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Worlds, full of wonders. Not long ago, old man Yang in Yangshutun Village arranged for his son to marry a ghost. Who knew that a strange combination of circumstances led to a murder case being discovered!

The story goes like this: There was a young man named Yang Chuncai in Yangshutun Village. After graduating from high school, he failed to enter college and had to return to his hometown to work as a hoe. He felt that farming was too tiring and he couldn't make any money, so he changed his profession and became a butcher. On this day, Yang Chuncai spent 5,000 yuan to buy back an old cow for slaughter. After all, it was my first time to kill with a knife, and I was already weak in courage. However, this old cow was very humane. After being tied up and knocked down by its hooves, it kept whining at him, and the bottom of its head was soaked with tears. A patch of dirt. The surrounding villagers were moved and said that this was a sacred cow. Anyone who slaughtered such a cow would be punished, so they all persuaded Yang Chuncai to let it go. Yang Chuncai also relented, but when he thought about it, the money to buy the cow was borrowed. If he didn't kill the cow, how could he pay it back? I finally gritted my teeth and took the knife…

After all, it was his first time doing this kind of business. Yang Chuncai slaughtered the cow. Not only did he make no money, he also lost more than 1,000 yuan. Not to mention this, I also carried a heavy ideological baggage. He believed the villagers' words and felt that the cow had fairy spirit. As soon as he closed his eyes, the pitying and begging look of the old cow before it died appeared in front of him, as if asking for his life. Later, Yang Chuncai developed into a trance and could not sleep all night. He recalled that he failed in the college entrance examination and achieved nothing, so he became discouraged. One day, while his parents were away, he drank half a bottle of dichlorvos in one breath…

After Yang Chuncai's death, his parents were heartbroken and felt sorry for their son, so they made every effort to arrange a ghost marriage for their son, thus fulfilling their wish to become parents.

After half a year, we finally have a suitable master—Zhao Jinping, a beautiful girl from Da Zhaozhuang who was just murdered! Zhao Jinping is 23 years old and looks like a movie star. One day, someone in the village got married and a movie was shown in the evening. Zhao Jinping did not go to the movie because of illness, but was unexpectedly killed at home. The murderer's method of committing the crime was very cruel. He first hit her on the head with a stick, and then chopped her several times. Fearing that she would not die, he also fed her highly toxic pesticides…

Judging from the cruelty of the murderer's crime, Yangmon Zhijie's death seems to have a deep hatred for Zhao Jinping, and the possibility of love murder is the highest. So Zhao Jinping's ex-lover Cui Jinzhong, as a major suspect, entered the investigative sight of the public security agency. It turned out that after Zhao Jinping graduated from high school, her parents introduced her to Cui Jinzhong, a hardware professional from a neighboring village. The Cui family was quite wealthy, and Zhao Jinping was happy with it. However, the Cui family was soon deceived and nearly bankrupted. Zhao Jinping's love balance tilted, and an unfeeling text message was sent to Cui Jinzhong's mobile phone. This was tantamount to adding salt to Cui Jinzhong's bleeding wound. The young man couldn't bear it anymore and rushed to the Zhao family to comment, but was kicked out of the house by the Zhao family. Cui Jinzhong couldn't swallow this bad breath and threatened to kill Zhao Jinping alive, the female "Chen Shimei"! On the afternoon of the accident, someone saw Cui Jinzhong coming to Dazhaozhuang to grind flour…

Cui Jinzhong had the motive and time to commit the crime, so he should be investigated as a matter of course. However, Cui Jinzhong refused to admit it. After careful investigation and verification, Cui Jinzhong was ruled out as a murder suspect, and the case was shelved for a while.

The corpse cannot be kept for a long time. According to local customs, after the death of an unmarried girl, she cannot be buried in the ancestral grave. She must find a corner place to bury her temporarily until she can be "married" later. Coincidentally, Yang Chuncai's parents in Yangshutun Village wanted to find a ghost bride for their son, and Zhao Jinping's parents in Dazhaozhuang also wanted to find an in-law for their daughter. The two villages were not far apart. After some help, both families were willing to get together, so they got together.

