Short Ghost Story

The seventh prince, before the Yin soldiers left last time, he said this: "The seventh prince will not let you go!"

Therefore, these three words "Seventh Prince" are what I think about most recently.

I remember when I was in high school, there were seven hooligans in my grade. They all had similar odors and worked together because they knew a few gangsters outside. So I was very arrogant at school. Almost no one noticed him, and he became the dominant figure in the school. It seems that they are called the Seventh Prince.

Could it be that the underworld would send these seven scum to trouble me?

I can't help but think of something that I had a grudge against them in my sophomore year of high school: There was a football league in my sophomore year of high school, and our class team was very strong and made it all the way to the finals. The opponent in the finals was another class team from our grade.

At that time, I was the main defender in our class, and the forward I was responsible for defending was the fifth among the Seven Princes. Before the final, he said: "Which defender is tired of living and dares to guard me!"

Before going on the field, our captain specifically told me: "Yufeng, you also know who you have to guard against today. Can you win the game or not?"

It doesn't matter, runner-up is not bad, but don't let anything happen! "

After hearing this, I said disapprovingly: "It doesn't matter who he is off the court! I only know that when he is on the court, he is my opponent! You must act according to the rules!" The captain also knew my temper, so he stopped trying to persuade me, shook his head and walked away with a sigh. .

In that game, I defended very successfully and pressed closely, making it almost impossible for the opponent to get the ball. He also assisted a goal. In the end, our class won 1:0 and won the championship.

During the game, the fifth son of the seventh prince said something dirty, if it wasn't for the game, I would have beaten him! After the game, when I was thinking of how to vent my anger, he came to my door!

I saw him rushing up to me, pointing at my nose and scolding me: "You fucking know how to play football! Silly B!"

I sneered and replied: "I don't know how to kick, so I just kept the stupid guy from touching the ball for the whole game."

"Who are you talking about!" "I said you're stupid!" "Fuck! You're looking for death!"

After saying that, he hit me with his right fist – naturally I am not afraid of this kind of thing commonly known as "Fighting". He stretched out his left hand to grab the ghost fist movie , grabbed his wrist, pulled it, and punched his weak spot with his right fist – only 30% of the force was used.

He squatted there speechless for a moment. I snorted and left. When I walked more than ten steps, I heard him yell: "You are causing trouble! Our seventh prince will not let you go!"

I didn't take it to heart at the time, thinking that if the seventh prince's fifth son was such a pustule, the others didn't seem to be that powerful either. But I made a serious mistake: I have always been a loner, and my fights with others are always one-on-one. I will never bully the minority, and I even take ONE ONONE as a matter of course. However, the reason why gangsters are so difficult to deal with is not because of how powerful they are, but because these scumbags have always bullied the smaller ones. Being honest and fair are their taboos!

Therefore, after school that day, there were at least ten people at the school gate, wearing strange clothes, standing or squatting – but none of them looked personal. As soon as they saw me, they immediately surrounded me, and I found that seven people known as the Seventh Prince were standing not far away. I understood immediately: if the seventh prince didn’t come forward to touch me, the school would not be able to do anything to them, and if I were to be insulted by others, I would be beaten. Based on the efficiency of the police station, it would be good to be able to solve the case before graduating from college!

So, I immediately turned around and ran! That's right! Run to school! When those people saw it, they immediately caught up with him. Although I ran away first, they were already very close to me because I was carrying a heavy schoolbag. There was a wall in front of me. The person chasing me behind me looked at it and couldn't help but slow down. but I do not have! I threw my schoolbag over the wall, rushed towards the wall, stepped on the wall with one foot, and used the momentum to push up with the other foot. My body flew into the air, stretched out my hands, put them on the edge of the wall, and gained momentum. Using my strength, I stepped on the wall a few more times with my feet, and I was already standing on the top of the wall – this wall was newly built by the school and was three meters high. Most people could not climb it. In fact, if I hadn’t loved jumping around and climbing trees when I was little, I might not have succeeded this time.

