Something Ghostly Happened At Home

Section 4:

Yu Jun and Lin Yihang had just sat down. Yu Jun originally planned to ask Wu Yuan if he wanted to find Chen Wen, the murderer of his wife, through ghosts, but he did not expect Wu Yuan to speak first.

"You are here to check on those who have a mental breakdown, right? Yes, they did break down because of me. I used the pupil technique to let a ghost absorb their yang energy. They were somewhat mentally fragile and collapsed when they returned home. In fact, I don’t want this to happen, it’s all that damn Chen Wen’s fault.” At this point, Wu Yuan’s expression became cruel, and it seemed that his hatred for Chen Wen was deep in his bones. He went on to say:

"Two years ago, my wife was raped and then killed by Chen Wen. After the police found out that he was the murderer, I secretly killed him at night, cut his body into pieces, and fed his dirty flesh and blood to wild dogs." He looked at Yu Jun and Lin Yihang, who were shocked. It turned out that Chen Wen was killed by Wu Yuan, so why did Wu Yuan help a ghost reincarnate?

"But what I didn't expect was that Chen Wen turned into a fierce ghost after his death because of the evil he did during his lifetime. He couldn't reincarnate, so he came to find me. At that time, I knew that my wife died unjustly, and it would not be easy to reincarnate after death. , so I went to learn the pupil technique so that I could see her. Even though we were separated by Yin and Yang, I was satisfied as long as I could see her. Chen Wen knew that I had learned the pupil technique, and I opened the pupil technique that day. When I met my wife, I didn't expect to see the scene of Chen Wen bullying Ah Fang. At that time, I rushed to kill Chen Wen, but his ghost power was too strong, and Ah Fang couldn't beat him, and he pinned him to the wall. Wen threatened me and asked me to help him absorb Yang Qi and reincarnate, otherwise he would make A Fang lose his soul. I had to promise him that I would find someone to collect Yang Qi for him every month. He can reincarnate with his personal Yang Qi. But just last night, A Fang suddenly disappeared. I went to find Chen Wen. Chen Wen said that A Fang wanted to find someone to help her the day before yesterday, but the person was stunned. In order to punish Ah Fang, he forcibly took away Ah Fang's ghost power. Yesterday, two people came to take her away. I think it was you two.

After listening to Wu Yuan's story, both Yu Jun and Lin Yihang took a breath. Neither of them expected that things turned out to be like this, and that the culprit turned out to be Chen Wen.

"Can you return A Fang to me now?"

Yu Jun nodded, handed the small bottle to Wu Yuan, and said:

"She was seriously injured by my copper coin sword yesterday, so she can't leave this little bottle."

Wu Yuan took the bottle and wiped it carefully. Suddenly, a dark wind blew over. The bottle in Wu Yuan's hand was hit by some external force and fell to the ground and broke. Wu Yuan screamed and squatted on the ground to pick up the fragments. His hands were scratched and bleeding.

Yu Jun quickly used his pupil technique and saw a ferocious-looking ghost floating in the air looking at them fiercely. His appearance was exactly what Chen Wen looked like in the information. Yu Jun took out his copper coin sword and signaled Lin Yihang to step back. This ghost was so powerful that all three of them might die here.

"Hahahaha, Wu Yuan, now that I have absorbed almost all of my yang energy, you have no use for it anymore, so you should die."

Chen Wen suddenly flashed in front of Wu Yuan and wanted to strangle him to death. Yu Jun fended him off with a copper coin sword, then took out a yellow talisman from his arms and stuck it on Chen Wen. Chen Wen immediately felt as if he had been struck by lightning and was in pain. Unbearable. Yu Jun took the opportunity to pierce the copper coin sword into Chen Wen's body, but he didn't expect that he would never be able to pull it out.

"Hmph, you want to kill me, your ethics are not enough." Chen Wen recovered after a while, Yu Jun's copper coin sword was taken away by him, and now Yu Jun can't deal with him.

"Chen Wen, you killed my wife and ruined my family. If I die today, your soul will be shattered." Wu Yuan was seen using the Eye Technique, but he didn't stop moving, and pried off the two eyeballs with both hands. , and threw it towards Chen Wen. Yu Jun remembered that for those who practice eye skills, their eyes will have a certain restraint effect on ghosts. If their eyes are used as weapons, even the most powerful ghosts will be driven away, but the cost is to dig out their eyes. .

Wu Yuan's eyes flew to Chen Wen. Chen Wen shouted no, followed by an explosion. Lin Yihang and Yu Jun only felt that their eyes were flashed by a bright light. When they opened their eyes, Chen Wen had disappeared without a trace. No trace left.


