Wang Laosan Eats Ghosts

Before this story starts, I believe that many people have heard the story of “Song Dingbo Catches Ghosts”. It is about the story of Nanyang Song Dingbo when he was young, he met a ghost while walking at night, and he caught the ghost and sold it as a sheep. However, the story of “Wang Laosan Eats Ghosts” I’m telling today is far more bizarre, because not only does Wang Laosan really have a ghost , but he also eats ghosts. By the way, do you know what a ghost tastes like? do not know. Then what are you hesitating about? Hurry up and listen to me in detail!

It is said that during the period of the Republic of China, there was a young man named Wang Laosan in Zhangjiagou, Sichuan .

There was a severe drought one year, and the crops in Zhangjiagou were almost dead. People had to get hungry to find banana roots, elm leaves, and red vines to eat. However, these things did not get any nutrition at all, so many people in the ditch got edema.

When the banana roots, elm leaves, and red sage vines are not eaten, some people eat “Guanyin rice” (this is a very delicate white or yellow mud, people will bloat their stomachs after eating them, and they can’t solve it. feces). At that time, Wang Laosan had just gotten married, and there was no surplus food in the family. Although he was a powerful character, he did not steal, rob, or join the Kuomintang, so he had to recite “Guanyin rice” to eat. However, this “Guanyin rice” is also a rare thing, and it is not available everywhere. To carry “Guanyin rice”, Wang Laosan has to walk 30 miles to the foot of Chenjiagou to dig.

On this day, Wang Lao set off to Chenjiagou before dawn for three days to carry “Guanyin Rice”. At that time, during the famine years, people were reluctant to light kerosene lamps, and as soon as it was dark, there was no light for ten miles. Wang Laosan had to take a deep kick and a shallow kick, stumbling and rushing home in the dark.

After walking from village to village, turning round and round, Wang Laosan finally came to the stone arch bridge at the entrance of the village.

At this time, the moon has risen. Wang Laosan put the “Guanyin Rice” on his back, sat on a pier with his buttocks, and let out a long breath. He wiped the sweat from his face with his sleeve, and looked at the way home in front of him by the moonlight. It didn’t matter if he looked at it, but Wang Laosan was startled. I saw a man sitting with his back facing him on the pier a few meters in front, with long hair in a shawl, it looked like a young woman.

emu-074 鬼太巨根_鬼泰巨根_鬼太巨根迅雷

“Hey, are you the wife of that family?” Wang Laosan asked loudly.


“Why don’t you speak up, I’ll ask you something?” Wang Laosan roared.


“My name is Wang Laosan, from Zhangjiagou in front. Don’t be afraid, are you a human or a ghost?” Wang Laosan asked angrily while reporting on his family.

“Wow, woo…”

鬼太巨根迅雷_emu-074 鬼太巨根_鬼泰巨根

“Why are you crying? I’m not a bad person. If you don’t speak up, I thought you were a ghost!” Hearing the woman’s cry, Wang Laosan finally let go of his heart.

At this time, I saw that the woman slowly turned around, and it was actually a young daughter-in-law with a bit of talent. Wang Laosan noticed that her face was pale, and when he was about to take a closer look, he always felt that her face was hazy as if covered with a layer of mist, just like the moon above her head at this time.

“If you have any sadness, just tell me, can I help you?” Wang Laosan asked tentatively.

“Wow, woo…Brother, thank you for your kindness, it’s better not to say anything.” The woman said.

“Tell me, there is nothing in this world that I can’t control.” Wang Laosan wanted to please her, so he boasted of Haikou.

“I’m from Zhang San’s family. Last year, Zhang San and the child died of edema… Today, I was kicked out by my in-laws. I’m alone and homeless now, so I can only jump into the river…” The woman said sadly to Wang The third child confided his tragic experience, “Nowadays, what do you mean by living? Alas…”

鬼泰巨根_鬼太巨根迅雷_emu-074 鬼太巨根

Wang Laosan was deeply sympathetic, and suddenly he thought that he didn’t even have anything to fill his stomach, and he couldn’t help but feel sad: “This person is so fucking boring to live!” At this time, Wang Laosan was more and more The more sad he thought about it, the more he wished to accompany this woman to jump into a river and die.