I stood on the top of the wall, "hum" to them as a winner, jumped off the wall, and disappeared from their sight…

For the next month, I was always in fear: on the way to and from school, I was chased, blocked, surrounded and intercepted no less than ten times. It took a month for everything to go smoothly. If it weren't for my wit and luck, I wouldn't have been able to survive even if I had three lives! If I hadn't been beaten and treated to dinner, maybe these people would have pestered me for several years!

Therefore, now that I think of the Seventh Prince, I still feel a little apprehensive: I am not afraid of fighting alone and aboveboard – even if I am defeated, I am willing to admit defeat. But if there are crowds of people fighting and plotting against each other, I can't handle it! For a whole month, I almost never left school once it got dark. I usually went to crowded places during the day, so I had a very strong sense of precaution.

But a month passed and everything was fine, so I relaxed. I started going out of school every night after 10:30 to play games and surf the Internet at the Internet cafe outside.

On this day, I played as usual until 12:00 and started walking back. The road was empty, no one was there. At this moment, two people appeared from the corner in front, their faces obscured by the dim street lights. But I am very tall and strong. Even I, who have always claimed to be tall, mighty, and majestic, am one head shorter than them! These two people walked towards me side by side, and my heart immediately tightened to prevent them from making a sudden attack – after all, the public security is not good now. After they met me, they separated from each other. In other words, I had to walk between them. This was a good opportunity for a pincer attack!

I concentrated all my attention and stared at the person on my left – because if they attacked, it would be two people at the same time, not to mention I couldn't point my eyes to both sides!

They passed me by without incident, but I didn't relax – they might also attack from behind.

Sure enough, the moment we crossed paths, the two men suddenly turned around and launched their offensive! I had already planned to hit with both hands to both sides. No matter how they hit, my hands would be able to meet them. However, I didn't expect that their offensive would be physical!

"Bow!" I hit their shoulders with both hands, as if defeated. And my hands felt numb, and a coolness spread from my hands to my arms, all the way to my heart, cold! Kill!

The two men hit me in the face, but without even a moment's pause, they stretched out their hands, put their arms around my armpits, and lifted me up. I lifted my feet off the ground and my body was hanging in the air! ——These movements were as fast as lightning. From the time they turned around to the time I was restrained, it only took three to two seconds.

But I understood that the opponent must have practiced these seemingly simple actions many times before he was so proficient, and he also made precise calculations to determine how I would strike and other details before I could succeed in one blow. Otherwise, if I fight alone, I can at least get away!

Under the restraints of these two people, I, who is 1.8 meters tall and weighs over 80 kilograms, was helpless in mid-air. And after these two people restrained me, they immediately ran forward. The speed was so fast that I probably couldn't catch up even if I didn't have any burden on me! ——Where did the powerful character come from?

At the end of the corner ahead was the wall of a building. The two men rushed me there with no intention of slowing down! Right before my eyes, I was about to hit the wall with a bang and become an extra-large meatloaf. It was getting closer, getting closer, ah!

But when I faced the wall, my eyes blurred. When I looked again, the surrounding environment suddenly changed!

The two men stopped, and I turned my neck and looked around. I found this to be a strange place. Every plant, tree, stone, and object is the same as what you see elsewhere, so there is no need to describe it in particular. However, its whole body reveals a red color! It’s the kind of red that’s used in darkrooms where film is developed! It's like a huge darkroom here!

This kind of red is not overflowing with joy and happiness. It gives people a dull and depressing feeling. It is like a sultry furnace that makes people breathless. It is as red as blood, but it does not arouse people's excitement. Instead, a fear came over me. Makes me shudder.

cold! Ice cold! As cold as ice! Under this fire-like red color, my heart felt chilly! What is this place!

