The Ghost Is Around Us

Li Wenyu has been able to see ghosts since he was a child. When everyone else was curious about ghosts, he thought ghosts were very common.

The first time I met Li Wenyu was at a masquerade party.

That masquerade had a special name, the Ghost Ball.

In fact, the so-called ghost ball means that we dress ourselves up as the ghosts in our minds and attend this special masquerade ball.

At the dance, several men wore ancient official uniforms and painted their faces very white with makeup. The other men wore various styles of costumes from different eras, but their faces were all painted very white with makeup.

Those ladies wore heavy makeup and a variety of clothes.

They expressed the ghosts in their hearts vividly. I originally wanted to dress up based on Sadako, but I finally felt that there are no ghosts in the world. Even if there are ghosts, they are illusory and ever-changing, which is simply beyond human imagination.

So I wore a white dress to the party.

I was a little disappointed when I saw them all dressed so strangely, but then I met Li Wenyu. At that moment, I really felt like I had met someone of my own kind.

I was very excited, so I walked towards Li Wenyu with a smile. Unexpectedly, when Li Wenyu saw me, he asked me a question very excitedly, which made me confused.

"Can you see those things too?" Li Wenyu asked excitedly.

I stood there in confusion. At first I thought he was not talking to me, but when I turned around and looked around, I was sure that he was indeed talking to me.

Li Wenyu saw the confusion on my face, sighed softly, and said with a look of disappointment: "I thought I met someone who can see ghosts like me?"

I don’t know how other people reacted when they heard this, but after hearing what Li Wenyu said, I felt very curious.

I asked with excitement and curiosity: "Can you see ghosts? What do ghosts look like?"

Li Wenyu said weakly: "Just like a living person."

How is this possible? I thought doubtfully in my mind.

However, it was rare to hear someone say that they could see ghosts. I had always doubted whether there were ghosts in the world, so of course I would not let it go. At that time, I didn't know where I got the courage from, and I grabbed Li Wenyu who was walking towards the food table. Li Wenyu turned around and looked at me in confusion when I grabbed his hand.

I let go of his hand awkwardly, but Li Wenyu sighed and stayed where he was, as if waiting for my question.

I lowered my head, my face flushed, and asked stupidly: "Can you really see ghosts?"

Li Wenyu rolled his eyes and said nothing.

I waited for a long time but didn't get any answer from him, so I could only look up at him awkwardly.

But I noticed that he wasn't looking at me at all. His eyes were fixed on the people who were dancing happily on the dance floor. I followed his eyes and felt like there was a ghost in my body . Apart from those people with exaggerated costumes, I didn't see anything special.

I never thought about what Li Wenyu was looking at.

I asked in confusion: "What are you looking at?"

Li Wenyu didn't even raise his head, still maintaining the same posture, and said coldly: "It's really a party between humans and ghosts. The humans look like ghosts, and the ghosts look like humans."

Li Wenyu's words made me even more confused. I saw his serious face and thought to myself: Could he be a lunatic? I looked at him fearfully and sneaked away.

But I never imagined that a few days later, I would meet him again at a blind date arranged for me by a friend. I looked at him with fear on my face. When I thought of his madness, I felt a little scared in my heart.

But when Li Wenyu saw me, he suddenly smiled at me. His smile made me even more scared.

I swallowed and tried to run outside by dragging my friend, but my friend pushed me down at the table opposite Li Wenyu.

My whole body was shaking with anxiety. I looked at Li Wenyu in fear. I didn't know how crazy he was and I was very afraid that he would suddenly go crazy and hit me.

Maybe Li Wenyu saw the fear on my face and guessed what I was thinking. He smiled and said, "I'm really sorry for what I did last time. I can really see ghosts. It's just that people have been asking me what ghosts look like since I was a child. Now when I hear people asking me what ghosts look like, I feel bored, so I scared you like that."

I swallowed. I really didn't think he was a normal person. Especially his explanation, which made me wish I could grow a pair of wings and fly away immediately.

But at this moment, my friend spoke up, and she said seriously: "Jingjing, I don't know what happened between you and Wenyu that made you so scared when you saw him. Wenyu is my cousin, and he and I grew up together. I know he really sees ghosts, so I never like to go out on the street with him. I remember when he was very young, one time, I took him to play on the street, and he pointed to a pregnant woman and said to me, "Sister, there is a very small girl in that woman's belly." At that time, I thought he was joking, but he pointed to another girl and said that an old man passed through the girl's body. Later, he said a lot more about this, and after that, I never went out shopping with him again."

After listening to my friend, the worry in my heart was replaced by curiosity. I looked at Li Wenyu's eyes curiously. I really didn't think his eyes were any different from those of normal people.

Li Wenyu saw that I was full of confusion, and perhaps to satisfy my curiosity, or perhaps to relieve my fear, he smiled and told me his story.

"I have been able to see those unclean things since I was very young. At first, because I was too young, I thought that what I saw was no different from what others saw. But as I grew up, I realized that I could see things that others could not see, which are what people often call ghosts."

"What does that ghost look like?" I asked puzzledly.

"Ghosts actually look no different from humans. They have always lived around us. They are like humans. There is a ghost in my body , male or female, old or young, but they are more transparent, and they don't walk with their feet. They often pass through people's bodies. There are more ghosts in crowded and lively places, and fewer ghosts in deserted places."

I asked in confusion: "Don't ghosts stay in uninhabited places?"

Li Wenyu shook his head helplessly and said: "In fact, ghosts have always been around us."

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