A Short Ghost Story About The Death Of A Tiger And A Wolf, Zuo Zuoemon

Love Through Blood is suitable for reading alone in bed at night.It will definitely bring you a unique visual impact and spiritual collision.

Dancing like silky fire,

Look back and smile,

Ten thousand years have passed.


Did not say.

Pick a human-shaped Shouwu,

Read a book about life and death,


This love is coming to an end,

It turns out that the two of them are lonelier.

To simply let down,

Seriously a stranger,


I am a butterfly to this bell. It’s been the same for thousands of years,

The ending of Torago and Zuozuemon_Monzaemon_The ending of Tororo and Zuozuemon

Wash away the dust and dirt of half a lifetime.

People here have relied on hunting for generations. This seems to be a magical place. There are not many tigers and wolves in the mountains all year round, but there are many foxes. People in the mountains make a living by hunting foxes, eating fox meat, wearing fox skins, and selling fox skins. Over the years, as the population has increased, the number of foxes has not decreased. On the contrary, foxes have appeared more frequently around the village. When he woke up from bed the next day, Liu Chishui suddenly felt a little scared. Was the person he slept with a human or a ghost? Will she give up? Will it be entangled?

As a result, people began to believe that there was a fox fairy, and that there must be a fox fairy living in this green mountain, in an inaccessible place.

According to legend, there are four kinds of foxes. One is the ordinary gray fox, which is commonly seen with the inferior foxes around the village. This kind of fox has no aura, and its fur is graded according to the quality of the water and soil. This kind of fox often does sneaky things and has a smell of fox.

Another kind of fox is the fire fox. Its flaming red fur is like a burning flame. It is spiritual, cunning and changeable. It is difficult for ordinary people to catch it. According to legend, only the most experienced old hunters in the village can track the fire fox for dozens of days. Only with great endurance and patience can we hunt it down. The fur of a fire fox is often more than ten times more expensive than the fur of an ordinary gray fox.

The third type is the spirit among foxes, the white fox. This fox is all white, without a single streak of color. It has aura and spirituality, and is almost never seen in places where there are human traces. It has a faint virgin fragrance. No one in the village has ever seen a white fox. It is only said that the ancestor of a young man named Color once hunted a white fox, so the white fox skin has been hung in the shrine in the village for worship. Because of this fox skin , the color family is also highly respected by the people in the village, and has been respected as the patriarch for three generations.

The fourth kind of fox is the nine-tailed fox in myths and legends. No one has ever seen this fox. It is only said that once this fox absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, the essence of the sun and moon has become one of the immortals. It has boundless magic power and can transform into human form. Drinking the blood of this fox can make you immortal and protect you from all kinds of diseases. Clothes made of this fox's fur can remove all kinds of poisons and harms.

In December, heavy snow fell, and a group of merchants descended from the mountain. The people in the village took the opportunity to go down the mountain and trade all the fox skins they had hunted during the year with the merchants in exchange for daily necessities for the coming year.

The sophisticated merchants were very strict in selecting fur goods. Seeing the color, it was a good trading opportunity, they specially selected a lot of good fox skins and went down the mountain.

The group of merchants was huge, with good backgrounds and gorgeous clothes. A businessman who looked like he had a lot of status came up to him and said that he wanted to buy a high-quality fox fur robe (made from the best and purest fox armpit fur). Made) for the birthday of the eldest lady of the caravan group. After bargaining and raising the price, this shrewd man negotiated the deal at a high price. Three days later, the goods were delivered and the caravan drove away again.

One night more than ten days later. The wind and snow were blowing, and the wind in the mountains howled, trying to break open the closed doors of every house in the village.

Sitting in the warm room, Sima Zijian suddenly became interested when he heard this nursery rhyme. He remembered that he was collecting nursery rhymes from various places to compile a collection of nursery rhymes, so he asked Yang Lele to get a voice recorder from the car and record the nursery rhymes. While drinking strong wine, the fire in front of me was crackling, and the violent sound of beeping made the howling wind and snow outside the door seem to have some warmth.

