game Of Death

At night, I was at home alone again. "It's so annoying~ I have nothing to do… Sigh…" Lying on the sofa, I drank my father's wine and was bored.

"Hmm…I seem to have fallen asleep, right? They are all TV stations! They don't show anything good! They are so stupid. Why is it so dark all around? Didn't I turn on the lights?" Suddenly three people appeared in front of me…

"Who is it! Coming to someone else's house in the middle of the night!" As a boy, I consider myself fearless. I began to adapt to the light, and through the soft moonlight, I saw three handsome boys in front of me.

"Hey, who are you?" I didn't care.

"I am the God of Death." A boy standing at the front said.

I looked at him carefully and said, "Don't be scary. Is the God of Death that handsome? Also, I don't want to die yet." The man who called himself the God of Death gave me a list. The thing on it was luminous. "Hmm… what is this?" I asked, looking at the mess of graphics on it.

"Well… let me tell you this, medicine in the world is so advanced now, so few people will come to register. If few people come, naturally you won't spend much money. We just rely on that money to live. Really. There is no other way, so the King of Hell sent us here. Do you… want to go down with us? Let me tell you, go now, there are many discounts!"

"Wait a minute… King of Hell? What does it have to do with you? Besides, aren't you free to do whatever you want? Aren't you free of charge?" I still don't believe it.

Analysis of the ending of the conspiracy of the God of Death_The ending of the conspiracy of the God of Death_The ending of the conspiracy of the God of Death

"You are a human, of course you don't know. The world is not good now, so the east and west… the underworld merged. I was originally the king of the west, but when I got here… I couldn't help it. I forgot to introduce, I will follow The two of them are what you Chinese call 'black and white impermanence'"

"So… where's the money?"

"You don't understand this? This is a legal society now. You must understand the law, abide by the law, and protect the law. So you understand. It's a long way around… Do you want to give it a try? If you are satisfied, you can come and report."

"Try? Do you have to try this?"

"Of course! With the advanced technology, you can leave your body within this day, but it will not affect your lifespan, how about it?"

Such a good thing? Hehe… It's useless if you don't try… "Okay!"

Analysis of the ending of the conspiracy of the God of Death_The ending of the conspiracy of the Death_The ending of the conspiracy of the God of Death

A ray of light passed by and I saw myself lying on the sofa. And now I am floating in the air.

I asked the God of Death: "Can't others see me? Also, do ghosts have any special powers?"

Death smiled and said, "Have you never read ghost stories? You can scare others as long as you want, but because of the law, you can't scare people casually now. Some people can't see you, but some people have very strong spiritual powers. People can feel you. As for special powers… As you can see, you can levitate and walk through buildings and the like. Now, you can try it, but at four o'clock tomorrow morning, 24 hours have passed. We will use ghost energy to send you back to your body. That is to say, you can come back no matter where you are without any danger. So, now you can play as you like." For a moment, I seemed to see the eyes of the God of Death. A flash of a terrible smile. I didn't pay attention.

I walked through the wall and reached my room, "Yeah? It's fun! Okay~ let's go play Luo~"

I floated in the air, looking at this city that never sleeps. Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder. I was startled and turned around…what! what is that? The one that patted me was just a hand, without a body, just a bloody hand… My body seemed to be fixed by something, and I couldn't move. But surprisingly, I was calm at that time… I and The hand… "looked at each other" for a few seconds… and a girl appeared.

She picked up her hand and touched him like a pet: "What? Haven't you had enough fun? Brother Death let me out for fun. Don't scare others…" She raised her head and smiled at me. I was able to take a closer look at her. She was a very beautiful girl with long black hair and a cute smile… She seemed to be about the same age as me. "Excuse me, are you…?"

Conspiracy ending_Death's conspiracy comic book_Death's conspiracy ending analysis

When you come to other people's world and space, of course you have to be polite ~ "Let's put it this way, I am a ghost. But I like this world, and I don't want to forget many happy things in my life, so I got the permission of the King of Hell and the God of Death. As for the ending of the conspiracy , as long as it doesn't break the law, you can keep playing like this. When I've had enough fun, I will be reincarnated." I wanted to ask what else, but she had disappeared. Only then did I realize that I was covered in sweat and cold sweat. Well, then I felt very scared, unprecedented fear.

