dark alley next to him. Compaq was stunned and quickly followed.

"In order to save each other's time, let's not beat around the bush." ​​Fan Peixing hugged the big guy and said affectionately, "You see, the security on Broad Street has become worse and worse recently, although most of the people who are attacked are just drunkards, prostitutes and the like. , but if the number is large, it will inevitably cause panic. So, if you are willing to change places to find food, you will be a big help to me!"

"What? Looking for…food? What on earth are you talking about?" The big man looked at Fan Peixing warily and uneasily, as if looking at a madman.

"Please, please be more relaxed, okay? I really have no interest in grinding my teeth with you." Fan Peixin's eyebrows knitted together in displeasure, and he punched the stall owner in the lower abdomen, causing his face to twist in pain and curl up like a shrimp. body. Then Fan Peixing's right knee pushed up hard, and with a "click", which was obviously the sound of a broken nose bone, the stall owner staggered a few steps on his back, and half of his face was covered in blood and flesh…

"Stop fighting! Maybe, maybe you made a mistake!" Compaq finally couldn't help but rushed forward, and it took a lot of effort to pull Fan Peixing away.

"You mean…I made a mistake?" Fan Peixing took a few breaths and asked pretending to be confused, "Then, please come over and help confirm." Compaq walked over reluctantly. Fan Peixing stretched out his hand and motioned for the rookie to pull him up. But as soon as the rookie stretched out his right hand, he was firmly grasped by Fan Peixing. At the same time, he pulled out the saber from his leg and quickly made a cut on it. Blood immediately poured out of the wound like spring water.

"The blood inherited from the ancient mysterious race is as irresistible to vampires as opium. Legend has it that if a vampire can taste the blood of a thousand people with ancient blood and steal each other's abilities, then he will evolve Become the King of Blood…"

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Van Pesing's deep voice is full of indescribable temptation. The big man with only half his life left began to tremble violently all over his body. Suddenly, his closed eyes suddenly opened, and the blazing hellfire danced in his green eyes, and a bloody mouth that was split to the base of his ear greedily bit at the bleeding arm.

Compaq's hand turned into the color of bronze in the blink of an eye, and its hardness could definitely break a vampire's fangs. It's just that the old bird moves faster. As soon as the vampire opened his big mouth, he found that there was something hard in his mouth. It was the barrel of a Colt military revolver. The gun had been opened and ready to be fired at any time.

"Wait! Wait! I think we can sit down and talk!" the vampire screamed, his eyes shining with fear and pleading, "I swear, I have never killed anyone. I stayed on Broad Street, just Love the artistic atmosphere here.”

Van Pesing whistled leisurely: "Oh, how good this is! We should have been so open and honest a long time ago."

"I could leave Broad Street immediately, no, I would leave the city immediately!"

"If you had said that five minutes ago, I would have been very happy. But now…"

The vampire was startled, then suddenly realized: "Don't worry, I understand the rules." As he said that, he dug through his pockets, took out all the banknotes inside, and held them in his trembling hands. Fan Peixin looked at them, but just shook his head in sympathy. . The vampire had no choice but to grit his teeth and took out a gold pocket watch with distress.

"That's all I have," he said pitifully. Van Pessing happily put the pistol back into the holster, and quickly took the banknotes and gold watch with his other hand. The vampire crawled and fell into the darkness deep in the alley.

"It's so shameful for you to do this!" The rookie's face turned red when he witnessed this black transaction. "The city government only hired us to evict him and did not ask to kill him." Van Pesing explained casually, counting a few bills and handing them to the rookie.

The rookie's anger was not extinguished so easily, and his body was trembling slightly with anger. Fan Peixing smiled frivolously and lifted Compaq's chin with one finger: "When people live in this world, they have to compromise on some things. In this case, why don't we lower our bodies to get some benefits for ourselves? Woolen cloth?"

"I'm sorry . Is Bonnie dead ? I want to be alone." After a long silence, Compaq whispered.

"Go." Watching Compaq disappear at the other end of the alley, the smile on Fan Peixing's face slowly turned into a sneer and a sneer. Even if he was thinking with his toes, he knew what this rookie was going to do, but he had no intention of stopping it. Young people always have to suffer losses before they understand how high the sky is and how high the sky is.

3. Showdown

Van Pesing turned and walked out of the alley and came to a small stall performing magic tricks. A magician wearing a shabby high hat, with an exaggerated expression on his face, played cheerful music into the void with ten fingers, and five or six clown-like puppets danced in the music.

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This is indeed a wonderful performance. With Fan Peixing's eyesight, he can immediately see that this is not an ordinary magic, but a bloodline skill that can be manipulated through the air.

"Charlie is really getting old, and his performance is getting worse and worse. I remember before, he could control at least twenty puppets to dance…" The whispers of several audience members drifted into Van Pesing's ears with the wind. His smile froze and his eyelids blinked rapidly. "Damn it." He murmured, then stamped his foot and cursed loudly, "Damn it!"

