Strange Things In The Countryside Part Two

Erya is the second daughter of the second aunt.

She is five years older than me.

Her elder sister and two younger sisters are all beautiful, but she is ugly. She has yellow hair, small eyes, and a big mouth . She is white and fat. From a distance, she looks like a big fleshy bug, so we gave her a nickname: "Yellow Caterpillar."

At that time, we often bullied her and made her cry several times a day.

When I was young, the women in the courtyard seemed to be very leisurely, unlike people today who are busy all day long. I wonder what they are busy with?

I remember one day, after dinner, my mother and other women habitually sat in front of the gate, each doing needlework and doing household chores. We kids were playing and making noise nearby. The girls played charades and rubber band stealing, while the boys played catch spies or bounce glass balls. Laughter and laughter come and go, creating a pleasant farmhouse scene.

While we were having fun, a beggar playing the "three strings" came. I saw that he had black hair, a long beard, and bright eyes. He was not vulgar at all.

The beggar stood in front of the door. After playing the song "The Sea Sails Depends on the Helmsman," we all gathered around to watch.

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"Sisters-in-law, please excuse me. I encountered a famine in my hometown and ended up living here. I hope you can show some kindness and give some money to those who stutter. The old man is very grateful." The beggar said while bowing his hands in salute.

In those days, people were very kind-hearted, so those who served him steamed buns and brought hot water felt pity for the old man.

My mother didn't go home to get food. She just took out a pound of food stamps from her body and asked me to give them to the beggar.

When I handed him the food stamps, he touched my head and said, "This kid will be a soldier in the future. Haha, he will be very promising."

When people heard this, they all jokingly said: "Can you read faces? Show it to our children."

I saw this old man looking around at us children, silently and silently. When he saw Erya, he said seriously: "This girl will be the richest in the future. Spend money like running water, big money There’s so much land that I don’t know how much.”

"Hahaha… everyone will laugh heartily. You can tell at a glance that the old man is talking nonsense, maybe to make a living. The ugly and dirty "yellow caterpillar" is the richest? Haha, who believes it?

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So he didn't take it seriously. Amidst people's laughter, the beggar left.

When I was in the third grade of junior high school, Erya got married. Because she was ugly, no one wanted to marry her, so she had to marry Quan Sheng, a sheepherder. Quan Sheng was an orphan, living in a dark house next to the sheepfold, eating hundreds of meals and wearing hundreds of clothes. He was so happy to have Erya as his wife.

Not long after they got married, Erya followed Quan Sheng and moved their household registration to Zuoyun. They heard that Quan Sheng had given birth to a coal mine and would no longer herd sheep.

Later, I left the compound and never heard from them again.

After failing the college entrance examination, I joined the army. When I was leaving to serve as a soldier, my mother said with a smile: "No wonder when I was little, beggars said you were a soldier, and it turned out to be true. It seems like God's will!"

I was very sad and laughed it off.

When I was visiting my family, I took the time to visit the compound. I heard from the second aunt that Erya was already very rich. Quan Sheng became a foreman and had more than a hundred people working under him. People were extremely jealous.

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Haha, I am very strange too. It was unthinkable that an orphan who was herding sheep could become a foreman.

Later, as I was busy with my work and family, I gradually became alienated from the people in the compound. Occasionally I heard that Quan Sheng became a kiln owner, had an affair, and got divorced from Erya, etc. I didn’t know the details, but I just said in my heart: When a man has money, it is inevitable for him to have an affair. What's more, Erya looks so ugly. hehe!

A few years ago, I went to Zuoyun County for work and took a look at the coal mines in Quansheng.

When Quan Sheng heard that I was coming, he was sincerely happy and even had a meal with me.

After drinking a bottle of "Wuliangye", the conversation started. Quan Sheng took advantage of the drunkenness to tell me something:

"Brother, I have seen you as a promising person since I was a child. Really, as expected, hahaha, you ask me about those things with your second sister? Haha, let me tell you, it is true. Ever since I took over the coal mine After that, how many women wanted to be with me, but I was never tempted. Damn it, but later I did find one. It was pretty good. I was fascinated without thinking. I came home less and less. The more I looked at your second sister, the more I looked at her. I didn't like it, so I came up with the idea of ​​​​divorcing. However, your second sister refused to agree, so I had no choice but to buy a house outside and live with that woman. Alas, it was really strange. After two years. What's the word for " year"? People die every year in coal mines, and I almost have to go to court, let alone make money. So I found a "big guy" to see why he was so frustrated. She said something that almost embarrassed me to death. Guess what she said? "

I was confused and asked, "What did you say?"

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"She said, I am a poor man. I am able to achieve what I am now because of my wife. Your second sister turned out to be a "celestial silkworm" who descended to earth. She brings money with her and can stick to it wherever she goes, because she has As for Tiancansi, he also said, if you don’t believe it, go back and look at your wife’s armpits. Where are the marks from someone’s descending world? Those are the “seals of heaven” that ordinary people don’t have. Haha! A sip of wine.

"Then have you seen it? Is it true?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Well, after I read it, I returned home. That night I moved her arm and took a look at her armpit. Haha, really, there was a red "mark" the size of a copper coin, with strange patterns on it. Damn it, I’ve been married for so many years and I don’t know, really.” Quan Sheng had a look of indignation on his face.

"What happened next?" I asked.

"Later, I broke off the relationship with that woman and returned home. No, the situation is getting better and better. I have already owned two coal mines, and everything is going smoothly."

I don’t know how I left the coal mine, but I feel sour. It turns out that “Erya” is the “Celestial Silkworm” who descended to earth. Haha, no wonder she looks like that, like a big white insect. No wonder the beggar said she was the most beautiful girl when she was a child. Rich, that's what it is.

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When I got home, I jokingly looked at my wife's armpits, but there was nothing there, and I felt very regretful. My wife asked me strangely: "What are you looking at? Why are you acting so weird?"

What can be said?

"Let me see if you are a heavenly silkworm descending to earth?" Haha, it's true.

Last year, Erya's son got married. His wife is a college graduate from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and her in-laws are a colonel in the army. The wedding was quite grand, and everything was "five plus five", that is: 500,000 yuan in bride price, 500,000 yuan in clothes, 500,000 yuan in travel, 500,000 yuan in gold and silver, and 500,000 yuan in life insurance. Add to that a building worth more than one million yuan and a car worth more than four hundred thousand yuan, hahaha, I fainted, that jealous one!

Take another look at the majestic appearance of "Yellow Caterpillar" at the wedding. Can you think of how she looked when she was a child with a runny nose, no one to play with, and often being bullied and crying? Can you remember the shabby black house she lived in when she got married?

When I got home, I was drunk.

Alas, it seems everything is God’s will!

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