Chapter 66 The Secret Of Dead Jade

What Zhang Guozhong remembered was naturally the stepping stone. I remember that Qin Ge once analyzed that this knocking brick was actually a “belly and back print”, and the printed figure happened to be a statue of Guanyin; and when this knocking brick was buried in Seventh Uncle’s son’s room, the swinger even made it several times. Heaven’s Avalokitesvara’s Nightmare of Cannibalism – What’s the Connection Between All This? Is it inevitable, or just a coincidence?

At this moment, Zhang Guozhong’s head is a mess. It stands to reason that a single piece of dead jade buried in the ground will never make people dream for no reason. Moreover, Qin Ge once analyzed that the print on the back of the abdomen may be a map or a key. In the current situation, the situation of the map can be ruled out. Another possibility is the key. If this dead jade is really the key, how to open the lock?

Thinking of this, Zhang Guozhong was about to suffocate again. He desperately straightened his neck and put his mouth out of the water to take a breath. The black grandfather below is just like a stone man, holding him tightly enough, Ren Zhang Guozhong desperately broke free, motionless.

At the moment of taking a breath, Zhang Guozhong inadvertently glanced at the Avalokitesvara statue from the angle of looking up by the faint flashlight from the bottom of the water, “Hmm…!!” Zhang Guozhong almost sucked the water into his lungs – from Observed from this special angle, what kind of Guanyin image is this, it is obviously a “underworld canal”!

孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘_孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘txt_金枝欲孽之凤凰与鬼

What is a “Medium Canal”?

The underworld canal is a medium for the flow of yin qi. Mao Shanshu believes that an object can only ban one evil spirit or other evil spirits, and if there are too many, it is afraid that it will escape. In ancient times, many of the magic weapons used by Maoshan descendants to exorcise ghosts and ward off evil were passed down from ancestors or masters and apprentices (the so-called magic weapon is at most a piece of dead jade of good condition, not something as finely crafted as the pagoda of King Tota Li). , It is impossible to give up the treasure passed down by the master for a certain little ghost and mobs, so there is such a thing as the Ming Canal. Its function is to transfer the evil ghost from one object to another. When the caster seals the evil ghost with the treasure passed down by the master, he can use the ditch to transfer the evil ghost to other objects and seal it. In this way, The baby of the teacher can be reused.

In “Maoshan Shuzhi”, there is such a paragraph, “Chengyunzi said: The master’s utensils, how can we reuse evil? Liu Mo replied: put the same things together, and solve them with canals. How can the utensils be reused? Liu Mo replied: Bind them with the same (property) items, and use the Ming Canal to transfer them.” This record is specifically used to explain the purpose of the Ming Canal.

There are two kinds of Ming Canal, one is based on things, and the other is based on formation. The method of using things is to use some yin materials to form the underworld canals in a certain arrangement; and the method of using arrays is to use some spells (generally, “ghost-inducing spells” mainly based on “debacles”) for the medium. The Guanyin statue in front of him is obviously the second type, that is, the formation channel using the “ghost-inducing spell” as the medium. I saw a rough line about a finger wide, starting from the back of the hand of the Guanyin holding the jade box, and spreading densely to the back of the Guanyin statue, you don’t need to look to know, it must be the “ghost-inducing spell” carved by the text, and its location is hidden. Until, if you are not lying on the ground and looking up, it is difficult to see.

孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘_孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘txt_金枝欲孽之凤凰与鬼

This discovery even made Zhang Guozhong forget the suffocation at the moment. No wonder the young master of the Liao family had nightmares. It turned out that the inscription carved on this piece of jade was part of the “ghost-inducing spell”!

He tilted his head to the side as much as possible, Zhang Guozhong took a careful look at the Guanyin statue, and saw that the statue’s left hand (the hand that should have held the jade bottle) was holding the jade box, the right hand had the fearless seal, and the sleeve of the right hand was recessed. One piece—if the ditch was not found, the recessed cuff would probably be understood as a meticulous carving technique, but at this time, it seems that the recessed part in the cuff is as high as that of the dead jade. The width seems to be extremely close!

“There are quite a lot of hearts…” Zhang Guozhong had to admire Zhao Mingchuan’s scheming at this time. If he didn’t know about the Ming Canal, even if he had a stepping stone in his hand, he would never have seen the flaws. Either how come and how come back, or be trapped in the hole by this ghost, even if you can find this, don’t think it’s so easy to take this national seal.

According to the current situation, the only way is to put the Chuan Guoxi seal back into the jade box first, and then put the knocking brick into the cuff of the Guanyin statue. Getting to the sky is hard.

孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘_金枝欲孽之凤凰与鬼_孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘txt

Although he couldn’t move his arms at the moment, his legs were still able to move. After thinking about it again and again, Zhang Guozhong decided to take a risk. Because the Gui Gui behind him is about half a head taller than him, if his feet can hold the dagger and use the gap between the Gui Gui half head higher than him to poke him, maybe there is hope for him to let go? Thinking of this, Zhang Guozhong was stubborn, his legs bent 180 degrees to the top of his head like a “straight body bend” in gymnastics, and then his wrists shook violently, Wentian in his hand flew up more than two feet, and then his legs Taking advantage of the situation, with a snap, Wentian landed right between his legs.

