Chapter 7 Water Wall And Floating Coffin 1

I stepped hard on the ground, which made the soil on the ground rustle. It was only then that I discovered that the soil in the tunnel was originally only one-third mud and two-thirds sand. , this appearance is similar to the water in the Yellow River mixed with yellow sand.

I said, it’s really fresh. How come it’s so humid here and there’s so much sand? I remember clearly that the original tunnel was not like this, there was no water! The young master also said that when he went out yesterday, he did not find any water.

Huang Zhihua said that the water seemed to seep out from underneath suddenly. Could it be said that the tide of the Yellow River is rising? Water flooded into the hole?

I shook my head. It didn't look like water had flooded into the hole, but more like there was water on the ground. I tried hard to recall the scene when I went out yesterday, but at that time, the tunnel was surrounded by dense black vines on all sides. We had to deal with those cannibalistic vines while running for our lives, and no one paid too much attention to the surrounding environment. Moreover, we didn't know that this was actually another passage. We just thought it was a corridor in the tomb, and no one paid any attention to it.

"Is there a fork in the road here, and are we going the wrong way?" I asked Huang Zhihua in a low voice. As for the young master, I don't really count on him. Ever since the girl disappeared, he seemed to have lost his soul, and his reactions were half a beat slower than usual.

Huang Zhihua said he didn't pay attention either. Old Ghost Chen pushed me from behind, and when I turned around, I was so frightened that the person standing behind me was not Old Ghost Chen, but Wang Quansheng standing behind me! But Old Ghost Chen and Old Man Zhang disappeared.

Wang Quansheng is still the same as before, but the clothes he was wearing are in tatters. His whole body was dripping with water, as if he had just crawled out of the water. From the exposed skin, it could be seen that his body was slightly rotten, and there were even maggots growing in some places. I even saw, On his chest, a wriggling maggot poked its head out of his clothes…

I took a breath of air, pulled out the ancient bronze sword, and slashed at Wang Quansheng.

Wang Quansheng didn't know how to escape. The ancient bronze sword in my hand pierced his chest directly, but his hands stretched straight out to analyze the Yellow River Ghost Coffin . Regardless of his body being pierced by the ancient bronze sword, he reached out to grab my hand. neck. There was a ferocious and weird smile on his lips, and beautiful and eye-catching blood actually oozed from his eyes, dripping down his distorted pale face.

"Old Xu…" Huang Zhihua's exclamation came from behind me. I suddenly came to my senses, held the ancient bronze sword in my hand and backed away, and then backed away…

The young master pulled me, I staggered, and finally narrowly escaped Wang Quansheng's hands with long nails…

"He…how did he ruin it here?" the young master asked stammeringly.

I looked at Wang Quansheng standing three steps away in shock, and asked Huang Zhihua and the young master beside me: "Where are those two dead old men?"

Analysis of the Yellow River ghost coffin_Real events of the Yellow River ghost coffin_Analysis of the Yellow River ghost coffin

Behind him was the wall of the tunnel. Now that he retreated like this, his whole body fell heavily into the wall – no, I was definitely not wrong. His whole body did indeed fall into the wall. The originally hard tunnel wall , now like mud, the three of us watched Wang Quansheng's body dissipate little by little inside the wall, it was extremely weird.

"What…what is going on?" the young master stammered.

I found that among the three of us, the young master is obviously the least courageous, but no matter how weird and bizarre things happen, he is the first to accept it.

"There is something wrong with this wall!" Huang Zhihua said in a deep voice.

I thought for a while and boldly walked towards the place where Wang Quansheng's body had been buried. I only looked at the wall in front of me that seemed to be the same, but I ignored my feet. I accidentally stepped on the wall that Huang Zhihua had just hit. The bullet knocked off half of Wang Quansheng's head. His feet suddenly slipped and he stumbled forward involuntarily.

"Old Xu…" The young master's exclamation came from behind. I fell into the wall of the tunnel. It felt as if I had fallen into water. Yes, it was indeed water. I smelled the familiar yellow sand in my nose. The stench of decay. I struggled hard, but for some unknown reason, my body fell down uncontrollably.

There seems to be a strong pulling force under the water, which is similar to the whirlpool at the entrance to the underwater tomb we saw last time.

I could only hold my breath hard and sink involuntarily.

I don’t know how long it took, but suddenly, a light flashed in front of me. I was not in the water, and there seemed to be a space without water around me. The miner’s lamp above my head was still on. The miner’s lamp was of really good quality.

I took a deep breath. The falling process just now was not long, one and a half to two minutes at most… The longest breath-holding in the world record is seven minutes. I have always been good at water, and I am considered to be gifted, but it is only just I can only hold my breath for two minutes.

