Short Ghost Story

Chapter 1: The newly formed baby

"Doctor, please help me abort the child. I can't give birth to him." Yoshiko knelt in front of the doctor, tears streaming down her face.

"But the baby is already formed and everything is healthy." The doctor looked at her and couldn't help but feel a little sad.

"The child has no father. I can't give birth to him, and I can't let him suffer." Yoshiko suffered even more, and her belly kept shaking as she grew bigger. "Okay, but the baby is already very big. It is unrealistic to use ordinary abortion surgery. We can only perform a forced caesarean section." The doctor frowned, but he had already agreed.

"Anthracene, it's no problem. Thank you doctor." Yoshiko stood up with difficulty.

Several nurses pushed Yoshiko into the operating room…

Time passed minute by second, and the door of the operating room was pushed open. A middle-aged man rushed up and asked about the situation, "Doctor, how is Yoshiko? Has the child been successfully taken out?"

The doctor looked at him suspiciously, "Excuse me, are you…" The middle-aged man paused and said, "I am Yoshiko's brother." The doctor nodded slightly, "The child was taken out. The adults are fine, but the child is developing very well. If he is allowed to grow naturally…" Before the doctor finished speaking, the man bowed and said, "Thank you doctor, I will definitely thank you very much." The doctor stopped talking, shook his head and left, and Yoshiko also pushed into the ward. There was another nurse behind her holding something in her hand. It was a glass bottle with a newly formed baby crumpled and curled up in the cold liquid…

"Yoshiko, are you okay?" The middle-aged man held Yoshiko's hand and asked with concern.

Jizi smiled at him, "It's okay, just rest for a few days and you'll be fine."

The man looked apologetic, "You have worked really hard for our love." Yoshiko shook her head and smiled, touching his face.

Yes, this man is none other than Yoshiko's current husband Zuo. Because her previous husband died, she wanted to marry a rich man, but the man's family wanted her to have never had children. Yoshiko was young and could have an abortion all over again, so she cruelly killed the child given to her by her previous husband.

Yoshiko stayed in the ward like this, and Zuo went out to buy things for her.

The ward was dark, with only the white energy-saving lamps glowing faintly.

"Mom…Mom…" A voice that seemed to be made by a child holding his breath sounded in Yoshiko's ears, and Yoshiko's whole body shivered.

"It must be a prank by someone else's child." Yoshiko tried to calm herself down. After all, she had just killed a child.

Just when Yoshiko was feeling better, there was a sudden knock on the door: dong dong, dong dong…a very light knock on the door…

Yoshiko asked nervously, "Who, who is outside?"

"I'm looking for my mother…" The child's voice remained unchanged, dry and dry, unlike other children's pure voice. Instead, it seemed as if he had never spoken before.

"Your mother is not here. You go back and find your mother." Yoshiko breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that this was just a child who couldn't find his mother.

"It's quite cold… I also want to go back… I want to go back… but my mother doesn't want me anymore… she doesn't want me anymore…" The child's voice became weaker and weaker, and he was still crying. But Yoshiko became more and more frightened when she heard it. The child's voice sounded like resentment…

The child's voice became quieter, and there was another knock on the door.

"Who is it!" Yoshiko felt that KB was here again.

"It's me, Yoshiko, what's wrong with you?" Zuo opened the door and asked with concern.

"Zuo, let's go, I want to go home." Yoshiko grabbed Zuo who was walking over and almost cried.

"But you just had the operation, don't go back yet." Zuo took out the food without looking at Yoshiko.

"Please Zuo, I really don't like the smell of the hospital," Yoshiko was already pleading.

In desperation, Zuo nodded.

The next day, Yoshiko was discharged from the hospital early because she had a mother who needed care at home.

"You have a good rest here. I'll ask the nanny to take care of you. I have to go to work." Zuo kissed Yoshiko's head and made a good quilt for Yoshiko. "Anthracene" Yoshiko looked at him and nodded.

Zuo went out, but Yoshiko was the only one in the house, and the nanny hadn't come yet. Yoshiko was indeed a little unaccustomed to being alone in such a big house, and because she was feeling unwell, Yoshiko was ready to get out of bed and take a walk.

There was a smell of meat in the kitchen. Yoshiko was so hungry that she slowly walked towards the kitchen.

A small pot seemed to be boiling something, steaming.

Yoshiko couldn't help but smile, "Zuo even cooked something for me."

Yoshiko opened the pot…

"Ah! Oh my god!" Yoshiko couldn't help shouting: What was boiling in the pot was a newly formed baby. Yoshiko was so frightened that he threw the lid on the ground. The baby inside was rolling, but no flesh was falling off.

