Encountering "zombies" At The Police Station At Night: A Thrilling Misunderstanding

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Working in public security, you may encounter all kinds of things.

On that day, the station director Mu Lihua and the clerk Wang Li, who were on duty at the station, were writing public security information and preparing a situation report to the county next week. They kept writing until eleven o'clock in the evening. Suddenly, they heard someone pounding on the door of the police station like a drum, and the sound was particularly scary in the dead of night.

After all, he was the director. Mu Lihua grabbed the gun and went outside the house without waiting for Wang Li to get up. She looked at the yard vigilantly, and then shouted at the gate:


When the man heard this, he banged on the big iron door with both hands, shouting desperately: Comrade, hurry up, save me, please, hurry up—-

In the middle of the night, a grown man came to the police station for help. He either ran into a gangster or was in trouble. Xiao Mu unlocked the door quickly, but before he could open it, the man suddenly pushed the door open and rushed in. Because he was too anxious, he tripped and fell to the ground. Even on the ground, he did not forget to call for help: Quick, quick, close the door quickly—-

Xiao Mu glanced outside and saw only a large truck outside. There was nothing else. Needless to say, this person drove this truck here. The strange thing was that if there were criminals chasing him, even if he turned around and ran, he wouldn't be able to get far with the door open, but there was no one outside.

Xiao Mu was wondering, the man pointed at the car behind him and said: Hurry, hurry, there are zombies in that car, and they want to eat people…

Zombies eat people?

Director Mu was stunned.

Her family lives in the county town. Her younger brother loves to watch imported blockbusters, and the family computer always plays those imported CDs. It is not uncommon for zombies to eat people, but they are all in horror movies, with hideous and terrifying faces. And once it is night, they often appear in dark corners, with zombie faces, stretching out long pointed fingers, opening their bloody mouths, and pouncing on their intended targets. However, that is only in the movies, rehearsed. Who can believe that there are zombies in real life?

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I don't believe it, but the big man in front of me, who is 1.8 meters tall, was really scared by the zombie. Is there something strange here? Is he here to scare the two policemen? Or—

Mu Lihua was thinking while staring at the door. At the same time, she was also listening. She could only hear the wind blowing the huge car to make a humming sound, nothing else. She leaned over slightly and suddenly smelled a strong smell of alcohol coming from the man. She wondered if it was a drunkard causing trouble?

At this moment, the big truck outside the door really made a rumbling sound. Mu Lihua was about to move, but the man lying on the ground suddenly jumped up from the ground as if possessed by a demon, and ran into the house like an arrow. Wang Li was knocked off balance by him and almost fell down. She turned around and chased him into the house regardless of everything.

At this time, the car outside the door made louder bangs, and there was also a faint howling sound, like a person, but not like a person. It was unclear what the person was shouting, but the voice was shrill, and the sound was only in the car, which seemed particularly muffled. It was dark all around, especially the shrill sound was amplified by the car, which was even more terrifying. Mu Lihua was not afraid of anything. She had learned a lot of military tactics, and was no layman in making a feint to the east and attacking in the west, especially in the police academy where she learned anti-terrorism and anti-night raids, so she knew that she could not attack from all sides, and she could not disperse her forces.

So, she took the opportunity when the man ran inside to close the big iron door, locked it, then turned around and chased him into the house. When she got inside, the man had already been knocked to the ground by Wang Li's sweeping kick. Then, Wang Li reached back and took out handcuffs.

Wang Li looked at the director, wanting to ask whether he should handcuff him first, because the situation was special and it was night time, and this man had the audacity to rush into the office. It would be safe to handcuff him too. Director Mu nodded.

At this moment, the big man lying on the ground suddenly stretched out his hand to grab the handcuffs. He looked like a man who was half-frightened just now, but now he became so quick and agile. Even Director Mu was shocked. Could it be that the criminals really wanted to lure me into a trap? And then cooperate with me from inside and outside? She took a step forward quickly, wanting to pounce on her prey like a hungry tiger. Wang Li regretted that she had been distracted and looked at the director just now, and did not make a prompt decision. At this moment, the man suddenly grabbed the handcuffs.

