The Damn Handsome Guy Works Hard, Read Online In The Basement

Everyone has strength, but the average person's content is very little. And my natural strength should be at least dozens of times that of normal people. And Gangqi likes to get together. If you don't know how to control the strength in your body, you will easily be sucked away by someone whose strength is ten times stronger than your own. What's left in your body will be very little!

And I'm very lucky. I haven't met anyone who is more than ten times stronger than me in my body. However, people who are ten or even a hundred times weaker than me can be seen when they go out! Therefore, after twenty years, my strength has become more than 100 million times that of ordinary people. However, among the chosen ones, there is only a very small number.

Last time on the overpass, what the fortune teller gave me turned out to be a jade knife, which was used to protect the strong energy in my body, because I can't control the strong energy at will. If I meet someone who is stronger than me, A spiritually chosen person with more than ten times the energy. I have worked hard for twenty years in vain! ――However, I never notice it every time someone inhales their strength.

As for the Chosen Ones, also called Destined Ones, they are equivalent to human beings’ spokespersons for the spirit world. They are human beings who are destined to act for the spirit world in the human world from birth. The so-called destiny is just because you are stronger at birth and can attract other people to be strong. It is said that after undergoing an inspection in the spiritual world, they will officially become human beings who can freely travel between the spiritual world and the human world. I repeatedly emphasize "human beings" because there are many forms of non-human existence that can freely travel between the human and spiritual realms.

I got these from an old Taoist priest in Baiyun Temple. He also saw that I was strong-willed and pointed out that I was the chosen one.

I listened and laughed it off, because so far there has been no investigation of me. What the hell? How should I live, how I want to live, how I want to live!

Time flies by quickly, and the final exam is coming up in a blink of an eye. The three-day holiday on New Year's Day would be a bit boring if it was only used for studying. So I went to Xiangshan on the 3rd.

It is very convenient to go to Xiangshan from the campus of my school. There is a direct bus from the door, so it is very easy to get there. Although climbing a mountain is easy, running all the way up and down again like me is very tiring even for me who is as strong as an ox!

It just so happened that there was a so-called expert free clinic at the foot of the mountain. This time, here comes the group of people who can cure diseases through foot massage.

Normally I would never look at it. But today I am really tired and my feet are tired. I sat on the chair, took off my shoes and socks, and stretched my smelly feet in front of the doctor.

He seemed to have a cold and had no reaction to my biological weapons. He just focused on pressing the soles of my feet with his thumbs. It felt good, although it hurt, it was pleasantly painful.

After that, he pointed to several parts of the soles of the feet and said: "This is connected to the lungs, this is the gallbladder, this is the internal organs, and this is the liver." He meant that every part of the soles of the feet is connected to the organs of the body. There are connected meridians, so pressing there can act on the corresponding organs.

I listened to a few words and wrote down the organs corresponding to several parts.

. I thought it was funny, so I didn't take it to heart. After feeling comfortable, I went back to school.

Originally, this trip to Xiangshan had nothing to do with Guidian. However, this trip to the mountains played a big role in this story. I’m going to keep it a secret for now, and you’ll know after reading on.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye, and there were only two days left before the first subject of the final exam, English.

I originally wanted to play online this evening. But the third child in the dormitory said that he always fell asleep unknowingly during self-study these days and could not cheer up. He hopes that I will study with him and wake him up if I see him sleeping.

After all, when I usually make noodles, the rice vinegar and chili that Laosan brought from his hometown are essential condiments. So I agreed very happily but reluctantly.

What is the death of such a handsome boy? What is the use of force to die? How to write the death of such exertion

Less than half an hour into self-study in the classroom, I saw something floating in the air flying towards me from the window. A closer look revealed that it was a human-shaped object about the size of a seven or eight-year-old child, dressed in white. He had already entered the classroom, but no one studying in the classroom turned a blind eye. I know this must be a ghost, and let's see what tricks it plays. Through my unique inspiration, I have felt that its ability is really limited. I am afraid that even ordinary charlatans and people who cheat money for a living can also use it. Conquer me, let alone me who is the chosen one. I guess I can easily get it done with just a flick of my little finger!