Who was slapping them, with a desperate rhythm, "Oh, yes, thank you, thank you!" Aqiang was so grateful that he almost wanted to kneel on the ground and kowtow to this man? He frowned and then stood up, not liking anyone disturbing him so late at night. Through the door, he seemed to hear someone moaning. Tiny and shaky. When he opened such a door, the wind and snow crashed into his house. In the dark night, the snow exuded pure white light. There was a woman lying at his door. Her long black hair covered her face. She seemed naked, only wrapped in a large white fox fur robe. Her body was white and slender, huddled under the robe. A pair of bare ankles were exposed. When she heard someone opening the door, she struggled to straighten her body. The moment she raised her head, she saw a handsome face under the light at the door. The moment that face touched her own, his eyes suddenly became so gentle and kind. gentle.

Then the woman shed tears. When the warm tears slid down her face, she pointed to her ankle with great effort, and then passed out.

The moment he opened the door, Cai Cai was indeed startled by the sight. The moment the woman raised her face, he was deeply shocked by the beautiful face. One after another, he saw the tearful eyes, as if he wanted to say something, and then looked in the direction of the woman's fingers, and saw that the woman's bare ankles were being tied. A few months later, there were reports that her fiancé had disappeared, and it was speculated that He was killed in action. Her family not only supported her, but were able to praise her courage without hesitation, because they knew almost nothing about her fiancé and had nothing to regret. They wanted her to be able to comfort herself within two years – it would be much easier if it was just a matter of comfort. Her trouble was that, behind the subtle grief, she was completely disconnected from everything. She didn't reject the suitors because they never showed up. For several years she was completely unattractive to men. As she approached the age of ten, it became natural for her to share the family's anxieties about her growing age, and she began to make plans and speculate about her own destiny. When she was ten years old, William Dulou proposed marriage, which brought her great relief. She married him. They settled in quiet, leafy Kensington. Years have accumulated, and in this house, the children have grown up. It took the bombs of World War I to drive them away. As Mrs. Drover, her circle of life was limited, and she never wanted to think that anyone was paying attention to her life. The arrow penetrated, and the blood trail extended from the front of the door to the end of the night. Apparently, she crawled a long way to her own door and asked to save herself.

Monzaemon Door_Tiger Wolf Death House Left and Right Guards

He picked up the woman and strode into the house.

She said her name was A Ban, and this was the first thing she said after struggling all night and being unconscious for two days. She leaned against his wooden bed sideways, looking at her wounds that had been treated with color, and then at the broken arrowhead with barbs and blood stains beside the bed.

Ah Ban looked at the handsome man in front of him who was sitting by the fire, drinking wine, and the firelight reflected his face red. Color looked at the broken arrow, recognized it as a weapon commonly used by bandits nearby, and asked Ah Ban what happened.

Ah Ban pointed at the fox fur robe he was wearing, "Okay, Kangkang, you go home quickly. It's so late, I'll hang around for a while." After speaking, the grandfather turned around and continued walking along the path. Ask about the color. Is this the one you sold to the merchants half a month ago?

Yes, why are you there?

Because they bought the fox fur robe as a gift to me. Our caravan was robbed on the road after buying fur goods from you, I. Fortunately escaped. but. Injured. There is nothing left. This is the only piece of clothing that can possess a body. After saying that, I burst into tears.

After taking a sip of wine, Hui Hui was silent and just told Ah Ban to have a good rest.

So the people in the village thought that A Ban was a woman from Hua An, but they didn't know where A Ban got a lame and injured woman like A Ban from. They all thought that A Ban had indeed made a lot of money from that transaction with the caravan.

But the color still goes its own way and has sex with other women in the village. Only Ah Ban knew the color. On the day Ah Ban woke up, he quietly made another bed in the house. Just sleep there, or stay up all night.

Ah Ban rarely smiled, always coldly. There is a wound cloth wrapped around the foot, and it seems that the wound heals too slowly. He always wears that expensive fox fur robe. Color is still hunting, and he also found that foxes nearby have appeared frequently recently, wandering around the village in groups. There were even rare sightings of fire foxes and white foxes.

During the day, when Qing had free time, he would take Ah Ban outside the house to bask in the sun. Ah Ban would smile when he looked at the sunshine on the snow. Smiling faintly at the color.

I want something warm. Ah Ban said.

Color said, yes.

So that evening, three fire foxes fell into a trap set in the woods, and three white foxes were caught by a hunting trap set in the snow and were killed alive. The excitement in the village was shocked. It is said that the color brings good luck.