I floated to a tree and finally calmed down. But I never understood why… why I didn't notice just now that that girl had a look that was… unworthy of her, that kind of… aggressive look. When she said "happy things during her lifetime", her eyes twinkled a little. Why? Forget it~ I don’t want to think about it anymore, it’s a bit cold… I sat on the tree in a daze.

Unknowingly, in the morning, I started to get nervous. Are ghosts afraid of the sun? So…I will…? However, I can't control that much anymore. The sun has already risen. If it had any… effect, it should have been there by now, right?

Okay, I have been bored for two hours, and now I only have 10 hours left on my special journey. Sigh… I'm pretty boring during the day, what should I do… Okay, let's go to some new places for reference, maybe I can find some fun~:)

Driving around, I arrived at a place I had never been before. what to do? Forget it~ It’s a rare occasion to play. Not far away there is a very tall building, a sky blue building.

"Such a tall building, so beautiful, how come I haven't seen it before…?" Through the mirror-like glass, you can clearly see the inside of the building. I leaned into the glass to take a look, but I still couldn't see anyone. I’m puzzled…well, let’s go in and have a look!

Death's conspiracy comic book_Death's conspiracy ending analysis_Death's conspiracy ending

Looking at the same sky-blue door, it is very clean inside and has various facilities, such as a reception desk, beverage machines and so on. "It should be a big company, right?" I said to myself, "But…where are the people? Such a big company can't see people, right?"

Someone patted me… "Oh my god, the ending of the conspiracy of the God of Death , can't it be that hand again?" My heart shrank, and I turned around, "Yi!" It's Yi, my best friend, but unfortunately in a few years He died without any reason before, and no reason could be found out, so everyone had no choice but to give up.

Yi smiled, still so beautiful. "How did you come here? How do you know this place?" he asked slowly.

"Uh…just for fun, what about you? Where is this place? Why have I never seen it before?"

"This… is in the spiritual world of the human world. We call this place Tianxiang. From the outside, it looks like the blue sky. It's very beautiful, right? Many ghosts like me who don't want to leave the human world will come here and live their lives. My life is the same as before, and I can still see you often, but the prerequisite is of course that I can't violate the laws of the spirit world. Because this place belongs to us, of course you humans can't see or touch it."

I wanted to ask something else, so Yi took my hand. Her hand was so cold, and suddenly she felt strange and a little swaying, "Let's go, it's just the right time for you to come and have fun, today is the annual PARTY~ "

Just being dragged around by her, she unexpectedly arrived at a splendid hall with many people, no, many ghosts! But everyone was very happy, but this could not cover up the coldness they gave me.

I floated in and didn't feel anything wrong. Apart from the cold, I gradually noticed something was different…there were so many limbs flying around! What the hell is this? There’s no need to do this in demonstrations! Fortunately, I have Yiyi, otherwise… I was thinking, a boy came over and said, "Hello, my name is Hai, can we play together?"

Yi seemed to want to refuse, but I didn't want to, "Okay~~!" Happily, three hours passed before I knew it, and it was almost time for me to leave.

PARTY is really fun! Except for those heads, human limbs and other things hanging around on the head.Collection of ghost stories

Sudden! I actually saw that terrible mask…the devil in SCREAM. I hid behind something. "What's wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" She asked when she saw me looking pale. "No, it's not… look at… that!" She looked in the direction I pointed, and then smiled… "That, haven't you seen it? Isn't he the devil in SCREAM! There are four of them here, it doesn't matter! He will only kill those who are not dead but have become ghosts."

I suddenly felt a cold wind blowing. what happened? Yi's hands are getting colder and colder. "Yi?" Yi turned around and I saw it! A smile like death. Could it be! …"Death?" I shouted, taking two steps back. Yi's face gradually changed… back to the Grim Reaper.

"No! No…" I turned around and wanted to run away, but the girl appeared and grabbed me with her terrible hands. Her hands were so strong. I struggled. And the devil, holding his knife, walked up to me… I saw my own blood and heard everyone's laughter…

Wake up, where am I? I turned around and looked around, and there was still that PARTY. leaning next to me, but looking at me with a sad face. "Yi, what's wrong? Did I just fall asleep? I had a nightmare, it was so scary." Yi said word by word: "No, you didn't dream. Now, you are already a ghost. .”…

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