At this time, several people appeared in front of me – but when I scanned the whole place just now, I didn't see even a ghost!

ghost? ghost! This must be a ghost! There is no such place in the human world, this must be the underworld! My heart couldn't help but beat violently, as if I was running all the way from Chang'an to Jiangnan without stopping. It made my whole body tremble!

Those people came towards me, and one of them must be their leader, or his status is very important. This can be seen from the way other people support him. What's more, he has a kind of temperament.

This kind of temperament is a kind of compelling momentum. Even if he is among a thousand or ten thousand people, he will definitely be the first one you see! This is a kind of proud and unique temperament, and it is also a kind of king's style, the momentum of a king's commanding general! When people see this kind of momentum, they have the urge to worship!

Originally, people often said that I have temperament, momentum and magnanimity. But compared with him, if I am the best among men, then he is the best among men! Not my kind! I know that if I don't take any action, I will be overwhelmed by his momentum and impressed by his magnanimity!

When the two big men restraining me saw him, they were like docile little tabby cats seeing their owners, with their heads lowered.

I saw the man walking in and said to me with a smile: "I heard from Yin Bing that your skills are good, but I didn't expect that you were brought to Black and White Wuchang so easily! It seems that I overestimated you!"

I didn't even think about what he said. As he spoke, the two big men beside me relaxed a little. I took advantage of this opportunity and kicked out with both feet, hitting the inside of their knees. Their feet went weak. , I landed on the ground and freed my hands from their arms.

Originally, their feet were weak and they were about to fall backwards, but they were very stable and leaned forward without falling, but their center of gravity was already tilted forward. I moved my hands to free myself. Use both arms to carry strength, arms across their backs. They ran forward for five or six steps before they managed to steady themselves without falling.

These few actions are not so much that I seized the opportunity and escaped from the trap, but that I was forced by that person's pressure. If I didn't take action, I would completely surrender. In desperation, I was forced to take action!

But after this incident, my confidence came back immediately! I held my head high, stood proudly, and said loudly: "You still underestimate me! At least, they may not be able to control me if they don't attack suddenly!"

Those two big men were very embarrassed by my trouble. They were pressing towards me and were about to take action!

"Stop!" the man said, and the two big men immediately lowered their heads, stepped back, and stood with those people.

"Do you think you are strong? Let me tell you, I don't care about your meager abilities at all!" The man said arrogantly.

Prince? Could it be…I was shocked and asked: "Are you…"

"Seventh Prince!"

Got it, I understood it all at once! It must be that the Yin soldiers failed to capture the soul last time and reported the incident to the Seventh Prince, and this "kidnapping" incident is an action against me!

Thinking of what the Yin soldier who I defeated last time said, "The Seventh Prince will not let you go," I finally understood what it meant!

But I must take action! Before my newly established confidence is intimidated by him, I must use my courage and take action!

I said: "Okay! Then you try it!" After that, I rushed towards him.

"Don't be rude to the Seventh Prince!" Someone in the group shouted at me, trying to stop me. However, the seventh prince raised his hand to signal him to retreat.

I punched out, and the tiger made a sound. Even if it was Xiangshan, Mount Tai, or the Himalayas in front of me, I would crush it with one punch!

But I saw the Seventh Prince easily dodge my punch that was as fast as lightning, as fierce as thunder, and as powerful as thunder with a slight dodge, with a contemptuous smile on his lips.

I was enraged – I couldn't stand anyone looking down on me! No, it’s anything, not humans, ghosts, or gods! I roared and punched his big head with my left fist. Turn towards his chest mid-punch. Then, Yi's fist turned into a claw and clawed at his lower abdomen. However, when it was less than 5 centimeters away from his lower abdomen, it turned upwards, stretched out two fingers, and stabbed his eyes with the "Two Dragons Playing with Pearls" move.

The reason why I change my moves three times is because his palm is always like a knife, guarding the place I want to attack. My moves are weird and changeable like a ghost, but his palm is an ax to cut off the ghost! When it came to the last move, I no longer wanted to hurt the enemy, I just wanted to force him to take a step back, even a small step!

