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I got lost in the cornfield and found my way back to the temple before dawn. I found that the old man had been paralyzed with fear. He was puzzled, and when he looked closer, he saw that there seemed to be a figure bending over to dig a grave. The other one was originally thought to be the gravedigger, but at first glance, it turned out to be the old guard of the original sacrificial temple! Even though he was shocked, everyone still didn't take it seriously, thinking that he was a good man who would be worshiped at night. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Short Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Short Ghost Stories

Experience The Supernatural Events In The Forbidden City

Of course, some scientists have explained: There is a scientific basis for seeing palace ladies in the Forbidden City, because the palace walls are red and contain iron tetroxide, and lightning may conduct electrical energy down. If a palace lady happens to pass by, then the palace wall will It is equivalent to the function of a video tape. If there is another lightning coincidence in the future, it will be like a video projection, and the shadow of the palace lady who was recorded will appear. … Continue readingExperience The Supernatural Events In The Forbidden City

Short Ghost Story

It is said that in the village next to my father-in-law, a child drowned and was buried in a mass grave. Then she went to see this flower-watching woman. The flower-watching woman asked for her address and came over to take a look. Then she said that the body of your previous child was not rotten, so he came to pester you because he could not be reborn. He can just dig it out and burn it with fire. My cousin-in-law’s natal house is an old house built in the past. The bricks used in the house were all picked up from the mountains. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story

Real Story In Shanghai

A true story in Shanghai" My father said: "I met the old man (ghost)! My father told me that Mahjong was ready at 11:50. When I came back that day, I was greedy for a shortcut and walked through the ghost alley (alley) (the ghost alley is There is an alley in front of the crematorium. The alley is crooked at a strange angle. Even when turning a corner during the day, you can’t see the road ahead. No one leaves after 9:00 p.m.) This is true, about ghosts There are many strange things in the alley, and the old local old man has been talking about it. From now on, my father will not leave that alley even if he is killed. … Continue readingReal Story In Shanghai