The baby slowly floated up and actually grabbed the edge of the pot with his hands, while his little feet were still kicking around in the water.

Yoshiko was so scared that she almost sat on the ground. She screamed and crawled backwards.

"Mom…Mom" The baby opened its disgusting little mouth and cried out "Mom…I want mommy…" It was the same dry voice heard in the hospital yesterday… Could it be…

"You, don't come over here." Jizi saw that the baby had gotten out of the pot, crawled on the table, and made it clear that he was coming towards her…

"Mom… you don't want me anymore." The baby dragged the water and slowly crawled over…

"Ah! Don't! Don't come here!" Yoshiko was so frightened that she almost fainted. Her screams scared even herself.

"Mom…I'm cold." The child opened his eyes. He had a small face but surprisingly big eyes. He was smiling and seemed to be crying. He increased his speed.

"Don't… don't." Yoshiko felt that the wound on her stomach began to hurt, and she could only insist on getting up.

"Mom…Mom…It's so cold, I want to come back, I want mom…" This little thing seemed to be screaming, but the skin on its body was falling off, revealing pink and pale subcutaneous tissue.

"Don't! Ah! Let me go." The strange thing grabbed Yoshiko's skirt, and held on to it with its small hands, as if it was very strong. Yoshiko kept kicking, but the child climbed up…

He slowly stroked Jizi's belly with his hand, but Jizi couldn't move, it just hurt.

"Mom…why did you leave me…Mom…I'm so cold…Mom…Mom…" He yelled loudly while paddling with his hands…

"Mom…I want to come back. They put me in the water…it's so uncomfortable…Mom…don't let me go…wuwuwuwuwu" He was crying, he was really crying…

But the sound was scarier than the scream.

"Don't come here…please…don't come here," Yoshiko seemed to be begging. She never thought that she would beg for such a disgusting thing.

"It was my mother who asked me to come back… It was my mother who asked me to come home…" The thing seemed to be wronged and lowered its head.

Yoshiko was a little desperate. This was the child she had aborted, the child that had already taken shape. He's back, he's back for her!

"I don't want to be like this…I can be very good-looking…Mom…Mom…Uncle said I can be very good-looking!" The baby began to use his hands to scratch her belly…

"Hiss~" The stomach was opened, and streams of blood flowed out from the wound, and intestines and fat could be vaguely seen.

"Mom… I'm back… I'm back to find you…" The disgusting thing stuck its head in, and Jizi was numb from the pain… She could only twist her stomach in pain, and she felt that all her blood was going to drain out. …

He went in completely and pulled the flesh as if to seal the mouth. Yoshiko couldn't twist anymore. She felt like she was going to die…

The police received a call from the nanny. When they arrived at the scene, the scene inside was disgusting:

Yoshiko's body was lying on the ground, with a look of pain on his face and blood all over the ground. The belly was cut open, and there was actually…a barely formed baby lying inside…

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Chapter 2: The soul-holding incident that happened in the girls’ dormitory

This is an absolutely true story. Whether you believe it or not, it did happen. Hiss – take a breath and look down.

It is said that there is a university in Sichuan, located on the outskirts of the city, where many strange and incredible stories are often circulated. There is a girls' dormitory, where seven girls live. They live in peace and harmony on weekdays, but one night, a girl living in the lower bunk (let's call her Xiaoping) couldn't sleep no matter what. It was surprisingly quiet this night, so quiet that I could hear my own heartbeat. All the roommates were asleep, but Xiaoping was tossing and turning on the bed, eyes wide open. She looked at her watch and saw that it was 2 o'clock. "Oh, go to bed quickly. We have classes tomorrow." She murmured to herself. She raised her face, and suddenly she noticed that the mosquito net hanging on the bed was slowly sinking. Friends who have lived in dormitories with bunk beds all know that the pattern hanging on the bed looks like it is hanging down from the upper bunk. She is a little strange. At first she thought it was the wind, but gradually she found that something was imprinted on the mosquito net. Xiaoping Looking carefully, a human face emerged from the mosquito net, and it gradually became clearer. It looked like a plaster human face, and it was a man's face, still smiling at her. Xiaoping felt cold all over, jumped up and shouted. Everyone in the dormitory woke up and asked what was going on. Xiaoping shivered and pointed at the bed, "There is a ghost, there is a ghost." All the girls in the dormitory woke up. I was startled, but I looked left and right and found nothing. "Are you dreaming?" "Don't be kidding!" Everyone was still a little scared. "Maybe." Xiaoping couldn't figure out what was going on. "Forget it, go to sleep, you must have had a nightmare." Just like that, everyone went back to bed, and this night, everything was peaceful. However, from then on, this plaster-like man's face became entangled with Xiaoping, appearing every night, and the people in this dormitory never slept well. You can't have the same dream every day, right? Everyone decided to report this to the school, but who believed it? However, a director of the Academic Affairs Office thought about it and told Xiaoping and her roommates: "You go back to sleep tonight. I will bring a few security guards to guard outside the dormitory." , if anything happens, you can call us."