I looked up and saw that it was so fresh. The water here was extremely calm. It was not like the whirlpool in the eye of the Kunlun wind. How could it produce such a heavy sinking force? Moreover, looking up, the entire water surface was like a mirror. I looked at my own shadow, reflected by the light beam of the miner's lamp above my head, looking ghostly in the water. At first glance, it was really scary.

What is this place? I turned around and began to look at my current situation, but after looking for a long time, I still couldn't figure out the reason. Just when I was wondering what to do, suddenly the water mirror above my head cracked from the center, and the young master and Huang Zhihua shouted. The ground fell from their heads, and it was obvious that they also entered the fresh wall…

Analysis of the Yellow River ghost coffin_Real events of the Yellow River ghost coffin_Analysis of the Yellow River ghost coffin

Oh…that's wrong, I suddenly remembered Wang Quansheng's body that I kicked into the wall. He entered before us. I fell down just now and didn't find him. Did he run away again?

I shudder when I think of the huge, pale face on its back.

"Old Xu…Teacher Huang…" the young master shouted from the side. He was unlucky. When he sank, he broke the miner's lamp above his head. His eyes had not yet adapted.

"Master, are you okay?" Under such circumstances, the well-trained teacher Huang clearly showed his advantage. He pulled the young master over, holding a dagger in one hand and looking at the surrounding situation with bright eyes.

"Old Xu…are you okay?" The young master obviously found me.

"I'm okay, I'm still alive for the time being!" I sighed and looked at the water mirror at the top again. It was really strange. Why is there no water below this? Why is the water blocked? I stood on tiptoe and tried to take a look. The water mirror was only about two meters away from us at most. I could even touch the cold underground water, but – logically, due to the gravity of the earth, the water should always move downward!

Why is there no water under this? There is also that wall, which looks exactly like an ordinary tunnel wall.

I took a deep breath and looked up at my own shadow in the water mirror again. I felt that my breath was sucked into the water mirror and amplified infinitely. The echo hit my eardrums and made my heart feel heavy. Fall down…

"Old Xu, what on earth is going on?"

"How do I know?" I shook my head and smiled bitterly. I am not the owner of this tomb, so how do I know the principles of its construction? If what those two old Nancrawlers told is true, and the owner of the tomb here was once the founder of another civilization, then how can I, a person thousands of years later, understand all the institutions here?

"Damn it, how can I write this report when I go back in the future?" Huang Zhihua cursed in a low voice again.

I couldn't help but laugh. It turned out that what he was always worried about was that he couldn't write a report!

Analysis of the coffin_The real incident of the ghost coffin in the Yellow River_Analysis of the ghost coffin in the Yellow River

"This is easy to handle!" the young master shouted loudly: "You can write whatever you like, ha… Anyway, no one will be willing to come down and inspect it."

"I'm afraid I can't write about this." Huang Zhihua sighed, looked around, and asked me which way to go. I lowered my head and looked at the sand under my feet. The sand here was exactly the same as in the tunnel just now, two cents of sand. Even if the soil is wet, it will not be sticky. When I took a closer look, I couldn't help but be stunned. I clearly saw that in addition to the three of us, there were actually two rows of footprints left on the sand, extending forward.

Huang Zhihua also discovered strange footprints on the sand. We looked at each other with doubts in our hearts… Are they human footprints, or something else? Is it Wang Quansheng and the corpse exorcists, or the two old Nancrazi men?

"Old Xu!" Huang Zhihua pursed his lips and whispered, "How about we follow the footprints?"

I thought for a while, and now I have no other choice. It is better to follow the footprints while wandering around. I nodded immediately, pulled out the ancient bronze sword, held it tightly in my hand, and walked forward along the footprints.

After walking a few steps forward, suddenly, the view in front of us became clear, but in such a dark underground, no matter how open it was, we couldn't see clearly, but the surroundings were not as cramped as before. Just now we seemed to be in the same room, but now, it seems like we are in a field.

I took out the flashlight from my backpack and looked around. Wherever the flashlight beam went, there was nothing.

Huang Zhihua took out the flare from his backpack, inserted it into the muzzle of the gun, and fired it straight ahead – the flare drew a beautiful pale white arc in the gloom, and then floated down, emitting a pale white light in the darkness. It was particularly dazzling… However, the range illuminated by the flare was still blank, there was nothing, and there was only gloom around it.

"What kind of place is this? Why can't I see the edge?" the young master whispered.

"Which way are we going?" Huang Zhihua said to himself.

I used a flashlight to shine on the ground, and the two rows of footprints were still there. On such wet sand, it was easiest to track them.