After his legs twitched for a while, Wentian finally rubbed the toes of his feet little by little from his knees. After lowering his legs, Zhang Guozhong exercised enough true qi, bit the tip of his tongue, and spit out a mouthful of true yang saliva.

Seeing that the tip of the dagger was raised a little bit downward, and the tip of the knife was just facing his forehead, Zhang Guozhong also felt a little guilty. This is not an ordinary watermelon knife, but Wentian. In case the position where it fell is slightly deviated, even if One centimeter, the one who is finished is himself.

“One…two…three…” Zhang Guozhong shrank his head sharply, his feet loosened, and the Wentian dagger with Zhenyang saliva plunged straight into the center of Gui Gui’s face, and remained silent. Uncle Hei was shaking all over at this moment, his arms seemed to be a little loose. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang Guozhong let out a loud roar and exerted all his strength to suckle. With a click, Gui Gui’s arm was simply broken by Qi Gan, and a pungent stench suddenly filled the entire secret room.

金枝欲孽之凤凰与鬼_孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘_孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘txt

After standing up at the fastest speed, Zhang Guozhong didn’t even bother to look for the Phoenix and the Ghost . He immediately put He’s jade into the jade box and closed the lid with a bang; he just turned around. , trembling again, I saw that this uncle Guigui stood silently behind him at some point, the Wentian on his face had disappeared, and a mouth had grown on his face at this moment.

“Three…three evil souls…” Zhang Guozhong did not expect that this Zhao Mingchuan would actually play with this kind of thing. Taoism believes that human beings have three souls and seven souls. The so-called evil ghost is a whole with complete three souls and seven souls. Although there is no IQ, after all, they know what to fear and not what to fear. In Luojiang of the Yuan Dynasty, according to legend, there was a supreme secret technique, called “Living the Soul”, which was to separate the soul of the dead; the soul without soul was called “Wulu”, and the soul without soul was called “Yuan”鄔”, also commonly known as “evil soul”, this kind of thing has no taboos and is not afraid of anything. Moreover, once he uses the traditional method of subduing demons and eliminating monsters, he will grow a mouth, and each additional mouth will increase its destructive power by one layer. In the records of Maoshan art, the highest record of the masters fighting against the “evil soul” in the past dynasties is to grow three mouths. Originally, Zhang Guozhong thought that this thing was a legend. The original mouth was just there, and he didn’t see it, but now it seems that he has gained a lot of knowledge. It seems that this thing not only exists, but also in the Republic of China Someone else will do it.

Standing opposite this Gui ghost, although the other party did not intend to attack, Zhang Guozhong was still in a cold sweat. This thing that Zhao Mingchuan made is obviously based on this “soul removal technique” and innovated on his own. He created a personal ghost, and cleverly let the corpse protect the He clan with the power of evil spirits and the grievances of ghosts. Bi. For things like evil spirits, the ancestors of the past dynasties still insisted on “three mouths”. If they hadn’t had this opening brick in hand, they might have died when they first entered the cave.

Bypassing Gui Gui, Zhang Guozhong watched the sleeve of Guanyin’s right hand tremblingly, and found that the actual situation was not as simple as he imagined. The cuff is about four or five inches indented, and there are three faint grooves inside. There are three lines on the cuff outside the “Soul Charm” sleeve, which lead to the three grooves. Zhang Guozhong took out the dead jade and made a gesture. The width of each groove was exactly the thickness of the dead jade. That is to say, the three grooves could fit the dead jade vertically.

金枝欲孽之凤凰与鬼_孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘_孽爱 鬼王的第十个新娘txt

“Multiple-choice questions…?” Zhang Guozhong’s sweat came out again, thinking that it would be great if he knew the slogan—two of these three slots must be fake. But if you don’t understand the scriptures, and the dead jade is stuffed wrongly, the three spirits sealed in the He’s jade will be released. At least it’s a “Thousand Soul Mandrill” level thing, and by then, the stepping stone will definitely fail, and it will die even worse…

Crouching in the water, Zhang Guozhong gritted his teeth and went home? He’s jade is right in front of you, so it’s too useless to go back like this; if you don’t go back, if you make a mistake, it’s basically impossible to come up with this hole with your own two brushes.

“Hey! You should have aniseed rice in your life, and you will be dissatisfied when you travel all over the world…” Zhang Guozhong also learned what old Liutou said. Young is young, and when his head is hot, he can do anything – if the one who is in the cave at this moment is the old man Liu Tou would never act rashly without a definite answer, but Zhang Guozhong was different. At this time, he had already made up his mind and decided to take it once…

According to Zhang Guozhong’s idea, when the Gui ghost is motionless, first set up an array around it, and then stuff the jade. Of course it’s best to be right. Even if it’s wrong, this array should be able to trap this thing. For a minute or two, and with my own skills, it is no problem to climb out with the He Shibi during this period; and the evil ghost is different from the Gui ghost and the evil spirit. Basically, they will not climb the wall. A letter from the entrance of the cave, slip away, as for the black grandfather in the cave, whoever encounters whoever is unlucky.

But at this moment, the house is full of water, and it is difficult to form an array on the ground. The only way is to use the wall, but what kind of array can be placed on the wall to trap the evil spirits on the ground…? Zhang Guozhong was thinking about taking things out of his bag. At this time, he suddenly felt a chill on his body. Looking down, it turned out that his hand happened to be holding the bottle left by Zhao Kuncheng’s father…

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