Ghost Calling Bones Chapter 99: The Two-headed Baby Of Shabu Will Continue To Live

Wang Kunpeng stopped, Xu Yunfeng had already walked forward, "This is the evil result planted by the Zhong family themselves."

Wang Kunpeng hesitated for a moment.

The screams and cries of countless children were heard coming from every room in the haunted house. All the doors began to swing open and close violently, banging loudly.

"Let's go," Wang Kunpeng signaled, and the three of them continued walking, and immediately arrived at the broken Bagua Gate between the Yin House and the Yang House.

The three of them didn't look back and were about to walk out of the Yin Mansion. They heard Zhong Fu's voice coming up from under the Yin Mansion, "It's over!"

Then the house became quiet.

Huang Kun couldn't help but look back. Xu Yunfeng said: "Don't look, just leave."

The three of them were about to step out of the underworld.

Suddenly, a burst of fast black wind rushed out from the corridor of the mansion behind him, making a great sound of splitting the air. He rushed behind the three of them in an instant. He had to pass through the middle of the three people and rush out of the shady house.

However, Heifeng was suddenly blocked by a scorching flame sword, and screamed back. Only then did Huang Kun see that Master Xu Yunfeng had already held the worm in his hand, but his body was still facing the outside and did not look back. I don't know if he couldn't help it, or if he subconsciously stopped Heifeng from rushing out of the Yin Mansion. Xu Yunfeng stood with his back to Heifeng for a while, then sighed and took the borer into his arms as usual.

The black wind hovered in the corridor behind the three people for a moment, then suddenly rushed towards the door of the Yin Mansion with force. But this time, Black Wind was blocked again. A great white flag blocked the door. But this time, it was the flag in Wang Kunpeng's hand.

Xu Yunfeng and Wang Kunpeng both couldn't help but stop Heifeng. They looked at each other and both knew that the other party still couldn't help but want to take action.

Xu Yunfeng was born to be wary of such hostile ghosts. But Wang Kunpeng is different. It is his responsibility as a warlock to deal with this kind of thing.

Wang Kunpeng said to Xu Yunfeng: "Do you still remember what happened when I became a disciple?"

"Remember," Xu Yunfeng nodded, "Teacher Zhao asked you something back then."

"I promise Master that I will not learn magic for personal grudges," Wang Kunpeng said, "I cannot violate my promise to Master."

"Teacher Zhao can't do it himself," Xu Yunfeng turned around and stood side by side with Wang Kunpeng, "but he just decided to set this rule for you."

"It's because he couldn't do it himself," Wang Kunpeng said, "so he put his hope in me and let me reach a situation that he couldn't reach."

"Okay," Xu Yunfeng said, "Just think it's for Teacher Zhao's wish." The flaming sword on his arm burned again, facing the black wind.

Heifeng rushed towards Xu Yunfeng. Xu Yunfeng did not dodge, but looked at Heifeng carefully. When Heifeng rushed a step away from him, the flame sword suddenly pierced Heifeng, and Heifeng screamed.

Wang Kunpeng immediately used his banner to wrap up the black wind with ghost control skills. Then he threw the baggage to Huang Kun.

"Is this the end?" Huang Kun looked at his master and Wang Kunpeng.

"It's not that easy." Xu Yunfeng said, "Look ahead."

Huang Kun looked at the corridor of the Zhong family's yin house and found that the corridor was different from before. The walls of the corridor were densely covered with moths. The colors of moths are all yellow-gray. The package in Huang Kun's hand suddenly twitched. Huang Kun's hand seemed to have pinched something thin, and he could feel the smoothness through the flag.

"It's a big moth!" Huang Kun said to his master, wanting to throw the package far away immediately.

"If you throw it away," Xu Yunfeng snorted, "I will definitely break your arm."

Huang Kun had no choice but to hold back the fear and nausea in his heart and hold the surging package.

Xu Yunfeng and Wang Kunpeng walked back slowly, one behind the other. Huang Kun could only follow. All the moths on the wall of the corridor fell on the baggage in Huang Kun's hand. After a while, the baggage was hidden. The moths coming from behind clung to Huang Kun's arms and back. Huang Kun wanted to throw it away immediately. Take the baggage and run away.

But Xu Yunfeng seemed to know what he was thinking, and said from behind: "Don't embarrass your grandfather Huang Songbai. When he saw Mo Tianwan on the ancient road, he was not as scared as you."

Wang Kunpeng had no time to talk, so he quickened his pace and walked to the big coffin in the ghost house. Sure enough, the five heads of the Zhong family stood together like wooden figures, forming a circle. Everyone stretched out their left arm and put it on the shoulder of the person in front.

"Retribution has come to them." Wang Kunpeng snorted, but the five heads of the Zhong family heard Wang Kunpeng's voice and knew that Wang Kunpeng had turned back. His face became much more relaxed.

"I'm not here to help you," Wang Kunpeng said. "I'm not your accomplice. I'm just doing my duty."

Wang Kunpeng looked at the big coffin. The coffin panels had been opened, and a two-headed man was sleeping in the coffin.

Xu Yunfeng looked at it and said bitterly: "What a good thing Zhong Yifang did!"

"Don't be verbose for now," Wang Kunpeng said, "Let's talk after you calm down."

The two answered one-on-one. Zhong Fu listened and was about to say something to Wang Kunpeng, but when he opened his mouth, a palm-sized moth appeared.