Lin Yihang was startled by Wu Yuan's actions, and he didn't recover for a long time. The image of Wu Yuan pulling his eyes out was repeated in his mind. How much hatred was needed to act so resolutely. At this moment, Lin Yihang heard Yu Jun's shout.

"Wu Yuan, no!"

Only then did Lin Yihang react and looked towards Wu Yuan. Wu Yuan found a knife from somewhere and inserted it into his heart. When Lin Yihang looked over, he had already fallen to the ground. In a pool of blood.

However, Lin Yihang saw a relieved smile on Wu Yuan's blood-covered face. He smiled so happily. Maybe this was the best ending for him. Only in this way could he not have to bear the sins of the world. Lin Yihang bowed to Wu Yuan's body with respect, sorrow and regret.

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The plot of this ghost story has twists and turns and incorporates elements from many folklore about unjust ghosts and evil ghosts, creating an intricate entanglement between the worlds of yin and yang. The story explores heavy themes such as hatred, revenge, and sacrifice. The fate of the characters changes from joy to sorrow, and finally ends abruptly with a climax when a man commits suicide by cutting his wrists. The whole story has an eerie and gloomy atmosphere, and the details are attractive and worth reading. However, the ending was too abrupt. If the ending could be expanded, the effect would be better.

Section 1:

In order to allow students to study with peace of mind, the school chose its location on the edge of the city. Although affected by the school, many people came to the school to look for opportunities and focused on the students with the idea of ​​making money. Despite this, the area around the school is not as prosperous as the city.

There is an area of ​​bungalows next to the school where some farmers or migrant workers live. In the evening, Lin Yihang was walking in one of the alleys. They formed a band at the university and rented a house next to the school. They usually trained there. He had just delivered a piano to the rented house and was now Getting ready to go back to school.

There was no one in the alley, only bungalows connected to each other could be seen. When Lin Yihang walked to one of the bungalows, he suddenly heard a strange noise. Lin Yihang turned his head and looked at the wall next to him. The female ghost with bared teeth and disheveled hair was staring at him. She stretched out her hands and opened her mouth as if to bite him. Lin Yihang was startled, took several steps back, turned around and was about to run away. As he ran, he looked behind him and saw the terrifying female ghost following him. Lin Yihang turned a corner, and the female ghost suddenly came through the wall. She stretched out her hand to pinch Lin Yihang's neck. Lin Yihang was so frightened that he fell down. The female ghost didn't catch him, so he jumped up and ran away. , but unexpectedly the female ghost suddenly disappeared. Because he didn't control his body shape well and was afraid, Lin Yihang's foot was hit by a stone, and he fell to the ground and fainted.

After waking up, Lin Yihang found himself lying on a bed. The facilities in the room were simple, with only a table and a bed. He touched his head. There was a big bump on it and it hurt. He remembered that he saw a female ghost yesterday, and then fell to the ground and fainted. Recalling the appearance of the female ghost, Lin Yihang was still afraid. He didn't understand when he would provoke such a thing. Lin Yihang didn't know what happened next. How he got to this room and who brought him here, he wanted to find out quickly.

At this moment, the door was pushed open, and an ordinary-looking middle-aged man walked in. Seeing that Lin Yihang was awake, he smiled at him, brought a glass of water over and let Lin Yihang drink it.

"Are you wondering why you are here?" The middle-aged man said with a smile. Lin Yihang always felt that there was a lot of mystery in his smile. "Oh, by the way, my name is Yu Jun."

"Yesterday…" Lin Yihang was about to ask, but was interrupted by Yu Jun.

"When I got to that alley yesterday, you had already collapsed there. It seemed that you were very frightened. I noticed that the yang energy in your body was much less, so I brought you back. Yesterday you If you encounter anything, tell me. Although I am not a professional, it is enough. "

Lin Yihang heard from his words that he was referring to the ghost he had seen. He also wanted to know why he was suddenly haunted by a ghost, so he told Yu Jun about the ghost he saw yesterday.

After hearing this, Yu Jun frowned, thought for a long time, and said to Lin Yihang:

"Do you know under what circumstances a person can see ghosts?"

Lin Yihang shook his head.

"Ghosts exist in the world, but living people generally cannot see them, because once everyone can see them, the world will be in chaos. But a long time ago, someone practiced a kind of pupil technique in order to see ghosts. As long as By using this pupil technique, he and the people within a five-meter radius of him can see ghosts, and they will no longer be able to see ghosts once they leave this range. No matter what the reason is, there are many people who know this pupil technique, and usually people Hell, it was either someone who wanted to be seen by someone else, or someone who accidentally walked into someone else's pupil range."

Section 2:

After hearing this, Lin Yihang suddenly realized. No wonder some people say they have seen ghosts, but not everyone has seen them. It turns out that they must be within the range of this kind of pupil technique to see them.