When night came, Xiaoping and her roommates went to bed early. The dean of academic affairs, five or six security guards, and a dozen male students who volunteered were guarding the door. "With so many people, will the ghost still come out?" Someone muttered.

At 2 o'clock, Xiaoping stared at the mosquito net above. Will the plaster-like man's face come out?

Everything was quiet, slowly, the mosquito net sank, and here it comes again!

The white man appeared with the same face, staring at Xiaoping with the same smile, and his smile was particularly obvious today.

"Coming!…" Xiaoping shouted. She was 68 days pregnant and dreamed that a tiger turned into a ghost and chased us . In an instant, people outside the door rushed in, "Where? Where?"…

"He didn't leave, he didn't leave, he was there, still laughing." The strange thing is that only Xiaoping can see it, but no one else can.

"Where is it?" Everyone was confused and looked around in the room.

"At the window,…over there…at the door, he is going out,…" Everyone followed the direction of Xiaoping's finger, but could not see anything.

"He may want me to follow him." Xiaoping pointed to the door.

"Then follow him." The dean said.

So, a large group of people gathered around Xiaoping and left the dormitory. Xiaoping followed that face, and everyone followed Xiaoping.

After a while, I walked out of the school gate and came to a rotten pond outside the school.

The face smiled at Xiaoping and jumped in.

"He jumped in, jumped in, and disappeared." Xiao Ping shouted.

"Get someone to drain the pond immediately." the dean of academic affairs ordered.

The next day, the relevant authorities came to drain the pond, and guess what they found? A male corpse.

It turned out that a few weeks ago, a boy disappeared from this university. The school and public safety experts searched everywhere to no avail, but they did not expect that he drowned here.

Later, it was confirmed that the male body was that of the missing student, who had slipped and fallen into the pond.

People showed the photo of the boy before his death to Xiaoping, and Xiaoping recognized that the white face was this person.

Maybe he wanted someone to discover the boy's body before it was cold, but why he approached Xiaoping is unknown.

Everyone, this is a well-known thing in that school. There are dozens of people who saw the whole process. How can you explain it? Otherwise, there are really ghosts in this world?

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Chapter 3: Po Meng (a short touching ghost story)

My name is Meng Po, and my duty is to feed those who are reincarnated at the intersection of reincarnation a bowl of soup that I cooked with my own hands. It can make them forget all the pain and joy in their previous lives and live their next life with peace of mind. It has been more than five hundred years since I died and came to the underworld, so even though I was only 18 years old when I died and I still look like an 18-year-old now, everyone in the underworld still calls me Po Meng.

That day, while I was working, I heard two wandering souls talking about things in the world. I was so absorbed in listening that I didn't notice that a down-and-out man walked past me and was reborn without drinking any soup.

The King of Hell is angry and wants to punish me for dereliction of duty. After my hard pleading, he agreed to let me go to the human world with my guilt, find the man, and feed him Meng Po soup before he recovered the memory of his previous life.

I packed my bags, brought enough ingredients for Meng Po soup, and set off.

Only after I came to the human world did I realize how difficult it is to find a person in the vast sea of ​​people. I never paid attention to what that man looked like, let alone which intersection on the road to reincarnation he came to the human world from. I can only ask the King of Hell to give me instructions. Between this coming and going, twenty years have passed in this world.

Twenty years to a ghost is just a blink of an eye, but to a human it means that he may have remembered everything from his past life.

I finally found him in a university. In this life, he is called Long Tianxiang. It turned out that what slipped out of my hands was such a handsome man. I don’t know what kind of memories he has in his previous life, but whether they are good or painful, I want him to forget them.

I tried to find a way to get close to him. While he was studying hard in the library, I held a large armful of books and happened to walk by him. Pretending to be careless, I placed a dozen books on his head. . His reaction satisfied me very much. A gentleman man is naturally easier to approach and easier to be fooled.

From that day on, Long Tianxiang spent all the time with me as long as we were not in class. He thought I was just an ordinary girl from another department with a special name, Meng Tang.