Wang Kunpeng waved the flag in his hand, and many more shadows appeared near the coffin. This is the first time Huang Kun has seen Wang Kunpeng control ghosts. His face looked weird.

"It's not a common magic trick," Xu Yunfeng explained to Huang Kun, "He is the authentic Maoshan ghost control technique, which cannot be compared with those heretics."

After Xu Yunfeng finished speaking, he asked the tortoise: "Water is still measured by the sundial?"

"No, this moth Gu can penetrate the yin," Wang Kunpeng said calmly, "Look at the wax."

Xu Yunfeng didn't hesitate. He collected the candles in front of the coffin and broke them into seventeen ghost bones . Then he lit them all and chanted "Ming Jiu, Zuo Ming Qi Qi on the iron car".

"Okay," Wang Kunpeng shouted, "This is it."

The two-headed man in the coffin suddenly opened his mouth, and all the moths in the mansion flew into the air with a buzzing sound.

"The right side of the iron carriage will indicate seventeen and the bottom will indicate three three." Xu Yunfeng shouted again.

"I heard it." Wang Kunpeng waved the flag in his hand, and the black shadow lifted the coffin. The coffin was floating in the air, one foot and four inches above the ground. The five heads of the Zhong family immediately let go and quickly threw a few iron chains under the coffin, arranging them in three horizontal and four vertical directions.

"When the iron carriage comes down, it will be thirteen, and it will be five or five." Xu Yunfeng shouted again.

The coffin fell with a thud, and Wang Kunpeng shook the flag in his hand again. The two-headed man's back suddenly stood up from the coffin, and the two mouths opened wider and wider, with the corners of their mouths cleft to the ears. Then all the moths flying in the air flew into the two great mouths.

In an instant, all the moths in the ghost house flew in. Xu Yunfeng walked to the coffin, lifted the coffin board from the ground with a flaming sword, and shouted to Huang Kun: "Burden!"

Huang Kun threw the baggage into the coffin. Xu Yunfeng collected the borers. Then he pushed the coffin board with his hands, and countless black hands stretched out from the coffin. But as soon as they met Xu Yunfeng's arm, they immediately started to burn, and those black hands immediately retracted. The coffin board was closed by Xu Yunfeng.

Wang Kunpeng picked up the iron nail on the ground, pointed it at the hole, and inserted it hard. Two voices erupted from the coffin, screaming and screaming at the same time.

The five heads of the Zhong family tied the coffin back up with chains.

Everything is settled. Zhong Fu and his four younger brothers walked up to Wang Kunpeng and bowed.

"I just don't want this moth Gu to go out and harm others." Wang Kunpeng said, "You don't need to thank me. I will come to meet you again after my own affairs are resolved."

Then Wang Kunpeng turned around and left. Xu Yunfeng was too lazy to pay attention to the Zhong family and did not even look at the five heads of the Zhong family. He snorted and left. Huang Kun followed Xu Yunfeng closely.

The five heads of the Zhong family were humiliated by Wang Kunpeng and Xu Yunfeng, and Wang Kunpeng said that he would come to trouble them in the future. I was very grateful at first, but now I don't know what I think in my heart.

In fact, this moth Gu was secretly brought out by Zhong Yifang in the ancient road. After he came out of the ancient road, he found a two-headed baby from nowhere.

So the idea of ​​using a two-headed baby to practice moth Gu came up.

The Yin House of the Zhong family, since the founding of Zhong Bingjun, has been used to nourish people, give birth to children, and extend people's lives. This kind of witchcraft is inherently inhumane. Although the reborn son will undoubtedly die, the six paths of reincarnation and the soul have their own behavior. But the witchcraft of the Zhong family goes against the will of nature, pressing the metamorphosis bullet into the coffin, using magic to force out the soul, and prolong the life of the dignitary.

The noble man who lives longer will pay according to his own life.

Fortune telling is based on the theory of fortune telling based on the birth date. Bone weighing fortune telling is a kind of fortune telling method, which is different from birth date fortune telling and Ziwei Dou Shu fortune telling. According to the bones of a person's birth year, month and day, the weight of everyone's life in the world ranges from two taels and one qian to seven taels and two qian. The more important the life, the richer the person.

Therefore, the dignitaries who extended their lives would use the total amount of their lives to give the Zhong family an equal amount of gold as a reward.

But in order to extend Zhang Ziran's life, Zhong Yifang actually used moth poison and two-headed man. He found this two-headed baby in the folk that year. It is difficult for a two-headed baby to survive. Once such babies are born, they will be buried alive as monsters. So Zhong Yifang secretly dug out the two-headed baby from the grave.

He brought it back to the Yin Mansion and put it in this big coffin for guarding. He just happened to get the moth pill that the Japanese had broken off from the ancient road.

This extremely yin insect is the best prelude to refining the baby to extend your life.

However, Zhang Ziran has never been able to use Zhong Yifang's method of extending his life. Because none of the five heads of the Zhong family are as capable as Zhong Yifang. Not to mention extending his life, Zhong Fu had no way to restrain the two-headed baby inside.

The two-headed baby was buried alive by his family, and then placed alive in a coffin by Zhong Yifang, who was very resentful.

So after the rebels pulled out the iron nails, the two-headed baby had to break the iron chains. This is also the reason why Zhong Fu has never been able to leave the Zhong family.

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