Dead Girl Turns Into A Ghost Killing Her Son

Chatting with colleagues during breakfast in the cafeteria, I heard a story that made me feel unspeakably heavy and depressed. I sigh that there are thousands of fates in the world, and those who can enter a family are not necessarily all good fates where love is thicker than water. For example, the family in today's story repays each other for their grievances, and their hatred will never end.

My colleague got to know a friend from my hometown. This young man is twenty-five years old. He has just graduated and works in a large architectural design firm. A few months ago, when he was actually inspecting the construction site, he stumbled and fell from a steel frame that was nearly ten meters away. He suffered multiple fractures and contusions all over his body, and even suffered a slight concussion from the fall.

Colleagues and lovers went to the hospital to visit, and always felt that the young man's eyes were wandering and his expression was frightened. The colleague reassured him and said: "We have asked the doctor. You have a mild trauma and nothing serious. You will recover naturally after a few days of recuperation. Don't think about it!"

Unexpectedly, the young man had his eyes fixed on his colleague, and said quietly: "I didn't fall down by accident, it was… my mother pushed me…" As soon as the words came out, the colleague's heart shivered, and then a chill ran down his spine, Got goosebumps all over my body.

It is said that this young man's mother has been dead for twenty years. At that time, his colleague was still in junior high school in his hometown county. The young man's father can be counted as a "big wine putty" that can be counted in all directions. He drank every day, and when he was drunk, he beat the young man's mother.

In that era, many men in barren areas were addicted to alcohol, and it was not uncommon for a drunk to beat a woman, so even though the young man's mother was beaten by his father twice every three days, no one really took it back. Take things seriously, let alone stop them.

Later, the woman gave birth to a son, and the man really restrained himself for a while. But when the child was under three years old, he relapsed into drinking and violence again. Year after year of physical and mental pain, the woman couldn't bear it. When her son was more than three years old, she ran back to her mother's house and insisted on divorcing the man. After a stalemate between the two, the man finally agreed.

When the woman came back to pack her things and prepare for divorce, the son, who had not seen her mother for more than a month, jumped up and hugged her thigh, crying heartbreakingly: "Mother won't go~ I miss mother, I won't let mother go Mother, mother, don’t leave.” The woman cruelly closed her eyes and kicked him, but the child’s dirty little hands insisted on clinging to her mother and would not let go.

The woman finally compromised. She knelt down and pulled her son into her arms. The mother and son wept bitterly. Their tears flowed together, and it was impossible to tell which one belonged to the mother and which belonged to the son.

So it went on for another two years. Men become more violent and brutal. Women were often beaten by him so that they couldn't get out of the kang for several days, and bruises and bruises all over their bodies were commonplace. During this period, the woman wanted to leave many times, but was kept by her son's helpless tears and frightened eyes.

When his son was five years old, the man was so drunk that he stripped the woman of all her clothes and beat her head and face with burning tongs. The woman couldn't bear it and rushed out of the house, and the man even went crazy with alcohol and chased the naked woman with disheveled hair for several streets. That night, the woman committed suicide by drinking pesticide.

The father and son depended on each other to make the baby come back to life . The man continued to drink alcohol and beat his son to vent when he was drunk. One late night, the man came back from playing cards with some drinking buddies. When he passed the crossroads in front of his house on an electric bicycle, he suddenly saw his dead wife standing upright by the side of the road. Her long hair almost covered her entire face and her eyes were alive. Take off are two big blood holes, and blood is still gurgling out.

The man's shock was no small matter, and he turned the handlebar violently when he was out of his wits, and he and the car rolled over the roadbed. The man who was lucky enough to escape broke his hip and became neurotic from then on, as if he drank half a catty of liquor all day long, telling everyone that the dead woman had come back to claim her life.

Within half a year, the man died of liver cancer. The dying days were very difficult. In the middle of the night, he would howl, scratch and scratch, and kept crying that his dead wife was coming to pick out his eyeballs.

On the night when he died, his son fell asleep in a daze. In his dream, he heard his father let out a scream that was not human-like. The son trembled and took a closer look. The man had already died of anger. Thick blood, but his eyes turned into big holes with red gushing springs.

The man gouged out his own eyes before dying.

This incident was widely circulated at the time, and people were panicked for a while. After many years, the ghost of the baby came back , and my colleagues all remembered that after the death of the man, their yard was surrounded by an indescribable sense of depression all day long, making people afraid to move forward and deterred.

But this time, what does the boy's injury have to do with his mother who has been dead for many years? A colleague asked and found out that the boy went to the construction site of the unit's project to investigate and investigate. When he climbed the scaffolding more than ten meters high to check the quality of the project, he suddenly heard someone call him his childhood nickname.

The voice was flat and dry, calling him over and over again without any emotion. Although his mother passed away more than ten years ago, the boy still instantly recalled that it was his mother's voice! In a daze, I saw my mother floating in front of me, and I was stunned to see that he stretched out his hand and pushed him lightly, and he fell off the scaffolding.

At the moment of falling, the boy saw a cold-blooded smile hanging on his mother's lips, and his eyes were full of cruelty and resentment, completely missing the love and trust in his childhood memory. That gaze made him shudder and shudder.

A tiger does not eat its children. It is hard for me to imagine that there are mothers who would go out of their way to harm their children. However, the extent to which the soul that has been soaked in suffering, insulted and damaged for a long time will be distorted and alienated is probably beyond our imagination.

The souls of those who died suddenly have deep obsessions, and it is the most difficult to breathe. The deep-rooted unwillingness made this miserable woman unable to let go of the pain of her past, so she ruthlessly killed her and retaliated wantonly. However, after killing your husband and harming your son, can you really be liberated? Or fall into an even more illusory endless purgatory in a single thought…

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