In families with ancient bloodlines, the more extreme and stubborn their offspring are, the easier it is for them to inspire the power contained in their bloodlines. "I just like the artistic atmosphere of Broad Street." The vampire once said. Of course he would like Broad Street, because apart from the lunatic asylum, Broad Street's huge group of depressed artists is the most fertile ground for paranoia. He cautiously approached those inheritors who had just activated their bloodline power, sucking only a little bit of their blood at a time. Before people paid attention to it, he had already stolen the strange abilities of countless inheritors through this hunting method.

"I hope I'm wrong." Van Pesing prayed as he hurried to the alley. If everything is really as he suspected, then the vampire just now will never be as weak and incompetent as he just showed! Just as he stepped into the alley, there was suddenly a loud "boom" and the bricks and stones on one side of the alley flew apart. A figure flew directly over from that side and fell heavily to the ground. Although the unlucky bloodline inheritor has the special ability to turn his skin into bronze, due to the vampire's ghost-like speed, he can only be beaten but has no ability to fight back.

"Hey, stop it, man!" Van Pesing yelled. The disturbed predator glanced back at him, jumped up as nimbly as a cheetah, and quickly closed the distance with Van Persing. Fan Peixing's eyes narrowed slightly. When the vampire's fist was about to touch his face, he suddenly drew a semicircle with his left heel as the axis and turned behind the vampire. At the same time, a blade popped out from the tip of his right shoe and quickly poked the vampire's ankle. The sharp blade scratched the vampire's hamstring, but it felt like it was cutting into a piece of dry old bark. The dry tendons first tightened, and then jumped, and the blade slid away along the opponent's muscles, and Fan Peixing could hardly stand still.

The vampire seized the opportunity, kicked off his feet and turned around to advance towards Van Pelsing again. He raised his hand to block the hasty attack of Van Pelsing's left arm, and kicked him again to stagger him backwards. But taking advantage of this opportunity, Van Persing finally made time to take out his Colt. The vampire's elegant figure slowly emerged from the smoke. When he saw Van Pesing's pistol, his eyebrows jumped: "Damn it! It's you who ignored the rules and stalked me."

"Don't say that, it's just a misunderstanding." Fan Peixing lowered the muzzle of the gun with a smile and spread his hands. "This kid is a rookie. You know that rookies are always more impulsive."

"Hey, you can't just let him go like this!" Compaq, who was confused about the situation, shouted loudly, "This guy has sucked a lot of blood from the bloodline inheritors, and it may not take long for him to evolve into a blood king. By then, No one can deal with him." But the answer was a hard kick.

"Let's make peace. This kind of meaningless fighting will not do any good to both parties." Van Pesing suggested while taking a breath of cold air.

"How can there be no benefit? As long as I kill you and suck all the blood of the young man on the ground, I can evolve again. You'd better not doubt my ability."

"Yes, you are indeed very strong." Fan Peixing admitted , but he did not forget to remind him, "But you dare to unscrupulously release you in the world's largest and most populous city. Will all its power be used against us?"

The vampire was a little worried. As a creature that is afraid of sunlight and has fatal weaknesses, keeping a low profile is the key to survival: "Can you ensure that you will never mention today's incident to anyone again?"

"Of course! I can swear on my grandmother's name!" Van Pesing threw the gun to the ground to show his sincerity.

The two shook hands to seal the deal, but the moment the two hands were about to touch, the crisp sound of metal clashing suddenly sounded. In the dark alley, the sparks drawn by the saber and the vampire's claws formed a long light path. The two figures kept staggering and fighting, dazzling the rookie for a while.

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The vampire easily dodged the knife stabbing him in the chest and knocked Van Pesing away with a subconscious punch. Van Persing turned somersaults underground and landed right next to the Colt he had just thrown away. He picked up the pistol and poured out all the bullets in the chamber immediately. The silver bullets struck the vampire's limbs and chest, causing splashes of blood. But the vampire's muscles squirmed, the wounds healed quickly, and he moved closer to Van Persing step by step.

Van Persing took out all the grenades, smoke grenades, flash bombs, and any other powerful weapons he could find on his body, and threw them at the vampire. Then he pulled Compaq up from the ground, rushed out of the alley, and merged into the dense flow of people.

4.Death battle

At this time, a small and sharp sound suddenly came from the sky. The abnormal noise gradually became louder and louder, hitting everyone's eardrums like a tide.

Fan Peixing pulled Compaq and quickly hid in a sturdy-looking room. He looked through the window towards the place where the sound came from, only to realize that the sky above Broad Street was already covered with dense bats, and vampires were swooping at them. Long black wings emerged from the bat swarm, letting out a bloodthirsty laugh. His figure left a long afterimage in the sky, and everywhere he went, there was a rain of blood.

Following the vampire's attack were the bats he summoned. Tens of thousands of bats frantically attacked the crowd regardless of their lives. People trampled on each other to avoid the attack, and the scene was chaotic.

"Damn…" Van Persing cursed. At this moment, the strength and madness displayed by the vampire made him feel frightened.