According to local customs, the ceremony for the marriage of a dead person is the same as that of a living person. On the day of "Dowry Collection", every family with the same surname as the head of the family will post a red word "Happy" on the door, and the groom's family will send carriages and horses to the bride's family to collect the dowry. When a dead person gets married, the dowry is of course made of paper. This job naturally fell to Yang Chunliang, Yang Chuncai's biological uncle.

Yang Chunliang is 32 years old and lives with Yang Chuncai in the front and back of the house. Now that his deceased brother is having a wedding, Yang Chunliang, as the elder brother, naturally has to make arrangements for his uncle and aunt. Yang Chunliang is the uncle of Dazhaozhuang, and his wife Zhang Wenying and the deceased Zhao Jinping are cousins. As for her husband, Yang Chunliang is called cousin-in-law. This secret relative is Zhang Wenying’s great matchmaker! Yang Chunliang has been opposed to this marriage since the moment his wife proposed it. It is said that it is unlucky for a living person to kiss a dead person. The wife didn't believe this evil, so she still arranged a marriage for her brother-in-law and cousin. According to custom, the bride's family must prepare wine and food to entertain the husband's family who come to collect dowry. Although the two elders were heartbroken, they still prepared a table of wine and dinner for Yang Chunliang. Yang Chunliang only drank a glass of wine, then he refused to drink because he felt uncomfortable. Without even eating a few mouthfuls of food, he pulled a cart full of colorful buildings, cars, color TVs, refrigerators and other paper "dowries" and returned to Yangshutun. .

That night, Yang Chunliang said he had a headache and didn't eat anything, so he went to bed early. His wife Zhang Wenying thought he was very tired these days and didn't care. Early the next morning, Yang Chunliang dragged his tired body over to help his uncle and aunt with the affairs. I saw that his eyes were red, his face was gray, and he was listless, as if he was an addicted smoker. Soon the coffin of the "groom official" Yang Chuncai was dug out and parked in the courtyard. The coffin is covered with a big red cloth. When the husband dies , he only waits for the "bride"'s coffin to arrive, hold a ceremony, and then "join the bones" and bury her in the bridal chamber.

At about 10 o'clock, a car pulled the "new couple" and their parents' family to Yangshutun.

The car stopped, and the young men who had been waiting to receive the bride were busy putting the newlyweds' coffin wrapped in red cloth out of the car. At this time, the firecrackers were lit, crackling and deafening. At this time, if it is a live marriage, it is the most popular time. People scattering flowers, asking for red envelopes, and naughty children wiping ashes from the pots are all done when the newlyweds come in to worship heaven and earth. However, here is a dead person getting married! When Yang Chuncai's parents saw the newlywed's coffin being carried into the courtyard, they couldn't help but burst out in grief as they recalled their son's tragic death. The seven aunts and eight aunts couldn't help crying when they saw it. In an instant, the entire Yang family courtyard was filled with crying.

It was a coincidence that the young man who set off the firecrackers loved to play with Yang Chunliang the most, and he would throw the firecracker pole at Yang Chunliang's head. One of the firecrackers exploded in front of Yang Chunliang's head. Yang Chunliang yelled and collapsed to the ground. Everyone was shocked, thinking something had exploded, and quickly helped Yang Chunliang up. But when he saw Yang Chunliang's face was pale and his eyes were straight, he burst out laughing, then danced and cried loudly. The superstitious people said that he was possessed by ghosts and had a "bump", so they quickly held him down.

At this time, Yang Chunliang was heard crying: "Cousin, I am guilty, I… I am sorry for you…" Then he struggled desperately and shouted, "I… I died unjustly, unjustly… "

Yang Chunliang's nonsense shocked people! According to superstition, Yang Chunliang bumped into Zhao Jinping, who died unjustly, and Zhao Jinping used Yang Chunliang's mouth to speak. When everyone saw that Zhao Jinping was attached to the human body and spoke, they quickly answered the question and asked: "We all know that you died unjustly, who harmed you? Please tell me, there is a government to avenge you…" (Reprinted from Ghost House : Please keep this mark!)