But the ax was still there, so I had no choice but to stop. And he, after dodging and defending, finally launched his first move: "Black Tiger Eviscerates the Heart"!

"Black Tiger Pulls Out the Heart" is the simplest move. Almost everyone who has practiced martial arts can do it. It is to punch the opponent in the chest with one punch.

However, I have never seen anyone punch faster, more accurately, and harder than the Seventh Prince!

I took five steps back and took three steps sideways, which was exactly the footwork of the Bagua Wandering Dragon Palm, but the simplest move, "Black Tiger Pulling the Heart Out", failed! That fist was still close to my chest.

I couldn't hide, so I had to defend. I lowered my arm to overtake, and used my right hand to "fish for the moon under the sea". "Searching for the Moon from the Sea" is originally a technique for catching hidden weapons and dealing with the opponent's kicks. I used my flexibility here. As long as I could hold his fist, I could use his strength to fight.

However, somehow, I missed the mark. His fist was still coming, but I had no way to avoid it, and it was too late to avoid it and defend it!

I was hit in the chest, flew straight out, spun half a circle in the air, and landed on the ground three meters away. Unable to stand up, I knelt down on one knee and covered my chest with my right hand. The strange thing is that I don't feel any pain in my chest – he was merciless, he just knocked me away without putting any force on me. Just for this level of strength, I can never match it!

"Are you convinced?" The seventh prince said to me with a smile.

"No!" My bad temper came up, "I don't accept it. I admit that I'm not as good as you, but I don't accept it! I will definitely defeat you!"

"Okay, okay, okay." He clapped his hands and said, "If you are ambitious, I will give you three days. Come and fight me again in three days. As long as you can repel me one step, you will win! Otherwise, you will Stay here for the rest of your life!"

At this point, he paused: "Ali, you will be here to accompany him these days. If he has any reasonable requests, you can fulfill them for him!" "Yes" A young man walked out of the group of people (here) In such a place, who knows whether he is a human or a ghost! Anyway, in future stories, as long as there is something similar to a human being, I will just call it a human being!)

The others followed the seventh prince and quickly disappeared. The young man named Ali walked straight up to me, stretched out his right hand, and at the same time looked at me with friendly eyes. I couldn't help but hold his hand and stand up.

Ali sighed and said, "I have also heard about your deeds. I am so lucky to be friends with someone like you! However, you have also broken the rules of the underworld."

I replied: "Then what can I do? Isn't it okay to watch your best friend die!"

Then, I said, "I don't believe I can't win against that seventh prince!"

Ali was shocked and advised: "You may not know that the Seventh Prince is the strongest in combat in the underworld! No one in the entire underworld can defeat him with force alone, and his spiritual power is also among the ten. In the entire spiritual world, except for the King of Hell and the Fourth Prince, almost no one is his opponent! And you are just average here."

"Here? Where is this? Is this the underworld?" I asked.

"It's just a part of it. This place belongs to hell." "Hell?"

"Yes, but this hell is different from the hell you imagine in the human world. You think that only those who did evil in life will go to hell after death. In fact, all people come here after death. There are twenty floors here. The eighteen levels of space are what you call the eighteen levels of hell. There is also a space called the Judgment Zone, where all ghosts after death must first determine which level of hell they should go to based on their behavior during their lifetime. The remaining This is where it comes down, and this is a resting place for practitioners of the underworld."

"Exercer?" "I, Black and White, and what you just saw are all practitioners."

"Then according to what you said, no matter how good a person is in life, he will inevitably go to hell after death?"

"It's like this. Didn't I say that there are eighteen levels? It should be said that the first five levels are the paradise in your consciousness, where the treatment is good and the chance of reincarnation is great, while the sixth to fifteenth levels are ordinary people. As for the place where all living beings go after death, the last three levels are the true meaning of hell.”

"So that's it, then what does the seventh prince do?"

