Chapter 643: Curse Inheritance

Professor Wang actually killed Yang Jian and successfully rescued himself. This, this is really incredible. In other words, from now on, he is no longer the Guo Fan before, but Guo Fan who controls the ghost eyes of three ghosts? At this moment, he understood that the so-called music sound was the curse of the music box. Now this curse was inherited by Guo Fan, and Yang Jian successfully hid in the spiritual throne to avoid the risk of being killed by the curse. … Continue readingChapter 643: Curse Inheritance

Ghost Force 2 Chapter 145 Special Countermeasures.

"Can the supernatural power still stop me in the sixth-level ghost domain?" Failed, the ghost can still prevent me from approaching the little girl under certain special circumstances, this is not an ordinary ghost. Such a terrifying ghost is in the hands of a little girl with an unstable temperament, which is a dangerous thing in itself. His ghost hand is still effective against the ghost, but the strange figure just now was too scary, and it actually suppressed his ghost hand. Yang Jian and him were defined as bad guys, they couldn't see Zhao Xiaoya, but it turned out that Yang Jian was lucky enough to directly create a person with supernatural powers, and then successfully bypassed that rule with the help of this special human medium. … Continue readingGhost Force 2 Chapter 145 Special Countermeasures.

Chapter 24 The Real City Of Elahi

Yang believed with certainty that the ancient city of the beehive we were in was not a real city of evil, but a bottomless ghost hole, and let the fat man and I look at the back of the necks of Uncle Ming and his daughter. So far, the ins and outs of the phoenix gallbladder have basically been figured out, but what is the city of Eurasian Sea where we are? When Uncle Ming heard that he was still saved, he immediately regained his energy and asked how to find the real ruins of Eiluohai City. This is the most important thing. … Continue readingChapter 24 The Real City Of Elahi