"Ah…this…is me…" At this point, Yang Chunliang suddenly woke up, opened his eyes in surprise, and asked in surprise: "I…what's wrong with me? Just now I…I didn't say anything." Right?" After saying that, a large layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Everyone was very surprised by Yang Chunliang's behavior. Seeing him like this, many people secretly raised a question in their hearts: Could Zhao Jinping's death be related to him? Because Yang Chunliang suddenly became mentally disturbed, several people hurriedly helped him back to his home in the front yard to rest.

Yang Chunliang's abnormal behavior aroused people's suspicion, and soon someone reported this situation to the public security organs. The public security organs took this situation very seriously and immediately launched an investigation into Yang Chunliang. However, three days later, when the Yang family went to "burn three" for a "new couple", they unexpectedly found Yang Chunliang's body in front of the grave. Yang Chunliang had committed suicide in front of their graves by taking poison!

Yang Chunliang's sudden death shocked the Yang family! People found a suicide note in Yang Chunliang's pocket, which truthfully revealed the reason for his suicide——

It turns out that Yang Chunliang is a gambler. In the past few years, he has gambled away all his family's belongings and still owes a lot of gambling debts. For this reason, his wife Zhang Wenying had quarreled with him countless times. Seeing that arguing and getting angry didn't work and she couldn't control him, Zhang Wenying had no choice but to take the child back to her parents' home and asked for a divorce. Yang Chunliang naturally refused. On this day, he shamelessly went to his father-in-law's house to pick up his wife. Zhang Wenying didn't come back and scolded him in front of his parents. It happened that my cousin Zhao Jinping came over and saw the couple quarreling, so she called her cousin-in-law Yang Chunliang to her home. At this time, someone happened to come to pay back the money to the Zhao family, no more, no less, a full 5,000 yuan. Because Yang Chunliang was the nephew and son-in-law of the Zhao family, the family naturally did not treat him as an outsider, so the money was easily put into the cabinet.

After the person who paid the money left, it got dark soon. It happened that a villager was getting married and showing a movie, so his uncle and aunt left Yang Chunliang to watch the movie. Ever since Yang Chunliang saw the 5,000 yuan from his uncle, he had a strange idea in his mind: If he could take the 5,000 yuan, pay off the 3,000 yuan gambling debt, and use the other 2,000 yuan as capital, he might be able to recover his losses. All the money I lost is back! There is a movie showing in the village, which is a good opportunity to start. After making up his mind, Yang Chunliang and his uncle went out to watch a movie together after dinner. After a while, he refused to go to his father-in-law's house to talk to Wenying, and then walked away.

Not long after the movie started, Yang Chunliang crept back to his uncle's house. Seeing that the door was locked, I felt so happy, so I climbed over the wall and crossed gently into the courtyard. Seeing that the door was unlocked, he secretly rejoiced. He quietly opened the door and went straight to the cabinet where the money was kept. I had just opened the cabinet and was about to turn over the money when suddenly there was a "click" and the light in the room came on. Zhao Jinping shouted: "Who?" He sat up from the bed. Yang Chunliang was exposed to the bright electric light and was panicked for a moment.

Everything is clear! Zhao Jinping turned pale with anger and shouted: "Okay! Cousin-in-law, I never thought that you, you would… Hey! No wonder my cousin wants to divorce you! You are really hopeless!"

Yang Chunliang was caught on the spot as a thief. He knelt down on the ground and kowtowed to Zhao Jinping: "Cousin, I, I am not a human being. Please forgive me this time. Don't tell me. Otherwise my whole life will be over…"

Today's incident is really a coincidence. Before watching a movie, Zhao Jinping suddenly felt a headache and nausea, so she didn't go and asked her mother to lock her in the house. She took two Valium tablets and fell asleep. I never expected that my cousin-in-law would sneak up on my door! Zhao Jinping was angry that she had called him to her home with good intentions, but he actually did such a shameful thing, and the rabbit didn't eat the grass beside the nest! I am really luring the wolf into the house…

After all, Zhao Jinping was a kind girl. Seeing Yang Chunliang kneeling down to beg her like this, her heart softened. She sighed, took out 200 yuan from her pocket, threw it to Yang Chunliang and said: "Cousin-in-law, get up. You were forced to do this! Don't worry about this. I promise not to tell anyone. Get up." Bar!"

