Part 2 Tower Of The Dead 9 Monk

The golden sleeve around Tengjia's body was still in two parts scattered up and down, tightly hugging the body. There were a pair of extended wrist guards and knee pads on each of the forearms and calves, and the whole body exuded a golden light. Her eyes were always closed, her hair was cut short and messy on the metal pillow.

There is a square LCD screen on the top of the coffin, which continuously displays the temperature, humidity and oxygen content of the air inside the coffin.

At this moment, she is alive, but in a "vegetative" state, and the various metabolic functions of her body are no different from those of a living person.

I do not have the special ability to awaken Toka. Of course, I am not interested at all in the reward from the Japanese Emperor.

The old monk in the corner of the room on the left suddenly yawned, uttered the Japanese word "no" briefly, and then huddled up in his monk's robe, as if he had fallen into sleep again.

Master Shenbi frowned heavily: "What? Fourth uncle, isn't he? Not Teacher Feng?"

No one responded. The four old monks seemed to have fallen asleep silently, ignoring Master Shenbi's words.

The disappointment on Master Shenbi's face became even more obvious. He pressed his hands on the coffin lid and sighed slowly.

The "resurrection sand" cast by Su Lun can no longer be seen on Tengjia. The sand must have been wiped out during the process of moving her body several times. I can’t figure out why Long is so wary of a bag of sand and solemnly entrusts it to Yelan. Is it just out of the religious belief of a mysterious sect?

If Japan's modern medicine cannot awaken Toka, we can only wait for a miracle to happen.

Master Kambei stretched out his hand and made a "please" gesture, and led me to the small living room on the side. It seems that I, Tengka's "savior", can still receive special treatment in Fengqie Temple.

The small living room has a typical Western layout. There are no tatami mats and bed tables. They are replaced by Western-style sofas and coffee tables. What's more, what's hanging on the wall is no longer the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e style meticulous painting, but Van Gogh's "Sunflowers". , and the other is the famous "Mona Lisa's Smile".

After sitting down, a handsome young monk offered two cups of coffee and then left silently. They were originally wearing soft-soled cloth shoes, and the ground was covered with thick beige carpet, making it even more quiet.

Master Shenbi gradually had a smile on his face: "Teacher Feng, according to Chief Watanabe, when we were in Egypt, it was you who entered the ancient well regardless of personal danger and rescued Princess Tengjia. Teacher Feng is deeply loved by everyone in our temple. I'm so grateful, I dare not say thank you. If Teacher Feng needs our help in any way, just ask. Wait a moment, the temple has some gifts for you, please accept them."

Even when he was smiling, the murderous look in his eyebrows was still very serious, and he could not help but make a fuss about his movements. It was obvious that his attainments in foreign hard skills had reached an extreme level. Looking at his hand holding the coffee cup, the fist and fingertips are all covered with extremely thick calluses, and every movement of the hand involves a series of movements of the elbow, arm, and shoulder, which shows that his body harmony has been improved. To cover up oneself.

I nodded and smiled back: "Master Shenbi is too modest. It's a pity that Miss Tengjia can't wake up completely. She had a very complicated and weird experience before she fell into coma. If we can get some information from her thoughts The Necromancer Flying Dragon’s Staff will be a huge harvest for human civilization.”

I still haven't figured out how Tengjia was able to pass through more than a hundred meters of sand and soil in an underground tunnel out of thin air, pass through the solid outer wall of the pyramid, and then reach the ancient well more than a hundred meters deep under the huge gold ingot—— Of course, the Great God Tu Ruihan said that it was a necessary procedure to absorb the energy from Tengjia's body, but why could her body produce inexplicable power that offset the energy in the Saturnian body?

According to the understanding of the Saturnians, Tengjia is not an Earth person in the full sense at all, just like he pointed out that my body structure is not the same as that of orthodox Earth people.

There are no two completely identical individuals on the earth, just as the philosopher said – "There are no two completely identical fallen leaves in autumn."

