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★ Shanghai real story

I am born in the 80s and lived in Nanshi District when I was a child. My grandpa was very hospitable when I was young, so many friends would come to my grandma’s house to drink old wine, and I would sit and listen. But they always liked to tell real ghost stories at that time. So I was quite afraid of this thing when I was affected by it since I was a child.

) I remember that my mother and my grandmother sometimes told me that 45 years ago, when a person reached a certain age, the children in the family had to help the old man prepare coffins, shrouds, etc. That is, my grandfather's mother was 78 years old at that time, so my grandfather prepared a coffin and put it downstairs. At this time, my mother was probably only about 8 years old. One day, very late, the neighbor next door knocked on the door of my grandpa ’s house, saying that they were scared to death when they saw the coffin standing up after work, and told my grandpa to hurry up. Take the coffin away, don't put it underneath. My grandfather said that he took it away in a few days, but on the third day, my grandfather's mother passed away. Supernatural~

) in the early 1990s because my father allocated a house in the factory, so the family fought for a house. Unexpectedly, there was a stinky mussel on Xibaoxing Road (that is, here at Gongxing Bridge). My grandfather and uncle said that that place is a blessed place, and usually only the presence of gods can suppress the old and small-minded people. They supported it, so they moved there. When I first passed, I was only 11 years old, but I knew things. If I die after 7 p.m., I will not go downstairs. I am always afraid, because there is no elevator on the 7th floor of this house, and there are no lights on the stairs, and it is quite close to the crematorium. But my father is very courageous and has never been an atheist. Basically, I have to go out to play mahjong every night and come back at 12 o'clock. One night when she came back at 1:30, Ala's mother wondered what was wrong, because there was no phone call at this time. I had to wait until my father came back at 2 o'clock, his head was full of sweat. It seemed that it was not hot in April at this time, so my mother asked my father: "Why are you coming back so late?" I'm old (ghost)! Hurry up and give me a sip of tea."

My dad told me that mahjong will be ready at 11:50. When I came back that day, I was greedy for a shortcut, so I took a ghost alley (alley) (the ghost alley is an alley in front of the crematorium. You can't see the road ahead even when turning a corner during the day, and no one walks after 9pm)

My father took a sip of tea, wiped his face, and said: "When I first entered the ghost alley, I walked to the second intersection. I saw a man in red in front of me. He walked away very quickly, so I didn't think much about continuing." Go. When we passed the 2nd intersection, the man was gone. My father came out in a cold sweat, so he walked home quickly. It’s strange that there are only 4 detours in this alley. When I walked back, there was no way again, and I walked like this for more than half an hour. Dad was thinking about what was going on, and at this time the sweat was fierce again!

Then take a breath, calm down and walk slowly step by step, still like this. After walking for half an hour, my father wondered if he might meet the old man (ghost), so he lit a cigarette. Shake off some sweat, and continue walking, but still can’t get to the exit! As a result, he thought about it, and pissed at the place where there was no road. Sorry, it should be said that he pissed while walking. After sprinkling, lit another cigarette. Walked back and forth 2 times and came out.

Dad was quite courageous, and he thought about what was going on. As a result, after coming out, I went in and walked around, and it turned out that I could still come out. At this time, it is determined that I have encountered the legendary ghost hitting the wall, so hurry up and come back from a jog.

After my mother listened, she hurried to the door, and the grass was burned at the stairway. This is true. There are many strange things about the ghost alley, and the old local old man has been saying it all the time. From now on, my father will not leave that alley even if he is killed.

Later, after 2 days, I encountered it again, and after 2 days, I encountered it again, so I told my mother. My mother thought it was wrong, there must be something dirty (my mother is quite superstitious), so she took me to a grandma's house on the 4th floor and asked me to tell her. This grandma is a Buddhist believer and is from the old land here. She is an old mage. The grandma asked, is your balcony facing the stinky mussel? My mother said yes, so it is. Many people died in the stinky mussel before, but now it has been remodeled, and small watches have sprung out. The grandma on the 4th floor said you wait to get something for you, hang it on the balcony, and she gave my mother a yellow paper head, saying that this one has been opened, and it can be used when I go back. As a result, this never happened to me.

In addition, 2 people died when the stinky river clam was transformed, and I saw one with my own eyes. I just want to continue piling. One day, the machine for playing the banker will stop jumping, and I will see what's going on by myself. A tragedy happened when the pile suddenly fell and the person died. I saw people wrap the mats and carry them away with 4 people. . As a result, the place where the pile was placed could not be drilled. There was really no way to transform the place into a flower stand. (He Li was too angry, they said that many people died during the Liberation War)

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