"We must act as soon as possible! People need our help!" Compaq shouted excitedly, but all he got in return was a loud slap in the face.

Van Pelsing's tolerance has reached its limit. He can't wait to take out a package, put this rookie in it, put a stamp on it, and then send it back to his damn hometown in the west.

"We are not saviors! Neither you nor I!" The veteran Van Pesing strangled Compaq's neck angrily and pushed him against the wall. "Listen, don't think that what you are doing is such a noble job, let alone Don't think that we need to have any great sentiments. We are just a bunch of coolies, like scavengers or plumbers! Rich people and politicians pay us for a small amount of money to clean up the filth that makes them unhappy, and that's it. That's all. Don't imitate the fake compassion of big people. It is a luxury that only rich people have the right to enjoy. It is a mask they use to cover up their greed and sins. For little people like us, survival is the top priority, even if we are like dirt A wolf lives in such a humble way."

Is this the true living state of the legendary vampire hunter who is passionate, exciting, and also romantic? The little rookie was stunned. He glared at Fan Peixing, trying hard to find even a hint of evidence of lying in the old bird's expression.

"Go home, rookie, this city is not the airport you dream of taking off from." Van Pesing slowly lifted his fingers. Compaq fell silent, and his body slumped down little by little.

"Maybe not now, but you will definitely be grateful to me in the future." The old bird declared.

Suddenly, the old bird saw Compaq's crouched body gradually expanding, and his bent waist slowly straightening: "I have to admit that I am a willful and immature person." Compaq said with a relaxed smile, "I think I entered the city, so I entered; I wanted to be a vampire hunter, so I did it. I always live like this, according to my own mood and my own ideas. In this way, when I am old, I will be able to treat my son and grandson , when I tell the story of that year, I can proudly declare that I have lived a wonderful life…"

Fan Peixing felt a burning pain in her lungs and chest, and it seemed that even the blood flowing in her veins became hot or even boiling.

"No, you won't have that chance. As long as you walk out of this door, you will die on the cold wide street outside. Don't look at me with that damn look, I won't accompany you Go crazy." Fan Peixin said with a straight face, a faint glimmer of light dancing in his pupils.

"Well, maybe I really don't have that chance. But, I can at least say to myself that I have not let myself down, and I have not let down what God has given me. Everyone has only one choice. Once you make a choice, you can't do it again. The life that comes." After saying that, Compaq walked towards the door with solid steps.

"Okay. Farewell, you damn rookie!" Van Pessing yelled again. Not only because of the rookie's unexpected stupid behavior, but also because he was horrified to find that something inside his body that had been dormant for a long time was about to move at this moment, making him tremble uncontrollably.

These days, there is nothing worse than having a conscience, but letting dogs eat up half of it, while stingily hiding the remaining half, burying it in the deepest part of your chest that you think you will never touch!

"This naive rookie." He suddenly shook his head and laughed. Then he pulled out the revolver from his waist, reached out and slowly opened the door in front of him that had been closed by his own hands…


"I was wrong, I shouldn't have handed Compaq to you, I really shouldn't have." Old Joey lamented, feeling so distressed that he burst into tears.

Van Pesing shrugged, but this simple action brought a heartbreaking pain – the damn vampire was so powerful that it broke three of his ribs with just one punch.

"But he is still alive. I saved his life, didn't I?"

"But to me now, he is better off than dead! He has a broken leg and multiple fractures all over his body. Well, forget it. The most important thing is that he lost too much blood and lost the inheritance of his blood. He has the ability to become an ordinary person! Even if he recovers from his injuries, he will have no choice but to return to the West to herd horses! Because of your fault, I lost a good helper in the future and ruined the future of an outstanding young man. !You should be ashamed!”

After a long silence, the corner of Fan Peixing's mouth suddenly curved in an imperceptible arc: "Even if it ruins his future, at least…at least he has successfully preserved his conscience. For a person who has not had time to be trapped by this city, That’s a good thing for the lads polluted by the exhaust fumes being released, isn’t it?”

"You cold and cunning bastard!" Old Joey first looked at Fan Peixing suspiciously, then as if he had figured it out, he cursed affectionately, "Yes, a vampire hunter with the power of blood inheritance will indeed treat you now." poses a threat to his status, then kill him decisively before he grows up. Even if his reputation suffers a little loss, it is not unacceptable. Ha, old bastard, do you know what I admire most about you? This is it! For the sake of profit, you can play hard!"

Van Pesing kept the mysterious smile on his face. He strolled to the window and looked down from the top of the Empire State Building at the busy crowds and traffic below him like worker ants. He lit a cigar for himself and inhaled. After taking a sip, he seemed to be talking to himself: "Have I ever told you before that I once had a woman in the country. Of course, I dumped her after I entered the city. But then I heard someone Said, she gave birth to a son for me. It seems…" A wisp of white smoke spurted out from Fan Peixing's nose, then curled up and covered his face, making people unable to see his expression clearly, "It seems that it is also called Compaq.”

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