A few days later, Ah Ban was sitting quietly in front of the house wearing a fiery red leather robe and watching the setting sun.

The ending of Torago and Zuozuemon_Monzaemon_The ending of Tororo and Zuozuemon

After Ah Ban came, he bought a bronze mirror from another woman in the village. Occasionally early in the morning, he would see Ah Ban struggling to move his body to the bedside to comb his hair with a white jade-like fox bone comb with fine teeth. Her long hair is as black as a waterfall. Then I used the small charcoal I burned last night to look at my slender eyebrows in the mirror. Sometimes she would smile faintly at the colors in the mirror.

Later, something happened in the village. A young man died. He died at night in front of the shrine that enshrines white fox skins in the village. The cause of death is unknown. Some people say that it was a fox demon who came to claim his life.

As the clan leader, Hui Hui left the house early in the morning and did not return that night.

Aban then lit the lamp and waited in the house all night. That night, the colorful house was lit up all night, and the fox in the mountain also howled outside the cottage all night, but never stepped into the cottage.

Since Ah Ban came to the village, strange things happened one after another. Several children disappeared in the village. Firefoxes and white foxes, who never enter the village to get close to humans, actually broke into the village and killed all the poultry in the house. However, many firefoxes and white foxes fell into the traps set by the color, and some were caught in the coloration trap. The hunting trap seemed to have been bumped into like this on purpose.

So the people in the village said that Aban was a fox demon. When Hue was not in the house at night, the people in the village broke into the wooden house with torches, grabbed Aban's hair and dragged her out of bed. She limped and was He was dragged outside into the snow and pushed heavily to the ground. Ah Ban didn't speak, he just stared blankly at these ferocious faces under the firelight, like green-faced and fanged wild ghosts in hell. She began to tremble and unconsciously covered her feet with one hand. "What are you doing here?" A deep voice suddenly came from behind me, which scared me so much that my face turned pale as if powdered. I turned my head stiffly, slowly opened my bloody mouth and smiled stupidly. Cold sweat poured out of my forehead like a thunderstorm. "I," there was a wound on my ankle, and I protected my chest with one hand.

The angry villagers in the village rushed up and tore A Ban's hair and clothes. They punched and kicked A Ban with their fists and kicks. During the struggle, the wounds on A Ban's feet split open and there was blood everywhere. At this moment, a miniature lotus flower floated beside Yang Yang. The whole lotus flower exuded a gentle light, illuminating Yang Yang's surroundings. There were messy old age tablets, footprints and blood stains. Immediately, Ah Ban was pulled by his hair by a big man and dragged to the ground. But the condition is – please pull the trigger twice. He dragged it to a pile of firewood and said he wanted to burn the fox demon alive. Ah Ban didn't struggle, he looked back at the color house many times, and then his tears fell.

He won't come, don't wait any longer, he may be enjoying himself in the arms of a certain woman right now. Ah Ban began to despair.

When the fire started to burn, Ah Ban was tied to the fire and looked up at the stars on the dark blue screen above his head, with tears streaming down his face. Then he vaguely saw a tall figure rushing into the crowd. Then Ah Ban smiled and cried. Laughing through tears. When she saw that familiar face, it was as if she had such a gentle gaze when she first met him. The fire was instantly dispersed and scattered in pieces on the snow. The fire also lost its power to threaten Ah Ban. Ah Ban's burnt hair and clothes exuded a nervous smell of panic and despair.

Hue Hui picked up Ah Ban who was sitting on the pyre, and Ah Ban shivered in his arms.

Put her down, she is a fox demon. It will harm everyone. including you.

She won't. Color replied coldly.

Do you know she won't? Maybe we won't even find your body tomorrow. Let us burn her to death now, and the village will be safe in the future.

You are not allowed to touch her!

Color, you will harm yourself and the whole village.

The ending of Torago and Zuozuemon_Monzaemon_The ending of Tororo and Zuozuemon

Again, you are not allowed to touch her, because she, Ah Ban, is my woman! After saying that, Hue returned to his room and closed the door with a bang.

Seeing that their clan leader was so angry, the people in the village had no choice but to give up and leave in frustration.

When the bleeding stopped, so did the tears. She began to cater to his passion as a consolation from her panic. She desperately wanted to find dependence, fearing that as soon as she closed her eyes she would see countless ferocious and ghostly fangs.

