Chapter 145 Of Liu Dao’s New Book The Legend Of Wind Ghost: Special Coping Methods.

"Can the supernatural power in the sixth-level ghost realm still stop me?"

Yang Jian looked at these weird scenes in front of him and knew in his heart that his six-level ghost realm could not completely stop the supernatural things in front of him, whether it was the weird figures that appeared next to the little girl or the stick that appeared on his body. The presence or absence of thin lines proves this.


The ghost around this little girl is more terrifying than expected.

"Those weird people are not real people, they are a supernatural phenomenon, and the thin lines are not real lines. They are just a bad supernatural omen that appear in my sixth-level ghost realm. They are mostly a kind of supernatural phenomenon. A terrible curse."

"Once the thin line is connected successfully, I will suffer an inexplicable and terrible curse."

Yang Jian's ghostly eyes rolled.

All the thin lines are connected to the evil ghost, which is the source. The little girl is similar to a string puppet . She is manipulated and is just a tool to release the curse.

This is not a ghost controller. To be precise, this little girl is controlled by a ghost.

"Zhao Kaiming appeared in that strange crowd. Could it be that the evil ghost he controlled back then appeared next to this little girl now?"

Yang Jian immediately recalled some past things in his mind.

At the beginning, Zhao Kaiming, the person in charge of Dachang City, was controlled by evil ghosts, so he raised ghost babies, which caused the starving ghost incident.

Later, Zhao Kaiming died, and the matter calmed down, but the ghost he controlled also disappeared. Although the headquarters pursued it for a period of time afterwards, there was still no result in the end.

But now there is no time to think about these ins and outs.

The little girl needs to wake up.

The thin thread on Yang Jian's body is about to be implicated in the little girl, and the implication is getting faster and faster.

"Whether the curse will form or not, does not depend on me, but on the little girl. She is asleep now so I did not cause the curse. Once she wakes up, the curse will appear immediately, so avoid the curse or not. The key is that I can't be seen by this little girl."

During the brief moment of stagnation, Yang Jian thought about some things and analyzed the current situation.

The ghost's hands could not touch the little girl. There were countless strange figures surrounding the little girl to protect her. It was almost impossible to do anything by force, unless coffin nails were used to directly nail the little girl together with the ghost.


You can only retreat first.


A flash of red light.

Yang Jian disappeared immediately.

The ghost didn't move, the little girl hadn't woken up yet, and everything seemed as if nothing had happened.

next moment.

The six-story ghost realm disappeared.

Yang Jian once again returned to the original place to read the new book Fenggui Legend of Liudao . His face sank slightly and he looked at the deserted alley.

"How is the situation? Was it successful?" Gao Ming asked immediately.

"It failed. The ghost could still prevent me from approaching that little girl under certain special circumstances. This is not an ordinary ghost." Yang Jian stretched out his palm.

The black and cold wrists are slightly deformed, and there are dense bruises on the palms of the entire arm. These palms are of different sizes, and they are obviously from different people, but if you look closely, they don't look like they were grabbed from the palms of your hands. The traces were like traces left by some kind of supernatural power, but they looked a lot like palm prints.

Seeing this, Gao Ming's expression changed slightly: "It's unbelievable that you can't even get close to this little girl. If I came here to investigate alone, I'm afraid I would die here today."

"No, you can't see that little girl at all. The ghost won't target you." Yang Jian continued to look at the dim alley in front of him.

"The ghost following this little girl is actually a very good result. The child is too young and only knows how to protect himself, so the ghost is also restricted. Because many people cannot find the little girl, the ghost cannot easily kill."

"This is a good thing. Maybe it's because of this that the supernatural has never gone out of control. If it weren't for the haunting incident in the apartment, we wouldn't be able to track down this little girl."

Gao Ming said: "According to Captain Yang, the best way is to ignore it? Just let the little girl wander?"

