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★ Wedding night weird things

In the early 1990s (I was studying abroad), on the wedding night of the villager xxx, everyone was having sex in the house and suddenly found that the bride was missing. At first everyone thought it was convenient for the bride to go out, but after waiting for a long time and still not seeing the bride come back, everyone became nervous and started looking around.

Everyone found the yard from the house, and then found it along the road from the yard. Later, everyone found the bride squatting on the ground beside a bush of bamboos at an intersection in the suburbs. When the bride saw everyone, she came to her senses and burst into tears.

According to the bride, she was sitting in her new house at night when she saw a somewhat familiar old woman coming over to ask for candy. Then the old woman waved to her and motioned for her to follow her out. In a daze, she followed the old woman out of the new house, out of the yard, and outside. When she walked to the tangled bamboo bush at the entrance of the village, she suddenly felt some pain in her stomach, so she squatted down and didn't remember anything until everyone came to find her.

After hearing the bride's description of the old woman's appearance , everyone was surprised: Isn't that the old woman who passed away a few days ago in the village? Why did she bother the bride?

According to local rural customs, families with deceased persons who have not passed the seventh period are not allowed to attend the wedding banquet. On that day, Grandma xx’s two grandsons went to drink the wedding banquet out of ignorance. Everyone guessed that Grandma xx’s soul followed her. The grandson arrived at that house.

Later, the head of the family came to see a mage and killed the dog and used the dog's blood to perform ritual rituals. Only then did the matter become understood. According to the Master, luckily the bride has not followed the old woman to her graveyard yet. If she had arrived at the graveyard, it would be too late.

I heard from my second brother that there was another family in the village who got a bride that year, and that was the family next door to me. A strange thing happened on the day of his family's wedding: the groom's grandmother suddenly said to herself in front of the barn in the room: Hey, you're here too, come down to drink, why are you squatting up there?

Everyone was surprised when they saw the old woman talking to herself in front of the barn . They didn’t know why. The old woman said: Grandma xx (who has passed away) at the end of the village is here. She is sitting on it. I called She came down to eat.

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