"Teacher Feng, according to the diagnosis of the most senior medical expert in Tokyo, all indicators of Princess Toka's body are completely normal, including the activity of brain cells and brain tissue. What makes the experts most suspicious is that the conclusions obtained by scientific instruments show that Princess Tengjia is a completely normal person, even a normal person who is awake. In this situation, she can stand up, talk, walk, and do things at any time. The current activity level of her brain tissue can confirm that she is Those who are awake and alive…"

Master Shenbi frowned and took a lot of effort to interpret this sentence. The basic meaning is: Tengjia's body is completely normal and he is not a vegetative state.

I smiled bitterly: "Really? Could it be that she is unwilling to wake up due to ego reasons?"

This is strange. No normal person would like to lie upright in a coffin for others to look up at, let alone a young and beautiful woman?

I lay back on the sofa, closed my eyes and thought hard, and suddenly shouted: "Master, could it be those golden armors that are causing trouble?"

There will not be such fresh decorations on the earth, they can only be the products of the Saturnians. If those things are removed, new changes may occur.

Master Shenbi did not speak, but first let out a few dry and bitter smiles: "It's a pity…"

Suddenly, the four old monks in the big living room next door let out a scream. The sound was like the roar of the sea. It turned over and over in an instant like cracking rocks and piercing clouds. It almost pierced my eardrums.

I quickly dropped the cup and covered my ears with both hands, but I still felt the blood boiling in my chest and couldn't help myself. These four old monks look unattractive, and can even be said to be wretched and dirty, but the power of this continuous roar is no less powerful than the authentic "Buddhist Lion's Roar" magical skill of Shaolin Temple.

Master Shenbi suddenly changed his color, jumped up, stepped to the door, turned over the coffee table, and spilled the cup and coffee on the floor.

"Uncle, is that person here?" As he asked, more than a dozen joints of his body made strange crackling sounds like exploding beans, and the gray monk's robe suddenly swelled several times, like a wall. A giant sail fed by the wind.

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At this time, more than 300 monks outside the door also roared in unison. Although the voices were not as high-pitched and powerful as the four old monks, the roars of so many people were mixed with the mountain wind and sea breeze, vibrating and flying all the way, and the momentum was indeed amazing.

For more than ten minutes, there was only a huge "buzzing" echo in my ears, and I couldn't hear any other movement at all. This posture is as if the enemy of Fengqiao Temple is coming to seek revenge. After entering the firearms age of guns and ships, the old fists, feet, and swords of the martial arts world have disappeared, but hatred, killing, revenge, and provocation, all kinds of unique activities among Jianghu people, have been passed down from generation to generation and will never disappear. will dissipate.

A senior martial artist once said: Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there is hatred.

"Hahahaha…hahahaha…hahahaha…" A burst of increasingly high-pitched laughter sounded, as if just outside the door of the Zen room. This person's internal power was even more unfathomable. As soon as he made a sound, all the monks were stunned. The whistling sound was suppressed, and as soon as the man's laughter stopped, he spoke clearly word for word: "My associates from Fengkeo Temple, you invited me here to learn about Zen Buddhism. Why should you bully others first? Shouting for demonstrations? If you piss me off, I’ll pluck off your dogs’ heads one by one and feed them to the dogs… Hahahaha…"

The laughter became louder and louder each time, and the paper doors and partition walls were shaken by the laughter, making waves tremble.

Master Shenbi entered the living room, and I followed closely behind.

The four old monks had already stood up, holding hands and standing beside the coffin, their bodies hunched over and their whole bodies trembling violently. They had no time to howl, they were just trying their best to resist the laughter of the intruder.

This kind of internal struggle consumes most people's energy, energy, and spirit. The losing party often runs out of energy and dies. However, Jianghu people pay most attention to "integrity" rather than "life", and value "respect" more than anything else. Everything is tense.

