Physiognomy And Yin And Yang Chapter 20: An Accidental Success

"Where are we going?" As the car started, Wang Aiyun seemed a little hesitant again.

"I said, I'm here for tourism, so of course I'm going to a hotel!" Old Liu said, "One of my fellow practitioners is here too, he might be able to help me…"

"Ah…" Wang Aiyun nodded, "I thought that Liu Quezi was lying to me…"

"Who is Liu Kuizi?" Old Liu was listless. To be honest, he had never thought that Wang Aiyun was a pregnant woman. He even regretted taking on this job. Although this person was very likely a drug dealer, if he was sentenced or even shot for this, who would the child in her belly be? Old Liu had no children, so he would always feel compassion when it came to children. At this moment, he really wanted to tell Wang Aiyun the actual situation. What evil ghosts were asking for lives and the black air was hidden on the face? It was all made up. I sweated all over in front of the grave of your husband and couldn't summon his soul. How could he come back to claim your life? But things had come to this point, so he could only bite the bullet and continue to act…

"That man… is a half-immortal from my hometown. He has a problem with his legs and can't work. His family is extremely poor. It is said that once he saved a yellow fairy in the field. That night, the yellow fairy appeared in his dream and said that there was nothing to repay him, and he could only give him a pair of wise eyes, so that he could make a living with the pair of wise eyes in his next life. From that day on, the man became weird, saying that he could see everything, see through everything, and that everything he said was true. The man had never been to school and was illiterate. Since the yellow fairy appeared in his dream, he can recognize and write all the characters, compose poems, and speak in a set manner…" Wang Aiyun said seriously, "I went back to my hometown a few days ago and ran into him. He told me that I was bewitched and asked me to take care of myself. Later, the more I thought about it, the more I felt something was wrong, so I went to his house to find him, but he refused to see anyone. Then he was brought here by the police…"

"Huang Xian?" Old Liu was stunned, and turned his head sharply, and looked at Wang Aiyun's forehead carefully. Although the words about the black face were all made up, after hearing what Wang Aiyun said, it seemed that it was really a lucky coincidence. "Girl, wipe off your powder for me!"

"Fan!?" Wang Aiyun was stunned, "Didn't you just…"

"Just now I looked at your brows, now I want to look at your forehead!" To be honest, the powder on Wang Aiyun's face is thicker than the wall. If you don't have X-ray function, you really can't tell what color your forehead is. The so-called dark energy on your face is basically made up…

Wang Aiyun wiped the powder off her forehead with a handkerchief. Old Liu took a closer look and felt that there was nothing special about Wang Aiyun's "brow". It seemed that the perspective of Liu Quezi, who was given the wisdom by Huang Xian, was different from the traditional physiognomy.

"What are you looking at? It's none of your business!" Old Liu was looking at this when he suddenly heard Wang Aiyun's scream. The soft and weak tone just now disappeared instantly, which frightened Old Liu. It turned out that the taxi driver seemed a little curious when he heard the two people talking. He secretly looked back through the rearview mirror while driving, and was discovered by Wang Aiyun…

Everything in the hotel had been arranged long ago. Seeing that Old Liu brought Wang Aiyun back on time, everyone felt relieved. Zhang Guozhong couldn't help but sigh when he saw that Old Liu was dejected. He thought that this old vixen was really good at acting. She pretended to be really bitter and vengeful…

"Old Li, this girl is in trouble, please take a look at her…" Old Liu looked at Li Dong dejectedly, then found a chair, crossed his legs, lit a cigarette, and stared out the window without saying a word.

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"Oh… this is what I'm best at…" Li Dong couldn't act at all. Although he had rehearsed for a long time, he was still stuttering when he spoke the lines, and his words were extremely awkward.

"Come here!" Old Liu pulled Li Dong over and put his mouth close to Li Dong's ear. "This woman is pregnant! Will your Zhuyou technique have any effect on the child?"

"Pregnant?" Li Dong was stunned. "Master Zhang didn't tell me about this just now? Was this also arranged?"

"What the hell!" Old Liu frowned, "She's really pregnant. I didn't expect this to happen!"

