The Legend Of Evil God Visits Daier's Ghost House For The First Time

"Mr. Liu!" Qin Ge and Liu Dan rushed back to the cave entrance, "Axun! Mr. Liu! Can you hear me!"

"Get out of the way…!" Elson's voice came from inside the cave, "I'll knock the rope out!"

"Fight!" Qin Ge and Liu Dan took a few steps back, only to hear two jingles as an iron hook connected to a rope came out of the hole and bounced on the wall of the tomb passage, sending sparks flying everywhere.

"Professor Qin, pull out!" Elson shouted. Qin Ge and Liu Dan grabbed the rope and pulled back desperately. After a while, a pair of feet emerged from the hole, and the first one to come out was Old Liu Tou.

With a plop, Old Liu jumped down from the entrance of the cave, and Qin Ge caught up underneath. He felt a stench and almost choked out his stomach acid, "Mr. Liu! Thank you!!" The stench returned, but Qin Ge was still excited to save the old man. Liu Tou said, "Hey, okay, okay! How can two big men hug each other properly!?" Old Liu Tou untied the rope from his ankles and said, "Hurry and pull brother Ai out!…"

"Mr. Liu! No no…Senior Liu! Uncle Liu…!" Liu Dan wiped his tears excitedly and didn't know what to call him. "Can you tell me how you defeated that monster?"

"Hey!" Old Liu Tou threw the wet cigarette case aside, touched Qin Ge all over, and took out the pipe from Qin Ge's pocket, "Here…" Old Liu Tou stretched out his hand towards Qin Ge .

"What?" Qin Ge frowned.

"Tobacco leaves…!" Old Liu Tou said confidently, "If there are no tobacco leaves, why don't you let me smoke my fart!"

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Who is the Legend of Evil God Green_Legend of Evil God Randail_Legend of Evil God is on Dai'er for the first time’/>

After lighting his pipe, Old Liu happily pulled out a bunch of black stuff and a few sharp teeth that were dirty and bloody from his wet rag pocket and handed them to Liu Dan, "You have plastic in there?" Bag, right? Take out all the dry food and put this in! This is what we count on to save Young Master Sun and Brother Ai!"

"Ugh… ugh…" Liu Dan just moved forward when a smell almost blew his nose away. I just felt a surge of sour water rushing down my throat. I vomited out all the food I ate in the morning in a few mouthfuls, "Liu…Uncle Liu…what is this…it smells so bad…"

"Snake gallbladders, and poisonous fangs… Do you need someone to tie the bell to untie it…" Old Liu Tou had just stayed in the cave for a long time, and he had heard the smell for a long time. "If you don't like the smell, give me the plastic bag. I'm pretending…"

"Mr. Liu, can you tell me how you did it?" Qin Ge was also very curious about the performance of Old Liu Tou in the cave. The thing just now was so powerful and agile that it was beyond the power of human beings. Can be dealt with. When Lao Liutou was caught in the hole, there was no room for resistance at all. How could he turn things around after entering the hole? "Mr. Liu, what's in the cave?"

"Hey hey hey!" Old Liu smiled evilly and ignored Qin Ge's question. Instead, he turned his head towards Liu Dan who was vomiting. "Girl, what kind of criminal did you say that thing was at first?"

"It's not a criminal!" Liu Dan sat down on the ground with his legs weak from vomiting and his internal organs trembling. "It's Apophis, the god who symbolizes evil and destruction in ancient Egyptian legends. His image is a human body with a snake head."

"Which god in Egypt has the head of an animal?" Old Liu smiled and smoked.

"There are also Anubis, the god of death, Horas, the god of courage, Ra, the god of all things, Set, the god of evil, Sant, the god of wisdom, and many more… why do you ask this?" Liu Dan was confused.

"Hehe, I don't know anything else, but today's ah fan is not a fucking god at all, but the real body of a beast who has practiced for thousands of years! This thing is called the evil god in China for the first time in Dai'er's legend , Why did people come to Egypt as gods to provide gas?" Old Liu Tou smacked his eyes and kept wiping his mucus-covered face with his hands, "What Master Sun has in mind is not a damn curse at all!"

"Uncle Liu, can you tell me more details?" Liu Dan's eyes widened. He had never heard of these things that Old Liu Tou said.

Legend of Evil God Randail_Who is Legend of Evil God Green_Legend of Evil God is on Dai'er for the first time

"In my opinion, the reason why people in this city are emptied of buildings is not because they were cursed, but because they caused trouble…" Old Liu Tou told Liu Dan the causes and characteristics of the formation of human armor, and Liu Dan listened. The nausea that Dan had just passed over came back again, "Besides, what Master Sun was hit with was not a curse at all! And none of his friends were cursed to death!"

"What is that?" Qin Ge was confused.

"What month is it now?" Old Liu turned to ask Qin Ge.

"June, what's wrong?" Qin Ge didn't know what his question had to do with time.

"When is next month?" Old Liu Tou continued to ask.

