Bodhisattva Found

I immediately asked my aunt if Guanyin belonged to her, but my aunt had no impression. I carefully took a photo and sent it to the group of relatives and friends to ask for it, but the strange thing is that no one in my family has seen the Jade Guanyin, and I really don't have the slightest impression. When I took a picture of Yuguanyin, I found that the red string on the pendant had been worn and faded. It was obvious that it had been worn for a long time, but whose was it? I really didn't know how to deal with this "Bodhisattva who came to my door", and when I contacted the buns and bowls that appeared inexplicably the night before, the more I thought about it, the more panicked I became. … Continue readingBodhisattva Found

Wang Laosan Eats Ghosts

It is about the story of Nanyang Song Dingbo when he was young, he met a ghost while walking at night, and he caught the ghost and sold it as a sheep. However, the story of “Wang Laosan Eats Ghosts” I’m talking about today is far more bizarre, because not only does Wang Laosan really exist, but he also eats ghosts. Wang Laosan roared. “My name is Wang Laosan, from Zhangjiagou in front of me.” “Wang Laosan also followed him to the bridge.” Wang Laosan was stunned for a moment, suddenly grabbed the woman, patted his chest and said, “Come home with me, I won’t starve you.” Wang Laosan asked with a smile. The next day, when Wang Laosan woke up with a mouthful of taro and lotus stems, it was already bright. … Continue readingWang Laosan Eats Ghosts

Chapter 66 The Secret Of Dead Jade

This discovery even made Zhang Guozhong forget the suffocation at the moment. No wonder the young master of the Liao family had nightmares. It turned out that the inscription carved on this piece of jade was part of the “ghost-inducing spell”! This thing that Zhao Mingchuan made is obviously based on this “soul removal technique” and innovated on his own. He created a personal ghost, and cleverly let the corpse protect the He clan with the power of evil spirits and the grievances of ghosts. Bi. … Continue readingChapter 66 The Secret Of Dead Jade