Bodhisattva Found

My grandma is in very bad health this year. At first she just felt tired and numb in the soles of her feet. In just two months, she was unable to stand up and could not speak clearly. Our family was so worried that we sought medical treatment everywhere, but we still couldn't find out the cause of the disease. We could only watch helplessly as grandma became dizzy and weak, unable to do anything.

Here is a digression. When the relatives reach a certain age, even if everything seems to be fine for them, they must let go of all the things that can be let go and accompany them with all their strength. The decay of life is more unexpected than we imagined, and often when we realize that it is too late, we can no longer do anything of practical significance. It's never too early for filial piety and ghosts to be afraid of Buddha statues .

Last weekend it was my aunt's turn to stay with my grandma. She had dinner with her grandma early, and after cleaning up, she watched TV with her grandma for a while, and then went to bed. Early the next morning, my aunt asked everyone in the family group of relatives and friends: "Did any of you come back last night to eat half a bun for the old lady?"

Faced with such an inexplicable question, the relatives were very puzzled, saying that no one had been back in the middle of the night. My aunt told us in amazement that early that morning she found a used bowl in the kitchen sink and a half-eaten bun on the table. So her first reaction was to ask if anyone went home to feed grandma last night.

But thinking about it carefully, it seems unlikely. Someone came into the house late at night to help the completely disabled grandma to get up, dress and eat. After this series of actions, the aunt who lived in the same room with the grandma could not have noticed it all. My second uncle guessed that maybe my aunt forgot, halfway through washing the dishes, grandma called her for something, so she left it.

However, my aunt insisted that she repeatedly checked the water and electricity in the kitchen before going to bed, and if there were unwashed dishes, it was impossible to ignore them. Ultimately our family leaned towards a more "walk into science" explanation, namely that my aunt worked so hard during the day that she sleepwalked and ate supper at night. Although, my aunt had never sleepwalked in the past sixty years.

Then it was Sunday, and when I went to visit my grandma, my aunt told me that the next step was to hire a nanny to take care of grandma. Since I lived with my grandma from birth to before marriage, there are still remains in that house. There are a lot of my personal belongings, so my aunt asked me to take time to pack and make room for the nanny.

While our aunt and nephew were talking, I accidentally opened a small cupboard in the hall that hadn't been touched in ten years. It was the top drawer of the cabinet, and a thick layer of dust had accumulated on the handle, so that the whole palm of my hand was black when I opened the drawer. In the opened drawer was a simple plastic jewelry box with a transparent lid, and inside was a Jade Guanyin.

I can't describe that strange feeling in words, as if guided by an inexplicable force, I subconsciously opened the drawer that had been dusty for a long time, and the Jade Guanyin really seemed to be waiting quietly Me, waiting for me to find her at exactly that moment, either sooner or later.

I immediately asked my aunt if Guanyin belonged to her, but my aunt had no impression. I carefully took a photo and sent it to the group of relatives and friends to ask for it, but the strange thing is that no one in my family has seen the Jade Guanyin, and I really don't have the slightest impression.

When I took a picture of Yuguanyin, I found that the red string on the pendant had been worn and faded. It was obvious that it had been worn for a long time, but whose was it? How it got into a storage cabinet in our house that has not been turned over for a long time is unknown.

I really didn't know how to deal with this "Bodhisattva who came to my door", and when I contacted the buns and bowls that appeared inexplicably the night before, the more I thought about it, the more panicked I became. My friends laughed at me as "Ye Gong is a good dragon". When I was free, I kept envious of other netizens. When I really experienced ghosts and Buddha statues , I was panicked and terrified.

I simply organized my "hot" fresh experience into a story and sent it to the building, and I also wanted to hear the opinions and suggestions of the gentlemen in the building. Since I started posting, I know that there are many experts in this building, hidden dragons and crouching tigers, how to deal with the inexplicably surprised Jade Guanyin, please share your opinions!

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