"July…Mr. Liu…I'm serious…" Qin Ge was almost pissed off by Old Liu, thinking that even a kindergarten kid wouldn't be able to test with such a simple question…

"Hey, July…what month is July?" Old Liu continued to ask with his eyes narrowed.

"This…" Qin Ge was also dumbfounded, not knowing what Old Liu Tou wanted to say.

"July is the month when worms lay eggs! Scientifically, it's called reproduction!" Old Liu Tou suddenly said sternly, "Do you really think that thing on Master Sun's heart is a lump?"

"Ah!!" Qin Ge took a breath of air and woke up like a dream, "Mr. Liu, are you saying that there is a snake egg in Master Sun's heart?"

_Legend of Evil God Lan Dai'er_Who is Legend of Evil God Green

"It's not worm eggs! But it will also grow worm cubs. These are not ordinary worms! Brother Ai has been covered in them now, and I almost…" Old Liu looked at Elson, and he was *Drowsing on the wall of the tomb passage, "But don't worry, brother Ai! Now that I know what it is, I'm sure to get rid of it. Now you won't be in danger for your life for the time being!"

"Mr. Liu! What is all this going on? What happened in the cave just now?" Liu Dan became more and more confused as he listened, "Why did Sun Ting lose his soul? Since it was contracted here… snake eggs…, why did he faint in the cave? On the streets of Cairo?”

"Silly girl, didn't I tell you that these are not ordinary worms, and the eggs are not ordinary eggs either? This man lays eggs in people's hearts, and when they give birth to worm cubs, they will crawl into people's heads!" Liu Tou frowned and analyzed step by step, "Human eggs develop in the human body and require human blood and essence. Therefore, the human will not die before the egg hatches into worm cubs, but the worms will grow in the body." Such a thing will make people very painful, just like having a tumor, it will definitely make people worse than death!"

"So it hurts so much that you lose your soul?" Qin Ge asked.

"It's not that the pain is so painful, but that the soul has already been lost before you feel the pain…" Old Liu paused and took another puff of cigarette, "A person has three souls and seven souls. As the egg develops in the body, the evil god Legend has it that when you go to Dai'er for the first time , the three souls and seven souls will be lost one by one until there is no soul left! Every time a soul or soul is lost, the person's senses will become numb and he will not notice any strange changes in the body! Brother Ai has already lost one of his souls, but I just cast a soul-locking needle to seal the other three and six souls. He will not lose his soul again. In fact, I suspect that the shadow we saw in Cairo is possessed by A soul or soul on a sheep's skin! I don't know if it was the unlucky guy who made me look like a goblin and scattered him…"

"Are you saying that the people without shadows in Egyptian legends actually don't really have no shadows, but have no souls?" Liu Dan asked, "Are they all laid eggs by this man?"

"It's very possible!" Old Liu Tou said. "When these worms grow out, they will crawl into people's brains. That guy who was fished out of the river, his brain was like orange juice. I'm afraid it's because of the worms! This thing needs Yin Qi to grow up. ! Water is yin. When soaked in water, the yin energy is the same as what we are dozens of meters underground now. It is even heavier, so that thing grows faster! The reason why Master Sun has nothing to do until now, It’s entirely due to the early discovery, the early flight, and the high place I’m lying now!” Old Liu Tou continued to analyze the ins and outs of everything, “The sky belongs to Yang and the earth belongs to Yin. As soon as you get on the plane, the Yang energy is too strong, and you will suddenly die. It has suppressed the growth of that thing, and now that Young Master Sun is lying upstairs, there is basically no Yin Qi, so the thing grows very slowly, basically it can be said that it has not grown!"

"Then what should we do now?" Qin Ge asked.

"There should be some soul-attracting treasure in this tomb. This Prince of Hell's son is not for nothing. Brother Ai's soul has only been away for a few minutes. I can no longer recruit him. I doubt that this tomb There is something inside that can attract souls. Once the soul leaves the body here, it will be sucked in. This is probably how Master Sun's soul was lost…" At this point, Old Liu Tou hesitated a little, "It stands to reason. …Young Master Sun can return to Cairo… This proves… This proves that Young Master Sun at least still has a soul in Cairo… This is strange, why after leaving this pyramid… the soul is still not found? Could it be…"

"Is it what!?" Qin Ge stared at his eyes and sweat broke out on his forehead. At this time, Qin Ge didn't care about the reason why Sun Ting lost his soul, but was worried about the shadow that was eliminated by Old Liu Tou in Mr. Hans' hotel. It is Sun Ting's own soul. If this is the case, then Sun Ting will probably never recover in his lifetime. "Mr. Liu, haven't you seen that soul before? That shadow in the hotel…"

Who is Legend of Evil God Green_Legend of Evil God is the first time to visit Dai'er_Legend of Evil God Lan Daier

"There was a secret technique in ancient China called 'Soul-Living Technique', which was a kind of evil technique that could separate human souls, but no one has ever seen it… After the souls are separated, the soul without soul is called 'Wulu', which means soulless. The soul becomes '伾脔(piluan)', but no matter which one it is, the three souls or the seven souls are all together, and they are only attached to the dead person. No one has ever seen a separate soul or soul. That shadow Is it a soul, a soul, or something else? I'm just guessing…" Old Liu Tou frowned more and more, "Master Qin, I know what you are worried about. There is no need to worry about this. Even if the shadow is really a soul or a soul, It’s not Master Sun’s either…”

"Didn't the thing carved in that box say that some evil god has his own army?" Old Liu Tou asked Liu Dan.

