Scary Old Woman

Tooth ghost tooth picture_ghost tooth_who is the tooth ghost

In an old house in the city, there lived a strange old woman. She lived in seclusion and seldom interacted with outsiders. When she went out occasionally, she wore a veil to cover her face. According to the neighbors living nearby, the old woman was a hard-hearted person and extremely stingy. She had hired several servants, but none of them could work for three months because the old woman was extremely harsh when asking them to work, but the wages she paid were pitifully low.

The servants who resigned also agreed that the old woman was very rich and had a safe in her living room filled with valuable jewelry. This was of little use to ordinary people, but it was great news for thieves. However, strangely, no thieves seemed to dare to visit this house.

Tooth ghost tooth picture_ghost tooth_who is the tooth ghost

The news reached the ears of the great thief Kamemoto, who was overjoyed. Kamemoto was a skilled thief who had never failed in his career of stealing for more than ten years. On a dark and windy night, Kamemoto sneaked into the old woman's house and found the safe behind the mural hanging in the middle of the living room. Just as he was about to unlock the door with great joy, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew behind his head.

Kamemoto shuddered and turned around to see the old woman appear at the door of the living room. She stared at him with a pair of cloudy eyes and held a pistol in her hand. Kamemoto was terrified and knelt down to beg for mercy. But the old woman said calmly: "You are the thief Kamemoto, right? I have been waiting for you for a long time. I have heard that you are a master of lock picking. Now please open the safe." Kamemoto was stunned, but facing the black muzzle of the gun, he could only do as he was told.

A few minutes later, Kamemoto opened the safe, and it was indeed filled with jewelry, gold bars, and a huge amount of cash. Seeing so many valuable things, Kamemoto swallowed a big mouthful of saliva. Then the old woman handed him a leather bag and asked him to put everything in the bag. Kamemoto was even more confused. After filling the bag, he handed it to the old woman. The old woman waved the gun at him and said, "You can go now."

Tooth ghost tooth picture_ghost tooth_who is the tooth ghost

Kamehmoto almost thought he had heard it wrong, and hurriedly left the gloomy house, feeling very strange: "Could it be that the old woman forgot the password of the safe and asked me to help her open it?" However, although the theft failed, it was still worth celebrating that he was able to escape from the gunpoint, so Kamehmoto was very happy.

The next morning, Kamemoto heard that the old woman had reported to the police that a large number of valuables had been stolen. Kamemoto suddenly realized that the old woman ordered him to open the safe and take out the jewelry in order to make him leave fingerprints on the safe and fake the scene of the theft. She would move the jewelry to other places and claim compensation from the insurance company to make a steady profit. Thinking of being used by the old woman, Kamemoto was so angry that his teeth itched. In addition, he coveted the jewelry. He thought hard for a long time and finally came up with a good idea.

Kamemoto found a few desperate criminals, bought a few guns from the black market, and broke into the old woman's house again in the dark night. This time, Kamemoto was familiar with the place and led the criminals directly into the old woman's bedroom. They pushed open the bedroom door and found that the old woman had been standing there waiting for them. She was holding two black things in her hands. Kamemoto took a closer look and found that she was holding two grenades.

Tooth ghost tooth picture_ghost tooth

Seeing them come in, the old woman raised the grenade high and said viciously: "I knew you would come again. I am 87 years old this year. I have lived enough. Let us die together." The criminals were dumbfounded. The old woman continued: "If you don't want to die, put down your guns!" Before Kamemoto could speak, the desperadoes had already put down their pistols and raised their hands above their heads in surrender.

Kamemoto had no choice but to put down his pistol and wanted to leave dejectedly, but the old woman refused to let them go and shouted, "You want to leave now? No way. Take out all the money in your pockets, and take off the watches and gold rings on your hands and give them to me, otherwise I will detonate the grenade!" The gangsters looked at each other and could only do what the old woman said, and then they ran away one by one.

Looking at their receding backs, the old woman showed a mocking expression in her eyes. She threw the grenades into the corner casually. It turned out that the two grenades were just imitation grenades made of plastic. The old woman bent down and picked up the property left by the criminals one by one. While laughing, she said to herself: "These idiots have made me a lot of money again."

Ghost tooth_tooth ghost tooth picture_who is the tooth ghost

Kamemoto returned home, his nose almost crooked. He finally understood why no other thieves dared to patronize this house. However, he still vowed to take revenge, and began to secretly follow the old woman, and found that the old woman went to the hospital once a week for treatment. When the old woman left the hospital, Kamemoto pretended to be a relative of the old woman and learned from the doctor that the old woman had a serious heart disease and could not withstand intimidation.

This surprised Kamemoto. This scary old woman couldn't stand the threat? He rolled his eyes and had a new idea.

He came to the Devil Mountain where the devil lived, used his eloquence to coax and deceive, and promised to give the devil half of his property, and finally persuaded the devil to help him scare the old woman. That night, Kamemoto brought the devil to the old woman's house excitedly. Just like the previous times, the old woman was wearing a veil and had been sitting in the living room waiting for him. Kamemoto didn't need to say anything, the devil turned into a white skeleton, but the old woman didn't even blink. The devil then turned into a hanged ghost, and then into a bloody half-ghost crawling and howling, but the old woman's nerves were like iron, and she didn't react at all.

Tooth ghost tooth picture_ghost tooth_who is the tooth ghost

Finally, the devil had no choice but to change back to his original form. At this time, the old woman took off her veil and revealed her own face. It was a terrifying face, with shrunken muscles, upturned nostrils, uneven teeth, and greedy eyes. Kamemoto was so frightened that his soul flew away, and his feet kept shaking like playing a pipa. The devil was also frightened and turned around to escape.

The old woman caught up with Gui Ya a few steps, grabbed the devil's ear, and yelled: "You came to my house in the middle of the night to play tricks and disturbed me. Do you want to slip away without giving me some compensation?" The devil screamed in pain like a pig being slaughtered: "Just tell me what you want, I will definitely help you." The old woman said: "Turtle Ben has been a thief for more than ten years. There is already a lot of property in the family, but he has repeatedly come to my property. You go and move all of Turtle Ben's property to me now, otherwise I will not let you go."

The devil agreed, and soon he came back with a big bag of banknotes, jewels, and gold and silver. The old woman was finally satisfied and said, "Go away." She watched Kamemoto and the devil flee in a panic, and then looked greedily at the bag of treasures, and laughed triumphantly. A mouse in the corner was startled by the horrible laughter, and ran around in panic and bumped into the old woman's feet.

At this moment, a miracle happened – the old woman's eyes were suddenly filled with fear, and she slowly fell to the ground. The old woman was fearless, but like all women, she was afraid of mice, so she was scared to death by such a little mouse.

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