"Then I entered someone else's pupil range yesterday? Is it a coincidence? But why did that ghost want to kill me as soon as it saw me?"

"According to your description, the ghost was on the wall at first, and it looked ferocious. This kind of ghost is either a vicious ghost or an unjust ghost. They cannot be reborn, so they can only cling to the wall. The ghost is obviously targeting Yours, she pounced on you, probably to suck away your yang energy. There is only one way for the unjust ghosts and evil ghosts to be reincarnated, and that is to withstand enough yang energy. Ordinary people will be sucked by ghosts after just one look at them. Take away part of the Yang Qi, just like you have lost a little Yang Qi now, but it will slowly be replenished. The unjust ghost and the evil ghost must bear the Yang Qi of a hundred people before they can be reincarnated. That ghost may be too anxious and suck it up. One person's yang energy is equivalent to ten yang energy absorbed by being seen, so she wants to suck you dry."

After hearing this, Lin Yihang broke into a cold sweat behind his back, but he became confused again. Yesterday, the ghost was about to fall on him, but it suddenly disappeared again. Could it be that the ghost suddenly didn't want to suck him dry?

"But why did the ghost suddenly disappear yesterday?"

"Because you walked out of the range of the pupil technique. Although I don't know why the ghost targeted you, I always feel that you may have just happened to walk into the range of someone else's pupil technique."

After Yu Jun finished speaking, he walked to the table, took out a few photos from the drawer, and threw them in front of me. I picked them up and looked at them. There were several people on them, but everyone looked pale, as if they had been hurt. Huge scare. I looked at Yu Jun doubtfully.

"Actually, I didn't happen to pass by there that day. I have been observing nearby for the past few days. Because of my ability, I was entrusted by the police station to investigate some things. The nearby hospital has recently received many patients with mental breakdowns, which is very strange. , they had like a collective mental breakdown, and they had all been frightened before, so the police investigated and found that they had all been to the hell before they collapsed."

After hearing these words, Lin Yihang began to feel irritable. He was naturally uncomfortable being involved in this kind of thing for no reason. He is still just a college student, and he doesn't want his life to be disturbed by all kinds of strange things. He wanted to resolve this as quickly as possible.

"Then what have you found out now?"

"The only thing that has been found out so far is that the place where these people went before their mental breakdown was the home of a man named Wu Yuan. It is said that this Wu Yuan would hold a stranger party at his home every month, just to meet a group of strangers. People, everyone eats and drinks together. Many people like to attend this kind of party."

"That means Wu Yuan came to many people in the name of such a party, and then used the pupil technique to let the ghosts who cannot be reincarnated absorb their yang energy, and then reincarnate. Is that so?"

"This is indeed the case at the moment. Regardless of whether he wants to reincarnate an incapable ghost, what he does is illegal and will have a great impact on society, so I decided to go again this evening , see if we can capture that ghost. As long as we capture the ghost, what he does will be meaningless."

"Didn't you say that only people with eye skills can see ghosts? How are you going to capture that ghost?"

Yu Jun looked at Lin Yihang and smiled and said:

"I can also use eye magic."

In the evening, Yu Jun went to the bungalow area again. Lin Yihang said that he would also go there. He wanted to see Yu Jun take in the ghost and settle his worries. Yu Jun did not object. Lin Yihang Just followed.

The two of them came to the place where Lin Yihang saw a ghost yesterday . The ghost screamed and caught the ghost . Yu Jun told Lin Yihang that this bungalow was Wu Yuan's home. The two people approached the bungalow cautiously. Lin Yihang's nerves were tense. He was afraid that the ghost from yesterday would suddenly run out, so he followed Yu Jun closely. Yu Jun was holding a copper coin sword in his hand. When he went out, Lin Yihang saw that he also put a small green bottle in his pocket.

Yu Jun raised his hand to signal Lin Yihang to stop and said:

"It seems that he did not use the pupil technique today, otherwise we would see the ghost. So now I will use the pupil technique, and you should be mentally prepared."

Lin Yihang nodded. Yu Jun bit one of his fingers, spread the blood evenly on his index and middle fingers, then made a seal with his hands, recited a mantra that Lin Yihang didn't understand, and then placed a spell on both eyes. After a flash of golden light, Lin Yihang noticed that Yu Jun's pupils turned red.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yihang noticed the changes around him. When he looked up, he found that the terrifying female ghost he saw yesterday was staying on the wall. But what was different from yesterday was that the female ghost was now dying. , as if his soul would soon be shattered.

When the female ghost saw that Yu Jun and Lin Yihang suddenly saw her, she immediately struggled to rush towards them. Yu Jun held a copper coin sword and stabbed towards the female ghost. Although this female ghost was dying, it was still difficult for Yu Jun to deal with. Yu Jun was sure that this female ghost must be an unjust death ghost, and it was resentment that supported her to do evil. At this moment, he also discovered that the female ghost did not have much yang energy. Yu Jun was confused, could it be that the ghost Wu Yuan had been helping was not this female ghost? Is there another ghost?