"Let's just follow the footprints as usual!" I whispered.

Analysis of the Yellow River ghost coffin_Real events of the Yellow River ghost coffin_Analysis of the Yellow River ghost coffin

Following the footprints, we walked one foot deep and one foot shallow on the beach. I don’t know how long we walked. The young master suddenly said with sharp ears: "Lao Xu, listen, what is the sound?"

I listened carefully and whispered, "It sounded like water."

"That's right." Huang Zhihua nodded and said, "It does sound like running water. It should be not far ahead." While he was speaking, he had already taken out a flare again and stuffed it into the head of the gun——

The flare was fired again. This time, I could see clearly. Not far in front of us, there was a large area of ​​underground water, and there seemed to be a beach beside the water. What made me even more frightened was – —There is someone on the beach!

"What is that?" the young master asked worriedly.

"It seems like a human being…" Huang Zhihua whispered.

I shook my head, slowed down, and whispered: "Except for those two dead old men, there are no other living people in this place!" After Huang Zhihua's flare was fired just now, although it was blurry and unclear, it could be seen that Guaranteed, there will definitely be more than two people on the beach…

Huang Zhihua held up the gun in his hand and whispered: "You two, be careful, God… there are so many…"

He didn't say the rest of his words, but the young master and I both knew that so many unclean things were not far from the beach. Soon, the sound of water got closer and closer, and we could also see the miners' lamps above our heads. When we got to the beach in front, it turned out that it was similar to the Long Beach of the Yellow River on the surface. Not far ahead was the surging groundwater. What was new was that the groundwater here was not as calm as the groundwater we had seen before. It was not as calm as the water of the Yellow River on the surface. It looks very similar, as if it is running.

The entire beach is right in front of us, and we have even stepped on the beach ourselves, but we did not see a single person. It was as if those shadowy figures I had just seen disappeared in an instant… …

"Where are the people?" the young master asked me in a low voice.

I thought the miner's lamp was not bright enough, so I took out the flashlight from my backpack and looked at the turbid underground water that washed up on the beach in the distance. There was still nothing on the water…

I don’t know why, but when I saw this place, I suddenly felt an indescribable feeling of recognition, as if I had been here many, many years ago, and as if the memory that had been sealed for thousands of years suddenly reappeared in an instant.

I put away the flashlight, gently pulled out the ancient bronze sword, and took off the anti-virus plastic gloves. The palm of my hand fit closely with the thousands of years of bronze texture, and I could clearly feel the traces of the earth and the earth deeply imprinted on it. In the flesh…

"Old Xu, there is something on the water…" The young master said in a low voice with sharp eyes.

I didn't say anything. Under the light of the miner's lamp above my head, I could see clearly. Sure enough, there was something floating on the water. It was a dark rectangular shape. It looked like a piece of driftwood, but we all knew in our hearts that this thing was floating on the water. Driftwood will never appear in this place. This is the underworld, and everything that appears here is absolutely abnormal.

"It's like a piece of wood…" Huang Zhihua said in a low voice.

wood? My heart moved, and I couldn't help but think of the log coffin hanging in mid-air that we found when we entered the tomb. Could it be that the coffin was thrown into the water by Huang Zhihua's blast of explosives? And this is the groundwater we found?

Come to think of it, with the same underground water and the same tomb, where can we find another such a huge underground lake? How big can the entire Kunlun storm eye be? Can it accommodate such a huge underground lake?

The round thing slowly floated toward us along the current. The three of us seemed to be dumbfounded and watched it get closer to the shore little by little.

When it came close to the shore, the three of us finally saw it clearly. Sure enough, it was a large log. It should be oh, that was the log coffin we originally saw on it. Even the appearance of the coffin There is also the ghost-faced mushroom growing on it, and it is smiling ferociously at us.

"Do you want to bring it up?" the young master asked me in a low voice.

I am almost certain that this log is the log coffin we saw in the tomb chamber above, hanging in the air with iron chains. I remember clearly that when we wanted to open the coffin, we accidentally bumped into it. The trap was broken, and the result was that they all fell into the underground lake. Could it be that the log coffin also fell down together?

The wooden coffin slowly floated to the shore along with the underground water and stopped on the beach. I winked at Huang Zhihua, told the young master to be careful, and then cautiously walked towards the log coffin.

Walking closer, under the light beam of the miner's lamp above my head, I could see clearly that there were deep marks on both ends of the log coffin, which were obviously marks of iron chains – in this way, it can be proved that this The log coffin is the one above. I pulled out the hemp rope from my backpack and put it on the coffin. Then I handed one end of the rope to Huang Zhihua. While calling the young master, the three of them worked hard to drag the log coffin to the shore.

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