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The school's art studio is in the southeast corner of the teaching building. It is a small classroom. The art studio is basically empty at night. The reason is very simple, because it is often haunted.

The studio was managed by a teacher named Li. Teacher Li always closed the door habitually at night, but every time the next morning, the door would be opened strangely, and the studio would always be messed up. , but only one painting was not damaged.

This painting has been here for many years. No one knows its origin, and no one wants to know, and no one cares about it. However, this painting is surprisingly clean, without a trace of dust.

The painting shows a little girl wearing a white dress. She is not very old, only about seven or eight years old. She is squatting on a stone very cutely. There is a forest behind and the sea in front. The wind is blowing the dress with her. Black hair.

Liu Zijie was a student transferred from other places and studied at the Sino-American College, which is the abbreviation of the Academy of Fine Arts. He didn't know the legend about the school, and maybe he didn't want to know at all.

At seven o'clock, students came out of the studio one after another. This is the time when the school ends its evening self-study classes. It is also specially prepared for the people of the Sino-American College so that they can go back early.

Teacher Li, a lovely old man, also came over with the lock. Although the door would be opened the next morning, he still had to lock the door. This may have been his habit.

Teacher Li walked into the classroom with his suitcase. He saw a shadow in the dim light. The shadow was moving constantly. It was really strange. Did he come so early? Teacher Li walked over timidly, picked up the stick beside him and walked in.

He saw a man sitting in the studio, holding a pen in his hand and drawing something crazily.

"Oh my god, what are you painting!" Teacher Li was almost crazy. He hurried over and grabbed Liu Zijie who was painting: "Why are you painting this painting?"

Liu Zijie was startled by the sudden sound, and he quickly came to his senses: "I just thought this painting was very good, so I wanted to copy it. Is there any problem?" What Liu Zijie painted was exactly the oil painting of the little girl. , the painting looks very similar.

"Go quickly, get out of class is over, you can't stay here." Teacher Li said.

"Why?" Liu Zijie was puzzled.

"No reason, get out of class is over, you should leave immediately, hurry up." Teacher Li didn't give Liu Zijie a time to respond. He quickly pushed Liu Zijie out and locked the door.

Liu Zijie became even more confused as to why the studio had to be locked.

Teacher Li took the wooden stick and left. Of course, he did not forget to look at Liu Zijie, took a look, and then walked to his office. He dreamed that the ghost possessed his father and the door was closed.

Liu Zijie spread his hands helplessly: "This is strange."

So he was about to leave, but just as he took a step, he suddenly heard a sound, which was the sound of the lock being opened. The sound was accompanied by a crisp sound, and it was the lock falling to the ground.

Liu Zijie quickly turned around, and he saw that the door was indeed opened. After a pause, the lights inside were also on, but the curtains were closed, so he did not see who was inside.

"It's really weird. This Teacher Li didn't let me in. His grandma's was poured in by himself." Liu Zijie walked over angrily. As soon as he reached the door, an easel flew out and hit the outside, almost smashing it. It came to Liu Zijie.

Then some drawing paper began to fly all over the sky, and there were drawing papers everywhere. ghost

Liu Zijie quietly poked his head around, and he saw a man inside who was constantly destroying these paintings with his own hands. It was a middle-aged man. His hands were withered and weak, but the entire studio fell apart. , but that painting was left behind, that painting of the little girl.

He picked up his glasses cloth and gently wiped the dust off the painting. Suddenly, he turned his eyes and saw the same painting next to him. It was the same painting painted by Liu Zijie. They are the same, each one is the same, and they seem to be more expressive than the original one.

Liu Zijie was a little proud of his painting. He even wanted to laugh, but he still held it back.

Suddenly the man started to speak: "Your painting is very good, it seems that mine is even more perfect."

"Ah, has it been discovered?" Liu Zijie doubted his ears. It seemed that the man was really talking to him. So Liu Zijie walked out: "You painted very well, I just copied it."

"No, you drew the emotion, I can see it." The man's voice was a little cold.