I saw it floating towards Lao San, twisting a piece of his hair with my hands, stuffing it into my mouth, and sucking hard. As its movements became more and more violent, Lao San's face became more and more dull. , finally, less than half a minute later, he lay down on the table and fell asleep.

No wonder he falls asleep during self-study? How can it be strange to be energetic after being sucked away by such a little monster? Yes, the third child is about the same as me, only half a size smaller than me. He is already a very strong person, so he can naturally absorb a lot of energy. It's ridiculous that this little brat is so ignorant that he dares to use such tricks in front of me. It seems that his moral practice is very shallow. Otherwise, as long as a ghost with a little bit of knowledge can feel the strong energy in my body, he will not dare to approach this area.

It's like, if a knowledgeable person sees a very beautiful bottle with the word "k" written on the outside, no matter how thirsty he is, he will not drink the water in the bottle, but an illiterate person will come up and drink it. Drink it all and then die.

I can't help but have the idea of ​​a cat catching a mouse and playing tricks on it.

So, I tried my best to restrain my anger – since I came back from Baiyun Temple. I was able to control my anger a little bit – I walked to the side of the third child, forcefully pulled out the hair that was being sucked by the kid, and with a deliberate flick of my finger, the kid was ejected far away and hit in the air several times. A fight.

The third child suddenly woke up and was about to get angry at me, but I stopped him with my gesture. "When you wake up, study hard!" I said softly. Only then did the third child remember that he asked me to wake him up when he was sleeping. So I smiled bitterly and said "ok" and started studying.

I also walked back to my seat, and I could see with my peripheral vision: the kid was looking at him angrily, looking a little eager to try. I couldn't help but feel very funny: I really don't know what is good or bad, but since it is delivered to my door, I will not show mercy!

Sure enough, it came from my side and wanted to suck my energy away!

I planned to punch it out of existence the moment it picked up my hair and was about to suck it! However, there was a big mistake in my judgment!

I just rode here from home for nearly an hour this morning, and then did my homework for another hour without taking a break at noon.

. In the afternoon, I played football for a long time on the * field with some classmates. After dinner, I was pulled by the third child to study on my own.

Therefore, my body is very tired. Although I am as strong as an ox, my reaction, agility, speed, and physical strength are much worse than usual.

So, when it grabbed my hair and started sucking, my hand just made a move to lift up and fell down weakly – only then did I realize that it can not only suck people's energy, but also make their whole body weak!

I was very scared: Who knows if it would even suck the strength out of my body!

If I hadn't been in excellent physical condition, I would have fallen asleep on the table like the third child. But I'm very sober now – that's the only thing I can do now.

At this time, someone tapped me on the shoulder, and my body shook slightly, which made the kid relax, and the sucking work was interrupted. But it was that short period of time that restored my strength, and I grabbed it. At this fleeting opportunity, I lifted my fingers hard and brushed them against my hair. I dare say that kid's career is over, and he will disappear from this world forever!

"But why would you react so much when I filmed you?" I heard someone say from behind.

When I looked back, I saw that it was Sun, a classmate in the same class, who lived in the dormitory opposite.

"What's the matter?" My tone at this time was much better than usual towards him.

Although we are both from Beijing, I have never had a good impression of him, mainly because this guy is a typical Hari fan. I speak more Japanese than Chinese all day long. He knows more about the so-called idols in Japan than he does about his parents. There are as many as fifty or sixty CDs of Japanese songs. As for my personal attitude, friends who have read my works also know: I hate Japan very much! So I rarely interact with him. But this time, it can be said that he helped me unintentionally. Although he may not know what he did.

Asun said: "Do me a favor, I want to study all night in the basement tonight."

I immediately understood his purpose: I joined a club at school and had the key to the club’s activity room in the basement. Usually if I can't find a seat in the teaching building, I will study there. Naturally, he wanted to take advantage of my convenience to hug and rub my feet before the exam.

Originally, I would not agree to him. But thinking of what he had just done, he finally agreed: "Go back to the dormitory now and have a good rest. Come to our room to find me at 10 o'clock!" After that, he started to put away his things. And he left happily.

I packed up my things, walked to the third child, and said to him: "You will never be sleepy again. I'm going back." Under his confused eyes, I walked out of the classroom.