"His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince is the Immovable Pluto – the seventh and youngest son of the Lord of Hell as you call him. He is responsible for the order of the underworld, and your last behavior destroyed the order of the underworld. So, Let him deal with you."

"I must go back!" I said firmly, clenching my fists.

"Impossible, don't you think about the gap between you, just like the gap between a professional 9-dan Go player and a person who just understands the rules!"

I understand what he means, this is a bigger gap than what he said about the Brazilian football team versus the Maldives. Because, although the gap between Brazil and the Maldives is huge, there is always a one in 10,000 chance of an upset for the Maldives. And a professional 9th-dan Go player, even a first-level Go player, will not lose to someone who just understands the rules!

But there are no absolutes in everything. I know that there is a huge gap between me and the Seventh Prince, but I still have to give it a try! I said proudly: "Who said it was destined by fate? If you give it a try, the pure gold will rust!"

Ali added: "There is a huge gap between you and His Highness the Seventh Prince, and three days is too short to make any qualitative improvement. So, you can only…"

"Win by cleverness!" I shouted happily. That's right! This is the only way.

In the battle just now, I attacked him, but he was able to dodge and defend.

If he attacks me, I can't avoid it or guard against him. This kind of gap cannot be recovered in three days – let alone three days, it is three months, three years, even if I spend my whole life, I may not be able to catch up!

But as long as I repel him one step, I will win, giving me an opportunity to take advantage of him.

I said to Ali: "In these three days, find a quiet place for me. I will concentrate on thinking about how to take advantage of the situation and outwit the Seventh Prince!"

Three days passed quickly. Ali led me to the place where I fought the Seventh Prince last time.

After these three days, in addition to thinking about how to win, I also became close friends with Ali and became good friends. Yes, it only lasted three days, but the world is like this. Some people have known each other for many years and still have a close relationship. Some people feel like old friends at first sight.

Finally, the seventh prince came, and there were only two people around him, Black and White Wuchang (only after listening to Ali’s explanation did he know that Black and White Wuchang is different from the Black and White Wuchang everyone talks about. In the underworld, the two of them are the chief leaders of the Yin soldiers).

"You're here." "You're here too." We greeted each other.

Suddenly, I took action and punched the Seventh Prince directly in the chest. It was also a move called "Black Tiger Eviscerates the Heart".

The seventh prince sneered, and it turned out to be another "black tiger pulling out the heart" – a "black tiger pulling out the heart" that was faster and more fierce than mine!

It's certain that his punch will arrive first, and I can't dodge it at all!

I didn't hide, I just tilted to the side, and he punched me in the left shoulder. My goal was achieved!

In an instant, with the center of my body as the axis, I turned the left half of my body to receive his punch, while the right side of my body naturally turned forward, and when I stretched out my right fist, it hit the Seventh Prince's chest! The power of this blow came from the left side where I was hit by him, as well as my own strength.

My power is not enough in the eyes of the Seventh Prince, but I still have his power! Finally, he leaned back, took a step back, and stood still.

I endured the pain – I could feel that my left arm was dislocated – gritted my teeth and said word by word: "I – win!"

The seventh prince's face showed no regrets or dejection of failure at all. On the contrary, he said very happily: "That's right! You won!" As he said that, he flashed his body and was in front of me. Before I could react, he had already used Very quickly, my dislocated arm was put back into place. He held my hand and said, "The spirit of not admitting defeat, calmness and wit are exactly what a Spirit Chosen One possesses. Yufeng, congratulations on passing the test and becoming a true Spirit Chosen One!"

ah? It turns out that all of this is my test to become the chosen one! From the movements of the Seventh Prince just now, I have already seen that his fist could have knocked me away. He is letting me go!

"We chose you as the Destined One precisely because of your feelings for your friends and your love for you humans…"

When I showed up at the dormitory, the fat man asked me: "What have you been doing these three days?"

"Traveling, traveling to a special place!" I answered with a smile.

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