"The little girl will grow up eventually. What if she makes a wish to a ghost to let herself grow up? It is a dangerous thing in itself for such a terrifying ghost to be in the possession of a little girl with an unstable mind."

Yang Jian's face was expressionless, and the bruises on his arms were disappearing.

His ghost hands were still effective against supernatural beings, but the strange figure just now was so terrifying that it actually suppressed his ghost hands.

"So to be on the safe side, the best way is… to kill her?" Gao Ming said.

Yang Jian said: "Killing it may cause the ghost to lose control. If such a ghost follows another person, the next ghost controller may be more terrifying. And it is not difficult to kill this little girl. With a special golden pistol, it is Just scan the alley and it's basically solved. No matter how deep the little girl hides, the gold can still be accessed."

"That's right." Gao Ming pondered.

This is really a headache.

"Don't rush this matter. Contact your operator and get me some information. It's information about the previous head of Dachang City, Zhao Kaiming, especially about his relatives. I think that little girl may It has something to do with Zhao Kaiming."

Yang Jian said.

Zhao Kaiming?

Gao Ming thought for a moment and immediately remembered.

That was a man who had been dead for more than a year and was involved in the starving ghost incident.

Didn't think much about it.

Gao Ming immediately contacted the operator and began to retrieve file information.

Very efficient.

In less than three minutes, the file was found and sent directly to Gao Ming's mobile phone.

But at the same time.

In the alley, the little girl huddled in the corner opened her eyes and woke up.

She rubbed her eyelids, as if she had been awakened by the cold, feeling chilled all over.

"You'll catch a cold if you sleep here."

The little girl murmured, stood up, put the uneaten bread in her pocket, and then walked out of the alley.

Yang Jian and Gao Ming were standing not far outside the alley, looking through archives.

The information is very detailed, and all relatives of Zhao Kaiming are introduced.

Yang Jian looked through this information and became more and more frightened. His eyes couldn't help but shrink slightly. In his mind, he quickly compared the people who had appeared next to the little girl before.

Familiar faces flashed past.


There is absolutely nothing wrong. All the people who appeared next to this little girl before were related to Zhao Kaiming, including Zhao Kaiming himself, Zhao Kaiming's wife, parents, brothers, and even uncles and uncles… who were dead. Everyone has a kinship relationship with him.

"I have confirmed the identity of this little girl. She is Zhao Kaiming's daughter, Zhao Xiaoya."

Yang Jian put down his phone, took a deep breath, and finally clicked on the file photo on the screen of his phone.

It's a little girl about six years old.

"The age and height don't match up. Zhao Xiaoya in the file is only seven and a half years old this year, but this little girl is already about ten years old, and most likely already ten years old or older." Gao Ming said.

Yang Jian glanced at him.

Gao Ming immediately realized: "Wait, the ghost who makes wishes come true? If this Zhao Xiaoya makes a wish to grow up quickly, maybe her age will increase at a rate several times faster than that of ordinary people. She may grow by one person in a month. Years old, it’s still unclear when she made this wish.”

"But it can be seen from the file information that she has probably made this wish, but what is the price of this wish…"

"It should be a death of a relative in exchange for a wish."

Yang Jian said calmly: "Zhao Kaiming's daughter inherited his ghost. Because she didn't know so much, she must have made a lot of wishes. Now Zhao Kaiming's family, including relatives, are all dead. Each relative represents a person. Wishes, you can imagine how many wishes this Zhao Xiaoya has made over the past year or so."

"Is there such an incredible thing, dead relatives in exchange for wishes?" Gao Ming was surprised.

"Anything can happen in the supernatural world, nothing is strange."

Yang Jian said: "And it is not difficult to judge from the death of Yang Zifeng before. Even after the death of his relatives, Zhao Xiaoya still can't get rid of this evil ghost. Next, someone he knows and knows will die."

"Yang Zifeng got to know this Zhao Xiaoya, so when he died, he did not die from the wish he made, but from the wish that Zhao Xiaoya made after him."