It happened so fast that Wang Li didn't have time to think too much. She gritted her teeth, didn't even draw her gun, flew forward, and kicked with her hind legs, heading straight for the man's lower body. The man was so scared that he rolled on the ground and avoided the attack. Wang Li's kick was false. Her toes touched the ground, her front legs became her hind legs, and her right foot stepped on the man's thigh. The man was startled by the pain, as if he had stepped on a wooden stick that naturally bent at both ends. He couldn't help but straighten his upper body in pain. Wang Li took the handcuffs and the man realized that he was no match for her. The girl who was gentle and elegant just now turned into a furious King Kong in the blink of an eye. He didn't care about anything else and raised the handcuffs despite the pain:

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not stealing, I'm wearing—-" He didn't even bother to finish telling the ghost story about his sister dying in the movie , and while he was talking, he knocked the snatched handcuffs against his left wrist, and with a click, his left wrist was handcuffed.

Grab the handcuffs and put them on yourself? In the blink of an eye, Wang Li's footwork was reduced by three points, and Director Mu also stopped attacking. The man's legs loosened, knowing that he was in charge. He looked up at the two female police officers, took the opportunity to knock the half of the handcuffs on his right hand, held the handcuffs high, and said to the two:

"You should believe me this time, right?"

"what is your job?"

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Wang Li didn't understand what this drunkard was trying to do.

The man looked outside the door in horror. He could no longer hear the horrible shouts, nor could he see the unfortunate car. He felt a little relieved and said to the two policemen:

"I'm so scared. I'd rather have you cuff me and put me in solitary confinement than be out there. Thank you, guys. Thank God. You've really helped a lot."

As he spoke, he kept looking outside in horror, as if some monster would appear there at any time.

"What's wrong with you?" Director Mu was eager to know the truth.

"Girl, no, Miss Police, help me, there are zombies in that car!"


Director Mu smiled. Although she was calm in the face of emergencies, this was the first time she had encountered such a thing. However, she did not believe it. "What's going on? Explain it clearly."

Wang Li's hometown is in the countryside. When she was a child, she heard a lot of ghost stories from her grandparents. Although she didn't believe them, she was still a little scared of those things. She looked outside and pulled out her pistol.

The man then started to talk. It turned out that with the flow of people, there are often some outsiders living in big cities, doing business and working there. In addition, the requirements for funeral services in cities are high now, and some elderly people are unwilling to be cremated. They spend a lot of money to buy graves from other places or their hometowns, hoping to be buried in peace. As a result, the business of sending corpses by special vehicles has emerged. The man's name is Zhang Cheng, and he is the corpse delivery driver in Donghai City.

In order to improve efficiency, the company only sent one driver for this kind of special delivery, and chartered a fixed car, paying per person. Zhang Cheng often had to carry several corpses in one trip. In order to make more money, he never asked for a follow-up car.

Unexpectedly, something went wrong today. There were three old men in the car, one of whom was said to have been hanged, and the other two died of old age. Everything was fine along the way, but when we were about a mile away from the police station, we heard someone knocking on the side of the car. At the time, we thought it was the sound caused by the bumpy road, so we slowed down.

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However, when he slowed down, there was still a noise from behind, a clanging sound that was heart-wrenching. Although he was scared, he was still very curious and wanted to see what it was. So he bravely stopped the car, got out and shone the flashlight, but saw nothing. He looked around the car and found nothing. The big iron lock was locked well. He thought, maybe my ears are allergic.

He was about to get in the car and drive on, when the side of the car banged again, frightening Zhang Cheng to death. The three dead bodies in the car were taken out of the morgue by him. The old people were thin, and the three old people were thinner than each other, like three pieces of dead wood, with skin all attached to the bones. Although Chang Gan didn't care, Zhang Cheng was also in his forties. He had read Liao Zhai, listened to ghost stories, and watched horror movies many times, so he was still a little nervous.

At this moment, I heard a voice in the car, shouting something. I couldn't hear it clearly, but the voice was clearly heard by the shrill voice. I could hear it clearly, but I had no idea where it came from. It was not from the east, west, south, or north. It seemed to be floating from the sky, or even from the ground under my feet: Let me out…

Zhang Cheng was stunned.

This was definitely not an illusion, nor was it a dream. However, no matter what, he did not believe that one of the three dead old men would come back to life. Then, there was only one explanation, which was what people often called zombies. When he thought of zombies, he really wanted to run away. However, he saw that it was pitch black all around. How could he run?

Without thinking too much, he jumped into the driver's cab. Although it was not safe here, it was a place with a door after all, which was better than being outside. Just as he was about to drive, the side of the car made another loud bang, and the sound was deafening. At this moment, he saw a small red light in the distance, so he drove away regardless of everything. When he arrived at the small red light, he saw the police station sign, so he stopped the car and jumped out to ask for help.

After listening to this, Wang Li's eyes widened. It was the first time she heard of such a thing. She felt a chill on her spine, and the hairs on her body stood up. Her heart was pounding. If Director Mu had not been there, and if she was not at work but at home, she would have been so scared that she would have crawled into the bed and covered her head.