"How long have you been pregnant?" Seeing that Old Liu seemed very serious, Li Dong also became nervous and subconsciously glanced at Wang Aiyun's belly.

"Judging from the pulse, no more than two months!" said Old Liu.

"Oh, that's okay…" Li Dong nodded, "More than eight months is not okay, but one or two months is definitely no problem!"

"Two gentlemen…" Wang Aiyun hurriedly took out another thousand eight hundred yuan from her bag, "Are these enough? If not, I'll go get some!" Seeing the old immortal and the dwarf with yellow teeth whispering to each other, Liu Aiyun thought they wanted money.

"Oh… we don't want money…" Li Dong remembered this line clearly. Zhang Guozhong had instructed him not to accept money. In case Wang Aiyun misunderstood her as a swindler, all the previous efforts would be wasted. "Come, girl, sit here…" Li Dong pushed Wang Aiyun to a chair in the middle of the room. "Master Liu has already told me about your situation. I will help you deal with it…" After that, he pasted the talismans he had drawn in advance on the walls around him.

As Li Dong hummed and danced to sing, Wang Aiyun's eyes soon became blurred. Not long after, Li Dong began to ask questions like retching and coughing up phlegm. But what everyone didn't expect was that Li Dong's expression became stranger and stranger as he asked more questions. In the end, he simply put the "question list" jointly compiled by Zhang Guozhong and Gege into his pocket and ended the ritual on his own initiative.

"Oh…" As Li Dongyang slapped his head, Wang Aiyun gradually regained consciousness. She felt dizzy. From the time she sat on the chair until she opened her eyes, it seemed like a vacuum of memory. It felt like some time had passed, but she couldn't remember what had happened during this time.

"Master, I'm fine…" Wang Aiyun touched her thigh and felt something real, it seemed like she wasn't dreaming. "What happened just now?"

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"It's okay!" Li Dong said with a fake smile, "You're fine now, you can go!"

"Hey… Masters, how can I thank you…" Wang Aiyun's face immediately showed joy. She took the handbag from the desk and was about to take out money. To be honest, the strange feeling just now made Wang Aiyun believe that the people in front of her were indeed a little unusual.

"We don't want money…" Li Dong said the same thing, "Listen, I want you to leave here right now, the farther the better!" When this sentence came out, even Old Liu was stunned. He didn't know what Li Dong asked. But one thing is certain, the following sentence "the farther the better" is definitely not a line.

"The farther the better…" Wang Aiyun was stunned. "How far is that?"

"Go somewhere where no one knows you!" Li Dong looked at Wang Aiyun, "If you continue to stay here, you will be in trouble soon!"

“Oh…!” Wang Aiyun nodded in horror, turned around and was about to leave the house.

"Come back!" Li Dong shouted suddenly, scaring Wang Aiyun so much.

"Take this back!" Li Dong then slowly handed over the money that Wang Aiyun had just forced upon him. "Remember, from now on, never see that Song Yongjun again, or else trouble will follow you to the ends of the earth!"

"I…when…" When Li Dong said the three words "Song Yongjun", Wang Aiyun's expression changed immediately but she hesitated to speak, then nodded, turned around and left the hotel.

"You…are you crazy?" Seeing Wang Aiyun leave the room, Old Liu suddenly sat up from his chair, "Who is Song Yongjun?"

"I'm not crazy… We just made a wrong estimate!" Li Dong curled his lips, "She really doesn't know anything!"

"Then you can't encourage her to run away!" Old Liu stamped his feet anxiously. At this time, Zhang Guozhong pushed the door open and walked into the house. "What's going on? Why is that woman in such a hurry to leave? What did you say to her?"

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"She is indeed innocent…" Li Dong said, "In some ways, she is a victim!"

"Victim?" Old Liu's eyes kept rolling. "What do you mean? Forced to sell drugs?"

"It's not drug trafficking…" Li Dong sighed, "It's more troublesome than that… Master Zhang, contact Officer Ge right now and have him come here immediately!"

