Ghost's Revenge: Ksitigarbha's Mercy

On this day , there were three female ghosts sitting on a hay mat in a prison cell in the City of Wasted Death. The first one is not very scary, with long hair and shawl, and he has all the facial features, but his eyes are only the whites without black eyeballs, his nose is fairly straight, and there is blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. The second person's facial features were very straight and without any defects, except for his pale complexion with an angry look on his face. The third one has only long hair and no face visible. Now record the content of their conversation for everyone.

The first one said: "I have been dead for twelve thousand three hundred and forty-four years (calculated according to hell years). I was a female worker in a textile factory in Beijing during my lifetime. My personality was very cheerful and active, and my academic qualifications Not bad, I am a graduate of Peking University, but because it was during the Cultural Revolution and my family was well-off, I had to work as a handyman in this textile factory. I would sweep the floor and collect garbage every day, but I didn’t mind it either. What. I always thought of contributing to socialism, and I also loved this job, a hard-working job. Until one day I met a new technician in the factory, and then we fell in love together. Finally one day, I remember there was a thunderstorm that day, and we had sex in his staff dormitory. Just when we were in love, the factory leader checked the dormitory and found us. The incident was announced at the factory meeting the next day. We We were given a serious demerit and were detained in the factory for inspection. From then on, people in the factory would throw stones at us when they saw us. We had no choice but to commit suicide together by taking poison. But when we got to the underworld, the king of hell separated us and he went to work as a pawn. I came here because of the bad luck of the ghost. Because I can't be reincarnated, I can't see the eyes of the ghost in the city where I died in vain, so I haven't been able to see him. I miss him very much."

The second one said: "It has been 30,000 years since I died (according to the Hell Calculation Method). It was also during the Cultural Revolution when I was alive, because my father was labeled as a capitalist roader and was locked up in the factory office of his factory all day long. He was suppressed by the Red Guards. It had been half a month since the day I saw him. I cried when I saw my father. I saw that my father had been tortured by them and was no longer human. He was as thin as a stick and with a haggard face. He was lying there. My head seemed to be thinking about something. I didn't see me when I came. I scolded the Red Guards angrily, but the Red Guards didn't answer, so they picked up my arm and dragged me to a water tank outside, and tied it with a rope. My hands were tied to the water tank, and then I left. They tied me for half a month and left me alone. Since no one gave me food, I starved to death. I came here later because I can’t go out, and I don’t know how my family is doing now.”

The third said: "It has been twenty-five thousand years since I died (according to the hell calendar). I was a primary school teacher in a small mountain town during my lifetime, because it was also the Cultural Revolution at that time. There are only three people in my family, my parents and me. My father's family turned out to be capitalists. Because of this, his factory labeled him as a capitalist roader. He was also imprisoned in the factory office for a year, and was eventually killed by those Red Guards. My mother had a heart attack when she heard the bad news. She died of illness. I was very sad. I picked up a knife and dug out my eyes, cut off my nose, and burned my mouth with a red-hot iron. Then I ran to the hillside near us and cried loudly. Since I had no eyes and no When he saw the car coming from the opposite direction, he was hit and killed.”

After the three female ghosts told the story, they said together: "Let's take advantage of the ghost mission to listen to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva's sermon. How about we go out and execute those who harm us?"

After saying that, they drifted outside.

At this time, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva was suddenly seen at the door. The Bodhisattva pulled them all in and said, "Are you going to take revenge?"

The three female ghosts knelt down and cried at the same time: "We died so miserably. So we want revenge and all our wishes come true."

The Bodhisattva said: "This, you are wrong. Your death is not to blame on them. This is all destiny. This is also the result of what you created. You also complained about everything and everyone during your lifetime."

"The first one: When you talk about that job, you don't complain about it. Anyway, you are contributing to socialism. You are deceiving yourself. You have a degree and you are very dissatisfied with working here. This is your fault. I remember Chairman Mao once said: There is only a division of labor and no distinction between high and low. Okay, I won’t say more about you. It’s useless to say more. Now I will give you a place in reincarnation, so you can reincarnate and understand the truth."

After saying that, the first female ghost disappeared.

The Bodhisattva said to the second one: "What you did during your lifetime was stupid. When you saw your father like this, you should try your best to save him and scold them. The way you died was also the cause of your death. What you did during your lifetime was You have a very bad personality because you are always competitive in everything. This is wrong. There is no general who always wins and there is no general who always loses. As the saying goes, you have to keep your tail between your legs. I won’t say more about you. Now I will give you a place to be reincarnated and understand the truth."

After saying that, the second female ghost also disappeared.

The Bodhisattva said to the last female ghost: "The biggest mistake you made is to mutilate your body. Do you mutilate your body because your parents are dead? If you do this, you will be sorry to the parents who raised you. Your parents were pregnant with you for ten months and gave birth to you." You grew up healthy and healthy without any disease, and then it was not easy to bring you up through all the hardships. Which parent would rather go hungry than let their children eat well? In the end, you mutilated your body out of anger. Do you think you are filial? But my parents were so sad after seeing it that they couldn’t even close their eyes. This is a great act of unfilial piety. Secondly, I’m sorry to the Creator. The Creator created you and asked you to mutilate yourself. What’s the use of your body? Now I’ll give you a place to be reincarnated and realize. It makes sense."

After saying that, the third female ghost cried and disappeared.

This is the end of the story of the three female ghosts. I hope viewers will leave more comments. I would like to thank you all. Here I would also like to thank these three female ghosts for providing me with material in my dreams.

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