Why did your parents give you such a weird name? he had asked. I answered because my mother cooked excellent soup, and it was because of my mother’s soup that my father decided to spend the rest of his life with her. So you can also cook soup? It was he who brought the topic to the right track. Of course it does, and it tastes so good that you forget who you are. Do you have the guts to drink it? I will him. And he certainly lived up to my expectations. I know that the day of my assignment is getting closer day by day.

I started making my soup. But the strange thing is that I can't cook the juicy and delicious soup on the road to reincarnation. In the world of the world, my soup is bland and light, and even I am not interested in tasting it. How can I make Long Tianxiang forget all his past lives? Day by day, I searched for the reason. Day by day, I witnessed Long Tianxiang's increasingly confused look. I know that he will soon regain the memory of his previous life.

That day finally arrived. That night, we were walking on campus. Long Tianxiang was silent as before. I knew that the door of his memory was opening inch by inch, so I pretended to admire the moonlight and waited for him to speak.

Sure enough, after a while, he spoke, "Mengtang, do you believe that people have previous lives?"

"I don't believe it," I said firmly. My mission is to make him forget his past life, so how can I believe it?

"But I believe, I know, I have a previous life." Long Tianxiang's tone was more decisive than mine. He must have remembered everything about his previous life.

My heart became anxious. I never thought that once he remembered it, everything would be lost. If I didn't complete the task assigned by the King of Hell, I was afraid I would be dead this time.

"So what was your previous life?" I asked him pretending to be interested.

"He was a scholar, a poor scholar. He fell in love with a young lady from Yuan's wife's family, and when he eloped with her, he was beaten to death by a servant who caught up with her." He said each word, but his tone gradually became uncalm.

I was devastated. It turned out that he died a tragic death in his previous life, and I began to sympathize with him.

"I waited for her on the Naihe Bridge after her death, because we swore to be together in life and death. But I didn't wait until…" he continued.

"Perhaps she is still alive and well in the world, so naturally she will not be here." I don't know if I am comforting him by saying this.

He smiled bitterly and shook his head, "No, I know she is dead. She was hanged after being captured."

"Then why didn't she go to you?" I became curious.

He didn't seem to hear what I said and kept talking to himself: "I waited on the Naihe Bridge for a hundred years. Later, I thought she might not be able to find the Naihe Bridge, so I started wandering throughout the underworld. I hope to meet her. This trip will last another three hundred years…"

God, I sighed in my heart, I didn't expect that he was so infatuated that he let go of the opportunity of four hundred years of reincarnation for a woman. But I have to stop him from remembering the past. My job is to make him forget all this, isn't it?

"Stop talking anymore. The more you listen, the more jokes you get." I said pretending to be angry.

He still ignored me and kept talking: "In the fifth hundred years, I almost despaired, but I still didn't dare to give up. I decided to go to the road of reincarnation to find her. That was the first time in my four hundred years. Come to the only place I’ve never been before.”

Hey, why, did he look for it on the road to reincarnation? Ghosts who have not been sent to reincarnation by the Reincarnation Department cannot just go to the road of reincarnation.

"I begged the deacons of the Reincarnation Department and asked them to allow me to search for her on the road to reincarnation, but they refused. They said that because of my infatuation, they had made an exception and allowed me to stay in the underworld for hundreds of more years. Now I am It's time for reincarnation." His eyes gradually became blurred, and it seemed that he was completely lost in reminiscing about the past.

"Let's change the topic. Your story doesn't sound good." I said in a weak tone, cursing myself why I couldn't cook the Meng Po soup for so long.

"Listen to me, this story is almost over." This time, he finally heard me.

"Even though I begged and begged for 68 days and dreamed of tigers turning into ghosts and chasing us , they just refused. I was taken to the road of reincarnation to drink Meng Po soup. Your name is Meng Po soup. You must know what Meng Po soup is." ?" He suddenly turned his head and stared at me for the first time that night.

I was so frightened that I almost screamed. I felt flustered as if he had exposed me. I could only force a smile and said, "Does it mean you know Meng Po Tang if you call her Meng Tang?"

He stared at me, and his faint voice seemed to come from outside, "I arrived on the road of reincarnation, and guess what, I actually met her."

Hearing this, I became nervous for some reason, lowering my head and not daring to look at him.

Out of the corner of his eye, he still stared at me and said faintly: "She stood there, guarding a pot of soup, feeding those who were going to reincarnation one after another. They called her Po Meng."