"Oh…" Zhang Guozhong didn't know what was going on, so he took out his cell phone and called Gege…

According to Li Dong, at first, he did interrogate Wang Aiyun's ghost according to the list of questions listed by Zhang Guozhong and Ge Ge. Most of the questions were about institutional drug trafficking and the whereabouts of Su Tieli's body. However, Wang Aiyun's ghost knew nothing about anything . Souls will not lie. If they don't know, they really don't know. In order to find out the clues about Su Tieli, Li Dong simply started asking questions about Su Tieli, but this question led to a series of gossip.

According to Wang Aiyun's "soul", Su Tieli was simply "the best" in terms of sex life. He had some problems with impotence and premature ejaculation, and with drug abuse, all his problems were made worse. Wang Aiyun was a widow all day long. Over time, she had an affair with a man named Sun Yu in Simao. At first, the two of them still had an affair in secret, but the truth could not be hidden. Before long, the affair between the two became a well-known secret, and inevitably reached Su Tieli's ears. Although drugs can make people lose their dignity, Su Tieli still has a strong self-esteem when it comes to marriage. At this time, with such a huge cuckold, he felt that he could not stay in Simao no matter what, so he wanted to move his family to Puwen. During this period, Wang Aiyun also wanted to break the jar and divorce to live with Sun Yu, but unexpectedly, when the marriage was mentioned, Sun Yu softened again, and kept emphasizing that his family was relatively harmonious, his children had just started school, and the elderly in his family had heart disease and other objective reasons. In short, he could not divorce. Seeing this, Wang Aiyun had no choice but to move to Puwen with Su Tieli.

For a man with impotence, premature ejaculation and drug addiction, if he wants his wife not to cheat, he has to move the whole family to Antarctica. Su Tieli obviously saw through this. After moving to Puwen, he began to concentrate on quitting drugs and curing his illness. In the end, although the illness was not cured, he quit drugs. His sex life was a little better than before, but not much better. Over time, Wang Aiyun got together with a man named Song Yongjun in the town. Unlike Sun Yu in Simao, Song Yongjun was originally a bachelor, and there was no trouble with divorce and so on. In terms of economy, Song Yongjun and others jointly operated an underground casino in Puwen, and it seemed that he was also illegally acting as an agent for Hong Kong's ** lottery. Since meeting Song Yongjun, Wang Aiyun has never worried about money. Therefore, Wang Aiyun decided to dump Su Tieli and marry Song Yongjun. At this time, the sudden pregnancy disrupted Wang Aiyun's plan.

“Can the soul speak in such detail…?” Old Liu was listening with great interest, as if he were listening to a storyteller.

"It's just the general idea. I slightly modified it…" said Li Dong.

"Whose child is this?" Qin Ge couldn't help but ask.

"The key is here…" Li Dong said, "She doesn't know whose child it is! After Su Tieli quit drugs, he was very confident in himself and firmly believed that the child was his. Song Yongjun believed that Su Tieli was an addict and a fake eunuch, and it was impossible for him to make Wang Aiyun pregnant, so he also believed that the child was his! Song Yongjun once threatened Wang Aiyun about this matter, saying that if Su Tieli didn't divorce, he would make him suffer! Not long after that, Su Tieli died!"

"What's going on?" At this moment, Gege pushed the door open and walked in, his face flushed. "Why did she go to the train station? What did you say to her?"

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"Officer Ge! Calm down!" Li Dong smiled and didn't seem to be in a hurry. "From my judgment, the whole thing really has nothing to do with Wang Aiyun!"

"You? Your judgment!?" Gege seemed a little out of control. "How can you judge with those things? That's all superstition! Now she's at the train station. If she leaves the province, we won't be able to monitor her! How am I going to explain this to my superiors!?"

"Superstition?" Li Dong smiled and didn't seem angry. "If it's superstition, why do you want me to try it? If I say she's guilty, does it mean it's not superstition?"

"This…" Gege was speechless for a moment, and sat down on the chair, shaking his head back and forth like he had ADHD, "What should we do now?"

"We asked you to come here because we have a clue!" Li Dong simply moved a chair and sat opposite Gege, and told Gege again about Wang Aiyun's love triangle. "Song Yongjun believed that Wang Aiyun was pregnant with his child, so he forced Wang Aiyun to divorce and threatened to teach Su Tieli a lesson! Su Tieli was killed shortly afterwards. When Su Tieli died, Wang Aiyun concealed this clue from the police because Su Tieli was already dead and she was afraid that Song Yongjun would be arrested as well."