"Yeah, yes, the little girl is very cute. I actually regarded her as my own child. My nose felt a little sour when I was painting, so I painted this effect." Liu Zijie said with a smile.

"Painting is to find this feeling. You have already painted this feeling. Do you want to know who this girl is?"

"Yeah." Liu Zijie nodded.

"She is my daughter." The man said silently.

"I can guess it." Liu Zijie said.

"But she died."


"Yes, dead. I am the teacher of this studio. In the autumn of that year, I was painting in the studio, but…"

I like painting my daughter very much, and this painting is also my best painting, but I didn't expect that this would be my last painting.

That day I was driving my car and taking my wife and daughter for a picnic. I was joking with my daughter on the road. It was because of my negligence that I didn't see the car coming from the opposite direction.

I just felt like my body was being burned. I saw my daughter struggling in the fire. I wanted to save her, but my body couldn't move.

In the end, she was swallowed up by the fire, and I… I was the only one who survived, but…

"Dad." Suddenly a voice called.

Liu Zijie quickly looked at the little girl next to him. The little girl was still wearing clothes like the girl in the painting. She trotted to the man's side and hugged him. The man also happily hugged her.

"Dad, mom is waiting for us there." The little girl said.

"You are so lucky." Liu Zijie said, "It seems that your daughter is recovering well and is fine."

"Okay, I won't talk to you anymore, we have to leave." The man's smile seemed to be frozen on his face, but soon the smile went back, but it can be seen that this smile came with so much effort.

"I hope I will see you again at the conference." Liu Zijie also tried his best to smile.

"I hope." The man walked out of the studio with his child in his arms, and Liu Zijie also walked out. When he walked out, he suddenly thought of something: "This man is really strange. Why didn't you ask him just now, why did he smash those paintings? "

"What are you doing?" A deep voice sounded from behind, frightening Liu Zijie to turn around. Standing behind him was Teacher Li.

Teacher Li's expression looked very serious, without any expression on his face: "Why haven't you left yet?"

Liu Zijie was stunned for a while before he remembered: "There was a man who came in just now and smashed things. I came over to see if the ghost possessed my father . It was a man."

"Ah!" Teacher Li's expression froze, and he looked straight ahead: "You…you have seen him, have you seen him?"

"Yes." Liu Zijie said: "I saw him smashing those paintings, and finally his daughter came. His daughter was very beautiful, she was a little girl, oh, and she was wearing a white skirt… ah, a white skirt. "Liu Zijie's voice suddenly stopped. He felt the oppressive atmosphere around him. He saw Teacher Li in front of him looking at him with a strange expression.

"Now you know where the problem lies." Teacher Li's voice did not have any fluctuations.

Liu Zijie nodded, he knew what happened just now. Something was wrong with the little girl just now, because it was the third day of the 39th. Liu Zijie was wearing a thick down jacket and felt very cold, but the little girl was only wearing In a dress, her skin was very white, but she didn't feel cold at all. It felt like being at the beach in summer.

"That man's daughter had a car accident. You should know this." Teacher Li said slowly.

Liu Zijie still didn't speak.

"The child has lost his best appearance since then, because the child's face was burned by the fire, and all that was left was a pile of ash. A man loves his daughter the most, but his daughter was born without a single face. Photo, so he wanted to paint a portrait of his daughter, so he painted in this studio every day, and finally one day he painted this oil painting. His daughter looked like at the seaside. This was his imagination. In the end, he jumped into the sea and committed suicide because of excessive thoughts, and this oil painting is his final work." Teacher Li sighed: "This is his story."

"What about his wife?"



"Yes, she couldn't withstand such a double blow, that's it, she went crazy."

"Then why did he come back and destroy other paintings like this."

"Because he wanted this studio to be filled with only portraits of his daughter."

"Yes, he only thinks about his daughter."

"He is a good father…"

At the corner of a staircase, a child was having fun with his father. The father was still laughing. The child's hands were red from the cold. The father put the child's hand in his own and used His big hands warmed his little hands…

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