Good People Don't Live Long, And Evil People Live For Thousands Of Years

How much can a person gnash their teeth when they are cold? The answer is far beyond your imagination.

Telling this story today is to tell everyone that the ugliness and cruelty of the human heart are far more than ghosts and demons, leaving you nowhere to hide and hard to guard against.

A friend my husband met around the corner, surnamed Zhao. Xiao Zhao has red lips and white teeth, facing the wind. In terms of appearance and temperament, he is not inferior to the popular "little fresh meat". In addition, he is well-rounded and good at "making things happen", so Xiao Zhao is always surrounded by a group of friends and ghosts , and he is very popular in the company.

During the Dragon Boat Festival in 2016, something happened to Xiao Zhao's family. Early that morning, Xiao Zhao took his son to his parents' house for the holiday. Originally, the family of three was going to go together, but Xiao Zhao's wife suddenly said that she had a cold and felt uncomfortable and didn't want to move, so she refused to go with Xiao Zhao and his son.

When Xiao Zhao and his son came back from having dinner at their grandparents' house, they couldn't find Xiao Zhao's wife anywhere, and finally found her hanged to death in the bathroom of the second bedroom. Speaking of which, Xiao Zhao's wife has always suffered from moderate depression, and has been recuperating at home for a long time without going to work. People in the know say that this is a retribution for Xiao Zhao's dishonesty, but God doesn't have eyes, and the retribution is wrong.

Xiao Zhao had a girlfriend before marrying his current wife. My husband has seen that girl before. She is tall and has very fair skin. She has a gentle and classic oval duck-egg face and a pair of crystal eyes. At that time, Xiao Zhao and this girl were recognized as golden couples and jade girls in the eyes of everyone, and they had a kind of pleasing match.

Unexpectedly, when it came to the stage of discussing marriage, the golden boy and jade girl suddenly overturned and parted ways. The reason is that Xiao Zhao found out that the girl was a carrier of hepatitis B during the premarital examination. He said nothing and agreed to get married.

The girl's family stopped working. Once the invitations were sent out, all the relatives and friends knew about their marriage, but at this time it was suddenly canceled. How will the girl behave in the future? The most terrible thing was that the girl was already pregnant at that time, and Xiao Zhao was well aware of this.

So the two families hit it off. The girl's father is the leader of the Banking Regulatory Bureau, and ordered to check the old accounts of Xiaozhao's company. This time, Xiao Zhao's boss also panicked, and told him to be responsible to the other girl quickly. He should get married and have a baby. Don't implicate the company for the sins he has done!

Under the pressure, Xiao Zhao went completely mad. He told everyone that the girl had hepatitis B and several gynecological diseases. He really couldn't accept such an undisciplined woman. Now that the woman's family is being aggressive, he is also a helpless victim. A series of vicious and vicious rumors spread to the ears of the girl's father. The old man was so angry that he had a heart attack in his work unit and died without being rescued.

Later, the girl offered to make a clean break with Zhao, abort the child, and leave for a foreign country. After this incident, relatives and friends have a new understanding of Xiao Zhao, and they all feel that he is utilitarian, selfish, cold and heartless.

Unexpectedly, less than a year later, the big guy actually received a "red fine" from Xiao Zhao, and he was about to get married again. The bride at the wedding was delicate and charming, gentle and elegant. In terms of appearance and temperament, she was only stronger than the previous one. Relatives, friends and guests secretly discussed, Xiao Zhao can do it! Pan'er Liang didn't say anything, but he was quite resourceful.

After marriage, Xiao Zhao's life is going smoothly and vigorously. With his excellent communication skills and business skills, he was promoted three times in the company and sat on the throne of the regional manager. At the same time, his lover gave him a healthy and cute fat boy, which made Xiao Zhao very happy. After giving birth, the ghost of the baby came back , and Xiao Zhao's wife quit her job and became a full-time wife.

Perhaps because of postpartum depression, Xiao Zhao's wife has been prone to depression since giving birth. At first, Xiao Zhao didn't pay much attention to it, thinking that she just stayed at home all day and was "idle". But the wife gradually couldn't sleep at night, and she hugged Xiao Zhao tightly all night, saying that she was afraid, and she kept hearing the sound of the baby crying at home.

So their family started a series of actions to see a doctor, take medicine and invite Da Xianer, but all had little effect. An expert who came to their house to see things said that this matter in your house is still quite troublesome. The owner who is haunted by resentful spirits will have a lot of blessings in this life, if he can't be moved, he can only harm the people around him, alas! Sin~sin!

After Xiao Zhao's lover committed suicide, people who knew her all shed tears and felt sorry for her. Everyone said that she was a very kind and benevolent woman. They are filial and respectful to their parents and their hometown, and do not bow all year round. She is kind and loving to her nephews and younger generations, and she cares about everyone in the family and treats each other sincerely. An insider said that Zhao's daughter-in-law's depression was caused by the accumulation of internal pressure because of the immoral things he had done before.

Today's Xiao Zhao gave birth to a daughter after remarriage, and he still has a good time playing with friends. His newly married wife is in the business of jewelry and jade. She has a solid family background and a lot of money.

As the saying goes, "Good people don't live long, but evil people live for thousands of years." I don't think it's because the body of the good people is not as good as that of the bad people. It's because the psychological quality of the bad people is extremely strong, and they are completely free from the constraints of moral conscience.

In their view, self-interest at the expense of others is natural selection, even if I don't do it, others will. Framing others has become righteousness and awe-inspiring justice for the sky. Others will always make mistakes first, and I am sorry that they should do so. Living like this without any moral burden, can't you prolong your life and enjoy it endlessly?

However, I always firmly believe that even if there are great blessings, they will eventually be exhausted. At that time, the bad karma that I have done before will turn into a lot of evil results. No matter sooner or later, what should be paid You have to pay back, and you have to take what you have to suffer.

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