When I returned to the dormitory, I immediately lay down on the bed to rest. It was so dangerous just now, but I also learned a lesson: Don't be too confident or too confident.

When I woke up, it was already 9:50. After we had packed up, Ah Sun also came, so we went to the club activity room in the basement together.

The lights in the basement were voice-activated. I yelled "Broken" and all four lights turned on – I guess I was frightened because they didn't stay on for long and I was a little slow when I picked up the key. , when I was about to open the door, four lights went out at the same time. Although Ah Sun immediately stamped his foot, causing the light closest to me to light up, at that moment, I had a strange feeling, as if someone was there. Someone was peeping at me from an inconspicuous corner, and I felt a strange, indescribable feeling on my back.

. The former feeling is in my heart, and it can be explained by a few people's worries, but what about the latter feeling? That is clearly within the body!

But I still opened the door and let him in. I glanced at the door, closed the door, and was about to go back to the dormitory. But after taking a few steps, I felt sick to my stomach, so I had to squat in the toilet for some time. I don’t know how long. , anyway, the door to that building has been closed by the damn security guard, so I had no choice but to go back to the basement to study with Sun for one night!

When I walked in, Asun was humming something, but I knew it was a dog Japanese song. I said to him: "youshutup!" He looked at me and said: "Gado Mado"

"Damn it! If you keep mumbling bird language, I'll kill you!" When I heard it was in Japanese, I immediately shouted.

He had no choice but to keep silent – because my temper is notoriously hot in the department, and he didn't dare to make me angry.

I asked him for an English exercise book and started studying. After about an hour, Asun seemed to have figured out some puzzle. He was so happy that he clapped his hands and shouted: "Dosinaiza" – Damn! It's fucking Japanese again. So, I stopped the pen in my hand and stared at him. Seeing him a little embarrassed: "What are you doing?" I shook my head deliberately: "What a pity for you! If you were during the Anti-Japanese War, you must have made a fortune!" He actually puffed up his chest: "Yes, I One-sixteenth of Japanese descent!" I smiled and shook my head with great regret: "Isn't it because of this?"

"Is that?" "Is that because?" I suddenly opened my eyes wide and said with a twisted face, "You bastard, you are 10,000 percent like a traitor!"

"No! I just like Japanese pop culture!" He was not afraid of me and retorted seriously!

"What, damn, you regard the Japanese as your grandfather, but they still don't recognize you as their grandson!" I looked at him with contempt.

"So, it's a pity that I'm not Japanese."

"You s**t" Before I could finish the "fuck" in my mouth, the lights in the activity room flickered a few times and then went out! "Ah!" Asun was startled and exclaimed.

When I came here, I felt that something was not going well, and it turned out to be true now; fortunately, I was mentally prepared, not too scared, and extremely calm.

I knew that Asun was sitting across from me, so I jumped up on the table. As soon as I exerted my strength with my legs, I was already on the opposite side. I stretched out my hand and grabbed his arm. I said in a deep voice: "It's me. Don't worry." Afraid!"

With my strong left hand holding her, Sun also calmed down. I remembered that I had seen candles on the table during previous activities. I touched my pocket and found a lighter in the cigarette case, so I looked for a lighter and lit the candle. Asun's body was still shaking, so I comforted him: " never mind"

"Who said it's okay?" The voice came from the corner, and I stood up immediately. Since I was holding Asun in my left hand, Asun was also pulled to stand up by me. I could see clearly that the voice came from a woman standing in the corner.

Although there were some noisy sounds when the lights went out just now, my ears can tell me: these sounds do not include the sound of someone entering the door. I already understand eight or nine points in my heart.

"What can happen, what can you do to us!" I sneered proudly – although there are some aspects of Sun that I am not satisfied with, at this time, I will definitely take good care of him! After all, he is a mortal, and I am the chosen one!

I looked at the woman with some pride and said, "I already know what you are!"

"Oh?" The woman was stunned. I continued: "You are not a human being at all, you are a ghost!"

As soon as I said this, my hands sank, and it turned out that Sun sat down on the chair. It seemed that if it hadn't been for the support of a chair, he would have collapsed to the ground!

