Pay Off The Tears Owed By The Previous Life

Wu Xuelian would dream every night that she looked the same as herself, with fierce eyes, but a terribly pale face. A man in a white gown with a long sword in his hand said coldly to the empty darkness, "In this life, I owe All your tears, I will definitely pay back in the next life."

At the beginning, Wu Xuelian felt that this man was very strange, he could pay back everything, how could he pay back tears? But the man swore that the tears he owed in his previous life would be paid back in this life, and that this man looked exactly like himself Who is the man in front of me? What relationship does he have with me? Why does he look exactly like me? And why does he appear in my dream for no reason? Wu Xuelian thought nervously in her heart.

Every day after Wu Xuelian wakes up, there are many questions in her mind, all about the man who looks like herself.

That night, Wu Xuelian dreamed of that man again, but he no longer said to the empty darkness: "I owe you all the tears in this life, and I will definitely repay you in the next life." Wearing an ancient costume, the tear-stained woman collapsed on the ground, looking at the man sadly.

Wu Xuelian looked at the tense atmosphere between the two of them, who was the ghost master Lin Qi in his previous life , her intuition told her that the relationship between these two people was not simple, she always felt that this man who looked like her was the same as the full-bodied man on the ground. The woman staring at him with a resentful face must have some emotional entanglement. It's just that Wu Xuelian racked her brains and couldn't figure out what relationship they have with her.

Until Wu Xuelian saw Bai Mengjie, she recognized at first sight that Bai Mengjie looked very similar to the woman in her dream, and could even be said to be exactly the same. Although Wu Xuelian tried her best to avoid Bai Mengjie, she still couldn't escape Bai Mengjie's pursuit in the end, and fell in love with this man who exuded resentment all over his body and was hot and cold towards her without hesitation.

When Wu Xuelian and Bai Mengjie fell in love, she always felt that apart from love, there was also an nameless resentment in the eyes of Bai Mengjie looking at her, which was exactly the same as the resentful gaze of the woman she saw in her dream lying on the ground.

Sometimes Wu Xuelian feels that she is the man in her dreams, and Bai Mengjie is the woman in her dreams. No matter how much resentment and indifference there is in Bai Mengjie's eyes, no matter how much Wu Xuelian avoids, they still love each other deeply.

That night, Wu Xuelian had a high fever. She called Bai Mengjie desperately, but she couldn't get in touch with Bai Mengjie, so she had to go to the hospital alone. After arriving at the hospital and receiving a drip, Wu Xuelian was still very empty and helpless. She still kept calling Bai Mengjie, but before she could tell that she was sick, Bai Mengjie told her drunkenly that he was having a party with friends and would call her when he was free. How much Wu Xuelian longed to tell Bai Mengjie that she was sick, and let him come to the hospital to accompany her. But before Wu Xuelian could speak, she was hung up by Bai Mengjie.

Fragile tears flowed down Wu Xuelian's cheeks silently. Wu Xuelian lay limp on the hospital bed. She thought of all the past. She thought of every special day, like Valentine's Day, like her own birthday, like the anniversary of love Like the anniversary of their acquaintance, Bai Mengjie not only played cleanly, but was often not by Wu Xuelian's side.

Every Valentine's Day, Wu Xuelian walks on the street, looking at the couples holding hands, as well as the roses and chocolates all over the street, her tears will flow like a faucet turned on.

Sometimes, Wu Xuelian felt bored at home alone, and imagined that her boyfriend could always be by her side like other couples, so she called Bai Mengjie, hoping that Bai Mengjie could accompany her. But Bai Mengjie either hung up the phone after saying a few words, or didn't answer the phone directly. Which time, Wu Xuelian didn't wash her face with tears.

Wu Xuelian thought of when she was with Bai Mengjie, she sometimes inadvertently met Bai Mengjie's resentful gaze, and she would feel a chill. The strange thing is that Bai Mengjie's resentful eyes only look at her. Wu Xuelian, who was lying on the hospital bed, suddenly felt that she was the man in her dream, who came to pay off the tears owed to Bai Mengjie in her previous life.

Wu Xuelian thought of all the things that happened over the years, she really felt that she was tired, she really didn't want to continue living with Bai Mengjie, she felt that it was too tiring to continue living with Bai Mengjie. But she didn't want to leave Bai Mengjie, because she loved Bai Mengjie too much.

Wu Xuelian cried bitterly all night, and she finally decided to leave this world with her love for Bai Mengjie.

Wu Xuelian wiped her tears, took out a pen and quickly wrote down her last message on the white wall of the hospital.

I saw Wu Xuelian quickly wrote on the wall: "Meng Jie, why do you pretend not to see all the changes I made for you, why you can't understand my feelings even though I shed endless tears for you? Heartbroken? Do you have to take out my bleeding heart before you understand my love? Do you have to tell me everything so that you can understand my love? Why do I give my whole world to you? I lost you, but you are still the same as before. Is it because you don’t love me enough, or I love you too much? Meng Jie, is it possible that I can occupy a small corner in your heart only if I disappear forever?!”

After Wu Xuelian finished writing the last words in her life, she put down the pen in her hand, with a face full of relief, and walked slowly towards the top floor of the hospital with firm steps.

Wu Xuelian stood on the edge of the hospital roof and looked into the distance. Her eyes were very empty . Who was the ghost master Lin Qi in his previous life ? She didn't feel regretful when she thought that she was about to leave this world. Instead, she felt it was a kind of relief. Taking a deep breath, she felt that the pores of her whole body were opened, and her whole body felt a sense of relief and relaxation.

Wu Xuelian's light leap forward brought an end to her life.

Wu Xuelian's soul floated out of her body lightly, and some pictures she had never seen before flooded into her mind. It turned out that the man in her dream was herself, and that happened eight hundred years ago.

At that time, Wu Xuelian was still a man, a rich young master named Gan Zixuan, but he was married to the woman in his dreams, Bai Mengjie's previous life, Lin Yunxi, at his fingertips since he was a child. But Gan Zixuan loved his maid Biyu, so he married one wife and one concubine on the same day. Of course Lin Yunxi is the wife and Biyu is the concubine. But Gan Zixuan loved Biyu, so after getting married, he pampered Biyu day and night and never stepped into Lin Yunxi's room.

Ever since Lin Yunxi married Gan Zixuan, she forced herself to smile every day and shed tears every night. Especially after she found out that Biyu was pregnant, she made up her mind to hurt Biyu and the child in her belly. After the death of Biyu's mother and son, Gan Zixuan was heartbroken, so he broke into Lin Yunxi's room with a sword. Lin Yunxi knew that the matter had been revealed, so she collapsed on the ground, blaming Gan Zixuan helplessly and resentfully, saying All this is his fault, he ruined her life, he forced himself from an ignorant lady into a vicious bitter woman.

Of course, Gan Zixuan also knew that he had no choice but to marry Lin Yunxi, and that he had indeed ruined Lin Yunxi's life, so he said coldly: "I owe you all the tears in this life, and I will definitely pay back in the next life. "

Just killed Lin Yunxi, and then committed suicide.

Wu Xuelian knew that all the hardships she suffered and all the tears she shed were all mistakes she made in her previous life.

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