"Well, yes, it is recorded above that Osiris's army forced the captives to eat something, and then the captives would become Osiris's slaves, with infinite strength!" Liu Dan recalled the pattern on the box!

"Well, that's right…" Old Liu curled his lips, "Listen to me, there are two things in this tomb. Ancient people thought that these two things belonged to the same group, but in my opinion, these two things seem to be the same. It has nothing to do with it. The one who gave the medicine to people was the human body. I have eliminated it, but there may be another thing that can resurrect the dead. I can’t say what it is, but if the ancient people thought that thing was the leader of some evil god, I’m afraid It's more powerful than a human body. The lumps in Master Sun's body may have been caused by a human body, but the soul can't be found. It's probably related to that thing…"

"More powerful than a human armor? What could that be?" Liu Dan, who had just summoned up the courage, fainted again, "How did you defeat that thing just now?" Liu Dan has been curious about this question for a long time, and Old Liu has been There was no direct answer.

"Hahahaha…!" Old Liu Tou laughed and stood up, rubbing the mucus on his hand against the wall, "The way of evil spirits in the world is that evil spirits are king, evil ghosts are second, and among humans, animals are the last. In other words, even though this man has practiced for thousands of years, I summoned an evil ghost to deal with him. Plus, he is no match for me!" Old Liu Tou let out a long sigh. (Although the man's body was said to be extremely powerful, it was still inferior to the one that was rushed away. Within a few rounds, Elson simply pulled the snake's body out of the human body. , originally this man's armor's specialty was its poisonous fangs, and a normal person would not survive a bite from them for ten seconds, but after Elson was knocked out, his whole body was as hard as a steel plate, and the bite on the man's chest was just a white mark, the largest His skills were lacking, his strength and speed were not as good as those of his opponents, and there was an old Liu Tou beside him who was arranging formations and spraying blood to join in the fun. Even though this man had thousands of years of experience, he was still taken out by Elson. Body, let Lao Liu cut off his head with a dagger…)

"Evil ghost!!" Usually, Liu Dan could accept what old Li Tou said was evil, but adding the word "evil" in front of the word "ghost" was really…

"Didn't you say there is something that attracts souls? How come the evil ghost you summoned wasn't sucked away?" Qin Ge's thinking has always been meticulous.

"It sticks to your body and doesn't go away. Of course it can't be sucked away!" Lao Liutou explained…

"Then Sun Ting's soul was also taken away from him?" Qin Ge asked.

Legend of Evil God Randail_Who is Legend of Evil God Green_Legend of Evil God is on Dai'er for the first time

"This…!?" Old Liu Tou suddenly realized, "Yes! Could it be that Sun Ting was carrying something…!? Why did he walk out of the ancient tomb, but his soul was still gone! It's very possible that he had something with him… What thing! It was probably taken out of this tomb! Was there anything where he was found unconscious? Who was the first to call the police?!"

"I don't know!" Qin Ge sighed, "There was nothing on him when he was found, and there were no witnesses…"

"I have… dynamite here!" Aierson finally spoke after dozing for a long time. "If it doesn't work, I'll even take the pot from the Pharaoh's tomb! I don't believe it's more powerful than dynamite!"

"No need for explosives!" Old Liu Tou began to carve words on the wall of the tomb passage with a dagger. "I know what it is probably! All things in the world, evil spirits and ghosts, the only one who has the right is the wise!" The dagger was on the wall of the tomb passage. The sparks engraved on it are scattered in a mess, and no Chinese characters can be seen.

"Mr. Liu, what are you carving?" Qin Ge asked.

"Executive text, the words for ghosts can be understood by even a decent beast…Give me the water…" Old Liu Tou took the kettle from Liu Dan's hand and drank a sip of water, mixing it with the remaining blood in his mouth. He sprayed the words on the carved words, and a dark wind suddenly blew out of thin air in the tomb passage, making Liu Dan shiver.

"How do you know this? What do you mean by writing?" Qin Ge was also curious, when did this old Liu Tou learn this?

"Three deities descended to the lower realm and perished against Shunchang! This is called knocking the mountain to shake the tiger…" After Old Liu Tou finished writing, he saw small whirlwinds blowing on the ground. In fact, this tomb passage may be full of unclimate little beasts, just now The killing of the boss has scared many people away. Once Lao Liutou's death was published, it generally played the role of "martial law"…

"Do you know about the three gods and animals in Egypt…?" Liu Dan asked tremblingly.

"Haha, people have national boundaries, but those things don't…! Let's go and meet the son of the Lord of Hell!" After saying this, Old Liu put the dagger away from his waist, picked up the flashlight and strode deep into the tomb passage… …

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