He said he was not afraid. His hands slid through her hair, causing ripples. There is silence in the night and joy in the night.

For the first time, she heard this man's heartbeat so clearly, and was so obsessed with this man's smell. Song Xiaochan recounted her nightmare, and then handed the letter to them: "I burned all the previous letters, this is today of".

Tired and exhausted, she hugged his waist and lay on his body, rising and falling with his breathing, and then fell asleep in his light blue breath.

In the early morning, the snow began to fall on the ground again. Why is it that it is already spring and it still feels like the depth of winter in this village? Why don't you want to wake up so early?

Ah Ban lay on his chest and raised his head to look at the childlike sleeping face of the man on the pillow.

Ah Ban held up his face and silently stared back at the group of evil ghosts who were about to rush over, "Old man, is there anything you can do? These evil ghosts want me to be their substitute! I just broke through You caught a red light, but you don’t know how you ended up here?” Liu Jun begged the old man helplessly. She recalled his words last night, "You are my woman, Ah Ban, you are my woman."

Yes, I am his woman, I am his woman.

Suddenly, the person next to her pillow picked up an object with his right hand and stabbed it into Ah Ban's soft chest, inserting it into the heart accurately.

Ah Ban was stunned, the fire in his eyes extinguished, and he looked coldly at the person who hurt him, it was the broken arrow. And the person who hurt her was the man who said she was his woman.

Her hands were cold, and the gentleness she had felt earlier had turned into anger and despair. This man. This man.

Why. Why. Ah's half-naked body has begun to become cold, and the blood in his chest is boiling. "You are right." Wood admitted, "But the things you can provide me are pitiful and the clues are not sufficient, so it is difficult to solve the problem." Progress." It began to flow out. Last night, the man who wanted to kill him, the left and right gate , actually stabbed his chest with an arrow on this bed that had not yet cooled down the temperature of the two of them. Why is he so cruel?

Because you are a nine-tailed fox in human form. The man beneath her said.

how come? but I. Love you. The blood on Ah Ban's chest dripped drop by drop on Hue's chest.

Because I sent someone to check when the young man in the village died, and the class was not robbed by bandits at all. Your appearance made me suspicious. After a series of strange things happened, I firmly believed in my judgment. Why did your appearance require the sacrifice of so many innocent people?

Ah Ban smiled desperately. Why? Why not let them burn me to death?

Because of your nine-tailed fox. After saying this, the man drank up the blood drop by drop.

Ah Ban's pupils began to shrink, and the vulnerability just now turned into hatred.

After drinking the blood, the man suddenly felt pain all over his body, as if he was going to explode.

What's going on here? Why is this happening. The man began to notice something was wrong.

Ah Ban smiled, not everyone can drink the blood of the nine-tailed fox, just like few people's bodies can withstand the power of the nine-tailed fox, otherwise there must be many people in the world who can live forever.

No. He began to feel afraid.

Ah Ban smiled cruelly, I am your woman. Is it? Yes, I love you. Zhang Hao's plan is this: Let Cao Gang report to Emperor Jiajing that there is a longevity fruit called kiwi fruit in the mountains of eastern Zhejiang. Eating it can prolong life. He is willing to rush to Zhejiang to find kiwi fruit for the emperor. In this way, Cao Gang could leave the palace with a few followers, and the princess would disguise herself as a man and sneak out of the Forbidden City in disguise.

you. No, how could this be? help me. Ah Ban.

Ah Ban kissed the man and then slid his lips to the man's ear, biting the side of his neck gently. The warm blood flowed from the man's veins into Ah Ban's mouth. The blood was salty, warm, and cruel. Why do men who say they love themselves end up stabbing themselves in the chest? Why are their blood all the same fishy and salty?

Has no one ever told you that human blood can heal wounds? Ah Ban stood up, pulled out the broken arrow from her chest, and licked the blood on her lips with her tongue. The wound on her chest was gradually shrinking.

He looked at Ah Ban helplessly. Ah Ban opened the door and walked out of the house , roaring to the sky. Countless foxes surrounded the stockade. The white spirit fox lifted up Ah Ban and flew away from the stockade, with tears streaming down his face along the way. A string of blood stains, just like when she arrived.

The man was not dead, but there was no trace of the fox in the entire village from now on. The fox in the past seemed like an ancient legend that could not be reproduced.

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