Section 3:

Yu Jun and the female ghost were quarreling with each other, while Lin Yihang didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Lin Yihang's copper coin sword was slapped away by the female ghost, and fell right at Lin Yihang's feet.

Yu Jun wanted to give up dealing with this ghost for the time being. The police would give him all the information about Wu Yuan tomorrow. He wanted to study it carefully before making a decision.

At this moment, Lin Yihang suddenly picked up the copper coin sword on the ground, and while the female ghost and Yu Jun were dealing with each other, he suddenly thrust the swords into the female ghost's body. The female ghost let out a scream, and wisps of black energy came from The female ghost appeared on her body, and it was already too late when Yu Jun wanted to stop it.

Yu Jun quickly took out the small green bottle from his clothes, opened the cap, and recited a spell to the female ghost. Suddenly, the female ghost was sucked into the small bottle by a suction force. Yu Jun looked very unhappy because he had not told Lin Yihang that they had found the wrong ghost, but Lin Yihang killed the ghost. But now that it's like this, Yu Jun can't say anything. Maybe if this female ghost is left in the world, she will harm others in the future.

Lin Yihang breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yu Jun put the female ghost into the bottle. He thought that the matter was finally over, and he felt relieved. But he suddenly noticed that Yu Jun’s face didn’t look good, so he asked:

"We have taken this ghost into our custody. You seem to be worried."

"No, this matter is not over yet. I'm afraid we have found the wrong person."

The two of them returned to Yu Jun's house. Yu Jun explained to Lin Yihang that generally if a ghost absorbs a lot of yang energy, its ghost power should also be very strong, but this female ghost looks like she may lose her soul at any time. It doesn't look like he has absorbed a lot of yang energy at all, which means that Wu Yuan is actually helping another ghost.

After hearing the explanation, Lin Yihang's heart was filled with a layer of gloom. He originally thought that the matter was over, but now his heart is rising again, and no one will feel better.

Lin Yihang simply slept at Yu Jun's place that night, and the next morning the police sent Yu Jun information about Wu Yuan. Yu Jun frowned after reading it, and Lin Yihang took the information and read it again.

It turned out that Wu Yuan's wife was raped and then killed two years ago. Wu Yuan begged the police to find the murderer. Later, the murderer was found to be Wu Yuan's colleague Chen Wen. Just when the police went to arrest Chen Wen The ghost screams and catches the ghost , but Chen Wen suddenly disappeared. After two years of searching, he still has not found where Chen Wen was hidden.

"Does this Wu Yuan want to use the ghost's ability to find Chen Wen for revenge? In the same way, he must meet some conditions set by the ghost?" Lin Yihang asked.

"It's possible. This will explain things. Then the ghost we collected yesterday was Wu Yuan's wife. She was raped and then killed. She has a lot of resentment, so she has never been able to reincarnate."

"Then why did she kill me that day?"

"Maybe you misunderstood. She may be trying to convey some information to you." Yu Jun frowned again. So what information did she want to convey? She had been taken into custody and they had no way of asking questions.

Lin Yihang only felt very guilty. It turned out that the female ghost did not want to kill him, but he accepted her. But things have happened and cannot be undone. All we can do now is figure out what happened.

So that afternoon, Yu Jun and Lin Yihang came to Wu Yuan's house again, and this time they knocked directly on Wu Yuan's door. What came out was a haggard, slovenly middle-aged man with bloodshot eyes and a faint red tint above his pupils. Yu Jun told Lin Yihang that the eyes of people who often use eye surgery will become like this.

"Do you know eye skills?" Yu Jun asked straight to the point.

Wu Yuan was obviously stunned by Yu Jun's question. He didn't speak for several seconds. Suddenly, his expression turned ferocious. He grabbed Yu Jun's collar and asked him:

"Tell me, did you take Ah Fang away? She was still there the day before yesterday, but she suddenly disappeared yesterday. Tell me, is it you?"

"Calm down first. It's true that I took her away, but if you don't calm down, I can't guarantee that she will still have a chance to be reincarnated."

Wu Yuan immediately stopped, and Lin Yihang also looked at Yu Jun. He just saw Yu Jun put A Fang into the small green bottle, and thought he had killed her, but he didn't expect that A Fang still existed.

Yu Jun took out the small green bottle and said to Wu Yuan:

"Afang is right here. I can return her to you, but before that I have to ask you a few questions."

Wu Yuan looked at the bottle in Yu Jun's hand, his eyes filled with distress, and then nodded. He brought Yu Jun and Lin Yihang into a room.

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