"The wish sticker is equivalent to a blank check. Zhao Xiaoya has already paid it, so Yang Zifeng was fine in the beginning."

"Wait a minute, Zhao Xiaoya has woken up and is leaving from the alley."

After saying that, Yang Jian immediately noticed something and took Gao Ming to stay away, not wanting to get too close.

"We are now defined as bad guys. We can't find Zhao Xiaoya. It's not easy to handle." Gao Ming frowned, and there was still no trace in the empty eye sockets under his sunglasses.

Yang Jian's ghost eyes can be seen, but only some traces can be seen without opening the five ghost eyes.

"Whether he is good or bad does not depend on us, but on Zhao Xiaoya. So if you want to see her get close to her, you have to create a good person in her subjective sense." Yang Jian said.

"You're right. True or false is not important. The important thing is to deceive Zhao Xiaoya. I can't do this task. I have to let A Hong come. Her ghost makeup can shape a brand new person." Gao Ming immediately recommended a person who was very suitable to handle this matter. .

A Hong?

Yang Jian said: "You don't need her, I have a way."


He took out a crystal pendant from his pocket. There was a black shadow shaking inside, which was strange and evil.

This is a ghost necklace made by a deceitful ghost. It can affect everything in reality, but it cannot affect the supernatural.

Yang Jian quickly searched in his mind and selected a memory personality that met his requirements.


A vague outline of a human figure gradually emerged in front of me. From existence to non-appearance, it became clearer and clearer. In the end, it turned out to be a young woman of about twenty-three or four years old.

The ghost shadow shook and enveloped the past.

Memory infusion.

A person who was originally dead was resurrected in front of Yang Jian.

Her name is Liu Siyue, a kindergarten teacher in Dachuan City. She died in the Ghostly Death Incident, but in front of her she was a very caring, kind and lively girl.

"This is…" Gao Ming almost took off his sunglasses in shock when he saw this scene.

This, what is this?

Supernatural interference with reality and creating a non-existent person?

"Wake up." Yang Jian shouted.

The next moment, Liu Siyue immediately opened her eyes and woke up. She was a little confused at first and looked around with some strangeness. Then her eyes gradually became brighter and the memory in her mind came to life.

"Yang, Yang Jian."

She looked at Yang Jian, who seemed very familiar, with an inexplicable awe and admiration in her eyes, and even some fanaticism.

"Everything is in your mind, you know what to do." Yang Jian said coldly.

He resurrected the girl named Liu Siyue, but not completely because she changed some of her memories.

Liu Siyue nodded and looked towards the road not far away: "I saw her, a little girl in a dress. Is she Zhao Xiaoya?"

"Is this okay?" Gao Ming was dumbfounded.

Yang Jian and he were defined as bad guys and could not see Zhao Xiaoya. However, it turned out that Yang Jian was lucky and directly used supernatural powers to create a person, and then successfully bypassed the rule with the help of this special man-made medium.

"Let's take action, I'll wait for your good news." Yang Jian said.

Liu Siyue nodded, and then immediately walked towards Zhao Xiaoya in his sight.


In Zhao Xiaoya's judgment, Liu Siyue is a good person.

Even though she is not really a good person, she can still avoid the devil's rules.

Zhao Xiaoya wants to leave here. She is now standing at the intersection waiting for the red light to go to the other side of the road.

At this moment, Liu Siyue walked over and said hello with a kind smile: "Hello, kid, why are you here alone? Do you know that it is very dangerous for children to play outside alone? Where are your parents? ?”

"My parents are gone, my grandparents are gone, my uncles and aunts are gone, and I'm looking for them." Zhao Xiaoya lowered her head slightly, looking very sad.

"They left me at home and said I was going to the hospital, but no one came back."

"I made a wish, but it didn't come true."

Liu Siyue said: "That's right, then your parents must have suddenly left because of something. It's very dangerous for you to run around like this. Maybe your parents are looking for you everywhere right now. Can you ask your sister to help you?" Sister, help you find your parents and send you home."