Master Shenbi strode forward, pushed out his palms with a roar, and pressed them on the back of an old monk. Suddenly, the four old monks let out a sigh of relief at the same time, and slowly stood up straight, as if the pressure on their shoulders was suddenly relieved a lot.

"Host…Host…Host…" That was Bing Jian's anxious cry. He ran over quickly while shouting, and finally hit the paper door with a bang, breaking a big hole in the cherry blossom picture. , the body fell straight in, and fell to the ground with a thud.

Although Bingjian's language ability in dealing with people is excellent, he is extremely lacking in actual combat experience. Running in such a panic like him will just give the person who broke into the temple the direction. I am afraid that they will be found together within the next few seconds. here.

"What's the matter?" Master Shenbi asked slowly but majestically.

"Water… water… the tide of God has appeared again, this time it is more than two feet, and it has not reached the first level…" Bing Mian's monk's clothes were still stained with blood on the back, and the one I gave him was pierced on his head. A white handkerchief, it looks very funny. And his speech was incoherent and illogical.

I heard the Japanese term "God's Tide" and didn't know what was going on for a while, but the cell phone in my pocket rang for some reason.

"Very good… you go down!" Steam was already rising from Master Shenbi's head.

A gust of wind blew in from the door, and all the long white hair on the heads of the four eminent monks suddenly fell down, silently covering the coffin, leaving only their naked bald heads. In the internal competition just now, they exhausted all their energy, but they could only barely resist the outcome. In addition, their bodies were greatly damaged, and their ability to restrain hair on the body surface was completely lost, and all their hair fell out.

I retreated to the small living room, took out my mobile phone and saw it was Xiao Kereng's number. I couldn't help but feel annoyed: "I didn't come earlier, I didn't come late, why did you arrive at this critical moment!" I immediately turned off the phone, not daring to Make noises to disturb the superficial battle situation.

When the laughter rang out again, the direction should be in the courtyard where the pagoda stood.

Bing Jian had already gotten up, his face turned earth-colored, his hands and feet were trembling, and he was at a loss what to do.

Master Shenbi shouted: "Get out! You useless thing!" As he shouted, a strong whirlwind suddenly blew from his side, driving Bing Mian's body to roll outwards, snap. The staff of the undead flying dragon fell to the center of the yard with a sound, and it lost the ability to even get up a second time.

"Even if I fight to the death… I can't… lose the… reputation of Fengge Temple…" An old monk suddenly looked up and spit out a mouthful of black-purple blood, and then raised his head to the sky and sang loudly. His voice was monotonous and shrill, even louder than the whistle just now. It can cause great damage to human hearing.

The ancient Japanese songs themselves are rough and monotonous. The old monk roars at the top of his lungs, and there is no syllable or modulation at all. It is as common as the howling of wild wolves in the deep mountains and snowy fields.

Only then did I see four old monks’ gray robes with patterns embroidered on their chests, representing four beasts: dragon, elephant, tiger, and lion. The old monk who had just vomited blood and sang loudly had an arrow embroidered on his chest. The circling fire dragon was splashed with blood. The fire dragon was dripping wet and stood out more and more ferociously from the background of the gray clothes.

In harmony with the old monk's syllables, the other three people and Master Shenbi sang loudly at the same time, forming a high-pitched singing tune like a boatman's chant, which kept flying out. The four people still formed a circle, with Master Shenbi helping from the outside. The five people slowly moved towards the door, apparently trying to rush out to meet the enemy.

I didn't want to get entangled in these unnecessary disputes, so I quickly walked to Tengjia's coffin and leaned over to take a closer look.

When we were in the Egyptian desert, I felt a natural repulsion towards her smugness. After all, she represented Japan's official power at that time, and with the political background of Toshio Watanabe mixed in, she was obviously not an ally on the same path as me. Now, after a series of strange transformations on the Pyramid of Tucrakhan, she has become a patient, and the diaphragm between countries seems to have become extremely weak, or even no longer exists.

