Shenma Cinema Seed Ghost Chapter 676: A Key

At nearly twelve o'clock, Yang Jian had already appeared next to the ghost closet in advance.

He didn't want an accident to happen, so it was better to be cautious.

I looked at the time, there was still half an hour.

Yang Jian didn't go anywhere. He just sat on the clock tower and looked at the unchanged red cupboard in front of him, waiting for that moment to come. This time he had a knife on him and was prepared. If the mission of the ghost cupboard didn't work… If it is harsh, then he can try to complete it and give himself a chance to survive in the future.

Assuming it was too harsh, I used a weird hatchet to hack open the cabinet tonight.

I don't know if the hatchet can split open this cupboard so smoothly.

But judging from the normal situation, the knife is harder than wood anyway, so it should be able to work.

Time passed little by little.

Yang Jian stared at the time. Soon, midnight arrived.

The deadline for the deal between him and Ghost Cabinet has finally come. So many things have happened in these seven days. It is a miracle that he survived. If it were other people, they would have died countless times.

The originally peaceful cupboard suddenly became abnormal at this time. The cupboard door was shaking, as if something was shaking the wooden door inside, trying to get out.

This situation has never happened before.


The cabinet shook and vibrated for a moment and then suddenly became quiet. The upper cabinet door and the lower cabinet door all opened on their own at this moment.

Scarlet and sticky blood began to overflow from the opened gap.

"What's going on? I have clearly complied with the agreement and came to the ghost closet. Why is there something abnormal in the ghost closet?" Yang Jian frowned suddenly and couldn't help but take a few steps back. He was very cautious.

However, the blood flowed on the ground for a while but soon stopped.

At the same time, Yang Jian found that his feet were covered in blood as he retreated, and bloody footprints were left on the ground.

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The blood was not contaminated because he didn't step on it at all, and the blood seemed to have been on him all the time, but he didn't notice it and hid it in a very secretive way.

Yang Jian's eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this.

He has had this conjecture before. The trading rules of the ghost closet are actually a kind of curse, similar to that of a music box. He is familiar with the sticky blood flowing out of his body now. It has appeared in Wang Xiaoming's laboratory before, but He didn't pay attention at that time.

"It turns out that this blood is not only a curse from ghosts, but also a kind of protection from ghosts… The rules of trading within seven days turn out to be this."

"Before, at the Soul Exorcist Club, the weird projector played my death scene, and blood was seeping from the wall at that time. This blood did not come from the projector, but from the curse of the ghost closet. The existence of the projector at that time made The curse has reared its ugly head again…if that's the case."

"Then what was the ghost closet protecting me at that time?"

Yang Jian's expression changed slightly.

He began to realize.

There was something unusual about that weird projector that he couldn't see clearly at the time, but he was sure that something bad was going to happen.

It was just the curse of the ghost closet that blocked him, or maybe there was a secret confrontation between them.

Judging from that situation, the ghost closet should have won.

Yang Jian's feet were still bleeding. He didn't know where the thick blood came from, and he didn't feel any discomfort.

After the blood flowed down, it began to gather with the blood in the ghost cupboard, and then gradually returned to the ghost cupboard.

It's as if the curse of the ghost closet has been withdrawn, and it seems that the period of protection has expired, and some indescribable weirdness is dissipating.

After all the blood disappeared, the cupboard door that was originally opened slammed shut again.

Yang Jian tried to take this opportunity to see clearly what was going on inside, but it was pitch black inside, like an abyss or the entrance to hell. He couldn't see anything. There was a kind of supernatural interference, and even if he opened his ghost eyes, he couldn't see anything. See clearly what's inside.

After giving it a try, he gave up.

After all, now is not the time to care about this.

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After all this abnormality ended, the ghost cabinet returned to a brief period of calm, but this calm did not last long. Soon Yang Jian heard the sound of something falling inside the wooden cabinet again.

The cupboard door below opened strangely.

The transaction between Yang Jian and Guiqi began again.

After taking it out, his brows suddenly wrinkled.

Here is another photo. The photo shows a dark and strange place, but in the middle of the photo is an old wooden house. No, it is not appropriate to call it a wooden house, but an old house with a very dated feel. It's just that the building materials are all made of wood. Yang Jian has seen this style of house in the scenic spot before when he was traveling. This kind of house is at least from the Republic of China period, and it can't be said that it is even older.

The door of the old house is a faded wooden door that has been washed away by rain. At the moment, the door is closed tightly, and there is no way to see what is inside.