I clearly revealed her origin, but the female ghost didn't panic, as if this was expected. She said slowly: "I know who you are. You can be said to be the guest star of some ghosts, but there are even more ghosts who are your guest stars! Don't worry! It's not me! Didn't that kid just say he wanted to be Japanese? Okay! Let him die at the hands of Japanese ghosts and see if he will be reincarnated as a Japanese in the next life!" At this point, I noticed: there was a trace of sadness and anger in her originally cold eyes! ――Is she worried?

Asun was so frightened that his whole body was shaking. I don't have time to think about it, the top priority is to get away! I stretched out my hand to strike, using my heart to sense and control the strength, and yelled: "You are talking nonsense!" But at the same time, I was also thinking about one thing: the area around the school was still a small village during the Anti-Japanese War, and there was a high possibility that there was a Japanese team What unscrupulous things did Bing do here? It is possible for a few of them to die and become ghosts!

When the female ghost saw my extended hand, she immediately retreated and hid in the wall. I picked up Ah Sun and walked towards the door, muttering: "No one in this world is my guest yet!" Ah Sun said tremblingly: "But… but… the other person is Ghost… ghost!" When I heard this, I glared at him, but he stopped shaking.

I pushed the door open and suddenly a light flashed on my side – it was clearly the metal reflecting the light of the candles in the room! And that flash of light is coming towards my head! I shouted loudly and pushed Asun back with my left hand, causing him to fall down on a chair and I immediately took a step back. That flash of light flashed past my eyes. so close!

But what surprised me even more was: the loud shout just now could not make the voice-controlled light turn on! It seems that there is something wrong with the entire basement! Then I can only stay in a room with candles – I can't see at night, who knows if ghosts can!

At this time, the door was knocked open with a "clink", and a guy wearing a Japanese military uniform and holding an Oriental samurai sword rushed in – he must have been the one who attacked me just now! "Stand back! Be careful not to get hurt!" I just said this to Asun, and the knife was already close to my head!

After all, I am a person who knows Chinese martial arts. Although the knife is sharp, it can't do anything to me. Under my flexible dodging left and right, my sword skills became a little scattered and impetuous.

At this time, the female ghost appeared at the place where she just disappeared and said to me: "I can't see that you still have a chance! It's a pity that the ending is still the same!"

I sneered. It just so happened that there was a flaw in the sword technique. I shouted to the female ghost, "Watch it!" and kicked her away, avoiding the blade and heading straight for the Japanese ghost's chest. This time, he must be unable to avoid it, and he will be kicked to the ground by me!

But I missed it! My feet actually went through his chest!

oh! It turns out he is empty! It's an illusion! I shouted to the female ghost: "It's time to end the trick!"

"Really?" she sneered.

That illusory Japanese ghost raised his knife and struck at me again, but I ignored him! Tuck your legs and stand still.

It was winter at that time, and because I was afraid of freezing, I never had a haircut. My hair was unkempt and not very short.

As a result, while I was waiting for the trick to be revealed, my messy hair started to feel something! I hurriedly backed away, pushing in such a panic that my waist hit the table. The light of the candle flickered strangely, making the atmosphere here even more terrifying. And I also saw a blade of light passing by the tip of my nose, and a few strands of hair falling in front of me – this was naturally mine! ―Oh my God! How is this going!

The female ghost showed a cruel smile: "This is his ability: when you hit him, he will be weak, and when he hits you, he will be real! Let's see what you do!"

I really have no choice. Can I still win this kind of fight? I dodged the knife and threw off my coat to make myself more flexible. But that only delayed my failure a little, and failure meant death!

I dodged another knife attack, but I couldn't avoid his legs, and he kicked me into the wall. My chest hit the wall, as if something was resting on it. I touched it: it turned out to be the jade knife given to me by the fortune teller on the overpass in the "Japanese" story a long time ago. No matter if it works or not, give it a try! I took out my jade sword and started fighting with him. He seemed to be a little afraid of the jade sword.

Sure enough, in front of the Jade Sword, his tactic of fluttering between falsehood and reality was of no use! He was finally stabbed by me, but he only let out a beast-like howl and rushed towards me again. At this time, I already understood the current situation: he may need to be stabbed by me many times before he falls, but I only need one stab and I will be finished! Sooner or later I'm going to lose!

My physical strength is already a little exhausted, and my mood is even more desperate! I yelled at the female ghost: "Thankfully you were Chinese when you were alive! You betrayed your compatriots!"