I was really frightened, and I forgot to breathe for a while. Oh, I was wrong. I am a ghost. Why does a ghost need to breathe? I raised my head in panic and looked straight into his eyes. I made a mistake. He must have made a mistake. I have been in the underworld for five hundred years, feeding people soup every year. If I were the girl in his story, The protagonist, how could I not remember it. Suddenly, I vaguely remembered that I really couldn’t remember who I was before I died.

He still stared at me with eyes that clearly showed light, "I was stunned. I have been looking for her in the underworld for five hundred years, but I didn't want her to feed her soup here. I rushed towards her, but She was caught by the deacons of the Reincarnation Department. In order to prevent me from seeing her, they didn't even dare to give me soup. Tell me, why is this?"

how? Didn't I neglect my duty and forget to give him soup? Why did the deacon of the Reincarnation Department not allow him to drink? My mind was in confusion and I didn't know how to reply to him.

"How could I be willing to reincarnate at this moment? I tried my best to break away from them and wanted to recognize her, but they pushed me into the human world." He finally stopped looking at me and cast his gaze into the night sky.

"Now it seems that they helped me by not letting me drink soup. I have not forgotten everything in my previous life, and she finally came back to me." He looked at me again, and I quickly lowered my head. "Mengtang, you are her. You look exactly like her, but you have this name." His tone became fierce.

"You, you are joking, this is not funny at all." I retorted to him, how is it possible, how is it possible, wasn't I sent by the King of Hell to make him forget his memory? Why did he suddenly become his lover in his previous life? Why do I not remember a single thing about what he insisted on? No, this is all a lie. I don’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it at all. I looked at him in horror, as if I were looking at an unknown person. Suddenly, I turned around and ran away, no matter how he called me from behind, I never looked back.

I returned to the underworld and went straight to the King of Hell. The King of Hell already understood when he saw my lost look. He sighed and finally told me everything I wanted to know.

I am indeed Long Tianxiang's lover in his previous life. After hanging on the beam, the Ghost of Impermanence took me to the underworld. Because I died in vain, according to the rules, I could not be reincarnated directly. I had to perform hard labor in the underworld until the King of Hell thought that I had redeemed myself for the sins I owed in my previous life. The King of Hell said that at that time I just begged him, begging him to allow me to be a couple with Long Tianxiang in the next life, so I didn't care no matter what hard work he gave me. The King of Hell shook his head and told me that Long Tianxiang and I could never be husband and wife because he died a tragic death and the underworld had to replenish the life he had not finished in his previous life, and he was about to be reincarnated. And I have to serve at least a thousand years in the underworld before I can be reincarnated again. I cried. I thought we would at least be a ghost couple, but unexpectedly, he and I were not meant to be here. No matter how hard I begged, the King of Hell just said that there was nothing he could do and let me give up. I was taken away from the Palace of Hell and escorted to the place where I would serve. Unexpectedly, when I passed by Naihe Bridge, I saw Long Tianxiang waiting for me. I rushed to see him like crazy, but was dragged back by the yamen boy. The King of Hell saw that I was so desperate, and he refused to reincarnate for a long time, for fear of being caught by us, so he simply poured me a bowl of Mengpo soup to make me forget my previous life. In confusion, I started my military service. The King of Hell placed me at the bottom of the eighteenth level of hell, so that I would never see Long Tianxiang waiting for me on the Naihe Bridge.

Five hundred years have passed in the blink of an eye. I have served well and the King of Hell is ready to reward me with an easy job. It happened that the previous Mrs. Meng had atone for her sins and was reincarnated, so I was placed in her place. That day, Long Tianxiang saw me on the road to reincarnation, but at that time I just listened to two wandering souls telling interesting things about the world. In fact, so what if I saw him at that time, I had already forgotten him five hundred years ago. The deacon of the Reincarnation Department was afraid that he would bring back my memories, so he had no choice but to push him into the world before he drank the soup. And the king of hell also fully thought that I would feed him Meng Po soup before he regained his memory. Finally, the King of Hell said: "I overlooked that you were the key to the matter, but I sent you to feed the soup. How could I forget that without the protection of the underworld's breath, and with Long Tianxiang's gradually recovering memory, your soup would be How can I survive it?”

I smiled bitterly, thinking that Po Meng was my name, but I didn't know that I was taking over the position one after another. I thought that I would just cook and feed soup, but I didn't know that I drank a bowl of soup first. "So, can I be reincarnated now and be with Long Tianxiang?" I asked sadly.

"No, you still have five hundred years of hard labor to serve." The King of Hell said without emotion.

"Then, please give me another bowl of Meng Po soup." I slowly walked out of the Palace of Hell and walked towards the Samsara Road. Let me forget everything, forget my past and present life, everything…

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