"What…what does this have to do with drugs?" Gege looked puzzled. "The most important thing now is drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Where did that box of drugs come from? "

"This is a murder case!" Li Dong took a deep breath as if to calm down his anger. "In Hong Kong, no matter how big a drug case is, it is not as important as a human life!"

"This is not Hong Kong!" Ge Ge said, "Murder cases are their own business. I'm here to investigate the drug case! Now someone has boarded the train right under my nose. How can I explain this?"

"OK…" Qin Ge waved his hand. "Officer Ge, please calm down. I believe Officer Li's judgment is correct. He has been a police officer in Hong Kong for more than 20 years and has never made a mistake in this regard! Wang Aiyun should have nothing to do with drugs! If you keep pestering her, it may create opportunities for real drug dealers!"

"This…" Hearing Qin Ge say this, Ge Ge was also stunned.

"Officer Ge, now is not the time to quarrel. We should take a long-term view…" Qin Ge walked around the room with his hands behind his back. "Although I'm not a policeman, I think you have overlooked a detail…"

"What details?" To be honest, as soon as Qin Ge showed up, Gege immediately became much quieter. He couldn't tell why, but he just felt that this old man could give people an indescribable sense of oppression.

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"You said that when you were interrogating Wang Aiyun, you visited four people who carried the coffin at the same time…" Qin Ge said slowly, "If I were you, I would definitely go and see if anyone of these people who carried the coffin had disappeared…"

"This…" After hearing what Qin Ge said, Ge Ge suddenly realized and quickly took out his cell phone to dial, "Oh! Mr. Qin, why didn't you tell me earlier!!"

"Like you, I just found out that Wang Aiyun is innocent…" Qin Ge smiled coldly, "While I was thinking, you were arguing with Officer Li!"

"Oh my god, this is a disaster… Hello… Lao Wang? Yes, it's me! Now quickly take people to monitor the four people carrying the coffin! If there are any signs of escape, immediately pin them down! What… Which coffin bearers are you talking about? They're the neighbors!"

"Oh! So stupid, so stupid…" After hanging up the phone, Gege kept hitting his head, "Oh, Officer Li, I was impulsive. Please don't take it personally if I offended you just now… I have to leave quickly. Thank you all for today. I will definitely treat you all to drinks in two days!"

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Li Dong smiled, “Don’t just focus on the drugs. You’d better try Song Yongjun as well!”

"Of course! It's a matter of life and death…" After shaking hands with Li Dong, Gege hurriedly said goodbye…

"What should we do now?" Watching the prince open the door and leave the room, Zhang Guozhong sucked his teeth and tried hard for a long time, but everything seemed to be back to zero.

"Of course we have to wait for them to catch the people carrying the coffin!" Li Dong smiled, "Professor Qin is indeed a man of hidden talents. He actually noticed such details!"

"It's just human nature…" Qin Ge smiled, "It's just a corpse, it shouldn't be thrown far away. By the way, Master Zhang, I remember when we went to Bashan, you could tell where things were hidden by relying on the terrain of the mountains. Can you now rely on the terrain to see where the corpse is hidden? Mr. Liu can't summon souls, maybe some special terrain blocks the flow of Yin energy?" To be honest, Qin Ge has studied Taoism a lot since he met old Liu Zhang Guozhong, and his understanding of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, at least in theory, has reached a quasi-professional level.

"This… is a bit difficult…" Zhang Guozhong shook his head. "The mountains here are too different from the Bashan Mountains. It's hard to see the clues visually, unless you use a compass to find it, but that's like looking for a needle in a haystack…"

"Hmm…" Qin Ge nodded. "It's been less than two days since they found Wang Aiyun, and less than a day since they visited those who carried the coffin! I believe that even if we have alarmed the snake, it will not run far…"

"It doesn't matter even if they run far away…" Li Dong continued, "I have heard about the ability of the mainland police. As long as they want to catch someone, there is no one they can't catch…"

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