I noticed that the female ghost's eyes seemed to flash. She seemed a little shaken. But I was immediately choked by the fierce force of the knife. Anyway, give it a try! I shouted again: "What a pity! I, Yufeng, died at the hands of the Japanese! But I died because of the betrayal of my compatriots!" Finally, my words had an effect! The female ghost seemed to have made a lot of determination. She gritted her teeth and said to me: "I believe you! If you are loyal and courageous, you can break his evil spell!"

Do you mean you want the blood in my liver and gallbladder? How to do it! Suddenly, a flash occurred in my mind! I swung the jade knife several times, found a loophole, and stabbed his arm with the jade knife. Then, he pushed him hard with his other hand and he took five steps back to the door.

I quickly jumped back, threw off my left shoe, sat on the chair at the far end, and took off my socks. At this time, the Japanese ghost was less than 2 meters away from me! I raised my right leg, kicked up a chair, and flew towards him.

Just when he was about to split the chair with his knife and was about to rush towards me, he used his strength . I had quickly stabbed two acupuncture points with the jade knife – these two acupuncture points were the ones I wrote down when I went to Xiangshan a while ago. The acupuncture points corresponding to the liver and gallbladder. The jade knife was not sharp, but it was sharp. Two acupuncture points were broken and there was blood on the tip of the knife! ——Now I want to take a gamble: Whether the traditional Chinese medicine theory on acupoints and meridians is correct or not will determine my success or failure!

I rushed forward with my jade sword, because my moves were many times more sophisticated than his random chops.

! So, I effortlessly dodged his knife on my thigh and stabbed him in the chest with the jade knife. He immediately screamed like a beast falling into a trap – I succeeded! I added another kick, sending him flying flat.

He twisted in pain, made various strange noises from his mouth, and finally disappeared with a "thump"!

I hurriedly walked towards Asun in the corner. He had already passed out and was woken up by a few slaps from me.

The female ghost did not leave, but told us the whole story of the incident–

It turned out that the ghost I had just defeated was a Japanese officer who led his troops to the woman's village – the location of the school more than fifty years ago. Because they had been notified before, the people in the village hid. But one person was still discovered. That person betrayed the whole village. All he got was a few more minutes of life. When the Japanese gathered all the men in the village and killed them, they killed him too. ! The women provided for the promiscuous pleasures of the Japanese. This woman took advantage of the enemy's inattention and triggered the grenade on the enemy's waist.

Because that woman hated her compatriots for betraying her, her resentment persisted and she became an earthbound spirit.

That devil is even more hateful! Because in his mind, he was obviously a conqueror, but he died at the hands of a weak woman! So he also became an earthbound spirit, and he was even more powerful!

As long as the woman finds someone to kill for the Japanese, she can relieve her resentment and leave here. But for fifty years, she never had the heart to attack her compatriots, until today when she heard Asun's pro-Japanese words.

Finally, under my stimulation, her conscience discovered that although it was sinful to betray her compatriots, the ones who sinned the most were the invaders! So we informed the Japanese ghost in time and we were able to survive.

Then, she told us many things about the brutality of the Japanese army at that time – these are facts that Sun, a guy who only listens to pop music, reads Japanese books and chases Japanese idols all day long, never knew. The three of us talked indifferently, there was no distinction between humans and ghosts at all!

It was almost dawn, and she said to us: "I'm leaving! I hope you, the younger generation, will not forget: Our country has been invaded, our compatriots have been massacred! Our dignity has been trampled on!" After saying this, the handsome boy said with all his strength. Ah , it turned into a white light and flew away.

After a long time, Asun took a deep breath and said, "Let's go!" "Where to go?" I asked.

"I'm going to throw away those stupid CDs!"

"Wait for me! I haven't put on my shoes yet!"

Although Asun's transformation is only a very small change among millions of Hari fans, I believe that those compatriots who died under the knife of the Japanese will be relieved if they know better!

The purpose of telling this story is not to make everyone boycott Japan crazily, but to remind everyone: when you crazily worship Japanese and Korean idols, have you ever thought that the elders of these idols once massacred our ancestors!

It’s okay to worship idols, but don’t forget the national humiliation!

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