As she said that, she squatted down and tidied Zhao Xiaoya's messy and dry hair with some distress.

"Really? Then will you die?"

Zhao Xiaoya opened her eyes wide and asked a somewhat creepy question.

"Sister is in good health, how could she die?" Liu Siyue's smile froze, but she was not afraid because she had such memories and coping methods in her mind.

"But my former brothers, sisters, grandparents, they all died trying to help me. They obviously promised to help me, but they died themselves. They are all liars."

Zhao Xiaoya was a little angry at the moment, resenting those people who died without permission without helping her find her parents.

Seeing Zhao Xiaoya like this, Liu Siyue felt an inexplicable chill in her heart.

This child has not yet realized that all the deaths of those around her were caused by her unauthorized wishes.

"Sister is not a liar. If you don't believe it, we can pull the hook." Liu Siyue smiled and stretched out her finger.

Although the Zhao Xiaoya in front of her is about ten years old, her mind should be only about six years old.

Only the body grows, not the mind.

Zhao Xiaoya looked at Liu Siyue: "Then you are not allowed to lie to me, and you are not allowed to die without permission. That's why I hooked up with you."

"No problem, I promise you." Liu Siyue said with a smile, but her smile was a little stiff.

But there was no problem in deceiving the little girl in front of him.

"Hang yourself with a hook, and it won't change for a hundred years." Zhao Xiaoya stretched out her fingers and hooked Liu Siyue, saying innocent words, but the surroundings were particularly cold.

The ghost is watching from the side.

Liu Siyue was nervous, but she still made contact with Zhao Xiaoya smoothly.

After pulling the hook.

Zhao Xiaoya suddenly took out a wrinkled cartoon sticker from her pocket: "This is for you."

"What is this?" Liu Siyue asked pretending to be curious.

"This is a sticker that can make wishes come true. I give it to you as a gift. No matter what wishes you write on it, they will all come true." Zhao Xiaoya said with a smile.

Liu Siyue smiled and said, "Sister, I accepted this gift. Thank you. You are so good."

After speaking, she touched Zhao Xiaoya's head.

"Hehe." Zhao Xiaoya also squinted her eyes and smiled.

Yang Jian and Gao Ming were standing not far away, looking at Liu Siyue mingling with a little girl who was not in sight, and couldn't help but feel a little uneasy.

"The first step of the plan was successful." Suddenly. Yang Jian said.

Gao Ming saw it immediately.

As the green light turned on, Liu Siyue held the hand of a non-existent person and walked along the zebra crossing.

Obviously, the person he created briefly controlled Zhao Xiaoya.

"What to do next?" Gao Ming said.

Yang Jian said: "The next step is for her to know what to do. Gaining trust is the first step. The next step is to find a way to survive beside Zhao Xiaoya. If she can succeed, she will gradually understand the evil ghosts around Zhao Xiaoya. But I have already ordered Liu Siyue Let her take Zhao Xiaoya as far away from big cities as possible and stay in a place with few people."

"You are still thoughtful." Gao Ming nodded.

Yang Jian didn't speak, but opened his palms slightly.

The cartoon sticker given to Liu Siyue was now held in his hand.

Although wrinkled.

But this is a supernatural item that can grant a wish.

Carrying the curse of the evil ghost, it also possesses a wish with infinite possibilities.

"It's none of our business anymore. I'll let Liu Siyue contact you after things stabilize." Yang Jian silently accepted the sticker.

Maybe it will come in handy later.

Although there is a curse, someone has already shouldered the curse for him, so it should not fall on him.

"Is your person stable? Do you want to get a few more people as backup?" Gao Ming suggested.

Yang Jian glanced at him: "Reversing life and death is taboo. One person is enough. If she dies, several more will have the same result. I believe her."

Liu Siyue was a living person he specially created.

Not only did she have her original memories, but she also had a lot of supernatural knowledge, and even told her some of her own secrets.

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