Tengjia, who was sleeping, had a peaceful expression. There was a round mole the size of a rice grain on each eyebrow bone on both sides, red on the left and black on the right, hidden deep in the smooth eyebrows. Frankly speaking, her facial features are extremely beautiful, and her skin is delicate and white, which far surpasses the most popular actresses in the Japanese entertainment industry——

For such a beautiful girl to end up in a vegetative state, it reminds me of the famous Chinese saying "Since ancient times, a beautiful woman has had a bad life." If Su Lun were here, he would definitely be jealous again when he saw my expression of regret.

After her hair was cut, Tengjia's expression looked inexplicably melancholy. I would rather see her with long hair flying around – a girl as delicate and perfect as she is is only suitable for long hair, just like Guan Baoling… …

I couldn't help but wonder about my racing thoughts: "The monks in the temple have been fighting with the foreign enemies inextricably, but I am here thinking wildly! Alas, since I arrived in Hokkaido, my mind has been in a mess all day long. Should I stop doing what I'm doing?" Things have been quiet and peaceful…"

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At this time, I pressed both hands on the sides of the coffin, and suddenly I felt that Tengjia's eyelids seemed to be trembling slightly, as if he was waking up from sleep. For a moment, my breathing became uneasy, and I stared at her face intently. However, Tengjia did not magically wake up, it was just my hallucination.

After staring for a minute, my eyes began to hurt, but I didn't see anything strange about Tengjia. I could only turn my head in despair and look at the five people blocking the door.

The big living room was so empty. The five of them were all crowded behind the door. The walls were empty except for the coffin standing alone in the middle of the room. Looking up, the beams, purlins and rafters are in order. It is a typical Japanese-style all-wood structure house. The only thing that dazzles me is the intersection of the beams and columns. There is a golden mirror embedded in the wall, about 20 centimeters in diameter, which is bright. Facing the middle of the coffin.

The Japanese flag has a red sun on a white background. Sun symbols like this can be seen everywhere, but the golden sun is relatively rare——

With a whoosh, a strong wind suddenly blew outside the door. With a long laugh, the five people crowded in the door took three steps back, their bodies swaying rapidly, trying their best to contend with the strong wind.

The white mulberry paper pasted on the window lattice of the living room trembled and hissed repeatedly, and it had been blown apart by the strong wind.

"Puff, puff, puff" sounded three times in succession, and the three old monks, the elephant, the tiger, and the lion, also spit out blood at the same time. Although Master Shenbi didn't vomit blood like them, when he squatted down and exerted his strength, the gray square bricks paved under his feet immediately broke into two pieces, and his feet immediately sank more than ten centimeters until they reached the bottom. ankle.

The laughter of the people outside the door was still loud, as if defeating the combined efforts of these people was just a piece of cake for him, and he had already secured victory with one casual blow.

I believe that as the uncle of Master Shenbi, the martial arts of these four old monks are already very amazing, but combined with the power of five people, they are still losing ground. The martial arts of the man outside the door is really rare in the world. At this critical moment, I didn't have time to think too much. I waved my palms and slapped Master Shenbi on the back.

Subconsciously, Tengjia and I have become allies related to pain and itching, because only she can read the words in the "Biluo Huangquan Sutra" and can give me more clues to find my elder brother Yang Tian – since the monks in Fengge Temple I will protect Tengka with all my strength, they should naturally be my allies.

When martial arts masters compete with each other, what they fear most is "surprise and unpreparedness". According to the calculation of the man outside the door, the strength of the monks in Fenggeo Temple has been reached to the limit. It is impossible for new masters to appear, so they are defenseless. And I understood that the opponent's strength had grown to an unlimited level, so I tried my best to push Master Shenbi to fight back as soon as I took action.

