The Revenge Of The Braided Girl In Night Park: The Horrifying Adventures Of A Lovelorn Teacher

Ghost Stories of the Girl with Braids_Paranormal Events of the Girl with Braids_Ghost Stories of the Girl with Braids

"We are all wooden people, we can't speak or move!" In a middle school classroom, students were playing games in groups of three or five.

"Haha" a student couldn't help laughing, so he was punished to buy White Rabbit milk candy for everyone.

"Ding Ding–" the bell for class rang shrilly. Several students stopped playing "statue" and reluctantly sat back in their seats.

Although they returned to their seats, the fun-loving students could not help but take out their mobile phones. Some listened to MP3s, some watched movies with headphones, and some chatted happily with netizens.

The classroom was filled with a buzz.

Teacher Lin Jun walked into the classroom with brisk steps. As a class teacher, he has always been troubled by how to make students listen to his lectures carefully. Seeing the students' listless and lazy appearance, he, a novice class teacher, was chilled again. Today's students are not as easy to discipline as the students in the past. They always use their self-esteem to protect themselves. They cannot be beaten or scolded. This time, he heard that the principal was coming to inspect. If the students continued to be so absent-minded, he would be miserable. Why not… a good idea came to his mind, telling the students a ghost story that he had personally experienced. They listened to him carefully and the class was over.

"Bang bang…" Having made up his mind, Teacher Lin Jun knocked the podium with his pointer, "Please be quiet, students! During today's self-study session, I will tell you a ghost story that I personally experienced. However, I have one condition: you must cooperate with me to maintain good class discipline and don't embarrass me when the principal passes by!"

Teacher Lin Jun hadn't finished speaking yet, and just as he expected, everyone in the audience raised their hands in agreement. Everyone put down their work and fell silent. The students stared at the teacher with wide eyes, and many of them urged, "Teacher Lin, hurry up, speak faster!"

The following is a ghost story told by Teacher Lin Jun about his own experience.

The ghost story I’m going to tell you today is called – The Girl with Two Braids.

A year ago, I was heartbroken and cried for days, but I couldn't win my girlfriend back. I had no choice but to cry every night until dawn.

"Forget me, I already have another man in my heart!" The harsh words my girlfriend said when we broke up echoed in my ears again and again.

That night, I sat in the chair again, thinking of my cruel and heartless girlfriend, tears blurred my eyes again.

I couldn't sleep, but I couldn't just lie in bed! I suddenly had the idea of ​​taking a walk in Wanghai Park near my residence at night. The park is built on a hill, and you can see the sea when you climb up. There are few people walking during the day, so it's very quiet. Sitting on a bench in the park and blowing the sea breeze may help me cleanse my heart that has been dampened by the breakup, and forget all the troubles caused by the emotional injury that my cruel girlfriend stabbed my heart and twisted the sharp knife in my heart a few times.

So I took a shower, changed into casual clothes, and rode my bike to Wanghai Park.

The park was quiet in the dark night. Except for the gatekeeper, there was hardly anyone to be seen. The occasional movement was the figure of a naughty squirrel running in the woods and the sound of fallen leaves flying on the ground. I climbed to the highest point and felt very happy in the sea breeze. I sat on the chair for a while, and then I walked slowly along the secluded tree-lined path silently, licking the wounds of my heart alone. After walking for about 30 minutes, suddenly, a white shadow appeared in front of me. I saw clearly that it was a girl wearing a white dress and pigtails. It was so late, and a girl in the park was not afraid of bad people? So I wanted to find out, so I asked loudly: "Hey, can you tell me who you are?" There was no answer. I wondered in my heart, is she also heartbroken like me? I quickened my pace to catch up, but unexpectedly, she quickened her pace and sensitively avoided me. I am a very curious person. The more she hid, the closer I followed her. So I trotted all the way to catch up with her. But I didn't expect that she seemed to see the distance between us and started trotting too. I was a big man and was out of breath, but I couldn't catch up with her. I was anxious and started running. I didn't expect that she seemed to want to play a game with me. She also ran very fast and never let me catch up. Finally, the girl came to a well and stopped. I shouted at the figure in front of me: "Girl, I'm not a bad person. I just want to ask why you are here so late? It's dangerous for a woman like you at night. Do you know? Can you turn around and let me see you?" The girl still didn't answer or turn around. I didn't expect that the girl was more stubborn than a cow. I rushed forward and pushed her shoulder. The girl was pushed over by me. To my surprise, she didn't have a face! Her front and back were the same, also a braid!

I laughed and said, "Girl, stop joking and stop hiding your face, okay?" I flicked it again, and the girl's feet seemed to be hanging in the air. I turned around several times but couldn't find her face! Except for braids, there were still braids!

I just felt a chill rising from the soles of my feet, and the inexplicable fear made my scalp numb! My heart was pounding, my legs were weak, and I had only one thought in my mind: run!

"Oh my god!" I came to my senses and ran down the mountain, but I didn't expect that the girl with braids behind me would catch up with me!

The park entrance! The park entrance! Thank God, after running out of breath, I finally saw the park entrance!

The old man guarding the park gate opened the gate and asked what happened. I screamed, "Ghost…Ghost…I met a ghost!"

The old man shone a flashlight around and said, "Where is it? There's nothing there!" I pointed behind me tremblingly, "Behind…behind!"

"Look at me!" the old man said. I looked at him and saw him holding up a flashlight and shining it upside down on his face. His tongue stuck out a little bit, his eyes bulged out, and he looked like a hanged ghost and asked me, "Are you a ghost like me?"

I had just been frightened by the female ghost, and when I saw the old man's weird expression, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I didn't even let him open the gate of the park. I jumped onto the iron gate and rolled out of Wanghai Park in a panic.

At this point in the story, the principal slowly passed by the window, looked at the students who were concentrating, made an "OK" gesture with satisfaction, nodded approvingly, and left. Teacher Lin Jun breathed a sigh of relief in her heart – the mission was finally accomplished.

"Teacher Lin, what happened later? Tell us quickly!" the classmates urged.

Later, I reported this supernatural event to the city police station.

The chief of the police station took the case very seriously and searched Wanghai Park that very day!

In the well in the park, a female corpse in a white dress was found! She was unrecognizable and had been stabbed 30 times. It turned out that she was a student in another middle school. Because of her beauty, she was infatuated by a male classmate in the same class. He pursued her repeatedly but was rejected. The boy couldn't stand the girl's arrogance and had evil intentions. He wanted to force the girl to commit the crime. The boy's parents were doctors. He knew some medical knowledge, so he came up with a plan. After a night self-study class, he hid in a corner of the school with a handkerchief soaked in ether. When he saw the girl passing by, he suddenly rushed out of the corner and covered the girl's mouth and nose with a handkerchief, knocking the girl unconscious. He carried her to a deserted park overnight and raped her. Because the drug failed in the middle of the journey, the girl struggled to resist after she woke up. The boy was desperate and took out a dagger in a panic. He stabbed the girl 30 times and abandoned her body in the well! What I met that night was the girl's ghost! I heard from her family that she loved to tie two braids when she was alive! Later, the boy who killed her was sentenced to life imprisonment! The punishment for his impulsive behavior will be to spend his youth in prison! So students, at the age of first love, are easily impulsive but not mature enough, so don't do stupid things, otherwise, if you make a mistake, it will become a regret for the rest of your life!

After listening to teacher Lin Jun's ghost story, the students fell into deep thought…

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