"A photo of an old house. I seem to have seen this old house somewhere…and more than once. By the way, it's the background of the photo of the ghost bride."

Yang Jian suddenly remembered something, he remembered it.

A fierce ghost once sat in front of the gate of this old house and took a picture some time in the past. At that time, the old house was not so old, and there were still two lanterns hanging on the left and right.

Moreover, when he took the supernatural bus, he seemed to have seen this old house located in a strange place.

I'm not sure because I didn't pay that much attention at the time and was just trying to save my life on the bus.

There is a line of text on the reverse side of the photo.

"Open that locked door for three months."

The handwriting was black and twisted, almost shapeless, as if it were scrawled by something, but one could still make out the font and the content on it.

Later, in addition to the photo, Yang Jian also saw a key.

An old brass key.

"Are you kidding me? You want me to go into that old house and open the locked door there?" Yang Jian shuddered just thinking about it after realizing this task.

Obviously, there must be a ghost in that old house.

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Moreover, the door is locked, which means that there is something even more terrifying in the room. Once the lock is unlocked, he may die on the spot.

As for the three-month period, it is not too short, but it is not too long either.

"It seems like a simple mission, but actually it is the most dangerous one. Although I had already guessed that the difficulty of this mission would be intensified, I didn't expect it to change so quickly. I was only asked to find ghosts before, but now I am asked to do it. Open the door to a scary place." Yang Jian pondered, thinking that this task was not easy.

But the ample trading time made him less impatient.

If these three months had been replaced by three days, Yang Jian would have raised his knife and chopped open this ghost cupboard.

"There is no other movement in the ghost closet. It seems that the transaction content is very clear."

After Yang Jian confirmed the situation, he found that the ghost cupboard had returned to calmness again, and then closed the cupboard door, looking harmless to humans and animals. If it had been discovered by others, that person would never have imagined that this cupboard would be so ghostly and haunted. horrible.

"Keep this key first and take it one step at a time. If you want to regret it, don't regret it now.",

He looked at the copper key in his hand.

It didn't seem strange. It didn't look like a strange thing, but an ordinary old thing. But his intuition told him that this copper key must be unusual, because it fell out of a ghost closet. If it was just With an ordinary copper key, you don't have to go through all the trouble to open the door.

Because ordinary doors can be opened with just a pull , only special doors require special keys to open.

"The ghost cupboard, the ghost bride, the ghost painting, the old wooden house…the locked door, the key, all of these are related, not that they have nothing in common, even though they are just a few Task, but it has connected all these things together, like a precise layout, link by link, it seems that in the end, it will use the hands of traders to achieve some terrible purpose. "

"A ghost's purpose."

Yang Jian held the key, feeling an inexplicable uneasiness and chill in his heart.

If he continues the transaction, he feels that he will follow the path of his predecessor. He must find a way to terminate the transaction before the ghost's goal is achieved. Otherwise, he doesn't know what will happen.

But no matter what it is, we can't let it happen.

With this idea in mind , he left the clock tower and returned to his residence with thoughts on his mind.

Maybe it took a little too long to think about it.

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When Yang Jian came back, Zhang Liqin was already asleep in bed. She obviously had to go to work tomorrow and couldn't bear it any longer. He didn't wake her up. He just took a look and then moved to another room and took a shower. Going to rest.

After all, a lot of things happened today, and Yang Jian was also a little tired.

"The wound is gone."

While taking a shower, Yang Jian found that the wound on his arm left by the hatchet had actually improved. A mark similar to a scar was left on that area, but the rot was gone and it did not continue to worsen. Go down.

It's like a wound is healed.

"Is it because of the deal just concluded?"

Yang Jian thought about the strange phenomenon of blood oozing from his body before. Maybe the curse caused by the hatchet was also eliminated at that time.

This may be an unexpected gain.

Otherwise, it is difficult to say whether this arm can be saved in the end.

The human body is still too fragile.

It cannot stop any intrusion of supernatural power.

"The specialness should only be this time. If you use the hatchet next time, it won't be so easy to eliminate the negative impact… Unless you wait until the next transaction is completed and you have some kind of change again. OK."

Yang Jian thought silently.

One transaction removes other curses on oneself.

No, it should be covered.

Because the ghost closet may have imposed another curse on itself, the hatchet's influence was erased.

I just haven't tried what would happen if the curse of the music box breaks out at the same time.

Yang Jian didn't dare to try. He just thought about this kind of thing. If he really did it, there would be no possibility unless he was desperate.

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