Seeing his cousin take out the money and say these words, Yang Chunliang was so moved that he didn't know what to do. He kowtowed to Zhao Jinping again, and naturally he didn't want the 200 yuan. After Yang Chunliang left, he let the night wind blow, and his mind slowly cleared up. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Zhao Jinping was unreliable. Once she said it out, Zhang Wenying's marriage would be divorced from him…

At this time, Yang Chunliang had completely lost his humanity for his own selfish gain. He climbed over the wall and entered Zhao's house again, found a stick, and went straight to Zhao Jinping's room. Seeing his murderous look, Zhao Jinping immediately realized something and was so frightened that she quickly begged for mercy. But at this time, how could Yang Chunliang care about his cousin's plea? He raised the stick and hit Zhao Jinping on the head! Poor Zhao Jinping immediately screamed and fell into a pool of blood. The frantic Yang Chunliang was afraid that she would not die, so he found a kitchen knife and chopped Zhao Jinping several times, and poured pesticide into her mouth… When Yang Chunliang confirmed that Zhao Jinping was dead, he opened the money cabinet to find money. Unexpectedly, the money was transferred by the Zhao family at some point. Yang Chunliang refused to give up and still wanted to look for it. At this time, the movie ended. Yang Chunliang panicked and quickly escaped over the wall…

Since killing his cousin Zhao Jinping, Yang Chunliang has carried a heavy ideological burden. Sometimes when he closes his eyes, Zhao Jinping will appear in front of him bloody. Especially when his wife proposed to tell his cousin and brother Yang Chuncai that they were ghost relatives, he had a premonition of retribution. Zhao Jinping will be buried together with Yang Chuncai in the Yang family's ancestral grave, which is right next to the land contracted by him. If I work here, I will face my cousin's immortal ghost every day! That kind of mood, that feeling, how painful it is! When Yang Chuncai's wedding invitation was posted on his door in red, he felt particularly dazzling. The red wedding invitation seemed like the blood splattered on his cousin's head, which made him tremble with fear! Especially when he went to Dazhaozhuang to collect the "dowry", the scene of him killing Zhao Jinping was right in front of him, and his cousin's pleading and desperate eyes kept appearing in front of him, lingering for a long time… He didn't dare to sit in the car, and he didn't dare to raise his head. Back then, I just led the animals away. The wind blew the paper carriage building "squeaking", and it sounded like his cousin's cry for his life, which made his hair stand on end. He walked for nearly half a day for a distance of more than ten miles, and his whole body was soaked with sweat. That night, he barely slept. As soon as he closed his eyes, Zhao Jinping appeared in front of him bloody, with disheveled hair, demanding her life. The next day, when Zhao Jinping's coffin arrived, his fragile nerves were once again strongly stimulated, causing confusion. When the firecracker exploded on his head with firecrackers, his nerves collapsed so much that he revealed his true feelings in gibberish. He had a premonition that the end was coming, so he wrote this suicide letter, explaining the entire process of his crime. With endless regret, he said goodbye to his wife and children, and ended his life in front of his cousin's "bridal chamber"!

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Evaluation: This story profoundly reveals the greed, ignorance and sin of human nature, as well as the devastating impact of gambling on individuals and families. Through the tragic fate of Yang Chunliang, the story conveys respect for life and the law, as well as criticism of superstitious attitudes towards supernatural phenomena. The plot has ups and downs, is full of suspense and horror elements, and is thought-provoking. At the same time, the story also reflects society's condemnation of bad behaviors such as gambling and sympathy for the victims, which has certain educational significance.

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