“Brother, look how beautiful this river is! Come on, let’s jump down now.” The woman suddenly stood up and walked to the bridge.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.” Wang Laosan also followed in a ghostly way to the bridge.

In a trance, Wang Laosan unconsciously glanced at the back of the “Guanyin Rice” beside him. Suddenly, the three words “Guanyin Rice” flashed in his mind like a flash of light and flint, Wang Laosan shivered involuntarily, and he suddenly woke up.

“Why should I jump into the river, my mother-in-law is still waiting for me to carry the ‘Guanyin Rice’ to survive. I am dead, what will she do?” Wang Laosan was stunned for a moment, suddenly grabbed the woman, patted her chest and said: ” Come home with me, I won’t starve you. I tell you, there are no hardships in this world.”

“I don’t want to go, I don’t want to live anymore. Besides, I can’t walk anymore.” The woman struggled to jump into the river.

emu-074 鬼太巨根_鬼泰巨根_鬼太巨根迅雷

“I can’t walk, I’ll carry you!” Wang Laosan pulled the woman back with all his strength, and walked away.

“It would be a pity for such a beautiful woman to jump into the river and die. Besides, she can still help with her work after carrying it home. It’s a fucking pity.” Wang Laosan thought foolishly and grabbed it tightly. The woman’s hands kept her from breaking free from her back.

Wang Laosan ran hurriedly with the woman behind his back, and arrived at the door in no time.

“Mother-in-law, open the door, you see I brought you a girl back.” Wang Laosan shouted at the top of his voice.

“Damn, what are you yelling about? Where’s the ‘Guanyin Rice’ you’re carrying?” Wang Laosan’s wife opened the door and stared at Wang Laosan and asked.

“What do you think of ‘Guanyin rice’? What do you think of Zhang San’s family?” Wang Laosan asked with a smile.

鬼太巨根迅雷_emu-074 鬼太巨根_鬼泰巨根

“What are you from Zhang Sanjia and Li Sijia, what are you doing with a taro lotus stem (the stem of a taro) instead of ‘Guanyin Rice’?”

“Taro lotus terrier? Taro lotus terrier from there?” Wang Laosan questioned his wife and turned to look over his shoulder, only to be shocked, “Mom!” It was a taro lotus terrier that was being held tightly!

Wang Laosan calmed down and hurriedly told his wife what happened tonight. The wife heard it and said, “Zhang San’s family jumped into the river and died a year ago, you are hitting a ghost! Previously She asked you to jump into the river, it must be looking for you as a substitute, she wants to take the opportunity to be reincarnated.”

“I don’t believe in this evil, so what if I hit a ghost? If she dares to trick me into jumping into the river, I will tell her to never be born again. Madam, I’ve been hungry for a day, because I carried the ‘Guanyin Rice’ on the bridge. Come on, look at how tender this taro lotus terrier is, we might as well cook it and eat it to fill our stomach.” Wang Laosan said, before his wife could answer, he took the taro lotus terrier into the kitchen and picked up a knife Slashed with a knife. At this time, I saw the taro lotus stem shaking, and a blood ooze out from the fracture. When Wang Laosan saw it, he shouted happily: “Mother-in-law, this time there is an eel to eat, this dead female ghost can also make the two of us have a tooth sacrifice!” Wang Laosan chopped the taro lotus terrier with several knives. It became a few small pieces, and then put it in a pot and brought it to a boil.

After a while, an alluring aroma wafted from the pot. The couple couldn’t care less about their fear, they grabbed the cooked taro lotus stem with chopsticks and devoured it…

The next day, when Wang Laosan woke up with a mouthful of taro and lotus stems, it was already bright. “Why doesn’t this dead mother-in-law still get up?” Wang Laosan pushed his wife beside him, but was surprised to find that she had been dead for a long time and her body was stiff.

Later, the villagers often asked Wang Laosan about what happened that night. Not only did he never shy away, he also took the trouble to tell people about it. I heard that there was a child in the village who once smelled the tempting aroma of taro and lotus stems from his mouth. Wang Laosan lived alone until he was 86 years old and did not die until the 1980s.

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