With a loud click, the paper door and the front wall of the living room all flew out, and were torn apart by the tumbling undercurrents of internal energy from both sides, turning into pieces of waste wood that were in various lengths and eight shorts, and were thrown far away from the south wall.

"Huh? Who is it? It's you -" After removing the barrier of the wall, I looked face to face with the man, and both of us were stunned.

That person was Zhang Baisen, the Chinese master of special abilities who had saved an imminent car accident. At this time, he was holding a boy who was only seven or eight years old in his left arm. He had defeated Feng Keji with just one right fist. Five eminent monks joined forces.

He was wearing a gray Tang suit. The chest, cuffs, placket, and trousers were all embroidered with patterns of golden dragons playing in the water, making him look majestic. On his feet were China's most traditional black round-mouthed cloth shoes, which were exactly like those of the old Chinese rivers and lakes heroes. dress up.

I slowly inhaled to recover, and my arms were already vaguely numb. Because when I took action just now, I had already felt Zhang Baisen's surging internal force, like a silver spear with a length of two feet, penetrating the bodies of the five eminent monks in front of me. It always stabbed into the palm of my hand.

"My little friend, is it you again?" Zhang Baisen raised his eyebrows and smiled, retracted his right fist, exhaled three breaths in a row, and then slowly continued, praising three times in a row: "Good Kung Fu! Good Kung Fu! Good Kung Fu!"

My cheeks felt slightly hot. If I had known earlier that the person coming was a senior martial artist from China, I would not have dared to embarrass myself with my meager martial arts skills, and was helping the Japanese against our own people.

"Put me down -" The boy struggled in Zhang Baisen's arms and yawned, looking old-fashioned.

Zhang Baisen immediately lowered his hands respectfully and promised: "Yes, Master." Then he carefully placed the child on the ground.

The boy was also wearing a gray Tang suit, and his hair was extremely short, as if his newly shaved head had just begun to grow new hair. He took a few steps forward, raised his finger and pointed at the four old monks inside the door, and asked clearly: "Who among you are the direct disciples of Master Jianzhen?"

He is indeed only a little over seven years old, and his height is only as high as Zhang Baisen's belt, but the aura when he speaks is extremely majestic and cold, as if a person of extremely noble status has arrived in a humble place, and he is already able to speak to this group of people. The good fortune of the five eminent monks.

Zhang Baisen's appearance and clothing were not particularly shocking, but standing there, he could shock the entire audience with just his breathing and eyes.

Although there were more than 300 people gathered in the courtyard, including many monks who had practiced martial arts for many years, they were all restrained by Zhang Baisen's upright momentum. They all fell silent and did not dare to attempt a sneak attack easily.

The boy's face is very rosy, his eyebrows are dark, and his eyes are clear and he turns innocently, as if he can speak. Every time he turns, he conveys complex information to the outside world. His eyebrows were oddly stacked with dozens of layers of wrinkles, spreading to both sides of his forehead and the top of his head, which looked very inconsistent with his age. Moreover, these wrinkles are so sharp and profound that once you take a look at them, you will never forget them for the rest of your life.

"Say, who is it?" He impatiently pointed forward with another finger.

I am familiar with almost all the allusions in Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Eastern Tantra, and Taoism. I was horrified to find that when his fingers moved back and forth, he actually used two of the most noble gestures in Tibetan Buddhism.

The former one has the middle finger straightened, the thumb clasped on the index finger, and the ring finger and little finger curled up all the way in the palm – this is the "big anger ring" of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, which means "inspiring enlightenment, guiding the maze, crossing people and oneself, and the world." Hengchang".

In the latter type, the little finger is straightened, the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger are curled up, and the thumb is deeply hidden in it. It is the "Xumi Mustard Finger" of Tantric Buddhism, which means "the wisdom that tolerates all the dementia and stupidity in the world and awakens the world to enlightenment." .

Only eminent Tibetan monks and even living Buddhas understand the mysteries of these two fingering techniques, and they should never be used by a child of unknown origin.

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