"I'm asking you, you're not allowed to drink and drive, do you know that?"

The director asked.

"Hey, stop talking. How could you not know? I accept the punishment, no matter how much it is___"

"What did you drink there?"

The director asked further questions, and the driver then told him that he had been drinking in a small shop at the entrance of a village.

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Wang Li felt a little strange at this time. What happened to the director today? Why was he so fussy? In the past, he was always quick and impetuous. He would take action when necessary without hesitation for even a second. Is he afraid of that zombie too?

She looked at the director. The director also looked at her. At this moment, the director said to Zhang Cheng:

"Okay, I understand. But didn't you say you were afraid of zombies? Then let's have a night trial of zombies. Get up, take out the car key, and open the door—-"

"No!" Zhang Cheng screamed in horror.

"Why, you don't want to go?" asked the director.

"No, that's not what I meant. I meant that the key is on my waist. You can go and interrogate it yourselves. I, I…"

Xiao Wang took the key from the big man, copied it in his hand, and walked out the door, followed by the director. When they were almost in front of the car, Xiao Wang was a girl after all, and she couldn't help but feel a little nervous. The zombies that the man was talking about didn't exist, but who was in there? She hesitated and couldn't help but feel a little nervous. No matter what, it was better to be careful, so she pulled out her gun.

The director took the key from her hand and said to her: I'll do it! Then, he opened the car door and flashed away.

At this moment, a dark figure suddenly rushed out from inside. Xiao Wang raised his gun and was about to aim, but the director shouted:

“Don’t shoot!”

Then, without waiting for the black shadow to land and stand firmly, he kicked it with a sweeping kick. The black shadow let out an "oh" and fell to the ground. In a flash, Director Mu stepped on the zombie's back and stepped hard. The guy "wowed" at Wang Li:

"Please handcuff me now. I'd rather be in the detention center…"

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Are there any talking zombies out there?

Wang Li stepped forward, grabbed the guy by the back of his collar, pulled him up from the ground, and dragged him into the police station. When she saw him under the light in the room, she found that it was the second beggar from Lijiazhuang.

"Tell me, what are you doing in this car? How did you get in this car?"

"I'll tell you, I'll tell you…" Er Laizi had been so frightened in the corpse cart that he was almost going crazy.

It turned out that the second beggar saw that the iron side and bottom of the corpse transport vehicle were very solid in the evening, so he mistook it for a money transport vehicle in the city. The driver happened to go to the store to buy instant noodles, so the second beggar said to the driver:

"Brother, you just want to eat a bowl of hot noodles. What's the big deal? We are at our doorstep now. Just say a word. You don't have to worry about anything else. I promise you will have a hot meal. So, pull your car to the side of the road so as not to block other cars. Then, come into the house and I will get you something delicious to eat and drink. I am a sociable person and you are popular. We meet each other again. Isn't this fate? What do you think?"

As he hadn't eaten well for several days, he persuaded the driver to get off the car after a few words. Erlaizi and a few others prepared some food and some wine, and got the driver drunk in no time.

Seeing the driver lying on the table, Er Laizi stole the key from the driver's belt and opened the back door. Er Laizi had just climbed in when the driver heard a noise outside. He saw several people surrounding the back door and came out staggeringly. When those people saw Er Laizi was still inside, they hurriedly closed the door. Unexpectedly, although the driver was a little drunk, he was serious about his work. He came over and looked at the lock on the door. He saw the key was inserted in it. Without thinking much, he pulled the key out of the door, locked the door, got in the car and drove away.

Seeing that the big driver was tall and strong, wearing a police vest and seemed to know kung fu, Erlaizi's accomplices were afraid that they were no match for him, so they did not dare to take action. They watched the driver drive away and abduct Erlaizi.

In the car, at first Er Laizi thought that there were escorts inside, so he rushed over and pinned the man under him, and strangled the man's neck with his hands. But less than half a minute later, Er Laizi felt something was wrong, because the man's body was cold and had a strange smell. He didn't even move before he used any force. He touched to the side and felt two heads and bodies, but the two men were also motionless. He realized then that he had not touched a money transport truck, but a corpse transport truck, and was lying with the dead body.

So, Er Laizi knocked on the side of the car desperately, trying to get the driver to stop and let him out. Unexpectedly, after knocking for a long time, his voice became hoarse. After finally stopping the car and jumping out, he was met by the police.

The "zombie" finished the interrogation and the truth was revealed. Suddenly, the big iron door outside slammed again…

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